Chapter 1: A start of something new

The two noses touched brushing ever so gently against one another.

Kate smiled warmly and beautifully with eyes peering deeply into her new husband's aquatic blue eyes that were to her the most perfect sight in the world.

Humphrey on the other hand felt a certain warm and glowing sensation in the belly he stared at Kate his one and true love dominated his entire field of vision.

He drew in slow and deep breaths of Kate's fragrant scent mixed along with the perfume scent of the flower that she wore in her scruff.

Humphrey smiled as well although unlike his mate's he exposed his teeth into a toothy grin.

Kate leaned towards him it was time for the two to brush their noses past the other now unseen to her mate Kate's face glowed from the new feelings that went through her.

After what seem like an eternity in this blissful state the two lovers brushed past the other and just like that they were now husband and wife.

An enormous howl went up from the dozens of wolves below as the ceremony was complete.

Many wolves were sited below watching the ceremony some were jubilant others had mixed emotions about this especially the Eastern alphas in the old guard.

There were unanswered questions as to what would come from all this but for now the problems could wait for now there was the pair of jubilant newlyweds and a wedding ceremony to carry out.

Regardless of what one felt about the ceremony all watched the procession with a high degree of seriousness and when Winston gave the signal by starting to howl everyone started to howl.

The valley erupted into a burst of soulful jubilant howling and together with the moonlight creating a magical moment from the couple whom were in the centre of all this.

But to the two lovers they were oblivious to the explosion of sound taking comfort only in each other's presence.

Kate would have been glowing red for the new feelings that were going through her if not for her lush golden-brown fur.

The two then broke free of their tight embrace and proceeded to turn to the crowd to the applause of the rapturous applause from the ecstatic crowd

They were lost in the bliss of each other's company with Kate staring deeply down into the eyes of her mate whose aquatic blue eyes and grey fur perfectly reflecting the moonlight mesmerising her into a near trance like state.

The two stepped down the stage and made their way over to the couple's den not breaking eye contact as was part of the ceremony as they made their way down to their specially set aside den for a little privacy.

"The girl of my dreams is finally mine" Humphrey thought.

Kate stared at Humphrey's warm smile "I am in heaven" she thought.

The two approached the entrance to the couple's den of which Garth's and Lilly's den had their private couple den was near-by as their ceremony was done an hourly earlier.

As she was arriving at the entrance of the den she felt herself being watched aware of the presence of another next to her. She glanced past the dominating view of her mate feeling slightly annoyed that someone had interrupted her intimacy with her mate.

As he glanced over she saw her father Winston whose head was hung low and had been absent mindedly following his daughter down the ramp.

"Dad" she said softly.

The view of her father filled up her gaze when she examined her father closer she realised a slight glint of a tear out of the corner of his eye.

"What's wrong Dad?" she asked.

Let's talk inside Winston said as he stepped into the couple's den beckoning for the pair to come in.

Once the two were inside Winston propped himself against the side wall of the den with a small huff.

"What's going on is there something wrong?" asked Humphrey who did not expect anyone to be around.

"Nothing's wrong son it's just that well I am proud of you my little girl all grown up and finding her husband that's all" her father replied with what sounding like words spoken straight from the heart.

"Oh…" Kate said rather sheepishly head turning slightly to the side unsure of how to respond.

"Regardless you are absolutely sure you are happy with him are you?" her father asked upon noticing his daughter's expression.

"Of course I love him he and I have been through a lot together … right Humphrey?" she answered as she threw her paw over her loving mate whom had taken his place beside her.

"Good save." Winston muttered under his breath feeling slightly embarrassed at the nature of his own question.

"Glad you are sure of that and Humphrey be sure to take care of her ok" he said pointing towards Humphrey.

"Be sure I will sir" Humphrey exclaimed pointing to his chest indicating himself.

"Good... that's just wonderful now Eve will fill you up on the details" he said mischievously wiping the stray tear from his eye

"What?" Humphrey stepped slightly to the side to observe the entrance of their wedding home to see the figure of a shifting tan furred figure.

"Eve" he turned behind him and yelled.

At once the figure rushed past Winston rushing straight towards Humphrey whom was frozen still from the shock.

The figure that was in fact Eve stopped in front of Humphrey with a thump causing the ground below his feet to tremble slightly from her weight.

"I trust that you will take it from here then my dear" Winston said with a chuckle under his breath as he turned to leave leaving the new couple to his wife.

"Mum! There is a reason why this is the couples den it's supposed to be private "Katepractically hissing out her reply.

"Now daughter I went through this with Garth before and now I want to tell Humphrey too with the wedding so hustled there was simply no time to go through a little mom talk with your husband" Eve smiling a large toothy grin.

"I…I…I" Kate stuttered out exasperated at the thought of trying to get her mother out of their private moment without hurting her feelings.

"Now Humphrey I will tell you how to treat Kate right and the consequences of not doing so here I have a practical demonstration for you" she said.

Next, she popped outside for a moment to bring in a sturdy branch stripped of its leaves and bark such that it became a really sturdy and straight stick.

"Now Humphrey please pretend this stick is you now I know that this is a rather poor representation as this stick is more sturdy than your frail body but please bear with me.

Eve took a few deep breaths before bursting out into a few high notes too tune her voice much like what an opera singer would do.

Eve than let out a large breath of air that blasted Humphrey from head to toe with a spray of spittle before squeezing her eyes tight before beginning.

"Humphrey, your first duty as Kate's husband is to ensure that you are always faithful to her" Eve smiled out a loud exhaled widely showcasing her sharp set of incisors.

"Because if you don't I will do this to you" upon saying this she clamps down the stick with both her front paws and proceeds to bite down upon it throwing her head back to get it to snap.

However, the sheer force sent her stumbling backwards narrowly missing Kate who leapt away with a yelp.

Eve banged herself against the wall of the den causing dirt to fall from the ceiling and proceeds to trash her head around with the stick lodged in her teeth.

Humphrey watching the whole scene could easily imagine the carnage Eve had planned for him and shivered in fear transfixed at the whole scene playing out before him.

Then, Eve let lose her grip on the stick which ricocheted throughout the den before striking Eve in the side causing her to let out a yelp.

Eve stared at the stick with a certain look of bloodlust ready to tear it to shreds once more you could practically see the intention in her eyes breaking the stick before tearing it into sawdust.

"Mother are you feeling okay?" Kate asked.

Eve snapped out of her look of bloodlust upon hearing her daughter's voice.

"Fine just fine now where were we" she started eyes rolling around trying to get back on track.

Eve's eyes fell upon the stick once again and her eyes narrowed at the inanimate object.

"You and me stick you and me" she mumbled.

"Eve?" Humphrey asked snapping out of his daydream

"I guess I will leave you two alone I have unfinished business…I will finish you off tomorrow" she replied with a huff picking up the stick glaring intently at it before turning to leave.

"Don't you mean finish the lesson?" Humphrey asked with a worried laugh.

Eve didn't reply as she left sending a slight shiver of fear through Humphrey.

Once Eve had gone out of earshot Kate let out a muffled giggle from behind her paws rolling about in laughter.

"What's so funny?" Humphrey asked a little surprised at Kate's behaviour.

"You should have seen the look on your face" you were like…this Kate announced dropping her jaw as far as it would go and using her paws to stretch out her face into an exaggerated look of awkwardness.

"I didn't look like that" Humphrey declared with a laugh on his own his earlier expression.

Kate was overtaken with laughter and began to roll around letting out giggles of uncontrollable laughter.

"Is she like that all the time?" Humphrey asked.

Kate rolled to her belly recovering from the fit of laughter that she just had cocking her head to her side.

Humphrey gasped at the beautiful sight before him Kate his mate with her soft and smooth fur waiting no wait begging to be touched.

"That's mum for you but she doesn't mean it and even if she does well I got your back" Kate said answering his earlier question.

"Come to me my sweet alpha girl" Humphrey said with a charming growl.

Kate was surprised at Humphrey's display of dominance and surged into his outstretched paws kissing him and forcing him to the ground.

There the two now driven by powerful forces of nature begins an elaborate and complex ritual of love making which is where the narrator averts his eyes.

The narrator then observes Eve whom had fun of her own judging by her satisfied but exhausted smile planted on her face as she lies on top of a small pile of sawdust not too far from the couple are.