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Chapter 1: Two Old Friends

"There are things in life that you can't forget… Your friends, families and the memories that you're with them… Even though it's painful, you might not know that each pain has something meaningful inside…" Henry said while Takato was faking his attention to him. From business, their minds had gone to somewhere else.

"Dude! What are you talking about?" Takato asked Henry.

"I don't know… My mind runs off to somewhere," Henry explained.

"You know… You're just hungry, Henry," Takato reminded him. "Let's go eat before you turn yourself into your sensei!"

Henry laughed while he and Takato made their way towards their canteen in the office.

Henry Wong and Takato Matsuki had moved out of Shinjuku when they were nineteen to study college. Now both twenty-three years old, the two of them were inseparable as ever even in the workplace. Their friends Kazu Shioda and Kenta Kitagawa had transferred to Kyoto due to prodding of their parents. The only tamers they have not heard were Ryo Akiyama but they knew that Rika Nonaka and Jeri Katou studied also in a university not in Shinjuku. The two often wondered whatever happened to the girls.

Their topic that time was about their memories about Digimon, because Henry mentioned memories that are happy and sad. When they finished, they returned to working and now once again, sitting in their respective desks. Henry just shouted happiness because he found himself another prospective while Takato has found a few.

"Man, Henry! You're already my idol! Aside from being the resident computer engineer here… You're still also sales-talking! Because of you, I now believe in what you do! I love you, man!" Takato said as he fidgets his cellphone from his pocket.

"Easy, Takato! I'm also a guy! It's just a matter of right persuasion!" Henry assured. "Maybe next time, you can do it and by next week… we have a pitching yet to do!"

"Oh yeah! To hell with it!" Takato said as he crushes a paper then throws it in a bin.

"You're envious?!" Henry smirked.

"No. You're just greater, Henry!" Takato replied.

Henry just nodded when Takato began to change focus and saw Henry's picture with Rika, the only memory of the once striking and headstrong Digimon Queen.

"Man, I hate to admit but I kind of miss Rika…" Takato said.

"Because no one's calling you 'Gogglehead' anymore?" Henry smirked.

"Some sort of… As well as Jeri… I really haven't heard from them during the last five years," Takato admitted.

"Yeah… I also miss Rika…" Henry said as he looked at the picture of him and her. The girl who owned those precious violet eyes and auburn hair with a striking personality. Before they graduated high school, she eventually opened up but only to him, mostly. I missed you, Rika… Where were you during those last five years?

"I called the Katous but they only say that she's only with Rika…" Takato said. "It's my damn fault why I didn't make a move on Jeri years ago… Now, I'm missing her like crazy."

"Don't worry… Maybe after this, you can still have a chance…" Henry assured. I wish my chance with Rika would eventually come.

"I agree, Henry…" Takato replied to his best friend. "Maybe one day, you would encounter Rika now working as a professional model!"

"I doubt that Rika will do that… The last time I talked to her, she never considered modeling as a career…" Henry mused.

"Oh well… I guess when we see Rika, that's the time we will catch up with her as a resident owner of something!" Takato replied.

Henry just laughed. But his thoughts slowly return to Rika right after that.

The day after, Jeri Katou found her best friend Rika Nonaka apparently fixing her stuff out of Ryo's condominium unit.

"You sure you're gonna move out?" Jeri asked the auburn-haired girl.

Rika Nonaka just got out of her seven-month relationship with the now twenty-five-year-old Ryo Akiyama because she found out that he was cheating on her. Worse is that, she found him in the bed with another girl.

"Do or die, Jeri Katou. It's time that Ryo and I part ways. I don't care if he keeps on screwing every girl on the road and all I know is that I had enough… Think of this, Jeri. I spent almost a year in a relationship wherein he screws girls on the side?" Rika said with bitterness shown in her voice. "Living with him will only make me remember him!"

"I agree… I told my parents that I would move today and they were happy because I would have my own house too…" Jeri said.

"That's right…" Rika said. "They will be happy…"

"Aww… I won't be in the same line as your house!" Jeri replied.

"You can visit me anytime, Jeri!" Rika assured.

"Alright, Rika!" Jeri smiled.

Two weeks later, when Rika went to Tokyo to move, she spent her time moving in her things. She was not with Jeri because they parted ways while moving some things.

Meanwhile, Henry was busy meandering around the block when all of a sudden, he found a young woman with auburn hair with yellow streaks moving things inside a house.

That's strange… I remember Rika having that kind of hair… But that's impossible. Rika moving into Tokyo? Henry thought to himself as he saw the young woman lifting boxes and stuff.

Then his line of thought was cut when he heard another young woman calling the same young woman he was thinking about.

"RIKA! I can't believe it! We are two houses apart from each other!" the young brunette woman squealed.

"Really?!" the girl with the auburn hair asked.

"Yes! I counted it! You know what's next after this!" the brunette replied.

"No problem, Jeri!" the girl with the auburn hair replied.

"Okay, Rika!" the woman named Jeri replied.

Then it hit Henry. Not to mention he got surprised after hearing the young women's conversation, he was also shocked to learn that those two were actually Rika Nonaka and Jeri Katou.

Rika and Jeri? Here in Tokyo? Henry thought. Is this reality or fantasy? So that's why that auburn hair looks familiar to me…

As he stared into the auburn-haired girl, he finally got a glimpse of her eyes. They were violet and that confirmed that she was really Rika. His heart skipped a beat after seeing the girl of his dreams, apparently who matured after five years of separation.

I can't believe I didn't recognize her, Henry thought again. Well, at least, you didn't recognize her rather than be embarrassed because you mistook her for another person…

Seeing that the moving van lifted the rest of Rika's boxes down and eventually left after everything was settled, Henry was really curious so he decided to drop by and say hello to his old friend.

Rika sweatdropped after she carried the last box away. Then she panted heavily.

"It's so tiring… Jeri's the only neighbor I know here… It's going to be harder since I'm now in a house that is not in Shinjuku…" Rika said as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. "I really wonder what happened to Takato and Henry… They were the only ones I never heard aside from Kazu and Kenta…"

Meanwhile, Henry rang the doorbell, hoping that he could see Rika for the first time after five years.

Rika heard the doorbell and placed her box in another side. "COMING!" she said.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see that a tall, handsome and blue haired young man appeared on her front door.

It can't be! Rika thought. Is this Henry? He looked more handsome now…

Seeing her agape, Henry began to chuckle in a manner that the young woman in front of him will surely recognize.

"Are you just going to stand there and gape all day?" he teased.

He is Henry… Rika concluded in her mind. I knew it!

"Henry?" Rika asked as she recovered.

Henry laughed. "In the flesh!" he replied. "Fancy meeting you here!"

"Oh my gosh! I-I…" Rika covered her mouth in surprise. Because of this, Rika jumped in joy and threw her arms at Henry. "Henry Wong!"

Henry smiled as Rika broke her unexpected hug. "I knew it! I knew it was you, Rika! Who could forget a girl with auburn-hair and violet eyes?" he said good-naturedly.

"I don't know but for you, you didn't! Come inside, Henry and look at the compilations of my trash!" Rika said. I never felt so happy in my life! Just the thought of me seeing Henry made me light up like a Christmas tree! And I don't know but what I'm feeling right now seems like years!

"So, how's it going?" Henry asked as he went inside.

"Well, Jeri and I moved here out of a condominium… The landlord was such a dork." Rika replied bitterly. The mention of the condominium sent her anger up to her head. "I told my mother about this and she's okay with it…"

"How's Mrs. Nonaka? And Grandma Seiko?" Henry asked as he sat in the dusted couch.

"Don't sit there! It's dusty there!" Rika warned but the iciness was still constant.

"Nah! I don't mind!" Henry said. "So, how are your guardians?"

"Mom's in Shinjuku along with Grandma… But my mother works in the production so she rarely stays at home… Next month, she'll be staying with me here…" Rika replied. "How about you?"

"Well, we were already here in Tokyo when we were nineteen because we studied college here," Henry said. "Takato and I are also living here… He just lives two houses away as mine…"

Rika just nodded. "If I tell this to Jeri then she will spend the rest of the day squealing!" she groaned.

"You're right!" Henry chuckled. "How's Jeri by the way?"

"She's fine… She has considered living in an apartment two houses away from mine…" Rika replied. "Anyway, I gotta go clean up… This house may be small but it's quite dusty!"

Henry rose and offered to help Rika. "I'll help you… This would be my informal welcome gift to the headstrong tamer I knew since we're kids!" He winked.

Rika glanced at the number of boxes. "Fine. I could use some help anyway." She said.

Henry flexed his arms. When Rika saw this, she unconsciously admired Henry's muscles which were strengthened by his years of Kung-Fu, Tai Chi as well as other forms of martial arts. She could easily tell that he grew stronger after five years.

"So, you've been working out?" she asked as she lifted another box to her room.

"No… I don't consider myself as a gym buff… Remember me as the fighting pacifist?" Henry replied with a laugh.

"Oh right!" Rika replied. "Sorry."

Henry just smiled. Then, he saw that Rika could carry two boxes and he was surprised.

"You must be working out!" he insisted.

"Not my thing. I don't work out… This happened to be my figure from the time I graduated high school!" Rika retorted.

"So, you must be working, eh?" Henry asked as he placed another box in another room.

"Yeah. For two years straight already…" Rika replied dully.

"Where though?" Henry inquired.

"You know the advertising company down the road? The Tokyo Ad Company? There." Rika said with no interest in her voice. Work had been tremendous stress for her ever since. "How about you?"

"Tokyo Corporation…" Henry replied.

"Still into computers?" Rika asked again.

"Yeah…" Henry said. I didn't imagine that she still remembers all my interests!

"Wow… What about Takato? You mentioned that you and him are at the same street, right?" Rika asked coolly.

"Yeah… He's at the same work as mine… Only in the business… But I also do sales!" Henry said.

"Multitasker, aren't we?" Rika smirked.

"Yeah… But it pays a lot… Though double the stress…" Henry replied dully.

As they were conversing while moving the box in order, the once empty house was now full of Rika's stuff.

"Well, all it needs is general cleaning!" Rika replied as she dusted her hands off. "I'll just do it tomorrow… Anyway, thanks a lot, Henry!"

"No problem… It's just pleasant for me to see my old friend once again…" Henry smiled. "And if you want to call me or message me, here are my numbers."

He wrote his numbers in a paper pad that stood in a nearby table.

"Thanks…" Rika said, not knowing what to say next.

"You're welcome!" Henry said. "So, I'll see you around?"

"Yeah…" Rika said. "I will…"

Then Henry left the house with Rika now in state of shock. She closed their door and looked again at Henry's numbers.

Henry… Rika thought. It's really good to see you again…

That night, Takato went to Henry's house. He found Henry thinking to himself.

"Hello! Earth to Henry!" he waved at Henry's face.

"Whaaa? Takato?! What are you doing here?" he asked his magenta-eyed friend.

"I came to drop by… Do you remember we're going to have a punch just the two of us?" Takato reminded.

"Oh yeah! By the way, Takato, I have some secret to spill…" Henry said as he motioned Takato to sit down.

"What is it, Henry?" Takato asked.

"I saw Rika and Jeri moving into our neighborhood a while ago… Of course, I engaged into a conversation with Rika…" Henry recalled.

"What is she looking like?" Takato asked. "How is she?"

"Still the same but became more beautiful today…" Henry said. "I thought she was working out because her figure is slim…"

"Oh… What about Jeri?" Takato asked.

"I didn't notice Jeri… I was busy walking a while ago when I heard the two of them speaking excitedly because they just moved houses," Henry stated as he got a glass and drank punch.

"Maybe I should see Jeri…" Takato asked.

"Yeah. You better be!" Henry laughed.

Rika and Jeri had dinner at Rika's house. The two were chattering about their experiences today.

"I met Henry… And he looked… more handsome than before," Rika commented.

"If Henry's here, what could have happened to Takato?" Jeri asked. "Hmmm…"

"I don't know… Maybe Takato would be glad to see you…" Rika replied.

"I hope so!" Jeri said as she ate her tempura.

The next day, Rika was done cleaning her entire house when somebody rang the doorbell.

"Damn!" Rika said.

She was about to curse when she opened the door and found Henry again outside.

"What the… Henry? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Nothing… Just dropping by. So, you're spring cleaning, huh?" Henry replied.

"Yeah… I need it…" Rika replied. "I was just done…"

"Anyway, you want to go have lunch later?" Henry offered.

Rika seemed reluctant to accept his offer. "Are you asking me out?" she asked.

"No…" Henry replied with a smile. "Just want to get to know each other over again… We haven't talked or contacted each other during the years…"

"I see… and I'm going with yes." Rika replied. "I'll go take a bath first."

Henry noticed the living room table that had a picture of Rika and a guy. He recognized the guy as Ryo Akiyama, the so-called "suitor" of Rika Nonaka way back in high school.

"Did Ryo become your first boyfriend?" Henry asked.

"Yeah!" Rika's face wore a look of disgust. "My first and horrible boyfriend!"

"What happened?" Henry asked.

"I'm going to bore you with details later… Right now, I need a bath!" Rika replied.

"You sure do!" Henry teased.

"HEY!" Rika replied.

Henry waited for around thirty minutes for Rika. Then after a moment, a young woman clad in a red blouse and black pants and a pair of sandals appeared. She had her hair down but Henry got used to it.

"So, where are we going?" she asked as she locked her house.

"Just the downtown restaurant…" Henry said as he led her to his car.

Rika just nodded. Then, awkward silence followed as she and Henry made their way across downtown Tokyo. A few minutes later, they were in the restaurant Henry has been telling her.

They went inside and found a table for two. Henry and Rika sat down. After the waitress took their orders, they began a conversation.

"So, what happened between you and Ryo?" Henry asked.

"Well… I allowed the relationship when I was twenty-two… He was twenty-four at that time… But despite everything I did for him, he still managed to cheat on me… and to think I even found him screwing another girl… The hell with him! That's why I broke up with him just a month ago; Jeri and I left the condo and eventually moved out here in Tokyo." Rika said, with her bitterness and a tear came through her cheek.

Henry saw her tear flowing and he held Rika's face and rubbed the tear away.

Sensing that Henry was holding her face already, Rika turned a shade of pink and was embarrassed for him seeing her cry. But she knew Henry was used to her already because they had been best of friends before they split up after high school graduation.

"I'm sorry, Henry… For crying like this…" Rika said as he let go of her face.

"You have a right to cry… You loved him but he only loved you on the outside… Just don't cry… I hate to see you unhappy…" Henry assured her.

Rika gave a reluctant smile and eventually regained her composure.

"What about you, Henry? Have you been in a relationship?" she asked him.

"No… I haven't for the past five years…" Henry answered.

"You really freak me out with that!" Rika exclaimed. "You, the eligible bachelor of Shinjuku and Tokyo, are single?!"

Henry just laughed. How freaky was I? More than that, she'll be totally freaked out if she finds out that I was waiting for her all along… he thought. "Yes, I am single and I am proud of that!" he declared.

Rika immediately laughed and that caught Henry off-guard. That's funny… He's still single… When I first saw him yesterday, I thought he was already in a relationship! she thought.

"What's funny?" Henry asked, cocking an eyebrow. "For one minute, you just cried over Ryo and the next, you're now laughing because of me?"

"Nothing… I can't imagine that girls all over the school drool over you and yet, you're still a twenty-three-year-old virgin?!" Rika teased.

"Why not? Is it bad to be single at twenty-three?" Henry grinned.

"No. Not at all! You're just an exception!" Rika explained. But then again, you're still captivated by the pacifist Henry Wong…

"Thank you. If you consider me as rare!" Henry winked and Rika just laughed.

Then their orders came and the two began to eat. They ate their food as slowly as they can and when they finished, Henry asked for the bill and paid it. After dropping Rika off, he was happy that he made her smile a bit because of the joke about him being single and virgin at twenty-three.

She somehow looked sad when we talked about Ryo a while ago… But then again, who are you fooling, Henry Wong, if you're still bugged by your liking for Rika Nonaka? Henry thought to himself and turned on his computer.

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