"More Than A Petrova"

Chapter 11:

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Summary: Before Isobel commits suicide under Klaus' orders, she leaves Elena a letter that leads her to the one and only Dean Winchester; a human that could be the key to Elena's survival against the Original. The thing is, a plan against Klaus is not the only thing that Dean brings with him when he arrives to Mystic Falls…he brings something that will further turn Elena's world upside down.

Time Frame: April 2014 - VD (mid-2x17) + SPN (post 8x06)

Ages: Dean Winchester (Jan. 24, 1979 = 35 years old), Sam Winchester (May 2, 1983 = 30 years old) and Elena Gilbert (June 22, 1996 = 17 years old)

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"Besides I've lived through the sixties once already, I don't need to again." He stated with a chuckle before he blurred to his room and back, only to have his leather jacket on. He was ready to go.

Stefan nodded; he had mixed feelings about Damon's absence at the dance. On the one hand, it meant that Damon couldn't interfere between him and Elena yet on the other hand, it meant that Damon would be getting into more trouble with two hunters as his only backup instead of him, his vampire brother.

With that being said, Damon and the Winchesters left to pursue the clue that Meg had given them while Stefan and the girls prepared for the school's decade dance.


"I can't believe how much of a packrat the Salvatores were." Elena exclaimed as she rummaged through the boxes that Stefan had retrieved for them before he went to check on Alaric. Elena couldn't believe how much sixties outfits were in each box.

"You're deflecting." Bonnie stated from her spot in Stefan's room. She was rummaging through her own box as she helped Elena look for an outfit. They had already decided on Bonnie's outfit for the dance during their search.

Elena sighed. "Can you really blame me?" She asked as she looked up to see her best friend staring back at her now.

"No but I'm here to listen Elena." Bonnie reminded her as she closed the box up.

Elena nodded. "I know that."

"Then how are you really doing?" Bonnie softly asked as she made her way towards Elena. Once it was just the two of them in Stefan's room, Elena had confessed to Bonnie about her connection to Dean after Bonnie had ensured her that their privacy wouldn't be interrupted. She didn't want to undo all the trouble Dean and Isobel had caused in hiding her true paternity.

Elena shrugged before she turned and allowed herself to lean against the table she was closest to. "I don't know. I mean I just told John last night that I was willing to have him in my life after everything and yet now…now I find out that he's not even my father." She still didn't know what to think about Dean being her biological father.

"Does he know?" Bonnie questioned after a few moments. She couldn't believe the news but she kept her thoughts to herself and continued to show her support to her best friend.

"I don't think he does." Elena stated as she moved her hand to grip the back of her neck. "Before today, only Isobel and Dean knew the truth. They went through a lot of trouble to keep it that way."

Bonnie gave an understanding nod. "I would assume to keep you safe."

Elena exhaled deeply at the thought before she resumed her outfit search.

"What else did he say?" Bonnie asked as she joined Elena's search once again.

Elena pursed her lips as she decided on how much to tell Bonnie. "Not much except it did leave me with a lot more questions to ask him." She confessed as this one purple outfit caught her eye.

"I'm sure you'll get your answers to them eventually." Bonnie reassured her best friend as she pulled out this orange and white outfit from the box. "For now, let's just have fun at the dance." She declared before she showed Elena the dress she just pulled out.

In the end, Elena chose the purple hippie dress to wear to the dance.


"Why exactly are we at Ric's place?" Damon questioned the Winchesters as they entered Alaric's apartment building. Since Alaric was currently unconscious, Damon had to lead the brothers to the home of Klaus' former host. It was safe to assume that while assuming the teacher's identity that he was also using his possessions as well.

Dean rolled his eyes as he ventured up the steps behind Damon. "Klaus must have left something inside on where his body was coming from. We're here to find it." He reminded the vampire with Sam right behind him, who's remained quiet during their journey since he was still wary of their vampire companion.

Damon shrugged. "If you say so but I won't be much help to you." He confessed and when he heard no movements following him, he turned around and saw quizzical looks on both their faces. "Since I haven't been invited in yet." He elaborated until he saw realization dawn on Dean's face while Sam had a perplexing expression on his face.

"That part of the lore applies to you guys?" Sam questioned since the vampires he was used to don't have invitation limitations.

"Unfortunately yes. It's annoying." Damon whined before he continued his trek upstairs.

The brothers took his lead once again, only then did Dean tell Damon that his enhanced hearing would be more helpful in this situation because like he said, he couldn't help them search the apartment.

Damon shrugged before he concentrated on Alaric's apartment. He heard a sound system playing a good rhythm but it wasn't loud enough to hide the movement inside the apartment. He predicted only one occupant yet he couldn't be sure because of the additional sound.

He was in the middle of relaying his findings to the brothers when a figure that stood in front of Alaric's door caught his attention.

It was Meg.

"Well I could have told you that." Meg declared with a roll of her eyes; it was her response to Damon's minimal findings. "She was rummaging through the cupboards before she heard you on the stairs." The demon elaborated while Sam and Dean were firmly on the same floor as her and Damon instead of on the stairs. "It's about time you guys showed up." She commented while leaning against the wall.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked while keeping the surprise out of his tone.

Meg shrugged as she inspected her nails. "I thought you might need a few reinforcements."

Dean scowled at the demon; he thought they saw the last of her back at the boarding house. "And here I thought you'd be across the world already."

"Oh I was but then I got bored so I came back here." She stated before she turned her attention to them. "You should be grateful."

"Oh I feel something alright." Dean mumbled to himself in irritation, which caused the vampire to chuckle as a response; he found the banter entertaining.

Without further ado, Damon broke the lock on the door before Dean managed to push it open since the lack of invitation prevented Damon from doing so himself.

Before the door could hit the wall, the woman with curly brown hair spun herself around to face her visits. "Thank god." She exclaimed as her attention focused on Damon first.

"Whoa." Sam couldn't help but say as he stared wide-eyed at the woman. He knew she existed and yet he still couldn't believe it.

Dean, on the other hand, looked the woman from head to toe before he settled on her face once again; a face that his daughter also had. "Hello Katherine."

Katherine turned to the man who greeted her. She gave him an appreciative once over before she gave him a flirtatious grin. "Hello handsome."

Dean didn't react to Katherine's flirtations but Sam frowned. "Now that's just weird." Sam commented since if he didn't know any better (never mind that he did), it would look like his niece was coming onto her own father. That's just too crazy for Sam's standards.

"Huh, doppelgangers…Crowley would get a kick out of them." Meg commented as she noticed the striking similarities between this woman and the one back at the boarding house. She knew they weren't the same person, not only by the name but by the aura she could feel. The woman before her was definitely a vampire while the other was a human.

Dean glared at Meg when she mentioned the King of Hell. "Crowley is not going to know about any doppelganger sightings, do I make myself clear?"

Meg gave the hunter an innocent grin yet the glint in her eye told him that she was irritated. "Crystal. It's not like I want to deliver the news myself."

Sam sighed as he moved to pass Dean and Meg. "We better get a move on." He said as he crossed the apartment's threshold.

Dean and Meg followed Sam's example as they each entered the apartment, leaving Damon by the door.

"Sure, you three go on and snoop while I'm stuck out here." Damon complained as the three ventured further into the apartment before he returned his attention to his sire. "I thought you might be dead." He deadpanned, showing no emotion on whether he cared for her well-being or not.

Katherine shrugged. "Unfortunately not." She stated as she walked closer to the door. While Damon couldn't enter, Katherine wasn't able to leave.

"That could be rectified if you want." Dean stated offhandedly as he searched the contents on the dining table. Sam was currently searching the contents on the desk (mainly the laptop he found) while Meg was just walking around the place.

"Aww, how cute." Katherine sneered as she turned to face Dean. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure."

"Well keep dreaming sweetheart; we didn't come here for you." Dean shot back without hesitation while he focused on the pages in front of him.

Damon snickered from his spot while Katherine huffed. "And yet I'm the only one here." She stated with a dramatic pout yet neither Winchester took their eyes off their individual tasks.

"True but you weren't the only one in this apartment." Meg countered as she circled one empty portion of the apartment. She found herself drawn to it earlier and with a closer look, she found that a power essence had been left in its place, signifying that powerful magic had been done in that very spot recently.

Sam looked up from the laptop before his eyes scanned the room for Meg's location. "What do you mean?" He asked the moment she was in his sights.

"A witch has been here; a powerful one." She explained while gesturing to the area around her. "I bet he's the one that performed the spell."

Katherine's eyes widened at the woman for her accurate deduction before she turned to give Damon a questioning look. All he did was smirk and shrug his shoulders at his former lover.

"Can you still sense him? Maybe he could lead us to the body." Sam eagerly questioned since he found that more useful than the stuff he found on the laptop, which wasn't useful for them at all.

Meg shrugged. "It's faint but I would recognize its signature if I came across it again." She stated with a smirk, which Sam returned. They were making progress.

"Well hooray for you." Dean mocked from his spot on the couch with a few sheets in his hands.

Sam and Meg both glared at Dean for his response. They thought he'd be thrilled with any type of information.

Noticing the awkward silence, Dean looked up and noticed the glares at him. "What?" He questioned before he waved the pages in his hands. "I've got something." He declared before he got up and made his way towards Sam.

The younger Winchester rolled his eyes before he snatched the pages from his brother. He didn't hesitate in skimming the sheets over.

"Care to share with those that don't have the pages in front of them?" Damon questioned a few moments of silence later from his leaning position by the door.

Dean smirked as he thought of the printout he had found. It had a few unusual codes on the page but it was definitely a confirmation page one would get when tracking a package. "I found a cargo tracker account and guess what? One of the items is massive."

A wolfish grin started to appear on Damon's face. "How big we talking?"

"Big enough to hold a full grown man." Dean said with a grin that matched Damon's. They knew they found the piece they were looking for.

"Where's the drop off?" Meg questioned as she ventured towards the brothers.

Sam scanned the sheet once again before he looked at his watch. "According to this, it has already arrived. It just needs to get here." He declared before he moved towards the kitchen. He then settled the page on the clear counter before he took his phone out to snap a photo of the details they needed from it. If they could take the sheet with them they would but they didn't know if it would be a recognizable thing that's missing…so a photo would have to do. Once that was done, Sam returned the sheet to Dean so that he could return it to where he had originally found it.

"So what now?" Damon questioned from the door, bringing everyone's attention back to him. "We just wait until it shows up? We have no idea who's coming with his body and you still haven't told me how you plan to kill him." He finished with a pointed look at the brothers.

Katherine gawked at the news before she turned to face the brothers. "Wait, you have a way to kill Klaus?"

Dean cocked an eyebrow at his daughter's ancestor. "Why else would we be here?" He fired back without a hint of fear.

Katherine glared at Dean for his attitude before she turned back around to face Damon. "You're telling me that three humans have a way to kill Klaus while I've come up empty during the five hundred plus years I've been running from him?" She protested while gesturing wildly to the three humans behind her.

Damon shrugged while he found her frustration highly entertaining.

"Well you didn't do such a swell job if he's compelled you to stay here cupcake." Meg taunted from her spot by the kitchen counter that Sam was at moments before. Damon had mentioned earlier that the only way Katherine would be alive and near Klaus' presence was if it were against her will.

Katherine growled at the woman; she couldn't believe that a human would speak to her in such a manner. "Why you little…" Katherine started to say before she lunged for Meg.

Meg smirked at Katherine's reaction and when the vampire was almost close enough to grab Meg, the demon telekinetically threw the vampire into pillar that was just behind the dining table and past the door. All the walls were covered in something and she didn't want to create a ruckus or cause a mess when their presence there needed to be undetected. Normally she wouldn't care whether the Winchesters were detected or not but if she wanted to survive Crowley, she needed the brothers' help to take the King of Hell down permanently...so if she had to help them out once in a while, so be it.

Katherine's eyes were squeezed shut when her back hit the pillar the way it did. She couldn't help but groan out of pain because of it. She may be a vampire but an impact like that still hurt her body. When she finally opened her eyes, the woman was only a few feet away from her with a smirk on her face.

"Just for the record cupcake, I'm not some human." Meg clarified with a sneer as if the very accusation insulted her.

Katherine growled as the next option flashed through her mind. "Witch."

"Nope." Meg said with a laugh before she blinked to reveal her pitch black eyes to the restrained vampire.

Katherine gasped at the sight before her as well as the realization that she was in the presence of a demon. She knew from stories that demons were nasty creatures that shouldn't be crossed. She even heard stories about how the Original family stood clear of Lucifer's creations.

"I'm more powerful." Meg declared before she raised her hand and clenched her hand into a real tight fist.

All of a sudden, Katherine felt like her lungs were caving in on her and that she couldn't breathe. Against her better judgment, she started to hyperventilate which only made it worse as her body started to feel like it was drying up from the inside out, like any second her veins would start to rub together like sandpaper.

The Winchesters watched as best they could without being affected but they were each cringing on the inside (since it looked like Elena was in pain and not Katherine) as Meg continued to torture Katherine while Damon huffed at the door. He could hear Katherine's pleas and yet he couldn't see the demon's handiwork.

"Now you're just teasing. I can only hear you torture her from here." Damon whined to Meg from his spot by the door. When he was showing Meg to his bathroom earlier so that she could wash up, he somehow confessed to the demon how he wanted to make his creator suffer for all that she's put him through since they've met. The demon couldn't help but agree to the vampire's desire.

Meg turned to look at the younger vampire only to see him give her a mock pout. She smirked at him before she released her powers on Katherine. "My apologies Damon." The demon said just as a loud thump was heard on the floor, followed by shallow gasps of air.

The clearing of a throat was heard shortly after Katherine's release, resulting in Meg turning around to see both brothers with speculative expressions directed at her.

The demon tried to pass off an innocent smile to the hunters but they weren't buying it. "What? It's been a year since I've inflicted some ounce of pain on someone. At least this way you know she'll heal herself." She defended with a shrug as if what she had done was harmless compared to the damage should could have inflicted on the population.

Dean scoffed while Sam rolled his eyes. "You're restraint has been noted." Dean stated sarcastically before his eyes started to wander the room once again.

Meg huffed before she moved towards the hunters. "Quick wit aside, I'd say that tonight would be the best time for you to attack." She suggested without giving much away.

"Then we better get a move on then." Dean stated with a smirk as he made his way towards the door. "We've got work to do." He commented as Sam and Meg followed him out of Alaric's apartment.

Katherine gawked at the human's abrupt departure. "That's it? You're leaving me here?" She protested as she followed them out, only to be stopped by the invisible barrier that prevented her from leaving.

Damon chuckled. "It's not like we can break the compulsion on you. Beside, just keep our visit to yourself and you'll be out of here before you know it." He teased before he pushed himself off the wall he was previously leaning on. He then turned to join the others' in their trek down the stairs as they seemed to have been waiting for him.

"But…" Katherine was ready to bargain with them to get her out of that apartment but the brothers didn't waver in their steps. The vampire and the demon, on the other hand, did stop in their tracks.

Damon turned to smirk one more time at his sire. "Goodbye Katherine." He immediately turned to walk downstairs, signaling to Meg to do her thing as he passed her.

Do her thing she did; the demon winked at the trapped vampire before she used her powers to slam and lock the door. She then followed the men downstairs and out the apartment building. Damon and Meg found the brothers waiting for them by the Impala.

"Are you sure you don't want me to kill her?" Dean asked Damon with his hands resting on the hood of the car as he stood by the driver's door.

Damon sighed. "Death would be too kind for her." He reasoned before they all got into the car.

"What about the tomb?" Dean suggested moments later as he drove them into the main part of town. "You said you had her in there before."

"Only because we knocked her out before we threw her in. Besides, the seal is gone." Damon stated with irritation. If it weren't for Stefan's stupidity, Katherine would still be in the tomb whether they daggered Elijah or not.

"So, have it put up again." Dean proposed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Damon scowled from behind Dean. He didn't want to admit it put reusing the plan was brilliant…he just never suspected Katherine to still be alive or accessible once Klaus had her.

"What?" Dean questioned the vampire as he noticed his expression in the rearview mirror. "You can't seriously like the idea of Katherine roaming free while Elena's alive, do you? Because that is what's going to happen after Klaus is dead." He argued while trying to turn his head around to face Damon but Sam kept insisting that he watched the road since he was driving.

Damon's eyes narrowed. "Of course not. Katherine has been causing Elena enough trouble since she came back to town." He was very tempted to cross his arms over his chest and pout since he was being bested in the conversation but he refrained from it; he didn't want to come off as childish when he didn't get his way.

Dean smirked as he pulled into the Mystic Grill's parking lot. "Exactly so it's either we kill the vampire bitch or we entomb her." He stated as he parked the car and turned the engine off before he turned around in his seat to face the vampire. "Which is it going to be Damon?"

Damon scowled once again as he pulled out his cell phone. "I'll call Judgy." He hated that he was tasked to talk to the witch yet it was logical since the other three didn't know her.

Dean smirked for Damon's current misfortune. "Good and while you're doing that, I'm going to grab a burger. Sammy, you coming?" He declared before he got out of the car. Everyone else followed his lead.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Meg questioned with a pointed look once she exited the vehicle.

Dean thought her question over for a moment. "I don't know. Do demons even eat?" He questioned innocently yet Sam knew that his brother didn't care for the answer. He also knew that demons could consume food if they wanted; Ruby's constant need for French fries with ketchup came to mind for him.

Meg gave the hunter a thin-lipped smile. "When we want to."

Dean gave a dramatic sigh as he made his way towards the Grill's entrance. "If you must."He called back to the demon while his brother kept up to step with him.

Meg rolled her eyes before she followed the brothers inside while Damon snickered as his reaction to the previous banter as he waited for Bonnie to pick up his call. He'd join the trio once he was done with the witch.


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