Fates A Fickle Bitch

Chapter 26: Giving Up Hatred.

Warning: Mentions of abuse, torture and rape.

Summary: Hey all I know it has been a while since I wrote, but I had massive computer, and writer's' block issues. So here I am again to give you the next installment of our little Drama. and yes before you tell me I know I'm still in need of a Beta badly well that's all for now R&R Ciao!

Severus sat in his room thinking about what Hermione had told him. He was unsure how to help her. It seemed that life was going to be complicated for a while ha who was he kidding life was always complicated with him and all those around him. I think it is the price we pay for magic I guess. He could still see her sitting there looking hopeless as she told him how they had brutalized her.

"Well boys it seems we need to try another tactic with the mud blood Fennir you have a go."

She turned and cackled Hermione sobbed as the beast grabbed his wand and spelled her clothes torn from her body he ran his hands down her body his nails cutting the skin on her chest she struggled to move but he cast a body bind on her then forced her legs open pushing himself into her savagely as she screamed suddenly the pain reached new levels as Bellatrix cast the crutiatis on her

"Tell me where you got the sword now you filthy mud blood did you take anything else?"

"I told you all I know we found it ahhh."

"That's enough Fennir she's unconscious go get the goblin peter."

"I woke up in the cottage with Fleur standing over me crying it was 2 weeks later that we broke into Gringots."

Severus was amazed that she could still function or even consider being with him he looked up at the knock on the door Draco opened it

"Hi dad it feels so weird to call you dad weird but great. I'm still not sure why you gave her another chance she is a…"

"Now Draco we are all human and Hermione is one as well I told you we were taking things slow still together. I know things were happening to fast have you thought about your mother and when you will speak to her again?"

"How about never? That would work she stole me from you all that time we lost Father, we can never get it back."

"I know Draco, but take it from me living with bitterness is a poison to your heart. It will kill any chance of love you could give or receive it will destroy you and all around you. Believe me I know I lived with it for years. Please let go of the darkness my son the punishment she will give herself is worse than anything we could wish on her."

"Alright father I will try, but it is hard it's easier to hate her than Lucius because it's his fault too, if he had loved her then this would never have happened."

"Well you can't be mad at him if he had known he would have told me he is like a brother to me he denied himself love to preserve the family he never wanted you to following his footsteps he saw what it did to us and hoped that the Dark Lord was gone, but he had to act like he did only recently has he found happiness. He never knew how your mother felt about me he only thought it was a way to rebel against the rules, and I never loved your mother that was she was a comfort during a time of my life that was absolutely earthshakingly depressing and I used her as she used me never being brave enough to offer her heart to me so that I could tell her the truth, that I would never love her that way. That's enough maudlin stuff for now tell me what is being done about the Red Moron?"

"Well the new trial is set for the end of the week I hope he gets the life in Azkaban or worse life without his magic it would serve him right. Where is Hermione staying while you two take your little break?"

"She is staying in the apprentice rooms. They are just down the hall I told her we would wait till next week to resume our lessons and that you would be staying here while I healed if you think Harry can spare you that is."

"Oh Harry will be fine since he can come here as well I'm sure the headmistress will be excited to have us here for a while. I think it will be fun to explore all the places we used to torment each other and find new things to do in them father what do you think."

"I think you spent too much time with Lucius and he corrupted you thoroughly, but I suppose you will grow out of it someday possibly now go and tell your boy the news I will see you soon."

"yes you will Father, yes you will. We will be here for dinner if not sooner."


Hermione sat in a chair in the headmistress' office she was staring off into space as Minerva talked about the changes that would happen when her apprenticeship was finished.

"hello Hermione wake up are you listening to me I asked you if Severus is alright with you being in the rooms."

"Well he says we need some space for a while so I'm taking the apprentice rooms for the rest of the year he says everything will be fine but I know he's hurt. I hurt him by being a bitchy little drama queen and I ruined everything."

"You didn't ruin everything Hermione you simply proved that you too are human and that you are young, just remember Severus will always wish to protect you even from himself so give him his space, but don't give up on him. Don't turn your back on him ever again or you might break him Hermione."

"I know I'll try to keep my insecurities to myself if I can."

"now that's not what I meant and you know it just be yourself only the smarter you the one who helped save the world from destruction. I know you can.

Well that's all for now a little something the next one is the Moron's trial what do think should happen I could do anything I know it's been forever since I posted my other computer is down so I lost my old chapters all of them so I have to re copy them off the site. So here we go again I hope you enjoy and yes I still need a beta so any takers.