The drink had an eyeball in it. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo and Special Agent Ziva David of NCIS stared at the drink. The waiter said it was meant for him. He brought to him, but there was a Goddamn eyeball in it.

"I don't like drinks that stare back at me," said Tony.

"I don't blame you," said Ziva. "I'm calling Gibbs."

"Yeah, sure," said Tony, as he stared at the drink.

After a few moments of wondering why me, he looked over at his beautiful dark haired partner, who hung up her smartphone after talking with their boss. She stared back at him with concern into her chocolate brown eyes.

"You were probably chosen at random," she said.

"Yeah, sure," Tony said.

He didn't believe her words. If there was one thing that they had learned about the Port-to-Port Killer so far that was he wasn't random.

"I'll interview the waiter and the bartender. You just sit here and mind the drink," she said.

"Yeah, I'll make sure it doesn't get up and roll away," he said.

Ziva looked into his sea green eyes. He was her partner, her friend, and, at one time, she thought he was something more. She didn't like the idea of the Port to Port Killer focusing in on him.


Tony came in extra early the next morning. He wasn't in the mood to wear a suit, so he came in wearing jeans, a pink oxford shirt, a black blazer, and his trench coat. With his backpack over his shoulder, he tossed it behind his desk, as he entered the bullpen then took off his trench coat and tossed it on his seat. Even without looking, he knew the steel blue eyes of Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs were aimed at his back. He turned and faced his team leader of the Major Case Response Team.

"You're in early, DiNozzo," said Gibbs.

"Had bad dreams, Boss," he said.

"You'd think," smirked Gibbs. "An eyeball in your drink."

Gibbs shook his head.

"Don't worry, Tony, we'll find the bastard," Gibbs said.

"I know, Boss," he said then moved his coat out of the way and sat down.

As he settled into his chair, he heard the elevator bell ding and then saw the bouncing head of Forensic Scientist Abigail Scuito. In her plaid mini-skirt, black tee shirt, Frankenstein boots, white lab coat, and Goth style, she stopped bouncing when she saw Tony was there. Tony looked up at her and smiled.

"Hi, Abs," he said.

"Tony," she smiled apprehensively.

"What do you have, Abs?" barked Gibbs.

She looked over at him and smiled, "The scotch in the glass was MaCallan…"

"MaCallan 12," Tony finished her words. "It's what I drink, Boss."

Gibbs nodded his head.

"Anything else, Abs?" asked Gibbs.

"Still don't know who the eye belongs to," she said.

"I owe you a CafPow," said Gibbs.

Abby turned on heels, smiled at Tony, and walked back to the elevator to return to her lab.

"Just because it's your brand, DiNozzo, doesn't mean he is targeting you," said Gibbs.

"Yes, Boss," said Tony.

He didn't believe Gibbs and he doubted Gibbs believed himself, but for now he'd go with denial. Hell, it just wasn't a river in Egypt.


Their next case involved a mask that looked so much like the victim that it was right out of Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. It was technology developed by the CIA. CIA. The initials made Tony snarl. Ziva's new boyfriend was CIA. Ray Cruz, CI-Ray.

Ray said Ziva thought of him as a big brother. Brother. Last time he checked brothers didn't have wet dreams about their sisters. Never mind. He wasn't going to let it bother him. He was dating EJ Barrett, whose team was in charge of hunting down the Port-to-Port Killer. Being with EJ was easy. She was self-sufficient. EJ knew what she wanted and right now Tony was part of that and she let him know, and he was enjoying it, even though he was breaking one of Gibbs rules, Rule 12 – Do not date a co-worker. Tony always took that as don't date a teammate not don't date anyone in NCIS. One of the reasons, he never let Ziva know how he felt about her was because of that damned rule.

EJ stood up and looked over the partition. She looked excited.

"We have a profile of the Port to Port Killer," she said.

Gibbs looked up from his paperwork, "Where'd you get it?"

"Operation: Frankenstein. It was a government program using behavior modification to train sailors to stay calm in extreme situations. They would then be trained by the CIA as assassins. They would then use their naval position as cover for assignments," she explained.

"What ass came up with this one?" asked Tony.

"It was based on some brainstorming done by Leon Vance when he was at the War College," EJ smiled.

She knew that Tony and Vance weren't best buddies. He joked to her that they wouldn't be making any Salt and Pepper movies like Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford.

"What's the profile?" asked Gibbs.

"He comes from an affluent background; athletic, good looking, probably good with picking up women. His mother probably died or left when he was a kid and he has father issues, which led to being sent to a military school," said EJ.

"Sounds like Tony," said Ziva without thinking.

McGee chuckled, while Gibbs glared first at McGee shutting him up and then at Ziva. Tony has listened and didn't like what he heard. Was that the reason the Port to Port sent him an eyeball. Did he think they were kindred spirits?

"DiNozzo with me," said Gibbs.

Gibbs got up and walked out of the bullpen. Tony followed. They entered the elevator. Once the doors shut, Gibbs slapped the emergency stopped. The lights dimmed and they stood there facing each other in a confined space.

"You're not him, DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

"I know, Boss," said Tony.

"You're not him and we are going to find him," said Gibbs.

"I know, Boss," said Tony.

"I need your mind in the game, Tony. I can't have you doubting yourself," said Gibbs.

Tony knew that Gibbs counted on him, maybe more than people realized.

"CIA, Boss. Ziva's new beau is CIA," said Tony.

Gibbs smiled. It was a coincidence that he showed up finally once they were working on the Port-to-Port Killer. Was he covering the CIA's ass? Gibbs reached over and patted Tony's cheek affectionately.

"That's my boy," he said.

Gibbs released the emergency stopped. The lights came back to full and the doors opened.

"Let's get to work," he said and they strode off the elevator.