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Note: ".." talking

'...' thoughts

'...' Haruhi's thoughts in cat form

~Chapter 1~

Mischievous Twins

Normal Pov

It was a normal day at the Ouran High School's Host Club. Our favorite mischievous twins were bored and hadn't, had the slightest clue on what to do. Before club started they decided to play with their favoreit toy, the only female member of the club, Haruhi Fujioka. After awhile of their teasing acts, the Host Club's king, Tamaki of course overreacted again and Haruhi's debt was increased once again because o it. After a dejected Tamaki was sent to his corner and the twins were scolded, it would seem that Haruhi was no longer going to tolerate their shenanfians for the time being until club started.

She went to her favorite spot in the room and sat down, opened her bag and took out her study materials. No matter how much, the twins tried to get the girl's attention, she ignored them and continued on with her studies, which just so happened to be a research project on midevil times. The brothers looked at each other, sighed and walked away from her.

Heading toward the door, the brothers told their fellow members that they were going to be gone for awhile and wandered around the school. It wasn't long until the two discovered, the Black Magic Club's President, Nekozawa. The brother's looked to each other and soon a chesire cat grin stretched across their faces.

"Thinking what I'm thinking Kaoru?" one of the twins asked.

"You bet you I am, Hikaru" the other replied.

"Time to mess with Nekozawa-senpai" they said in unison.

Kaoru took out a flash light, flicked in on and off twice, smirking evilly. The two snuck up behind the unsuspecting dark headed teenager and lounged at him. They shined the flash light into his face and in no time the poor teen swiftly ran screaming "Murders" as he went. The two brothers were both busting out laughing and holding each other up, wiping tears away from their cheeks.

"That was great" Hikaru said in between laughs

"You said it Hikaru" Kaoru said, laughing and holding his stomach.

"What are you guys doing?" A soft voice asked, causing the two jump.

They turned around to find, Haruhi looking at them with a suspicious look on her face and her arms crossed in front of her chest. The twins knew that they couldn't lie to her, when she gave them that look, but tried to hide it nonetheless.

"Hello Haruhi," the twins said in unison, giving her their best mock innocent face.

"I'm not going to ask again, what were you doing?" she asked sternly, not falling for it.

They sighed in defeat "We were just messing with Nekozawa-senpai," Hikaru said, with an annoyed voice.

"Yeah, we weren't doing anything wrong," Kaoru defended.

Haruhi shook her head and gave them a scolding look "You know, sooner or later he's going to get you guys back" She said.

The twins smirked and snickered

"Yea like that will ever happen" Hikaru replied smugly.

"Haha yeah," Kaoru agreed "All we need is a flash light he goes running."

Haruhi sighed and shook her head again "You two are too smug sometimes" She stated.

"Yep and proud of it," they replied in unison.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Kaoru asked, changing the subject.

"Kyoya-senpai ordered me to come and get you guys," Haruhi replied "Club is starting soon."

The twins nodded "Okay," They replied in unison.

"Yea let's go back to the club room," she said, but then saw Nekozawa's puppet on the ground "Oh no, Nekozawa dropped his puppet."

"Yeah, so what?" Hikaru asked, stubbornly

"We should return it to him," Haruhi stated, bluntly

"We're not doing it," Hikaru replied "I say just leave his stupid doll here."

Haruhi sighed and shook her head "No. You guys go back to the room and I'll give this back to Nekozawa-senpai."

"Whatever," Hikaru scuffed and headed toward the clubroom with his brother following right behind, sending Haruhi an apologetic smile.

Haruhi nodded back at him and headed towrd the Magic Club's room.

~With Nekozawa~

Nekozawa Pov

"Those mischievous twins," I said in annoyance "I will get my revenge."

I opened the door of where club members meet and was engulfed into the dim darkness of the. The room had black curtains drapped against the windows and was completey keeping the sunlight blocked out from outside. My club members were all relaxing and were chatting away on the black leather couches, and placing their beverages on the glass and black coffee table. The carpet for this room was black as well andfelt like a cloud when you walked on it. The lights in this room were candles and crystal fragments that made the room have a eerie, but elegant look.

I greeted my fellow members, then moved to toward my secret quarters not even hearing any of the greetings or replies in return. My fellow members, probably knew I was in a bad mood, so they left the situation alone and went back to talking amongst each other. I closed the door of my sanctuary and was just about to my beloved puppet, Beelzenef, until I realized that he wasn't on my hand.

"Beelzenef!" I screeched in alarm "I must have dropped him, when those devils decided to torture me with that flashlight."

I was feeling depressed and irritated about dropping and most likely losing Beelzenef, I almost the didn't hear commotion that was going on outside of my sanctuary. Curiosity as well as irritation, piqued my interest and I went to see what the choas was about.

"What's going on out here?" I asked, slightly annoyed as I saw my club members arguing with someone.

"Nekozawa senpai?" a soft voice said. I peered around my club members and saw one of the Host members. It was Fujioka-kun, in my opinion he was the nicest and most sensible of the Host Club.

"Fujioka-kun?" I replied "What brings you here?"

He smiled softly "I think this belongs to you," He replied and presented Beelzenef to me.

"Beelzenef!" I cried, happily and hugged him "Thank you, thank you so much Fujioka-kun."

"Your welcome, Nekozawa-senpai. I knew you would be missing him and I'm sorry about what the twins did to you" He said apologetically.

"They will get theirs eventually," I replied mysteriously.

"Okay then, well I better be going now," He said and headed toward the door "It was nice seeing you, good bye Nekozawa-senpai."

"Bye Fujioka-kin," I replied with a dark grin and headed back to my secret quarters.

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