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Chapter 14: A Chance For Us

The next day, Henry woke up. He remembered that he fell asleep on Rika's bed the day before. When he looked at Rika, she was still not showing signs of consciousness. Because of that, he called Takato so that he can notify Jeri about what happened to Rika.

"Hello, Takato?"

"Henry! Where are you?" Takato asked.

"I'm in the hospital…" Henry answered.


"Rika's in the hospital because of an accident…" Henry answered. "Better call Jeri so she could know what happened to Rika…"

"Alright, I'll call Jeri. But nevertheless, she would be probably upset with that…" Takato said.

"I know… It's my fault why Rika's here…" Henry said sullenly.


"You go here and I'll explain it to you…" Henry said.

"Okay! I'll go and pick Jeri up after I eat breakfast… Man, Henry you sure could call very early! Bye!"


After he heard Takato hung up, Henry had hung his phone as well. He returned his gaze to Rika, who was still unconscious and lying on the bed. He returned to where he was seated and decided to tell what he truly feels about her, even if he knows that Rika could have a slightest chance of hearing him. He held again her hand and spoke softly.

"I don't know if you can hear me, Rika… But I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry because it's my fault that you're in this situation… The truth is: there's nothing between me and Tiffany… I've been waiting for you all these years… I don't want to lose you, and… I can't live without you, Rika… because I… I… I love you…"

A few seconds later, Rika wakes up and her eyes flutter open. Then, tears slowly flow out from them. Her hand jerked because she felt that it has been hold by someone. When she rolled her eyes to her side, she realized that it was Henry all along.

"Henry?" she mumbled.

The mention of his name sent Henry to reality. "Rika?" he asked. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine… No need to worry about me, Henry…" Rika answered but her tears were still evident in her eyes and cheeks.

Henry noticed the tears on Rika's cheeks and he rubbed them away through his thumbs. "You're hurt because of me… I know it…" he said.

Henry's sentences rang a bell to Rika's mind. Her mind reverted back to what she heard just minutes ago.

"I don't know if you can hear me, Rika… But I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry because it's my fault that you're in this situation… The truth is: there's nothing between me and Tiffany… I've been waiting for you all these years… I don't want to lose you, and… I can't live without you, Rika… because I… I… I love you…"

"Henry, are those words that you mentioned earlier true?" Rika asked, expressionless.

Henry was surprised that Rika heard what he all said earlier. "Y-You heard what I said?" he said.

"Every word, Henry…" Rika said simply. "And I thought that those are really sweet…"

"I mean every word what I said, Rika…" Henry assured. "But before that, can I ask you three questions?"

"Yeah… Just don't take too long otherwise; I might miss my medication today…" Rika said.

"Alright…" Henry replied. "Why did you run away from me yesterday?"

Rika fell silent. She expected that kind of question from Henry so she eventually gave in so he could learn her side of the matter.

"You really wanted to know, Wong?!" Rika said.

"Yes…" Henry's answer came.

"I became jealous after I saw you in a hugging session with a girl yesterday and I thought that girl is your girlfriend. But then again, who am I to have the right to be jealous if I'm just your best friend anyway?! Now I realized that I'm silly to run away because of jealousy!" Rika answered.

Henry's eyes became wide and eventually he smiled due to the fact that Rika was jealous. He started to laugh.

"What's funny, Wong?" Rika asked with annoyance and noticed his laughter.

"Nothing…" Henry said while laughing. "You really are cute when you're jealous."

Rika seemed not to find this funny. "Don't even bother pulling my leg, Henry Wong! You find a girl who got her head bleeding still cute?" she retorted.

"Of course. You're not just cute, but beautiful and gorgeous. And like I said, there is nothing between me and Tiffany because all I really want is you… I'm not planning to enter a relationship if it's not with you…" Henry said and held her hand once again. "Next question, why are you jealous?"

Rika fell silent at that point. First she is somehow happy now that she knows that he loves her. However, the problem is: how is she going to answer Henry's question if it was already the obvious for her?

Okay, Rika Nonaka… Henry Wong has told his feelings for you already… It wouldn't be fair if you don't answer back! Rika thought.

"I… I… T-That's because I… I… I love you, Henry…" Rika finally revealed.

Henry became elated, now that the love of his life told him that she loves him. He instantly hugged her softly, knowing that Rika is not yet fully recovered. Rika was taken aback but she rode with it as well, feeling happiness with Henry's warm arms enveloping her.

"I love you very much, Henry. More than anything else…" Rika said after she and Henry broke apart.

"I love you too, Rika… Henry added with a smile. "I'm sorry…"

"Hey, it's my fault, Henry… I ran and I didn't listen to you…" Rika assured. "So it's not you. It's me. I know it takes more than words for me to believe in love once again. And I thank you, Henry. Because of you, you made it easier for me to believe that everyone deserves a second chance especially at love."

Henry smiled and touched Rika's hand for a few minutes. Just minutes after their sweet moment, the two heard the door knock and inside came Takato and Jeri.

"Hi, guys!" Takato greeted.

"Rika!" Jeri exclaimed and ran to Rika's side and hugged her. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine… Don't be afraid of my injury… It's just a product of my misinterpretation, misunderstanding as well as an accident." Rika chuckled. "Maybe tomorrow, I'm out of the hospital…"

"I'm so glad you're fine, Rika! How am I going to live without you?" Jeri said while hugging Rika.

"Thank you, Jeri! At least, there's another person who can't live without me!" Rika jested while looking at Henry, who caught on to the glance she gave him and smiled.

Takato laughed. "Why didn't you include me, Rika? How could you!" he complained.

"If Jeri can't live without me, so can't you!" Rika corrected with a sneer.

"Thanks, Rika! You're such a great friend!" Takato said.

"No problem, Gogglehead! I won't be your friend if you tried to hurt Jeri!" Rika added.

Takato laughed again and felt his phone ringing. "Uhm… I hate to interrupt… But… Excuse me, guys! I'll go outside to answer this call!" he said.

"I'm going with you, Takato…" Jeri said. "I remembered that I'm going to see my cousin who's a nurse here in the hospital… Wait for us, guys!"

"Sure!" Henry and Rika said in unison.

The two did not mind being alone so the two brunettes got out and afterwards, Henry closed the door. They heard another knock on the door and Henry dashed to open and see who it was. It turns out that the person was Ryo.

"Rika?" Ryo said.

"Ryo? What are you doing here?" Rika asked, taken aback.

"Well, I… I saw Jeri outside and asked where you were so she gave me your room number… Rika, I'm sorry for all the pain that I caused you… I really do…" Ryo said to Rika with sincerity. "Will you ever forgive me?"

"I forgive you… since I believe that 'let bygones be bygones'…" Rika assured. "But I wanted to thank you for everything… You had been a part of my life and there's nothing that could change it…"

Ryo smiled then his gaze went to Henry. "Henry, I'm sorry for beating you up… I guess I was insane that time to jump into conclusions…" he said. "But I know that you will love Rika more than the way I do… Please take care of her for me, will you?"

Henry smiled as well. "I will, Ryo. I will…" he said.

Ryo replied with a smile. "Thanks, Henry and Rika…"

Henry and Rika simply nodded.

"Well, I guess I'd better go now since my dad needs company here. I wish you two very well…" Ryo added.

The two nodded again and Ryo went out of Rika's room. Henry closed the door after Ryo was totally out of sight. They did not mind if the two of them are alone once again. In fact, Rika also had a question for Henry that needed the two of them just to hear.

"Henry?" Rika asked.

"Yes, Ri?" Henry asked, looking straightly at Rika.

"What's your third and last question?" Rika asked.

"Oh that?" Henry chuckled and took Rika's two hands into his. "Rika Nonaka, will you be my girlfriend?"

Rika eventually giggled. "Of course!" she answered. "How could I say no to you?"

Then, their faces moved closer to each other and Henry gently pressed his lips onto Rika's and they engaged into a passionate kiss that lasted for almost a minute.

~ Baby your my destiny
You and I were meant to be
With all my heart and soul
I give my love to have and hold
And as far as I can see
You were always meant to be my destiny ~

But little did they know was that Takato and Jeri witnessed their sweet exchange because they peeked through the door.

"I always knew that they'll end up together!" Jeri said to Takato. "Now we'll have double dates from now on!"

"Yeah… Finally, they found the person who is truly right for them!" Takato mused. "Just like us!"

Jeri eventually leaned on Takato's shoulder and gave a signal to Takato to leave the new couple some privacy. Takato finally relented and closed the door.

Inside the room, the new couple blushed after they broke apart.

"I love you, Rika Nonaka…" Henry said, looking at Rika lovingly.

"I love you too, Henry Wong…" Rika said with all love from her heart.

A few weeks later, Rika, completely recovered from her injury, is now working once again in her cubicle when Hideki came.

"So, Rika, I was wondering if after this, we could go out on a date or something?" he said with a sly grin.

Rika was not paying attention to her office-mate's antics since she was busy making graphs and stuff. Then it happened that Rika's phone was ringing. When Rika saw it, it was Henry who was calling. She was happy that Henry's call had perfectly timed the end of her paperworks.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hey, Rika!" Henry said from the other line.

"Oh, hi Henry!" Rika said, but glanced a bit at Hideki's direction. "What's up?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice once again…" Henry said.

"Henry, you don't have to miss me! We're almost a street away from each other and I can visit you if the need arises!" Rika said cheerfully.

"HAHA! Well, am I going to see you this noon for our date?" Henry teased from the other line.

"Wong, you sure know how to crack jokes even though we're just talking in phone!" Rika said. "And it's just a lunch! Not a date!"

"Well, my love, it may not be a date to you but it is to me…" Henry said.

With that remark, Rika felt herself blush. Fortunately, she was seated facing the divider of her cubicle so that no one could notice her face turning pink.

"Wong, stop. I'm already blushing." Rika said to Henry so that he would stop his blush-making comments about her.

"I can already imagine, Ri." Henry chuckled. "Anyway, I have to go now. I love you!"

Rika looked around in the office if someone will hear her. Hideki was not yet leaving from his standpoint since he was making rounds in the employees' area so they could sign the memorandum issued by Mrs. Hayashi.

"I love you too!" she said in whisper.

"Why are you whispering?" Henry asked from the other end.

"Someone's here… I don't want him to think anything funny about us… Jeri and Takato are the only ones who know about this…"

"You mean that executive that's still head-over-heels for you?" Henry teased.

Rika laughed because Henry figured out the person nearest to her. "Yeah. That good old heap who's been hitting on me… But I don't want to…"

Henry laughed. "Well, you can imply the reason!"

Rika instantly knew what he really wanted. "Oh no! Don't make me do it!"

"Please? Can you do it for me?" Henry begged teasingly from the other end.

Rika eventually gave in, since she does not want Henry begging to her and also to drive herself away from being the executive's apple of the eye.

"ALRIGHT, HENRY! I LOVE YOU TOO!" Rika replied loudly. "I'll see you later, okay?"

Jeri just threw fits of laughter since Rika avoided blurting out 'I love yous' in public. Hideki was completely aghast since he just learned that Rika is taken already.

"I love you too! Take care!" Henry replied with a chuckle.

When Rika heard her boyfriend hung the phone, she eventually turned around to see her office-mates now staring at her. She let out a triumphant chuckle since she won the battle with Hideki's attempts in hitting on her.

When Jeri left, Hideki was curious. "You're not serious, are you?"

Rika first glanced at her wristwatch and found that it was 11:55 already. That must be the reason behind Henry's phone call.

"No. I'm serious with what I said earlier!" Rika chuckled. "And sorry, Hideki, I'm really not interested… I think we'd be better off as colleagues! And, I gotta go now. Someone's waiting for me."

With that, Rika eventually went out of the office with her bag and went down the elevator.

When she reached the ground floor, she was surprised to see that Henry was actually waiting for her in the lobby.

"Henry!" Rika said cheerfully and gave him a hug.

"Rika!" Henry said. "Shall we go?"

"Sure!" Rika said.

Now I truly understand what Mrs. Kiryuu meant during my interview with her weeks ago. The person who's always with me is the one who is truly for me. But more important thing is, when you're given a chance at love, you have to seize it. Who knows maybe that love will be the key to the person you're fated to be with. And lastly, I realized that love is indeed sweeter at the second time around. Rika thought.

"I love you, Mr. Henry Wong…" Rika said, looking at her boyfriend.

"I love you too, Miss Rika Nonaka…" Henry said and looked at his girlfriend with a smile.

With that, Henry's left hand held Rika's right hand and they walked out of the building.

Love comes at different times. Yet it does not mean it will always be like in the fairy tales. If you encounter a bad impression with love, then at your second chance, you can have a sweet taste of it.