"More Than A Petrova"

Chapter 1:

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Summary: Before Isobel commits suicide under Klaus' orders, she leaves Elena a letter that leads her to the one and only Dean Winchester; a human that could be the key to Elena's survival against the Original. The thing is, a plan against Klaus is not the only thing that Dean brings with him when he arrives to Mystic Falls…he brings something that will further turn Elena's world upside down.

Time Frame: VD (mid-2x17) + SPN (post 8x06)

A/N #1: This new story posting is in honor of Ian Somerhalder's birthday as he plays Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries (and he's also one of my favorites). So Happy Birthday Ian!

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April 2014:

The sound of crows cawing and the crunching of rubble can be heard throughout the grounds as a black car made its way through the paved paths of Grove Hill Cemetery. The vehicle came to a stop once it reached its destination before a man exited the car and opened the rear door. A woman in her late twenties with long black hair and brown eyes stepped out of the vehicle. She took a few steps towards her true destination but when she heard no movement behind her, she sighed.

"Just because you can't be compelled doesn't mean I can't force you to come with me." Isobel Flemming stated which did the trick as an anxious and hesitant teenager with very similar features to the older woman stepped out of the vehicle.

Elena Gilbert scowled at Isobel as the man got in the car and drove away.

"So is that what happened? You were compelled to betray Katherine?" Elena questioned as she followed her vampire mother. It seemed like they were going deeper into the cemetery.

Isobel rolled her eyes but she kept on moving forward; she didn't have much time left. "If I was, I couldn't tell you."

"So you lied. You did find Klaus, didn't you? He knows where I am now." Elena rambled on as she put the pieces together. She knew never to trust this woman yet here she was…a hostage because of her biological mother's betrayals. "Are you taking me to him?"

Isobel didn't answer. Instead she crouched down at one tombstone and brushed the fallen leaves that covered it away. Before Elena could ask what the vampire was doing, the tombstone's cravings caught her attention.

In Loving Memory
Isobel Flemming
Aug. 18, 1979 – May 4, 2007

Elena gave the vampire a questioning look as she wondered why she would be brought to an empty grave.

Isobel started to explain how the tombstone was placed by her parents, Elena's biological grandparents, after it was clear that Isobel's body wasn't going to be found after her disappearance. She explained how they would visit every week even though there was no body buried there. The vampire even included that she believed that even though there is no body that maybe her humanity is what was buried since the Isobel her parents knew, the Isobel that Alaric knew, the Isobel that dreamed of meeting her daughter one day, had died the day she became a vampire.

Elena was stunned during Isobel's explanation because she wasn't expecting this. When she was taken, she didn't expect to actually learn something about the woman who gave birth to her. She didn't expect to see the Isobel that she could have easily called her mom if she hadn't met her vampire side, the side that would betray her own flesh and blood, first. During this moment, the doppelganger was seeing some of the humanity that the vampire claimed she didn't have anymore.

Before Elena could ask Isobel anything more, the vampire's phone started to ring. As the phone call progressed, mentions of freeing Elena caught the teenager's attention. She ended up waiting with baited breath for Isobel to end the call.

Elena didn't wait a minute after the call ended before she pounced. "Who was that?"

Isobel sighed as she pocketed the device, only to pull out a small envelope. Elena's brow furrowed when she saw that her name was written on the envelope.

Elena's attention was brought back to the vampire when Isobel started to apologize. "I'm so sorry Elena that I was such a disappointment to you but I hope he won't be." The vampire stated as she placed the envelope in the teenager's hands.

Elena frowned as she looked between Isobel and the envelope. "He? He who?" She questioned as she tried to figure out who Isobel was referring to; she was coming up blank.

Isobel gave Elena a sad smile as she felt her time slowly coming to an end. "He'll explain…give him the chance to explain."

The doppelganger sighed. "I don't understand."

Isobel pointed to the envelope before she rushed through her command. "Just follow my instructions inside. Call the number and recite the message I wrote with it. Don't leave anything out and he'll come. If you want to survive Klaus' plan, you're going to need him." The vampire stressed out with such urgency that the doppelganger couldn't help but take her word for it yet she wondered why she was hearing of this new plan now.

"How can you be so sure that he'll help?" Elena questioned softly as she tried to fathom a possible reason in her mind. What stranger would want to help her against Klaus?

Isobel sighed as she took a few steps back from Elena. "He'll do anything for family."

"Family?" Elena repeated instantly while she came up blank once again on who this man could be. The only family she knew she had left were Jeremy and John.

Isobel nodded but she never elaborated. "Goodbye Elena." The vampire declared before she ripped off her Lapis Lazuli necklace. The vampire's skin began to burn the moment the necklace wasn't in contact with her skin anymore. Isobel screamed as the pain consumed her but it wasn't long before her body was covered by flames.

Elena gasped as she watched her vampire mother burn to death before her eyes.


It took a while before Elena snapped out of her shock long enough to call Stefan and tell him where she was. Elena still couldn't believe that Isobel just killed herself or that she felt bad about the vampire being gone even though all she had brought into the doppelganger's life was pain and disappointment.

While she waited for her boyfriend to pick her up from the cemetery, Elena's focus went back to the envelope that Isobel had left her. She was hesitant to open it at first but Isobel's urgent instructions before she burned kept running through her head. Eventually, Elena's curiosity won out and she opened the envelope.

The doppelganger was surprised to find three things inside; two Polaroid photos tucked inside a folded letter.

The first Polaroid photo was of a man in his late twenties with a brown leather jacket. He had short brown hair but Elena had a feeling that it was lighter once and he had this startling pair of green eyes that had a look in them that said that they had seen more than someone his age should see. In a way, the look reminded her of the one she had seen on occasion when it came to the Salvatore brothers since they have seen some truly horrible things over the past few decades as vampires. The teenager had to admit that the man was handsome but there was something about him that she just couldn't place. Her eyes scanned over the photo for a bit longer before the handwritten note on the bottom caught her attention.

Dean Winchester, 2008.

Elena's brow furrowed at the name. Was this the man that Isobel was referring to? The name wasn't familiar to her but she pushed that thought away as she moved to the second photo.

Elena instantly recognized the high school cheerleader in the photo as Isobel yet what stunned Elena was the teenage boy that was also present…who just so happened to look like a younger version of Dean. Elena got her confirmation that it was Dean when she noticed the handwritten tag at the bottom: Isobel and Dean. Isobel was smiling as she wrapped an arm around Dean's waist as if she was trying to get him to look into the camera. Dean smirked into the camera while Isobel took the photo with her free outstretched hand.

They seem happy. Elena thought as her eyes shifted between the two teenagers in the photo before she moved on to the letter.

Elena inhaled deeply before she started to read the letter, she wasn't sure what to expect at this point.

After reading the letter over a third time, Elena stared wide-eyed at it as Isobel's words ran through her head. She truly wanted to believe that this Dean Winchester could help her against Klaus but how could someone from Isobel's past do that? How could he have a reputation in the supernatural world if he's human?

Since she figured that she truly had nothing to lose by making the call, Elena pulled out her phone and dialed Dean's number. She paced around Isobel's tombstone as the phone continued to ring on the other end.

It was only after the fifth time did the call finally go through for her.


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Originally Published: December 8, 2012