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She comes home to find him sleeping on the couch, the television on, popcorn and beer lying messily on the coffee table. She sighs. This is typical of him. He usually got home from work before she does as her show entails countless hours of rehearsals.

She kneels down next to the couch and leans over to plant a kiss on his lips. "Finn, baby, wake up." She kisses him again, trying to rouse him from his sleep. Finn groans as she runs her hands up and down his old McKinley shirt. "Baby, you've got to wake up." She kisses him again, more passionately this time. She feels his large hands grab her waist and pull her up to lie on top of him.

"Don't wanna." He replies, reciprocating her kisses. She moans when his fingers travel down to cup her ass. "Oh baby." She whines, sliding her tongue into his mouth. She feels his hands start to lift her shirt up when she suddenly jumps off him, crosses her arms and huffs "None for you until you clean up this mess."

"But Rach," He sighs, rubbing his eyes.

"Don't but me. You made the mess, you clean it up. And when you're done, you can look for me in the bathroom." With that, she left him in the living room.

Needless to say, he practically ran into the kitchen to get a cloth to wipe the mess, and he then found solace in their bathroom.

He's seeing her show for the first time. He's never been to any of her rehearsals simply because of their conflicting schedules. Before they leave, he plants a kiss on her cheek and tells her to break a leg. She smiles sheepishly at him and they walk hand-in-hand to the theater.

He can hear the people sitting beside him gasping, "She's so good", "She's amazing" and sometimes the occasional "she takes my breath away." He smirks in his seat and resists the urge to get up and yell, "That's my wife!"

He's really enjoying the musical. To say it was good is an understatement. Maybe he's a little biased but he thinks Rachel practically stole the show. Then he sees it - Rachel locking lips with her co-star on stage. He shouldn't feel this way because he knows it's part of her job but he can't help but feel disgust boiling in his veins. It puts him in a really bad mood for the whole night, really.

He opens the door to her dressing room with a bouquet of red roses in his hands. She blushes and gingerly takes it from him. They've been married five years and he still does little cute things to make her smile. As he closes the door, he hears her ask, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"Yeah. I did." He half-smiles.

She grins for a moment but comes to a sudden realization. "What's wrong, baby? You didn't like it? You only do that half-smile when you're trying to cover up something." She whispers.

"No, babe. I loved it." He reassures her, wrapping his arms around her as she leans against his chest. "It's just, your co-star.. and.." Before he is given the chance to explain himself, he hears and feels her laugh hysterically against him.

She looks up at him, "Finn Hudson. Are you jealous?" She accuses.

"I am not!" He says, incredulously, putting both arms on his waist.

"Yes you are!" She giggles. "Come here baby." She coos, as she leads him to the sofa and sits on his lap.

"Baby," She starts, running her fingers across his cheeks. "You're the only guy for me, you know that right?"

"I know, I know. I was just being stupid that's all."

"You're not stupid." She replies, fast. "In fact," She continues in a sultry voice, "I think it's kinda hot." She leans down and starts to suck the pressure point on his neck, the way he likes it.

"Rach," He breathes. "Oh god."

She releases him and runs her finger across the hickey that's just beginning to form. "You're mine, baby." She whispers. She leans forward and kisses him hard on the lips and whispers "And besides, I was thinking of you the whole time."

"Baby! Watch this! Watch this! Look! He's about to score!" Finn exclaims, frantically pointing to the TV screen showing the basketball game, trying to get the attention of his wife.

"Hmm? Yes. I'm watching." Rachel replies a little sleepily. She can feel her eyes drooping, no opening, drooping, opening, drooping..

"Baby, did you see that? Oh." He chuckles at the sight of his wife asleep on his lap. He switches off the TV and debates on whether he should carry her back to their bed. He threads his fingers through her hair and watches her chest slowly fall and rise. God, he loved this woman. (Even though she falls asleep during basketball matches. He'll get her back for that later.) It's little moments like these that really matter to him.

"Good morning." Rachel smiles, looking over her shoulder.

"I smell pancakes!" Finn replies, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and placing a small kiss on her shoulder.

"Well, they're almost done. Could you pass me the plates over there?" She asks.

He did so and they move to the counter to have their breakfast.

Finn takes one bite and spits it out immediately. "Hot, hot, hot!"

"That's why you blow, Finn." Rachel sighs, but smiles at how adorable he is.

"You're the better blower."

Rachel gasps and flings one of her pancakes at his face.

Finn chuckles, moves out of his seat and pins her to the counter, making her gasp again. He nudges his nose with hers and runs his fingers under her shirt.

"I wish I didn't have to go to work today." He says, capturing her lips with a kiss.

"Me too. What time is it?" Rachel asks, running her fingers down his bare chest.

"I don't know. 7.30?"

She tilts her head up and bits her lip. "Looks like we got 5 minutes. Let's go."

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