It was a rainy day in the UK, and Justin was on his way to a base that was known as Task Force 141. Justin Parker scratched his head, remembering how the hell he got here.


Justin was sitting on a crate in an Afghanistan base along with a squad member watching Sergeant Davis and Sargent Fernandez play basketball. "I'm telling you, Parker that Davis has speed. Fernandez is going to lose." Private Smith told Justin. "Yeah? Well Fernandez is 6'5 and Davis is 6'2, and Fernandez has power. His is easily going to win." Justin said after drinking his water. "Game point." Fernandez said. Justin Watched as Davis passed the ball. When Fernandez shot the ball, It hit the backboard and went in. "YES! I won he bet!" Justin said with a smile on his face. "Damn." Smith said before handing Justin twenty dollars. Before Justin could say anything else, he saw Staff Sergeant Miles jogging towards him and Smith. "Staff Sergeant Justin Parker?" he asked. "Yeah?" Justin asked. Miles handed Justin an envelope. "The Commander would like to see you." the 22- year-old Staff Sergeant said to Justin. "ok" Justin said before walking off to the Commander's barrack, leaving Private Smith alone.

When Justin arrived at the barracks, he knocked on the door. "come in" A deep, muffled voice said through the door. Justin walked in and saluted. "Commander." Justin said. "At ease, Parker." the commander said. Commander gave a long sigh before speaking. "you know why I called you in here?" the Commander asked. "No sir." Justin said before taking a seat. "Well, open the envelope and see." the Commander said before taking out a cigarette. Justin opened the envelop and was surprised to see what it said. "TF141?" Justin said in confusion. "yes Parker. You were chosen to join." Commander said putting the cigarette back into his mouth. "I'm most happy to hear this good news, but what about Sergeant Edwards? He is way better than me." Justin said. "We would've sent him, bet he went MIA, maybe KIA, so we are sending our second best, which is you.: the Commander said. "When am I leaving?" Justin asked. "You're leaving in 10 minutes. So pack all of you stuff, now, dismissed." The Commander said. "Yes Sir!" Justin yelled in a normal tone. As Justin closed the door, he went to his room to collect his things.


When Justin got off the plane, he had an extreme case of jetlag. "My spine." Justin said to himself. He collected his duffel bag and looked around the Airport and saw a guy in a black suit holding a sign with his name on it. He walked up to the guy. "Justin Parker?" the guy asked in a thick British tone. "Yes sir." Justin said. The man told Justin to follow him to his transport. When he got on the bus he saw a few figures sitting. Some wearing their Army BDUs others wearing Marine BDUs. Justin sat in the back and looked at the foggy and rainy world out the window. The bus started to life, and his ride to the TF141 base began.

((End Flashback))

Justin looked at the window. It was still foggy and the rain disappeared into a drizzle. In front of the bus stood some tall buildings. As the bus stopped, Justin saw two figures. One with a Mohawk and another one with a skull balaclava. He gave a long sigh, preparing to meet his new CO.