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~Chapter 5~

Time For A Change

Normal Pov

The sun rose the next morning, the sun beams, streaming through Kyoya's window and stirring the sleeping resident from in the room. Haruhi's ear twitched from the light and slowly began to wake up. Yawning and stretching her body, she looked over at the clock on Kyoya's nighstand and it read 6:30. Nodding in satisfaction of getting up at her usual time, she jumped down from the cat bed, that Kyoya put her in, and padded out of the room to Kyoya's study room. She walked over to Kyoya's bookcases and looked for a book she can read, until the Shadow King woke from his slumber.

It wasn't long until a shrill sound rang out through the next room, making Haruhi's ear twitch. The sound of Kyoya's door opening, the maid Naomi from yesterday, walked in through the room and smiled warmly down at Haruhi once she saw her laying down on the leather couch.

"Good morning little one," She greeted "Did you sleep well?"

Haruhi was about to answer her, but remember what Kyoya told her and meowed in response.

Noami smiled and walked over to Kyoya's room "Well let's see if we can get the young master to rouse from his slumber huh?" She said sounding a bit nervous

Haruhi tilted her head wondering why she suddenly sounded nervous all of a sudden and padded to the maid's side to wake up the sleeping dark haired boy. Naomi quietly tip toed over to Kyoya's bedside and carefully turned of the alarm that was going off on thie of his nightstand. Carefully and shakily she reaches down and softly shakes the dark haried boys arm

"Young master" She called gently "Young master its time to wake up now."

She got no response, not even a slight change of movement. Shaking a his arm a bit harder, she spoke in a louder tone

"Young master, its time for you to get up." She called again.

Kyoya turned over in his bed, but showed no sign of getting up. Getting fed up with the stubborn boy, Haruhi padded over and jumped on the bed. Hissing in irritation she lurched down and bit his ear hard, making the teenage boy jump in shock and pain

"What the hell!" He yelled angrily, he looked down and saw Haruhi looking at him.

Soon a dark purple aura formed around him, The Shadow King has awoken.

"Haruhi," He growled "Why the hell did you bite me for?"

Haruhi rolled her eyes and looked toward the clock on his nighstand, meowing in response.

"It's time for you to get up and get ready for school now, young master." Naomi stated a bit nervous about just what happened.

Kyoya looked at the clock and nodded "Very well then," He said "You can leave now, I will get up and get ready."

Naomi nodded and left the room.

Kyoya looked down at Haruhi and glared darkly at her

"Did you really feel it necessary to bite me, to wake me up?" He asked angrily

"How else were suppose to wake up?" She replied a bit annoyed "You wouldn't wake, even when Naomi was shaking you and telling you to get up. Someone had to do it."

"Well just for that, your debt has now incresed by 3%" He said darkly.

Haruhi gaped "What for senpai!?" She hissed angrily "I was helping you keep your perfect attendence record your so proud of."

"This discussion is over with." He announced in finality "Your debt is increased, now I'm going to get up and get ready for school."

"Fine." She angrily and padded out of the room in a huff.

Kyoya sighed not meaning to lose hims temper at her, but he rather didn't like her biting him to wake him up. Everyone knew that Kyoya was a nightmare when he woke up and her biting him didn't help at all. Getting up from his bead, he went to his closet and pulled out a clean uniform and got ready for school. Kyoya looked over at the cellphone on his desk and saw a text message from Tamaki explaining that heconvinced his father in allowing her to come to school with him and a brief lie about why she won't be attneding classes and to call him once he got this message.

Scrolling through his contacts and finding Tamaki's name in his contacts, he pressed the call button and listened to the calling tone

(Phone- Italics)

"Hello, Kyoya!" Tamaki greeted once he answered from the other line

"Tamaki," Kyoya replied

"How are you this morning mon ami?" Tamaki asked dramatically

"I had a very rude a wakening, but other than that I am well," He stated and wasked out of his room into his study room.

"How is out little girl doing mon ami!? He asked excitedly

Haruhi's twitched as she heard Tamaki's overly excited voice on the phone "When is he going to get it through his thick skull that I am not his daughter" She said, emphasizing the word not.

Kyoya looked at her in surprsie and chuckled "She is doing just fine," he told Tamaki "And would you please stop calling Momma?"

Tamaki gasped "Are you saying you want a divorce!?" He exclaimed dramatically "Mon ami, how could you?"

Haruhi sweat dropped and rolled her eyes at hearing the blonde's dramatic exclaim. "No offense Kyoya. but you make one ugly mother." She commented, still a bit ticked from this morning "And to me, your more like the dad than he is. Tamaki is way too emotional to be the dad."

This made Kyoya let out a laugh, but sucked it back in quickly "Tamaki stop being so dramatic" He said calmly "Now why did you want me to call you?"

Tamaki calmed down and answered him "I just wanted to know if you got my text message about Haruhi's situation?" He asked

"Yes I did," He replied "It's wonderful to know that Haruhi's situation is now less complicated than it should be."

"Except for the part where I am still a cat, senpai." Haruhi reminded

Kyoya rolled his eyes "That's why I said less complicated." He said.

"I am so happy!" Our little girl gets to hang around in class today" He squealed happily "I get to groom her, shower her with affection and love. Also I might get her to wear those adorable animal outfits I heard about."

Haruhi hissed at this "Over my dead body senpai!" She yelled "Kyoya give me the phone. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind."

Kyoya smirked in amusement and placed the phone in front of her, putting it one speaker.

"Senpai!" Haruhi exclaimed into the phone angrily.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki squealed "How's my little girl this morning? Momma didn't do anything to you, did he? He didn't pressure to do anything did her?"

"The only thing Kyoya has done to me, is increase my debt for biting him, so I can get him up for school this morning." She replied angrily "Don't you dare even think for one second about putting me in some damned animal outfit. If you even try I will scratch your eyes out. You hear me Tamaki Souh?"

"B-but Haruhi" He whined "Momma our daughter has gone rebellious. Its all those shady twins fault, we need to rehabilitate her."

"For the last time, senpai. I. Am. Not. Your. Daughter" She said spitting out each word "I am warning you, put me in a outfit and I will make your life a living hell senpai."

Tamaki started to cry on the other end of the line

Kyoya just shook his head in annoyance and took the phone away from Haruhi

"Tamaki I am sorry to have to leave this absurd conversation, but Haruhi and I have to go soon." He said into the phone "We will be at the school shortly, farewell."

Then hung up the phone, he turned to look at Haruhi and shook his head at her

"What?" She said curiously, wondering why he was looking at her that way.

"You are something you know that." He stated.

"What is that suppose to mean?" She asked feeling a bit offended.

"Being able to do that to our Host King" He replied. "Make him switch moods with a blink of an eye."

Haruhi shrugged "I personally believe he is bi-polar" She replied bluntly "I admire that you put up with him Kyoya- senpai. He's exhausting."

Kyoya let out a laugh this time, not even trying to hide it, this surprised Haurhi a bit.

"I think I have to agree with you on that." He said, once he stopped laughing "He can be exhausting and bit over dramatic, but he is my best friend so I can say my life would be rather dull without him in it."

Haruhi nodded and smiled "Yeah your right on that senpai. Can't live with him and you can't live without him," She said "but sometimes I just wish he can step back and be serious for once. I understand why he has this image in his mind that we are like a family and that's fine, but he can take it way too far sometimes."

Kyoya nodded "I understand Haruhi." He replied.

A knock came to the door

"Enter" Kyoya called out, the turned Haruhi and mouthed 'Act like a cat'

Haruhi sighed and nodded.

Naomi cale throught the door and smiled "Your limo is ready adn waiting for you outside young master." She announced "And sir sorry for intruding, but who were you talking to just now?"

Haruhi froze then stiffled a giggle when she saw Kyoya's franitc face. After thinking of a good explanation, he straightened up and cleared his throat.

"Uhh, I had just finish talking on the phone with Tamaki Souh." He announced calmly.

"But I could have sworn I heard someone elses voice in here." She said "Its sounded feminine."

Thinking quickly "I just turned off the television when you came in." He replied again.

Naomi was skeptical, but nodded "If you say so young master. Sorry for questioning you." She said apologetically then bowed and left the room

Kyoya let out a sigh of relief. "That was close." He said softly.

Haurhi let out a soft giggle "Very close." She agreed.

"Shall we go now then?" He asked coolly bending slightly and offering his shoulder

Haurhi nodded and hopped up on on it "Let's get today over with, with less pain as possible" She whispered, settling into his neck her tail wrapping around the back of his neck so she would fall off.

Kyoya laughed once again and headed out of his room, to the awaiting limo that was ready to take them to school

~Time Skip~

Haruhi and Kyoya arrived at the school, the driver opened the side door and stepped ready to facethe day. Walking to the front of the school briskly, they started to attract the attention of the tons of fangirls who squealed in excitement at seeing the two together.

"Awww how cute!" One girl gushed "I always knew Kyoya-sama had a soft side to him."

"The little kitten is precious." Another exclaimed "Looks how confortable sit looks, snuggling into Kyoya's shoulder.

"Adorable, absolutely adorable." Another said.

Haruhi sweat dropped and whispered into his ear "This is ridiculous" she said, sounding annoyed.

"Just bare with it." He replied back softly, keeping his cool facade in tact.

"KYOYA!" an all too familiar voice cried out.

"Tamaki/Tamaki-senpai" Haruhi and Kyoya said in unison under their breath.

Tamaki hurried over to his best friend's side with a bright smile adorning his face.

"Hello mon ami. It is so nice to see you I missed you so much" He said dramatically "I bet you missed me too. Of course who would miss a person like moi."

Kyoya sweat dropped "Tamaki, I talked to you earlier this morning." He stated coolly.

"So you did miss me" Tamaki cried dramatically "Don't worry mon ami, I'm here now."

"Will you stop being so dramatic, senpai?" Haruhi hissed under her breath softly.

Tamaki's eyes widened at hearing her voice and squealed "Haruhi." He greeted happily.

Without even thinking her grabbed Haruhi off of Kyoya's shoulder and her sharp claws accidentally cut into his shoulder. Wincing and glaring darkly, everyone who saw the display decided it would be best to get away from the now angry Shadow King. Tamaki who was gushing and fonding over Haruhi, was still oblivious to this until Kyoya spoke.

"Tamaki," He said menacingly "I understand you are happy to see Haruhi, but before you go and grab her off my shoulder. I would suggest you think twice about what you are doing and ask me or her first."

Tamaki gulped in fear "S-sorry mon ami." He stuttered "P-please forgive me."

Kyoya rolled his eyes, but nodded returning back into his normal facade.

"So how are is our pretty kitty today?" Two new voices said in unison.

The three turned to see their mischievous ginger haired friends, who were walking towards them. Hikaur has his hands in his pockets once he was infront of them and Kaoru leaned his arm onto his brother's shoulder. Haruhi meowed at them in greeting and gave both of them a cat like smile. Tamaki who instantly thought something was wrong with her, looked at her oddly and began to sputter

"Why aren't you talking, Haruhi!" He asked allowed. "Oh noo she can't speak, she lost her voice. Kyoya call the doctor hurry!"

Kyoya rolled his eyes in annoyance "She meowed at them because her and I have discussed for her to act like a cat when there are people around. We don't want anyone to realize that she is a cat, you imbecile." He explained in a hushed tone.

"Oh!" Tamaki said in realization "Awww your so cute Haruhi" hugging her tightly.

"Boss let her go." Kaoru said worriedly.

"She does need to breathe you know" Hikaru said dlightly snnoyed.

Tamaki loosened his grip "I'm sorry Haruhi, will you forgive daddy?" he asked

"Senpai" She warned dangerously "Did I not make it clear this morning. That I. AM. NOT. YOUR. DAUGHTER!"

Crying dramatically, Tamaki ran to a near by tree and huddled into a ball a silly dark cloud hovering above his head, The group looked at him oddlym each one having a sweatdrop on their heads. Turning back to the matter at hand, Kaoru bent down to Haruhi's level, since Tamaki accidentally dropped her onto the ground.

"So Haruhi, you going to be in our class for the whole day?" Kaoru asked, standing back up once she jumped up on his shoulder and snuggled into his neck.

Kyoya took note that Haruhi was more affectionate than she usually is, but shrugged it off for now.

"No, I'm going to be with Kyoya" She said "Tamaki explained the situation with the teachers, but do you guys mind to get me any assigments we have and notes for the lecture today?"

"No problem Haruhi" Hikaru said.

"You can count on us." Kaoru stated and scratched her ear affectionately

The the clocks tower rang indicating it was time to go to class.

"Lets go!" Tamaki exclaimed happily coming out of his dejected state once again and headed for class

The twins raised their eyebrows at him in amusement, then shook their heads. Smiling to the feline on Kaoru's should, Hikaru gently took Haruhi off of his brother's shoulder and handed her over to Kyoya. She meowed at the twins 'see you at lunch.' The twins understood the message and headed to their own class. Kyoya sighed, then followed after the now shouting and impatient blonde. None of them knowing that a shadow was watching them.

-Earlier that Morning-

Nekozawa woke up that morning and couldn't shake the dream he had of Haruhi, he was so distracted that he didn't even hear the usual morning greeting he got from his beloved cat puppet. Seeing how his master was so distracted, Beelzenef felt it to be alright to leave him to his own thoughts. Nekoawa looked over at the clock on his wall and sighed, getting up from his bed he got ready for school. Grabbing his uniform, cloak and dark wig Nekozawa did his usual morning routine and was ready to start the day.

~Time Skip~

He arrived at the back of the school and started to longer in the shadows, blending perfect;y with his surroundings. He just couldn't get the grown haired firl out of his mind, no matter how he tried. That dream just felt too real to him and his heart kept racing everytime he thought about it. Racking a hand through his dark wig tresses, the dark magic master sighed and continued walking into the halls of the school. Turning at a corner, his ears perked up when he heard a commotion going about Kyoya and little kitten being on his shoulder. Curious he turned his attention to what could possibly going on and sure enough there stoo Kyoya Ootori with small diluted calico kitten snuggled up on his shoulder.

Being very observant, Nekozawa instantly knew that Kyoya wasn't lying about Haruhi being a cat. The huge expressive brown eyes, gave him away instantly and the cat seemed to have the same demeanor as him as well. Nekozawa was quite amused at how the host club members were interacting with the cat, especially Tamaki when the cat hissed something at him and he ran toward a tree looking very dejected. He could have worn that he heard the whole group call the cat she or her plenty of times when they were talking with one another.

Nekozawa Pov

I instatly grew more curious, I could have sworn I heard Tamaki say she to the whole group especially when he she or whatever the heck Fujioka-kun said because, I haven't the slightest clue anymore, and Tamaki cried dramatically and huddled dejectedly under a tree.

(I'm starting to think that he is actually a she) Beelzenef said in my ear, catching my attention for the first time this morning.

"Beelzenef?" I said "Why weren't you speaking the whole morning until now?"

(Actually master, I greeted you this morning like I always do) He said as a matter-of-fact (You were just so distracted by your thoughts, that I felt you it was alright to leave you to them and not be a bother to you.)

"Oh." I said feeling slightly embarrassed "I'm sorry for not hearing you this morning, that dream I had last night about Fujioka-kun has been eating away at me all morning. I can;t stop thinking about it."

(Its alright master. I understand) Beelzenef reassured (But its seems your dream last night might actually be true. Fujioka-kun may be in fact a girl and for some reason is keeping it a secret, except the host club members that is)

"Do you think she is trying to hide it because of the debt she owes to them?" I asked, curiously'

(That could be it, but I don't for sure. We still can't be quite certain that he is in fact a she) Beelzenef pointed out (We are going to need more evidence to see if in fact that he is actually a she.)

I nodded and my ears herad the familiar sound of clock tower chimming, indicating that classes were in starting.

Hearing Haruhi meow something at the twins, I turned and started heading to where my class as well being careful to blend with my surroundings..

(It also seems that they are making her act like as well) Beelzenef observed (I guess they are trying to keep what has happened to him a secret for now.)

I nodded, then froze "I just realized something, the book said that I could control Fujioka-kun right?" I asked my cursed putted.

(That is correct master) He replied (Why?)

"Well what if I can test that theory to see if he truly his a boy or girl, by being able to control him." I said

(Its worth a shot) Beelzenef encouraged.

Sighing, I cleared my throat and began to speak "Fujioka-kun, come to me." I ordered.

I waited for a bit, but nothing seemed to happen clearing my throat I did it once again

"Fujioka-kun, come to your master." I called again, I waited and once again nothing happened.

"It didn't work Beelzenef." I said in defeat.

(I apologize master) He said (Who knows maybe this just got us more clues on is Fujioka-kun is a girl. The book clearly stated that its only males you get to control, not females)

I felt myself perk up after he said that "Your right Beelzenef." I said "Thank you for making me feel better"

(Your quite welcome master) He replied.

I smirked and walked into my classroom, but felt my eyes widened. There talking to my teacher was Kyoya with Fujioka-kun on the class discussing something. I saw the sensei look at Haruhi skeptically and then pat her head, smiling at her cute actions Nakahara-sensei nodded. Kyoya bowed and then walked to his desk, leaving Fujioka-kun with sensei

"He..she.. Uhh..ahh.." I stammered "Fujioka-kun is going to be in our class?"

(It appears so) My cat spirit confirmed.

I sighed and walked to my desk as well, blending with the shadows perfectly.

Kyoya Pov

"Sensei is okay if this cat stays up here with you, since we are having a calculus test today?" I asked calmly.

"Is is friendly?" He asked and looked at the cat skeptically.

"Yes she is very friendly" I replied and pushing up glasses.

Sensei patted her head gently and smiled at her cute actions "Yes she can stay up here with me. Now go to your seat, class is about to start soon." He said

"Thank you" I said with bowed and headed to my desk that was next to Tamaki.

"Isn't our little girl going to sit with us?" Tamaki asked sounding disappointed.

I shook my head "We are having a test today, he is going to keep her entertained until its over with." I replied calmly.

"Aww man." Tamaki pouted.

I sighed at his childishness, then the clock tower rang, indicating that classes wre in session.

"Alright class" Nakahara-sensei stated firmly "We are going to be having a test today."

Many groans were heard throughout the room except for me and Nekozawa-senpai.

"Don't give me that" Sensei stated sternly, while passing out the exams "Once I pass out the test, you will have one hour to complete it. If I suspect anyone is looking at someone elses text I will take it away and you will fail automatically. Once I have passed the last test, I want silence until everyone has completed the test. That means you Souh."

Tamaki gasped dramitcally and pouted more, making the fangirls in the room swoon and squeal

"Silence!" Sensei exclaimed "Tamaki I won't have disrupt my class my again. You may now start your exams. Remember no cheating and remain silent once you have finished. I expect your homework to finished and put onto to the tray in front of my before your dismissed for your next class."

Sighing, I got work on my test working out each formula carefully and making sure that it was correct. Looking over at sensi's desk and keeping an eye on Haruhi, Nakahara-sensei was petting her affectionately and she was purring in delight. She nuzzled against his cheek and gave him a soft meow and smiling at her actions.

'Well that is definitely odd' I thought 'I wonder why she has been extra affectionate lately, even to strangers.'

Sighing and shaking my head, I looked back down at my test and continue to finish each formulas.

~Time Skip~

-Club Activities-

The instant the doors to the Host Club the girls came swarming in as the always do and were excited to see what theme it was today. Looking around the room the girls realized it was going to be a normal non themed day, but that didn't sway them any less. They spread out and went to their respectable hosts. The girls were even more happy to see the cat this morning was amongst the club as well.

So all afternoon they would gush, pet and pamper the little host feline. At first Haruhi didn't like getting all the attention she was receiving, but remembering that she still had to act like a host, whether be a cat or not, she decided to let herself relax and began to tolerate it. Not long she started to enjoy all the tampering and attention she was getting, she found it very amusing when she was for the twins' brotherly love' act. The girls were screaming and gushing from the display they did.

Haruhi Pov

I was laying in one of the girl's lap, I think her name was Minami, when Kyoya signaled me to come over. Nuzzling the girl's cheek, I jumped off her lap and padded over to Kyoya. It seemed that she didn't mind and continued to squeal of another round of of the twins 'brotherly love' act. I jumped up onto the back of the couch and curled myself up next his neck, so he could at least hear me, without anyone suspecting that I could talk.

"You wanted to see me senpai?" I asked softly in his ear.

"Yes. I wanted to tell the prgress that you made for today's profits." He replied "Since because of your coming here and hanging around the girls, the profits have gone up by thirteen percent."

"That's good right?" I asked curiously.

He nodded "Keep this up, I will forget about the insistent this morning and also I will cut all the profits we have made and add it to your debt, cutting it to about almost one and three quarter's decrease to your debt." He said "But if anything bad should happen from now and until club is over with, that will not happen. Do you understand?"

I nodded "Crystal senpai." I replied then mumbled under my breath "Coniving bastard."

Kyoya smirked evilly "I heard that." He said calmly "You don't want me to increase your debt now do you?"

I gulped "N-no senpai." I stuttered "S-sorry senpai."

"That's better." He said "From the information I have gathered, I will suggest going over to Huni-senpai's table since you haven't been over there today because of Tamaki's shenangians. Those girls are absolutely frantic about animals espcially kittens."

I nodded "You got it senpai" I replied then got up, jumped down from his couch and with a sigh, and padded over to Huni senpai's table.

"Kitty-chan" Huni replied happily, once he saw me and picked me up, setting me in his lap.

The girls gushed about how cute Huni-senpai and I were being, so sticking with my act. I curled up on his lap and snuggled in, purring happily as they pampered me.

"Today's activities were the best by far." Kyoya announced "You did a job well done Haruhi and to the rest of you."

I smiled, then grimced in pain "Uhh, senpai I don't feel so good." I said wincing in pain.

"Are you okay?" The twins asked in unison as the rushed over to me

"Haru-chan, Haruh-chan" Huni senpai cried,

"Aww" The twin said in unison with worried faces.

"Haruhi don't go to the light!" Tamaki exclaimed and started run around the room "Oh Momma what should we do our little girl is sick!"

"You want me to get a doctor?" Kyoya asked, ignoring the franitc blonde

I shook my head "I.." I tried to say, but I fainted. The last thing I heard before I completely blacked out was an omnious voice calling my name.


Normal Pov

Nekozawa had been lurking in the shadows all day long, keeping a close eye on Haruhi throughout the whole day. He was really suspicious and was determined to know if Haruhi was a girl or not. So once classes were finished for the day, he told his fellow black magic club members that there wouldn't be any club that day. The member's nodded in understanding and left to get ready for Haji's violin performance that night, the club always supported and went to whatever performances the club members had.

Nekozawa followed his instincts and sleaked off toward the Host Club room. He watched carefully as they day went. How the girls gushed over and pampered Haruhi, his ear's nearly bleeding from all the squealing and swooning they did. So when the day's activites were finished, he was just about t leave when he heard Haruhi's pained voice and saw that she wasn't looking to well. The instant she faint he panicked and called out her name

"Haruhi!" He exclaimed omniously.

He watched as all the host members, except for Kyoya all shout out her name and surrounded her incompacitated body. Tamaki was flailing his arms dramatically, Huni-senpai was crying and saying her name over and over again, Kyoya was making some calls on his cellphone and talking quickly, Mori just stood their not saying a word and the twins juas the same as Tamaki were screaming and running, flailing their arms franitcally. He started to feel very annoyed at their behavior, their friend just fainted and was in pain. All they did was start panicing and not doing anything for her, dream Haruhi flashed in front of his eyes and completely lost it

"Will all of you please shut the hell up?" He shouted, his voice echoing of the walls, silencing them all "I really think screaming, hollering and running around is helping Fujioka-kun."

They all turned to look at him, then glared at him angrily

"Now see here-" Tamaki started saying

"Oh knock it off Souh!" Nekozawa snapped cutting him off "Now is not the time to start picking fights on me, when Haruhi is obviously in pain and not feeling. If you guys are not going to do anything about it, I will. I'm taking Fujioka-kun with me and see to that he is treated properly."

"I don't think so!" Tamaki shouted dramatically "I'm not going to let a leech like you around my Haruhi."

Nekozawa glared darkly at him, his blue eyes flashing dangerously "Can you listen to yourself!" Nekozawa retorted "For kami sake's Souh, Fujioka-kun is in pain and all you can do is get mad at me for offering to help him. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you truly her friend? I haven;t been around this Host Club for long and seems to me you don't care for him at all. The twins treat him like a toy and show him no respect, Kyoya increases his debt without even thinking about, even if he hasn't done anything wrong, Huni-senpai and Mori-senpai said the will protect her but when these three imbeciles are messing with her they don't do anything about and you are the worst of it all Souh. You treat him as if he is weak and needs someone to constantly watch over him, every where he turns. So I am taking Fujioka-kun and going to make sure that he is okay and feels better soon. Good day to you all."

Every single one of the host club member's were frozen silent at what Nekozawa told him. They have never seen the cult loving teenager lose his temper before. They watched as, he bent down and gently held Haruhi in his arms. Without another to them, he left the room sliently taking Haruhi with him.

The host club member's finally snapped out their trance and looked at one another. Soon they clenched their fists angrily, except for Huni who started to cry.

Kyoya Pov

"He doesn't under stand anything that goes on in the host club" Hikaru said offendedly "Who does he think he is anyways?"

"Its none of his business how we treat Harhui," Kaoru said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I love Haru-chan, I would never want to hurt her like that." Huni said softly, tears streaming down his face.

Mori-senpai patted Huni-senpai's back comfortingly, you can see clearly in his eyes that he was angry and sad too.

"Yeah that leech doesn't even know anything about Haruhi." Tamaki said "How could he talk to us like that, then take Haruhi away from us? I won't allow that deviant to take my little girl away."

Now I understood what Nekozawa-senpai was getting at, hearing Tamaki say that "You guys, Nekozawa-senpai has a point." I admitted, rubbing temple gently

"What the hell are you talking about Kyoya-senpai!" Hikaru shouted angrily "We do not reat her badly."

I remained kept my motuh shit, not wanting to voice out my opinion to him. Especially when he got like this.

"I know I'm not horrible to our little girl" Tamaki replied in denial.

"Oh please Tamaki!" Hikaru snapped, clenching his fists angrily "Nekozawa-senpai did have a point about that. You do treat as if she is weak. You tore her head off when she stopped those two thugs that were messing with the girls. I know she was reckless and were all worried for her safety, but what could she do. No one was around so she had to help them some way, despite putting herself in danger. She is far stronger than she is capable of and to add salt to the wound you keep in your mind that you are her father. When she repeatedly told you that you are not, we all know the truth. Why don't open your eyes and see that you are in love with her? Not that family love you like us to be, you love her like a man would love a woman. You are in love with her!"

I was taken a back when Hikaru exclaimed all to that and watched in pity as Tamaki tried his best to deny it. We all did know the truth, we could all clearly see that Tamaki ws in love with Haruhi, it didn't take a genius to figure that out. I shook my head, remaining silently.

"Stop it!" Huni-senpai shouted , making us go silent and freeze. "Don't you see what your are doing to yourselves?"

We all lookd at him confused, not understanding what he was talking about

"Your taking what he said and it's making you tear each other's throat out" He explainde "I can admit we can sometimes be a burden to Haruhi and drive her insan, but I know that she loves us. If she didn't, she wouldn't always be trying help us all the time and being there for us when we need someone. Ranka-san even told us that ever since she joined the hols club, she has been happiest than she has ever been in her whole life. Yes we can benefit ourselves and her by giving her a break, or actually listening to what she wants for once, but if we change all together She is not going to be happy. She would be angry and upset with us if we change for no reason. She loves for who we are, for our flaws and everything."

"Yeah" Mori agreed patting Huni-senpai's head with approval, a small smile tugging at his lips..

I felt myself smiled as well "He's right." I said, pushing my glasses up

Tamaki and the twins looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

"Nekozawa-senpai was right" Tamaki said "Haruhi is so selfless and she's changed all of us in some way or another. Hikaru your despite how easily angered you are, your more thoughtful when it comes to your emotions and think more rationally than your normally would. Kaoru she helped you but getting you out of your shyness and now your are talking to other people as well as others outside the club. Huni-senpai she has giving you nothingbut respect and not once has she treated you like you were a child. Mori-senpai she admired your dedication on protecitng Huni-senpai and has gotten you to smile more than once. And Kyoya mon ami, you can deny it all you want, but she's gotten to you as well. I think she is the only to to get past that concret barrier of yours and got you to open to someone, other than me."

I smiled again "That's not all she did." I stated..

All of them turned to look at me curiously

"What do you mean, Kyo-chan?" Huni-senpai asked, tilting his.

"She got me to realize my dream. I no longer want to be my father's heir anymore, I want to be able to build something up myself and surpass him instead." I explained "I no longer want to walk through hoops with my father and I already have started on what I want to do. I bought a commoner anitque shop and soon I hope business will bustle in like I want it to. I'm going to ask my mother for her help on running it, since she knows more about this stuff than father does. I don't want my father knowing what I'm up to."

Tamaki put his hand on my shoulder in encouragement "If you need any help mon ami, we are here for you." He said, with a bright smile "I am happy to see you working toward your dream and no longer striving to be your father's heir."

The rest also nodded and smiled in encouragement as well

"I appreciate that very much." I said, with a genuine smile.

"Wow its a miracle." The twins said

"What's a miracle?" Tamaki asked them curiously

"You actually said something intelligent for once." The exclaimed teasingly

"Why you two dopplegangers, I will get myhands on you!" He said offendedly and chased after the meddlesome duo.

I shook my head my head at my eccentric friends and sighed "And their goes the miracle." I said, rubbing the brige between my eyes.

"Do you think Haru-chan is going to be alright?" Huni asked, watching the Tamaki chase after the twins, as the two teased him.

"As much as I know you are concerned for Haruhi's well being, I can reassure I think she is very capable hands." I replied "Nekozawa may seem odd, but I have records shown that he is really considerate of others and without a doubt in mind he will make sure that she is well again."

"How do you know that Kyo-chan?" He asked again.

"Since he is the president of the black magic club, he has proven plenty times over that he is always there for them. He has gone to every individual performance that each have ever been in and has helped each member in their school that has needed it. He is afterall third in our class, he is very smart despite his odd outward appearance."

"As long as he doesn't place any ill wil towards my daughter than he is safe to take care of her." Tamaki announced, walking back over to us

"No need to were Tamai." I reassured him "He is a complete gentlemen and will never harm, or force Haruhi into anything. He is a gentle soul that much I know."

"So why do you have any idea why Haruhi could of possibly fainted for?" The twins asked, also joining us.

"I can honestly say. I haven't the slightest clue." I admitted We just have to rely on Nekozawa-senpai and hope she will be alright.

Normal Pov

'I hope you are alright Haruhi/ Haru-chan' they all thought in unison.

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