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Pairings: Nellis, KxOC, and Frochelle

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You know that time in your life when everything goes your way, even if only for a moment, and then the world rips it away from you in an instant? When you never really got to cherish the moment? This was what happened when Z-day broke out into the world. Millions of live lost, children, lovers, sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers, fathers, everyone you cared about, gone with the wind. Now I should warn you, this tale will bring the emotions out in you, this will not be the most happy, nor saddest tale. It will have its good times, and its bad times. How it will end may bring you to tears or it may be the thing to brighten up your day. You may cry or you may laugh at the moments in this tale, all of it is up to you. This tale is about the survivors of the horrible day, and the ones who will be remembered for their sacrifice and valor.

All I ask of you is to sit here and listen to the events that occurred on Z-Day, the horrible, happy and smother events that took place August 13. Read and follow the emotions of each character of this tale, and never doubt the bravery of ones soul, it could very well be the only thing that saves you.

Our tale begins in the small town of Savannah Georgia, USA.

It all began on a warm day in the summer, the wind making the trees and grass flutter about. Cows and other animals lazily munch on the greens around them, enjoying the nice weather. The farm was in the middle of a field, basking in the sunrays. It wasn't a very big farm but it wasn't very small either, it had many animals amongst the land, ranging from cows to chickens. The barn was a cliché color of red and white, and the picket fence stood high and mighty, keeping in the animals and keeping out the unwanted creatures. The house that stood a few yards away from the barn was a usual, homey house. Filled with family portraits and antiques, made from old generations. It was larger than the barn, needing room from any guests that happened to make their way over to the house to visit the family.

But sadly all that space went to waste, seeing as it was only a mother and her son living there. The young man, being a bit of a worrywart had come back to stay with his mother as soon as news about the infection had come on the news. He came along with his friend Keith, a rather tall fellow with curly blonde hair and a fine build, to help his mother with anything she needed.

To Annabelle Conway, her son was the most precious item she could ever own. He was a young man, a few months shy of 23, with shaggy dark brown hair and big blue eyes. He wasn't very tall, only coming to about 5'9, only a few inches than his mother. But he was well toned, though he didn't had a six pack like he wanted. His skin was lightly tanned and soft to the touch. She had named him Ellis, after her brother had gotten hit in a car crash a year before he was born. She also treasure his best friend Keith like a son, having grown attached to the boy as soon as he helped her around the barn.

But it was on that day that everything Ellis knew and love, became mixed up in the infection.

"Ellis, you've been here to long already. Its been two hours since I told you to go home! I am not paying you to fall in love with your work!" Yelled the curly haired mans Boss. A Mr. Iverne Pacosh, he was a taller man with venomous green eyes and sandy blonde hair. Mr. Pacosh used his foot to pull Ellis out from under the car. He scowled at the blue eyed man and pointed at the door. "Come on Ellis you need to go home and get ready from the infection. I heard it was going to hit in a few days."

Ellis nodded and stood. " Yeah, probably should get home before Ma' gets worked up. And uh, does this mean I get a break for the next few days?" Ellis smiled widely, silently begging. He loved his job working as a mechanic, but a few days off would do him good.

Mr. Pacosh sighed. "Yes Ellis, but I expect you back here Monday morning, or else I'm docking your pay. Now get outta here." Ellis smiled then mock saluted him and walked out the door. He lived a couple of mile away from the small town, only about a twenty minute drive back to his home with his mother. For his apartment it was about a ten minute drive. He walked down to his baby blue pick up truck, yes he had a pick up trick, only because that was the only car he could afford at the time.

He hopped into his car and plugged in his keys, Midnight Riders blasting through the speakers. He sniffled and pulled out of his parking spot, driving out of the small parking lot. He drove through the small homey town and to the outskirts. He liked driving home from work, seeing all the warm sunshine and big fields with numerous trees made all the startling events that were happening in the world, just vanish. He could trick himself into believing that its all a faux façade, that people weren't dying all around them and that they lived comfortable lives, not ones ruled by fear and sadness. But he knew in the long run that things were going down the shiter. This, the infection, was basically mother natures way of population control. The scientist may have mad it, but good old mother nature lead to the event of it getting out.

He saw his Mother's nice kept house and pulled into the dirt drive way. He hopped out of the car, a smile on his face as he saw Keith's car in the drive way. He walked up the steps of the white house and opened the door, the smell of fresh cookies wafted through the air. He shut the door quietly and walked into the kitchen. His mother was sitting at the island, eating a cookie and watching the news on a small TV. He walked over and plopped down next to her.

"Hey Ma, where's Keith?" He smiled. She turned and with the slight tilt of the head, she smiled back. "Hey baby, how was work ta' day? And he's in the shower"

Ellis shrugged and scratched his neck. "Same ol' same ol'. Tha' boss let me off for a coupla' days, says I been workin' too much. What were you doin' ta day?"

She nodded and turned back to the TV. "I've been baking an' watching the TV. They say that the outbreak reached Nashville. Can you believe it? That's only a coupla miles away from here." She fidgeted with the end of her shirt, slightly worrying her bottom lip. Ellis smile dropped, he swallowed quietly. Nashville? Already? The infection only broke out a couple of months ago. He frowned and grabbed his mothers chin, turning her towards him.

"Dun' worry Ma', me 'n Keith will keep ya safe. You just worry about feedin' the animals 'kay? Let the big boys handle everthan'." Ellis snickered as him mother lent over and punched him lightly in the shoulder.

"I know baby."