Fate is a fickle bitch

Chapter 1: The Red Moron

Summary: this is my first attempt at SS/HG I hope it meets with your approval we will have to see what happens in this typical pairing Ron cheats and this pushes Hermione into another's very willing arms sorry for the ooc Snape but it is necessary enjoy my little story if you can r&r please so Iam reposting this story it was taken down buy ff becausethey said i had not rated it properly so here goes again i am looking for my notes on this one to do a re write and will be looking for a beta as well please indulge me as i haven't written any thing in a while

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He stood watching the ceremony as she received the honors due her in school. The Brightest Witch of Her Time receiving the highest honors since he had graduated. Her friends and professors cheering her on, she smiled at all even him that innocent smile of hers. Soon she would be flooded with offers for positions and apprenticeships, he had sent one as well hoping she would take it, but not expecting her too.

He looked away as her Fiancée pulled her in for a kiss. Hermione' deserved so much better than Ronald Weasly he was far from worthy of the woman who help defeat the Dark Lord. The Honors she had received were well earned they had all received Orders of Merlin in various classes his and Harry's had been first class, but that was irrelevant he was still stuck here Albus had made him promise to stay and help rebuild after his death

Thankfully Bellatrix had done it in her rage at Draco, then I had run knowing I could no longer stand the Dark Lord. So had ran to find Minerva and I told her what had happened and also what Albus had asked of me. After that we waited in Hogwarts for the final Battle I knew the Dark Lord thought me dead, it was intense as the crowd of people parted, and Harry emerged not dead with me at his side it had been enthralling to see the Dark Lords' face as he said

"Severus my dear friend are you capturing my trophy for your own?"

"No Tom I am letting my true allegiances be known. What a fool you have been to believe you could continue to use me after you betrayed me. I have been occluding you since her death oh great and mighty Dark Lord what a laugh Tom I was helping Harry all this time you are nothing better than a mad man Tom I hope you suffer in you oblivion."

The battle had raged after that but soon after Harry finished him and that as they say was that. The hoopla that had followed was exhausting and finally two years later Hogwarts was restored and open for classes this was the first graduating class since, and he was back to teaching Potions and N.E.W.T. level DADA since no one else was experienced enough for it.

Minerva had tried to make him accept the Headmasters position again, but he had refused to take what he had not earned so he accepted the deputy spot instead it was enough the past year had been good except for his new found feelings for a certain former student that were clouding his mind at first he had taken to ignoring her and her friends in and out of class unless absolutely necessary it had not worked she had crawled under his skin and he had spent most of the year in denial he shook his head to clear it of these melancholy thought as the ceremony had ended and it was time for the feast.

He looked around and it appeared her Fiancée had left to change he watched as she mingled with all around her he turned to leave thinking again what a pity it was she was throwing herself away on that moron, but there was no accounting for taste .

Later that day he was in the hall after telling Minerva he would look for the couple to tell them their guests were waiting when he heard running feet coupled with a female voice crying he turned and looked up to see Hermioné round the corner and run into him nearly knocking him off balance his arms came around her as she collapsed into him not knowing who caught her, and not really caring either he her close then picking her up and carrying her to his rooms to recover and to find out what had happened but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the Redheaded Moron.