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For some reason the walk through Savannah felt a lot longer than he usually remembered. Maybe it was because he wasn't driving down the road in his truck, or the fact that was being cautious because of the Specials Nick had mentioned to him a while ago, or maybe his mind was still trying to correspond with what had happen to his beloved hometown.

It happened so fast and he lost the two most important people in his world thanks to the Green Flu.

A infected ran up to him but Ellis swung his bat and earned a sharp crack from the rabid human's head. He wrinkled his nose at the sight of the blood on his bat but he rather use this instead of wasting his guns' bullets.

His blue eyes glanced up at the older male who was planting a bullet in every infected that came their way with ease.

Ellis wasn't sure if he should feel bothered or envious. "I can't believe this." The boy mumbled as he tightened the hold of his baseball bat in his hands.

Nick, having heard the other spoke in a soft tone, responded. "You alright back there squirt?"

Ellis ignored the nickname and spoke, "Nuthin' just... Shit, never mind." He felt the other approach closer to him.

"What's the matter champ? Feeling scared?"

"I ain't scared!" He all but shouted before looking away, "I'm just tryin' to get in my head that everyone I know is gone. My family, my friends, my home, everythin'" He didn't know why he was opening up to this guy, who he just met, but he really needed some closure. "It all just happen so fast that I..." I couldn't even save my ma like I did and then Keith.

"Look sport, none of us saw this coming or even knew it would turn out like this for that matter but I'm sure your friends and family would want you to keep going, am I right?"

Ellis nodded at what Nick said. He had a point and he did promise Keith that he would live this out for both him and his mother and he wasn't about to let them down.

"And besides, it's not all bad." Nick began as he once again threw his arm over the younger man's shoulders, "You still got me around, right El?"

Even though the man's words sound sincere the smirk on his lips instantly made the compatriot think otherwise.

He ducked under his grip and scooted just a couple of steps away.

Even though his was sort of weary of the northerner but he still knew better than to leave the man's side, knowing full well that what the man said was true he would indeed have trouble with "the others".

"Don't call me El." He grumbled.

"What, don't like it? I think it fits considering your features."

Ellis' eyebrow twitched but kept his lips shut tight to refrain himself from saying any snappy comments, "Let's just hurry 'fore night comes."

Nick nodded, a smug grin still on his face and continued leading the way.

Fortunately the sun was still up as they walked down the street they soon found themselves in a tight situation.

"The hell?" Ellis said as he saw the wall that was blocking their way, "Oh you've gotta be kiddin' me!" Could this day get any worst?

Nick stoked his five o'clock shadow in thought. Trying to find another way around it was out of the question which could only mean one thing and there is no way they would be lucky enough to find a graveling hook which only meant one thing.

"Looks like one of us is gonna have to give the other the boost."

The southerner, who was busy ranting on and on about why does the world hate him today, blinked and glanced at the northerner. "Pardon?"

"You see that thing sticking out of the all?" Nick gestured to the ring like object sticking out of just the tip of the wall.

Ellis nodded.

"We could use that to our advantage instead looking for another way through." Nick explained.

"Great, but how you suppose we do that?" Ellis asked.

"Well, I can reach it no problem. You, on the other hand, might-"

"Stop right there city boy," Ellis said as he held his hand up. "I may not be as tall as you but I can sure as hell climb over a wall." Runnin' away from the neighbor's dogs every time Keith pissed them off

Nick smiled amusedly as he crossed his arms, "Oh really?"

Ellis narrowed his eyes and placed his fists on his hips, "Yup, and I can do it. By. Myself."

The older man's smile widen as he walked towards the young man, "Alrighty then. Show me what you got," he said as he gave him a light pat from behind.

Ellis wobbled a few steps forward before getting into his running position, much to Nick's pleasure, and sprinted. His feet were able to walk up a few steps on the wall before gripping on the 'ring' sticking out of wall and hoisted himself up.

Once he reached the top part he was greeted with the man whom he thought was still on the other side. "How-"

Nick shrugged, "Some things just come more naturally than others but points for trying." he said as the two jumped down to the other side.

Ellis was about to verbally counter attack when he heard faint soft sobs.

Nick's face became solemn as his head jerked towards the sound. "Careful, I hear my ex-wife around." Nick said as he pulled out his combat shotgun.

Ellis, having not heard what the older male said, just searched for the source of the crying. He spotted a small figure walking with their hands over their face but a hand gripped his bicep before he could go any further. "Hey-"

"Quiet," Nick instructed as he cocked his shotgun at the crying figure walking towards them.

Ellis was about to object until he was actually able to see the weeping creature himself.

It was female with platinum blonde hair and pale skin wearing a tattered and panties and he saw that she was covering her face with CLAW like hands. What in the world... Ellis took a few steps back as Nick readied his gun. "Witch," Nick whispered as her sobs turned into low growls and once Ellis saw those glowing red eyes he had to look away.

Her growls didn't last long for it was shortly cut off with a painful cry mixed with the sound of the gun being fired.

When Ellis looked back he saw the special infected woman, Witch lying on the ground limped. He took a few steps towards her in shocked and sadness. Still poor girl must have a family and friends, a life that she can never retrieved back all because of this sickness.

He heard the sound of a gun clicking and looked up to see Nick pointing the shotgun at him. "Nick?"

The man said nothing as he kept his gun locked on the flabbergasted southerner who was frozen in place. "Don't move."

Ellis heard a deep low growl from behind him and dare take a glance to see who, or what, was making that noise.

Another special infected just like the Witch only this one was had shorter claws and was wearing a dark hooded that cover his upper face but the boy could still see the sharp bloody teeth and baggy pants.

He was crouching on all fours and kept growling at the non-infected humans, deciding which one he should attack first before deciding to attack the one wearing the hat.

Though he may have looked like the easiest prey Ellis still had his illuminated bat and without any sort of thought smack the hooded figure when it tried to pounce him who then fell limp on top of the Witch.

The mechanic tried to regain his breath and his sanity at the same time while the city male just strapped his on his back once again, "Well, looks like they don't mind having scrawny meat." He joked.

Ellis looked over his shoulder, "Why didn't you shoot it?"

"I would have hit you and I couldn't risk that now could I? I swore to protect you after all." Nick answered with a grin on his face.

The boy just rolled his eyes before looking back at the dead Specials. "These two are-"

"The Witch and the Hunter. A girl who cries and a guy who likes pouncing on people but they have one thing in common."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Ellis asked before he could think and soon regretted it when he felt strong arms wrapping around his waist.

"They both have a thing for the stomachs." Nick whispered in the shorter males ear as he rubbed Ellis' abdomen for a further example.

Ellis felt his cheeks flushed different shades of red and leaped himself out of the man's hold. "Can we just go now?"

Nick grinned at the kid's bashfulness and agreed.

As they walked pass the CEDA trailer and tent, both places which held no items they could have used, Ellis' eyes caught a glimpse of a burning building. ""Ey, that's the Vannah."

Nick followed the southerner's gaze, "And it's on fire. Looks like another evac has failed."

I hope no one's still in there. Ellis thought before realization struck him. Wait a second if we're by the Vannah then... "I know where we are."

"Hm?" Nick hummed as he watched the grin formed on the other's lips. That's a nice look on him. He secretly thought.

"If this is the hotel then that means we're not that far from Liberty Mall!"

"Hey kid," Nick began, cutting him off before Ellis could continue speaking. "As much as I hate to ruin your sudden enthusiasm, but why is a local mall a good thing?"

"Because not only would there be a parking lot filled with cars but it's also by Whitaker's Gun Shop." Ellis explained while his grin widening all the way.

Nick rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger and pondered, "It does beat having to walk to the next evac and I could use some more ammo for my guns. Alright then, we'll stop there, get what we need and then head out to the mall's parking lot."

The trip wasn't as bad as before seeing as how there were less Infected then they thought there would be but that was what kept troubling Nick as they paced.

When we came there were hundreds of those freaks and now there is hardly any. I have a bad feeling about this. Nick thought as they walked through the bridge and before he could think of any dangerous scenarios the sound of Ellis happy cheer caught them off.

"There it is!" Ellis exclaimed with joy when he saw the sign Whitaker's Gun Shop and rushed towards it with speed that made Nick just stare in wonder before trying to catch up to him.

Nick just shook his head and followed. Fortunately for them, the door was unlocked and when they entered both men felt that it was like a early christmas present just for them.

"Check out all these guns," Ellis said as he admired all the gun displays, only to jump at the sound of glass shattering.

"Nice," Nick said as he held a Desert Cobra in his hand. "I haven't gun like this since that assclown stole mine."

Ellis raised an eyebrow walking towards the taller man. "I'm all set, you done shopping?"

Nick just nodded as he removed his pistol from his holster and handed it to Ellis, "Here, it's better to have dual pistols once your bat gives out."

"Um thanks." Ellis said as he took the second handgun and strapped it on his left side's holster. Just as he was about to ask Nick a question the door slammed open causing the two male's heads to jerk towards it.

Lots of thoughts swan into their minds but only one of them was truly relieved and shocked at what, who, they are seeing.

Hey Ellis, come meet my new sweetheart. Her name is-


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