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Chapter 01: A New Day, A New Life

B RS is seen walking on a blue checker-boarded place. She keeps walking until she reaches a cliff, and finally stops. She looks down, and when she looks up, her circular blue eyes look very deep and reflect a blue sky.

Mato wakes up after hearing the sound of her alarm. She stretches her arms, still on her bed, and finally gets up. She opens her window, smiling as she looks at the blue sky outside her room. She takes her phone and texts happily to her close friend, Yomi. Luckily, Yomi is already awake. Well, today is their first day of Junior High anyway. Mato goes down, brushes her teeth and eats breakfast, her cell phone still in her pocket. When she just finishes eating, she hears a buzzing sound from her pocket. It turns out to be Yomi. She quickly replies and that's when her mother asks her to wake Hiro, her little brother, up. She lazily goes to Hiro's room and tries to wake him up, before leaving, she gives him a warning.

Mato goes to her room to get ready for school. She puts all of her school books in her blue bag and for the last time, she checks her cell phone. Then, she changes her clothes into her seifuku and looks to the mirror; her seifuku consists of a white top with a dark blue collar and a dark blue skirt. In addition, she wears a caramel brown sweater. She tidies her hair, and convinces herself to go. She goes down and puts her shoes on. Her mother can't go to the Opening Ceremony and apologizes to Mato. "It's okay, don't worry about it," Mato said, "I'm off!" her last word before leaving the house."Take care" Mato's mom said as she sees her daughter goes to school. She stares at the window, smiles, and goes up to Hiro.

B RS is seen sitting on a cliff-like place. She lets out a small sigh, puts her hoodie on and gets up. She then jumps down from the cliff-like place and landed smoothly.

Mato is running to the meeting place she usually goes to meet Yomi or the opposite. When she almost arrives there, she sees Yomi walking to the place too. The two arrives at the same time, and both giggle at each other. "Good Morning Yomi!" Mato greeted, "Good morning too!" Yomi replied. It's been a while since they've met, since Yomi is in Germany the whole school holiday, and it made Mato so lonely. But at least they can still text each other. Mato and Yomi have been friends from Elementary 6, back then, Yomi was still very shy and reserved. Before meeting Mato, Yomi is always travelling from country to country before finally deciding to stay in Japan, with her best friend, although she still often goes back to Germany. They walk together to school since it's not that far from their neighbourhood.

B RS is walking in the 'Otherworld' before she suddenly stops after seeing a trail of light passing her. She continues walking, following the trail. But not so far from her, a girl in an all-white clothes looks at her, smiling, she leaves.

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