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On The Port of HargeonCity

"Hey Jason, wait for me!" Shouted a man with camera shaped Lacrima strapped around his neck. "Man, what got under your panties? It's hard to run with this thing tied around my neck, you know. Stupid heavy Video Lacrima," he complained, and tried to catch a breather.

A man with blonde hairs, spiked suspiciously like Tin- Tin, turned around to face him, a pair of black shades adorning the top his head, a notepad and camera hanging loosely around his neck. His entire get-up provided him with a perfect journalist-like appearance; even his over excited smile screamed 'journalist-on-a-sugar-high'.

"Harry, you need to learn so much more about coolness, and Fairy Tail is the perfect place to learn every single aspect of it. They're the best! I just can't contain my excitement! This will be my first time interviewing them as a main journalist and not just as an assistant," Jason rumbled out in a single breath while doing his 'cool' dance.

Harry sweat dropped at the antics of his so-called boss. "But boss, they aren't the top guild anymore so, why are we interviewing them? They aren't on the top of the ladder since all of its main members quit and formed their own guilds. The only people worth interviewing there is Gildarts Clive and Master Makarov Dreyer. So, what do you say boss; why don't we go and interview Phantom Lord instead? They're the strongest and largest guild in Fiore now. I even heard that they have more than 8,000 members!" He articulated with excitement in his voice, clearly trying his best to convince Jason.

Jason just stared at him blankly like he was an idiot. Harry looked away when he saw the look he was being given.

"Harry, this is why I am taking you there. I need you to know the meaning of true coolness. Phantom Lord is big and amazing, sure, but Fairy Tail is just so cool, and I need to interview their new member, who has joined Fairy Tail recently with her 3 apprentices," Jason replied, as he turned and began to make his way to the train station, a slight bounce in his steps.

Harry also seemed intrigued, as he knew his boss had a point there. Fairy Tail could've attracted even bigger numbers than Phantom Lord if they had opened branch guilds in different cities. For some reason they didn't, and instead kept a single guild hall in Magnolia.

"Boss, who is this new member? And why does she interest you so much?" Harry asked curiously.

Jason stopped dead in his tracks, and spun around to give him an incredulous look. "You really didn't hear about the great savior of the northern continent, and recently appointed new Saint Wizard joining Fairy Tail instead of Phantom Lord?" Jason questioned, astonished that his assistant was really aiming to become a journalist without knowing something like that.

Harry blushed, and scratched the back of his head. "Wait! You mean to say that Ur Milkovich, the savior of the northern continent, the great ice mage who defeated the immortal demon Deliora, the newly appointed Saint Wizard, joined Fairy Tail instead of Phantom Lord? Why? I thought Master Jose personally asked her to join his guild," he asked, baffled by her choice as Phantom Lord was the superior guild in every way.

"You'll find out when we get there," Jason answered, and resumed walking while a curious Harry followed him quietly.

"AHHH! What is that ugly thing?!" Screamed a pretty blonde girl, startling the journalist duo.

"Now, what got her panties in a twist?" Harry wondered out aloud, irritated by over dramatic blonde women. She was very cute with her blonde hair and diamond-like blue eyes, but man she could scream.

Harry followed her horrified stare, however, his own eyes widened in shock when he saw a black creature with bluish markings hovering over the port above them. "What the hell is that?!" He shouted.

Jason also looked up, and was rendered speechless for a second at the sight of the black and blue dragon hovering in the sky calmly. Though, he soon snapped out of his stupider as people began to gather around the port to see a real dragon in the flesh. An overjoyed expression took over his face, stars in his eyes, "COOL! IT'S A DRAGON!"

When he spotted Harry is standing next to him and doing nothing but letting his jaw hang open at the spectacle, he barked out some orders. "Harry, what the hell are you doing just standing there? Start recording NOW!" Jason let a huge grin spread across his face, and began to flash pictures after picture with his own camera, while Harry finally snapped out of his stupider and activated the recording Lacrima at his boss' orders.

A huge roar rumbled out of the throat of the mighty dragon, terrifying all of his previously fascinated audience. A maniacal sneer appeared on his face as he saw all the worthless flies scrambling away in fear.

"Cool! Cool! Cool! Dragons are so cool!" Jason shouted in excitement, and kept snapping photo after photo with speedy clicks. Harry sweat dropped, but he held his ground as he knew the resistance would be futile, and running away didn't sit well with his pride as a journalist.

"GGRRRAAAHHHAHHH!" With a last ear-piercing roar, the mighty Dragon of Apocalypse landed on the edge of the Hargeon city. His massive form was covering most of the port area. He was standing tall on his four legs; his head held high like the humans standing beneath him were worthless little insects. Even sailors abandoned their boats and ran away to safety from the monster.

The massive creature paid no notice to them as he kept watching the rest of the disgusting human trash gawking at him in both fear and fascination.

"Cool! A real dragon! This is the coolest day of my life!" Babbled Jason, and kept gaping at the beast with a same joyous grin on his face.

"Hey boss, keep it down will you? I think he's Acnologia, the final monster of Dark mage Zeref's book of Apocalypse. He definitely fits the description given in the book I read," Harry spoke in hushed voices, and trembled in fright when he remembered the trails of destruction left by this particular black dragon.

"That black-haired kid is telling truth! Get away before he kills you! He's an enemy of all of humanity!" exclaimed the same woman who screamed before while Harry's eyebrow twitched in annoyance at the 'kid' comment.

Acnologia heard the whole conversation with his ultra-sensitive ears. He would enjoy slaughtering these puny worms for their foolish words. He would crush them under his scaly feet and tear them into shreds. He didn't give a crap about the order of the Dragon King. He was his own King, and he would do whatever the hell he wanted to.

'I will kill these worms whenever I please. You can't stop me O Great King of Dragons!' Acnologia growled inside his head before letting out another earth-shattering roar.


His scream was so powerful that all the surrounding buildings crumbled from the shock waves, boulders and rocks of all different sizes flew away in every direction. Jason, Harry and the mysterious blonde woman along with other people were hurled backwards; a good hundred or so feet.

"Somebody please help me! I don't want to die yet!" Screamed the blonde as she saw the hard ground approaching fast. She tightly squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the unavoidable pain to come upon impact, but surprisingly it never came as she felt two strong arms wrapping themselves around her shoulders and under her knees, her savior carried her bridal style.

"Amaterasu 7th Formation Binding: Light Net" yelled a voice from a distance. A huge net made completely out of light appeared in mid- air, and everyone landed in its safely while the caster of spell landed gracefully in front of them with the same beautiful young woman in his arms.

"Are you okay my beautiful maiden?" asked a gentle boyish yet manly voice.

The young woman's eyes slowly fluttered opened at the sound of the soft voice, as she was still in shock from the ordeal. To be perfectly honest, she almost felt dizzy from it all. Her breath stopped as soon as her gaze landed on the face of the man who was holding her carefully in his arms.

He was the most gorgeous man she had ever laid her eyes upon. A pair of eyes with vibrant shades of azure blue, clear as the sky and filled with concern peered down at her through a thick veil of soft golden hair. His angular face was framed with more of the sunshine strands. The woman in his arms could feel the powerful muscles underneath tanned satin skin twitching with every move he made.

'Oh, he's such gentleman! Oh my God! HE IS SO HOT! HOT! HOT! And he's concerned about me!' she thought dreamily, and tried not to drool at the godlike man staring curiously back at her.

"Are you okay?" Blonde haired man asked again politely while shaking her slightly. The female blonde finally snapped out from her stupefied state and nodded meekly with red tinged cheeks.

The young man chuckled lightheartedly when he saw her blushing like crazy. "I am glad," he said softly, and the poor girl almost had a heart attack when his chest rumbled lightly from his deep laugher.

'It must be a crime to be so handsome,' she thought, her blush intensifying tenfold.

"M-My name is I-Ino. Ino Yamanaka," Ino stuttered out as she stared deep into the never-ending pools of warmth the man's eyes were.

"Ah, where are my manners? I am Naruto Namikaze my delicate flower," he replied smoothly, offering her a blinding smile.

"Will… -"

"GGGRRRAAAHHHHH!" roared Acnologia in rage as he didn't like being ignored by the pathetic hormonal humans on the ground below.

"Wait here, my lady. I will be back shortly after teaching that big brute a lesson about chivalry," Naruto commanded with a devilish smile tugging at his lips as he gently let her down.

"Will you be okay?" Ino questioned worriedly.

"Don't worry, I'm very strong," Naruto assured her as he confidently walked toward the dragon of the Apocalypse.

'Oh God, I was so heroic back there but fuck this! I don't want to die!' Naruto cried inside his head as he 'confidently' walked up to the enraged beast of destruction who was watching his every move curiously.

"He's so cool!" squealed all females present in the area when they saw their hunky hero facing down the mighty beast without any sign of fear while Jason began to shout that this was his line.

"Hello dragon-san. My name is Naruto Namikaze, and I must insist that you behave yourself or no lady will ever date you," Naruto drawled out coolly as he eyed Acnologia with a bored expression.

'I am so dead! I am so dead! I am so fucking DEAD!' he chanted fearfully in his mind when he saw the mighty dragon giving him an incredulous look.

Acnoloia stared at him with a flummoxed expression on his face as he remembered the day he tried to ask Margaret, the night dragoness out for a date, and how cruelly she declined him. With an unrestrained fury, Acnologia roared, "GGGRRAAAHHH…. I AM GOING TO BLOW YOU INTO MILLION PIECES !"

Naruto quickly jumped back when he saw the giant claw of the incredibly large dragon descending upon him at amazing speed. The whole area shook violently after the impact while town citizens began to run away in fright.

'Looks like I hit a sore spot. Ara-Ara… It will be troublesome but I have no other choice. Hmm… First I'd better take this fight away from town, or things could get messy,' Naruto Contemplatively thought as he dodged another swipe of his gigantic claw that tore apart most of the port, and Naruto would've sworn that he heard someone shouting 'so cool!', or something along those lines.

Acnologia suddenly ceased his assault with a furious scowl when he saw the slippery human again dodging his claws.

"I will blow this whole town to pieces, right along with you, you little brat!" The Dark dragon of Apocalypse declared as he flew away from the port, saving Naruto the trouble of hurling him out-of-town, but the thought of blowing the town up didn't sit well with Naruto as he carefully followed the immensely powerful black dragon.

Acnologia was charging up his breath attack. Water from the ocean below flew inside Acnologia's open jaws as he gathered a large amount of ethernano for his breath attack while the blonde haired mage did nothing except to watch him from the edge of the port, and with one last mighty roar Acnologia launched the beam of concentrated ethernano on the innocent people of Hargeon.

Every person in said vicinity began to scram away for their lives, but Harry kept recording along with Jason who was still muttering something about coolness. Harry wanted to run but he knew that if that thing hit them than running and hiding was futile. He somehow knew that the blonde mage would save them, and he wanted to record every moment of the epic battle.

Naruto saw the mighty beam of energy descending upon him in slow motion as he finally adjusted his magical energy for battle mode.

"Amaterasu 86th Formation: Dissemination" Naruto called out with a huge amount of his magical energy surging out of his body; like water from a broken dam. Magic circles appeared in front of Naruto in a cube-like form with an open face in direction of gigantic beam.

Acnologia saw the puny mage's futile effort, and almost snorted; like something so silly and small would ever stop his breath attack, but he was left awestruck when he felt that small cube was actually absorbing his breath attack. He immediately began to power up but was a second too late as a beam of magical energy crashed down on the side of his face, making him lose his concentration.

Naruto struggled to keep hold of the unimaginable amount of magic energy mighty dragon's breath attack carried. He was thankful that his clone had disturbed Acnologia's concentration, and with a last grunt of effort he dissembled all the concentrated energy into ethernano.

'Who knew a forbidden formation would save the day, but man it took a lot out of me to just block his one attack. I can't let him loose again. I need to attack constantly and precisely,' Naruto thought as he decided on his next course of action.

Acnologia sneered as he began to prepare for another large breath attack, but this time Naruto was ready and gave him no such chance. Large purple magical circles appeared around him, totally shadowing his gigantic form.

Every person present on the port of Hargeon town halted their movements when they felt a tremendous amount of magical energy pinning them down. Raw magic was so intense that beads of sweat began to flow freely from all over their bodies.

'What is this monstrous power?!' was the only thought running through the head of every person present on the island. Even the magical searching device in Era began to go haywire under the intense pressure of magical energy it was picking up.

"What kind of monster is he?" questioned, a stunned elderly man when he saw the level of magical input shown by the device, and that monstrous magical energy was definitely human.

"Amaterasu 100th Formation: Dark Enlightenment" Naruto growled out in a most intimidating way, his posture refined unlike his earlier slouched goofy one as he kept pouring magical energy into the biggest Formation Circle he had ever created in his life. Purple magical circles began to spin around wildly, almost out of control. In an instant the sky was illuminated with the blinding dark-violet energy, temporarily blinding every person in the vicinity.

The glowing sphere of purple dark energy grew bigger and bigger until it touched the surface of water and instantly the water disappeared without a trace of its existence. The energy stopped expanding and began to contract back just before it was about to touch Naruto, who was standing at the edge of the destroyed port.

"That was the coolest thing I've ever seen!" Jason exclaimed with his shades actually on his eyes for once. Even Harry cheered when he saw the aftermath of devastating spell, "Yeah, you showed the bastard who's the boss!"

Naruto ignored their words as his eyes kept wandering around in the sky, and as he expected; the black dragon of destruction lived up to his reputation. He was still floating high in the air with his wings tightly closed around him, serving as a makeshift shield. His black scales looked like they were glowing lightly; acting like a magical shield of dark energy which blocked most of the damage but the mighty dragon seemed pissed anyway.

"Human I will… -" Acnologia's speech was cut off when Naruto again began to form another set of hand seals, and yet another magical circle appeared around his feet.

"Amaterasu 96th Formation Binding: Devine Restriction" the blonde shouted, and this time whole sky was lit up with golden energy instead of the dark-purple one while Acnologia was engulfed in the golden chains of light.

When the sky cleared up, everyone's jaws dropped in astonishment as the mighty dragon of the Apocalypse was struggling with the golden chains of light with divine crosses hanging loosely around his neck.

"GGGRRRAAAHHHH!" roared the scaly beast in pure fury when he felt the glowing chains tightening around him. His eyes gained a murderous glint in them as he glared at Naruto with unrestrained hatred, but Naruto paid him no heeds and kept doing his hand signs with beads of sweat forming on his forehead while his breath coming out as shallow puffs of air.

"Amaterasu 88th Formation: Execution" he roared, and Acnologia was again surrounded by a purple magic circle, but unlike last time, the whole sky wasn't engulfed in the sea of light, instead every person could clearly see the purplish beam of energy slicing through the mighty dragon's body.

"AARRRGGGHHHH!" Acnologia screamed in pain when the spear of light pierced his chest and went through his heart until it escaped by making its way through the thick layer of scales on his back.

'How can a human hurt me this much?!' Acnologia, the dragon of death and destruction seethed in anger as he was put through an agonizing world of pain by this puny human.

Naruto kept standing in the same spot, trying to assess the full extent of hostile Dragon's power. But even after all those big assed hellish spells, Dark Dragon still appeared as monstrously strong – and pissed off as ever.

'I still need some time. My clone hasn't prepared all the formulas yet, but damn! I'm running out of magical energy here, and fast! Think Naruto, think! What spell would be good in this situation... Yes, perfect! That spell will definitely boost my chances of success,' Naruto grinned triumphantly, and began to do more hand signs.

Acnologia freed himself but once again he was beaten by the blonde mage who gave him no chance to retaliate and mighty dragon once again found himself in purple magical circles. He couldn't even use his magical shield to deflect an attack from this close.

"Amaterasu 92th Formation: Annihilation" Naruto called out, and once again the sky was engulfed by the blinding purple light, cries of pain from Acnologia could be heard throughout Hargeon Town, and every person cringed in fright. They almost felt sorry for the poor dragon at that point.

The huge beast lets out another giant roar as he wasted no time and flew straight towards the blonde haired nuisance. He was so desperate that he didn't even stop for his injuries to heal.

With Jason and Harry

"Harry you are recording this, aren't you?! Right? Right? Right?!" Jason yelled in joy, grabbing Harry's shoulders and shaking him.

"Get off my back! I'm recording everything I can!" Harry snapped in reply, he was also agitated by the whole battle – or more like one sided slaughter as Naruto hadn't moved from his spot since Acnologia flew away.

"People of Fiore- no! The people of whole Earthland! You are witnessing the battle of the century- no! The Millennium! This young mage who apparently goes by the name of Naruto Namikaze appeared out of nowhere, and right now he is destroying the creature that was thought to be indestructible. What is he? Who is he? Where did he come from? We will give you all the juicy details as soon as he finishes off the big, amazing and certainly cool dragon of the Apocalypse, the mighty Acnologia! This battle is going in books of history of magic. Zoom in on the dragon Harry. He is descending upon our brave savior. What will happen now? Just keep watching! I am Jason from Sorcerer Weekly with our Video Lacrima man, Harry Potter!"

Meanwhile, Acnologia sped up with a rumbling growl as his wings began to glow with bluish energy, and he came within a 100 meter distance with our blonde hero.

"Not so fast you filthy lizard!" Naruto screamed while he quickly got into a crouching position with his right hand on the glittering hilt of his katana. He began to radiate tremendous dark magical energy.

"Soaring Dragon, Dark Flash" Naruto screamed, and it was over in an instant as he quickly sheathed his sword. But it didn't end so well for the dark dragon; he was stunned beyond belief, as he got hurled across a good 2-3 miles in the air when enormous amounts of dark energy crashed down on him without giving him a single moment to retaliate. But Naruto wasn't done yet as he again began to go through even more hand signs.

"Raining Light" Naruto called, and a big golden magical circle appeared on top of Acnologia, who was still sailing through the sky after the impact.

Poor dragon was assaulted by thousands of beams of light, and with a tremendous scream of pain, he fell into the previously calm ocean as even the mighty dragon couldn't take so much damage without a toll.

"COOL! Guys have witnessed a piece of history here! This young mage has just brought down one of the most feared beings in existence down to his knees. This person is just so cool!" Jason cried in joy when he saw the mighty dragon falling in ocean while the young mage kept staring at the spot where Acnologia fell pensively.

Not after long, a livid looking Acnologia emerged from the ocean without a scratch on his body. He wasn't even panting a little. He rocketed towards the sky and began to climb further and further up.

"It appears that one of the competitors is running away! No, come back! This was just getting exciting!" Jason cried to Acnologia, who paid him no notice and just kept soaring higher and higher in the sky until he was merely a black dot in the sky.

"Don't take me for an idiot you cowardly dragon!" Naruto screamed in ire as he knew what exactly the blasted Dragon was trying to do.

'Bastard is planning to unleash his most devastating attack. I can't block anything like that! I'll have to make my move now!' Naruto thought in urgency, and began to chant while facing the sky with wide but determined blue eyes.

"Water of the deep-sea, mother of nature, Earth, fury of heaven, Wind, Fire o tears of the Sun, combine together, show your true form! Darkness Magic: Abyss Break" Naruto's whole being was illuminated with glowing magical energy, and with unimaginable exertion he called out the name of one of the most powerful forbidden spells in existence.

At first nothing happened, but suddenly the clouds parted, revealing an eternal abyss of darkness, and the very essence of the sky was engulfed in darkness while Acnologia was in the midst of it. Acnologia was slowly taken over by the spell of the underworld but he wasn't the dragon of chaos for nothing.

The beast unleashed his final breath attack in the middle of the pool of eternal darkness, and broke himself free from the effect of the devastating spell.

'Ha, he wasted all that energy and now he's in the epicenter of my spell. Sorry Acnologia-chan, but you are so dead,' Naruto thought with a triumphant smirk.

"Hey Boss!" shouted another Naruto from behind.

With Journalists

"I can't believe this folks! Our young hero has a twin brother who calls him Boss. So cool!" Jason shouted at the top his lungs while Harry's sweat dropped.

"Boss I think it is doppelganger magic…" Harry said.

"As I was saying; Naruto Namikaze's doppelganger is giving him a large sphere of purple erm… Rune magic?" Jason announced, a little confused when he saw the clone Naruto handing over real Naruto a large bundle of rune seals.

"What took you so long?" Naruto asked his double when he took the car sized sphere of jumbled rune seals.

"I was trying not to put too much pressure on your reserves you ungrateful bastard!" shouted the clone and with a grunt he handed it over the sphere to Naruto.

"Okay, okay, don't get sissy with me. Geez, clones these days have some serious temper issues…" Naruto muttered while said clone gave him the middle finger before disappearing out of sight.

With Acnologia

Acnologia slowly tried to get the feeling back to his limbs as the effect of darkness magic slowly faded away. He certainly didn't expect any kind of attack from the blonde mage in the middle of the clouds.

'That human was able to cast Abyss Break right in front of my face from such distance! He truly is a fearsome opponent, but I now feel nothing from him. His magical energy has completely depleted; time for you to die, human!' Acnologia thought, and grinned at the thought of crushing the puny little bastard.

He stared down at Naruto, and he was able to see him clearly with his ultra- sharp vision. The blonde mage had some kind of magical sphere in his hand.

'Whatever you are planning won't work human- wha?!' The almighty dragon's train of thought was cut off abruptly when another Naruto appeared in front of his face with a house sized sphere of magical energy swirling on his raised palm.

'What! How did he get all the way up here?!' were the last thoughts in the dark dragon's mind as he was too late to retaliate.

Naruto's clone gave him no time to recover from his initial shock and slammed the swirling sphere of magical energy right on top his head.

"Ultra Giant Rasengan" he shouted, and Acnologia was surrounded by the torrent of untamed pure magical energy. The dragon felt his scales and flesh burn off when the huge explosion took place, and he was hurled down towards the real Naruto.

Naruto saw the gigantic form of Acnologia falling down toward him and immediately went to work. He threw the sphere of the rune in the air which instantly expanded and split into 20 different segments; each segment formed a magical circle horizontally facing the earth below with Naruto standing in the middle of the huge ring of smaller magical circles. His arms raised high with his open palms facing the endless sky.

"Darkness Release…" Naruto stated calmly but firmly, his voice deep and intimidating, as torrents of black magical energy seeped out from the confines of his body.

Malicious magical energy began to thrash around madly, but was quickly absorbed by the small magical circles which lit up by the unimaginable magical force. The glowing circles turned pitch black as soon as they absorbed the evil energy and pure darkness engulfed Naruto.

In the midst of all the darkness, Naruto struggled to hold off the malicious energy which was attempting to consume his very being. It was trying to take away his reason, his sanity – his humanity. It wanted him to destroy, annihilate, conquer and devour every living being on the face of the earth, but, with a bit more effort he held on. He would be damned if this power would make him its mindless slave.

With Acnologia

Acnologia finally caught himself in midair when he felt the same dark energy he felt almost four hundred years ago from his master. His eyes widened when he saw the enormous amount of dark energy fluttering around the blonde mage he was dueling with.

'How is that possible? That energy isn't supposed to be invoked by someone other than him! How can he wield such power when his magical reserves were completely empty just a moment ago?' Acnologia thought.

The same terror, same untamed power and the same feeling of death that his master possessed were given off by some wannabe mage. After many centuries of feeling invincible, Acnologia felt terrified; truly and utterly terrified.

He quickly tried to fly away from the range of whatever spell the blonde mage was planning to use. He knew he had to retreat or his life would certainly be in peril. He was no fool. He could throw away his pride as a dragon. He already did when he accepted the supremacy of Zeref and became his pet so many years ago.

So, with all of his strength, the mighty dragon of Apocalypse fled. He flew with all of his strength and might, as he tried to save his existence from fading. He was close – so close. So close from escaping his inevitable doom, but at the last moment, his exit route was cut off. More dark energy surrounded him, and when he looked up, he saw a clone of the same mage in the middle of the previous enchantment performing a set of hand signs.

"You won't escape from here, Acnologia. Your days of terror are over. Feel the wrath of the one you killed, destroyed and erased from existence! Fall under the spell of eternal darkness! Feel the pain, terror and helplessness as every fiber of your being gets consumed by the dark abyss of the underworld. Pay, pay for your sins!" Naruto roared.

The blonde man focused all the dark energy surrounding him in his palms to create a vortex of power. The swirling mass swelled bigger and bigger, taking the form of a small black hole.

Every person in town felt like their very souls were sucked out of them, as they fell on their knees.

"Amaterasu Forbidden Formation, Sealing: Gates of Hades – Eternal Abyss" Naruto yelled with so much power that it sent shivers deep down the spines of every person present around him, including Acnologia.

The terrified creature gathered as much as the energy he could and fired a beam after beam of ethernano into the vortex of darkness in a futile attempt to save himself as the malicious energy consumed the power of his attacks easily.

The enormous black pool of evil energy approached the gigantic structure of Acnologia, and quickly began to devour his form. The beast thrashed around in a pointless effort to avoid his inevitable death.

"AAARRRGGGGAAAHHHHHH! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! I WILL DESTROY YOU, YOU PITIFUL HUMAN! I'M NOT GOING TO DIE HERE!" Acnologia screeched as he struggled with the dark energy which was trying to consume him.

"Just shut up and die already!" Naruto screamed, and with a final bit of efforts, he clapped his hands together and uttered a single word. "Fuin!"

"GGGRRRAAAHHH!" with a final roar, Acnologia, the dragon of Apocalypse disappeared into the endless pit of darkness, leaving nothing but his screams behind.

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