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Chapter Three: The Second Heist

The Monday after Saint Tail's heist of the Dragon's Tears, Asuka walked into school with few few scratches
on his face and a bandage on his nose. His friends gathered around with a copy of Saturday's paper.
"Dude, your face! What happened?" Sawatari asked.
"The Ponytail happened. She dropped me into a set of Rose bushes." Asuka Jr. Grumbled.
"HA! You mean you got close enought that she had to drop you and still didn't catch her?" Meimi's giggle
cut through Asuka Jr. like a knife. Next to her Siera covered Meimi's mouth.
"Will you quit it?" She hissed. "It's not nice."
"I dun' care! Asuka'll never catch her!" Meimi jumped up and down gleefully. Asuka Jr. ran to the door to check
for the sister. When he saw the coast was clear, he walked over to Meimi with a sly face.
"If you're so sure Haneoka, wanna make a bet?" He asked. Meimi turned to him, her interest piqued. Siera
looked tense.
"You are SO on! How much?" Meimi asked despite Siera's attempt to pull her back.
"5,000 Yen. You game?" Asuka asked holding his hand out. Meimi shook it, and both of them blushed as they
felt an ever familiar spark shoot through them both.
"You never learn do ya?" Meimi said with a giggle as she reluctantly let go of Asuka's hand. He looked at her
oddly. 'That's what Saint Tail said to me friday night!' He thought. A blush crept back across his face as he thought of
Saint Tail.
"Oh, and Jr.," Meimi said as she walked away, "Don't think that you can fail and not tell me." Asuka gulped.
"Because if you do, I'll find out from the morning paper. So save your pride and come to me straight with my 5,oo Yen
when you fail ok?" Just then, they heard the sound of footsteps and both headed for their seats along with the rest of
the class.
"Did I walk into the wrong class? There's no blood, no books strewn about, and Asuka's not bleeding.
The sister said with a smile as she walked to her desk. She quickly began to teach the lesson oblivious to the scandalous
deal that had just taken place.
"MEIMI! What is wrong with you? Betting with Asuka Jr. on your next heist like that?" An enraged Siera
exclaimed into the solitude of the confessional. Only the two girls were there. Meimi's grin didn't falter.
"I see nothing wrong with it. So, got a job for me or not?" She asked innocently.
"Sadly, yes. I recieved a call right after school. From the Tokyo School of Archeology. Apparently, a team
dug up an ancient Egyptian tablet that could, if decihpered, reveal the secrets of King Kufu's Pyramids. But before they
begin working on it, someone from the Natural History Museum stole it."
"Why? Why would they steal from a school?" Meimi asked angrilly.
"Because, there's alotta money riding on the unravelling these secrets. So, if the museum does it, they
get grants for digs and such. Something they need. But it's rightfully the school's. So, is Saint Tail up for the job?"
"YEAH! They can't do that! I'll get it back!"
"Right then," Siera handed her a map of the museim from their last school trip there. "From what the
informant told me, there's a few labs on the 10th floor. The tablet's in the last one. The rooms are all connected by
doors inside while each also has a door of its own leading to the hall. What you need to do is..."

"Hey, Jr.! Can I walk home with you? Too bored to walk alone." Sawatari asked running up to him. Both
boys had been after school helping tutor younger students in math. Asuka turned around and smiled.
"Sure thing." Asuka said allowing his friend to fall into step next to him.
"So, you're finally gonna capture Saint Tail tonight huh?"
"Yeah. I gotta. Haneoka's getting on my nerves. I hate that she's been right all this time."
"Well," Sawatari said smiling, "Get her picture for me. I'd like to see your mystery girlfriend."
"She's not my girlfirend! She's a crook who needs catching." Asuka said idnigantly.
"Tell her tonight then. She's gonna be at the museum tonight taking the Egyptian tablet." Sawatari said
as they arrived at the Asuka residence.
"WHAT?!?! How do you know this? I don't even know this!" Asuka grabbed Sawatari's collar and shook him.
"Is she going behind my back with some other guy? I'm supposed to chase her! ME ME ME!" He wailed.
"Dude chill. And leggo. I can't breathe." Asuka released him and sighed. "It's right there." Sawatari pointed
up at the trees surrounding the driveway. There, in spiderweb-like threads was a message reading-
'Tonight, I'll be at the Natural History Museum. From it I will remove the Egyptain tablet from their
research lab. Saint Tail'
"Oh. Sorry man. Well, I guess I gotta get ready. Gonna win this time!" Asuka ran off into the house and
headed for the phone. He quickly dialed the Haneoka residence.
"Moshi-moshi! Haneoka residence!" Asuka nearly melted at the sound of Meimi's voice. "Hello?"
"Oh, may I speak to Haneoka plaease?"
"There's three people with that name here. Specify please." Meimi said irritated.
"You ding-bat! Look, you still feeling lucky?" Asuka snapped bcak.
"Yeah, why?"
"Wanna up the bet? 10,000 Yen." Asuka couldn't believe it. Not only was he gonna catch Saint tail, but
Meimi would have to give him 10,000 Yen, and she would finally respect him! (A/N: Cheah, right!)
"Oh, I'm up for it. I win this round Jr." Meimi giggled and hung up. She quickly skipped away to do her home-
work before heading out.
"Meimi! You ready to pray?" Siera asked as her friend burst into the chapel. Nodding Miemi rushed over
and they joined hands. "Lord watch and keep over us. And please forgive Meimi's gambling."
"Three, two, one!" In a puff of pink smoke, Saint Tail stood before Siera.
"Now you're aware how much is riding on this mission right?"
"Chill out. Either way, I don't have to pay up." Meimi said sticking her tongue out at Siera. She decided to not tell
about the up in the stakes.
"How so?" Siera arched a skeptic eyebrow
"If I get caught, feh. Fat chance. I can't pay from jail. And when I make it out, Jr. owes me."
"Somehow, I don't agree your optomistic view. Here, take this." She handed Saint Tail her sneaky cologne.
"Arigatou!" Saint Tail ran out.
Asuka Jr. checked his watch. "Eight Forty-five. I don't know when she'll arrive, but, it should be soon." Asuka
told the museum curator. "Now are you sure, that this is the only way in?"
"Yes. All the doors inside are locked. And if she breaks in from one room, you'll see her. Plus, she'll have to
spend time picking the locks on all the doors. You'll catch her and save the tablet!" The curator said. Asuka nodded. 'This
time, I will catch you Saint Tail! And I will see who you are and finally hold you close- whoa! Where'd that come from?'
He thought.
Outside, Saint Tail landed softly on the roof of the building next to a skylight. "On with my show."
She whispered. With a swish of the hat, she produced a decoy that went inside to building and tried to enter at the
end of the hall. It worked.
"It's her! At the end piciking the door!" Asuka looked up and saw a long ponytail and raced off.
"Good job. Now, it's my turn." Saint Tail cut a hole in the skylight at her feet and swung into the room
directly next to the lab with the tablet. She quickly cut the lock off and went to the tablet. She took it and started to go
"They'll look for me to leave up, so I'll take the elevator down!" She giggled and ran off.
"It was a mistake! Someone got fooled by his own damn shadow!" Asuka yelled running back to the lab. As he
got there, he saw a ponytail leave the room. He didn't even have to look in the room to know that the tablet was gone.
He bolted off behind her. As he neared in, he heard the ding of an elevator. Speeding up, he entered the dark elevator as
it closed. He was inside with Saint Tail! Feeling around, he picked up the emergency phone and called downstairs. "They
are waiting for us. When we hit the ground floor it's over." He told her. 'Now to find out who she is.' He took out a flash-
light and tried to shine it on her face, only to find out she was with her back to him. Without warning, a hand grasped his
and shook the flashlight to the floor.
"I win this round Jr." Saint Tail giggled turning around. Jr. shudderd. 'Meimi?' He could have sworn that
voice was hers. Then she shook his head. Wrong girl. This is Saint Tail. Suddenly, the elevator shook slightly as it
moved. Jr. was thrown forward, and leaning over Saint Tail, who was still gripping his wrist. 'Here goes nothing.' He
thought as leaned over and kissed her gently. Saint Tail gasped but didn't push him away. He finally let go as the
elevator bell dinged, signaling the ride's end.
"Hmmm... Arigatou for the kiss, but, I still win." Saint Tail quickly pulled out the knock-out cologne
and sprayed him. Asuka hhit the floor and the door opened. While the guards chased yet another decoy, the real Saint
Tail slipped out down another corridor and later returned the tablet to the school. But she didn't notice something
still in her hand...
"Well, you pulled it off Meimi. Without a hitch." Siera congratulated her he next morning. Meimi grinned,
then blushed as she remembered being kissed by Asuka Jr. As they walked in, Meimi ignored Asuka and sat at her chair.
Moments later, a shadow loomed over her desk.
"Pay up Daiki." She said with out looking up. Asuka blushed as he handed her the 10,000 Yen and smiled.
"You win this time Haneoka. But I'll get you." He said smiling at her and walked away.
"Hey!" Asuka gasped as Meimi touched his shoulder to stop him. He turned around to see her
outstretched hand.
"You dropped this after school yesterday, and I forgot to tell you over the phone." She said, her blue eyes
shining. She handed him his watch and turned to go.
"Arigatou!" He yelled after her. "But..." he muttered to himself as he looked at the watch, "I swear I had this
last night waiting for Saint Tail..." He looked after Meimi then shook his head. "Nah! She's right I must have dropped
it!" he said and sat down.
A few weeks later:
"ASSHOLE!" Meimi screamed. Once again, she and Asuka were fighting. He was bleeding from
being hit by a chair, and Meimi was bright red from screaming.
"Meimi! Asuka! OUTSDIE!" The sister screamed walking in and handing out buckets. The two sullen
children walked outside. As they stood there, Meimi looked at Asuka and grumbled,
"You never learn do ya?"
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