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Grasping the Future

"I thought you were smarter than this, but I guess I was wrong. You are just a little whiny bitch. I can see why your father abandoned you," Naruto spatted resentfully.

Lexie's eyes widened when she heard Naruto's hurtful and disdainful words, and she exploded.

At that moment all Lexie wanted was to pummel Naruto's face in the ground and wipe off that nonchalant look of his face and to give his face a much deserved makeover and in the attempts to do so, Lexie flung into action.

Naruto raised an eyebrow when he saw Lexie squat back before propelling towards him at extremely high speeds as her powers were amplified by her sudden rage.

She has power, but her rage is clouding her better judgment, If she was thinking carefully than she would've avoided a frontal assault, Naruto mused offhandedly as he regarded the female lighting mage passively, like she wasn't moving at the speed of light instead of a snail. As conceited as he may sound, but it was true that she was way too slow to ever land a hit on him even on his worst day.

Naruto saw Lexie lightning clad fist moving on the clashing course with his jaw at a slow pace, like he had a fucking Sharingan in his eyes. He contemplated whether to dodge or parry with his own and decided to go with the latter.

Lexie was almost grinning with glee. She was expecting her fist to break the blonde bastard's nose any second. Savior of the masses, My ASS! This will teach him. Lexie smirked cockily and spun around in order to put more power behind her punch.


Lexie grinned, her face shadowed by her hairs as she stared down. Take that bastard! No one messes with me and escape without a scratch! Lexie was so confident about her victory that she didn't even bother to look up until Naruto spoke again.

"Ahem! Girl can you please pull your pathetic excuse of a punch back? I need my pinky for far more urgent issues than blocking your pathetic punch," Naruto said, sounding annoyed by the whole ordeal.

Lexie was flabbergasted at first, then infuriated as the blonde bastard wasn't out cold, but her incensed expression was replaced with an extremely incredulous one when she noticed that not only her punch missed its mark but it was blocked by the older blonde's pinky. He blocked my punch with his pinky. HIS PINKY FOR GOD SAKES!

Naruto stared down at the seemingly speechless girl in mild irritation. He urgently required the assistance of his pinky, so he flicked the startled Lexie with his pinky and the young woman was flung several meters away by the force of the magical power produced by the flick of his finger.

Quickly breaking out of her stupider Lexie planted her hands on the ground and used them as leverage to spin around and landed in a perfect crouch position with an impressive display of skills and agility.

Lexie's eyes quickly darted at the blond man, expecting him to follow up with his assault but her face faulted when she spotted the irritating Namikaze bastard cleaning his nostril with his PINKY! The same little finger that sent her flying across several meters.

I will kill him. I will kill him. I WILL FUCKING KILL HIM! Killing Naruto was the only thought running through the Fairy Tail's mage head as she sprinted towards the tall man at even greater speed than before.

On the other hand Naruto remained oblivious of the murderous intent of the young woman as he pondered over his sleeping arrangements for the day. Hana-chan's mother might agree to do a threesome.

But Naruto without realizing muttered the last part of his thoughts aloud, igniting the righteous woman's fury of the young female Dreyer. After hearing Naruto's perverted musings Lexie's anger intensified ten folds.

Why do all the males dismiss women as a plaything or fragile china doll, Lexie thought, exasperated by the whole male population as many memories of her father and twin brother began to invade her already troubled mind.

Lexie enhanced her speed more if that was even possible. Naruto momentarily seemed surprised by her improvement, so he was caught off guard as he wasn't expecting her to suddenly appear in front of him with her whole body clad in an armor of golden lightening. Lexie speed was equal to the speed of real lightening, but Naruto quickly used his own spell in a blink of an eye.

"Amaterasu 70th Formation Sealing - Invisible Magic Absorption Barrier" Invisible runes began to float around Naruto, creating many chains like circles of the rune magic around him.

The results were instantaneous as Lexie's entire build up magical energy was absorbed by the invisible barrier. She barely managed to flip back, but she still lost a significant amount of magical energy when she was nicked by the invisible field of rune magic.

Lexie wasted no time in creating distance between them, thinking much more carefully than before as all the extra adrenaline left her system. She mentally kicked herself when she realized that how sloppy and straightforward her previous attacks were.

Okay, take a deep breathe. Fu-fu-fu… doesn't forget that despite being a pervert, this man is actually a formidable opponent. He managed to defeat a fucking dragon! What the hell I was doing? Attacking him like a barbarian! I need a strategy, Lexie nibbled on her lower lip to calm her racing pulses and evaluated her remaining reserves. Lexie sighed in relief when she assessed that she still had more than 60% of her magical energy and quickly began to analyze her Titan of an opponent with caution.

Naruto allowed a small smile to grace his lips. He felt bad about provoking the young emotionally fragile woman with his cruel words but it was necessary for manipulating her into attacking him and by far he was very impressed by Lexie's outstanding performance despite her recklessness. Lexie managed to get away with very little damage. Naruto was sure that Lexie would crash on the top of his rune barrier and would lose all her magical power, but she managed to escape with very little damage with a pure demonstration of her athletic ability which was another testament of her hard honed skills.

After gauging her opponent for a few more minutes Lexie decided to make the first move as she knew the blonde man wasn't going to attack any time soon. Naruto was rather busy staring at her voluptuous breasts. Lexie subconsciously covered her budding chest with her right arm, but Naruto kept leering at her hungrily. But what really pissed off Lexie was his infuriating smirk.

Naruto smirked when he saw Lexie covering her impressive rack and he would be lying if said that he didn't enjoy the alluring view, though his smirk widened when he saw the blonde girl clutching her hand tightly in order to keep herself from lashing out and beating the hell out of him. Lexie's narrowed eyes, blush stained cheeks and fidgeting body language was clearly indicating that she wasn't used to get such attention or to actually bear the humiliation without retaliating brutally.

Lexie knew she had to attack first as the only reason she was still standing was that her opponent didn't give a flying fuck about her. She wasn't stupid, maybe a little for actually attacking such a powerful foe head on. After a few minutes of contemplative thinking Lexie knew that she was outclassed in every single aspect but she still couldn't back down. Despite knowing that she didn't stand a chance against her opponent her pride wouldn't let her back down. He had insulted her very beliefs, the nightmare she was fighting for the years, despite knowing how much it would hurt her.

Maybe he doesn't even know the meaning of the word pain. Huh! I bet he doesn't even know a damn thing about pain, misery, insecurities and hardships of the life. His parent must be proud of him for being the almighty mage, a prodigy, never working hard for anything. Always getting pampered by everyone and getting everything on a silver platter. Lexie mumbled the last part without even realizing.

Naruto's sharp hearing caught almost incoherent words perfectly. He narrowed his eyes as he barely kept his temper in check. Lexie's aura was dark, depressing, hopeless and unenthusiastic. A total contrast of the young, vibrant and passionate girl he saw moments ago.

"Well-well, seems like little lady has some serious daddy issues, but don't worry Daddy is home. I am always ready to provide comfort to delicious little things like you. I bet that I can do much better than your pathetic excuse of father any day," Naruto whispered huskily and wiggled his eyebrow in a suggestive manner.

Lexie lost it at that moment as she caught the hidden implication behind Naruto's words and it was too much to bear. What is his problem anyway? Who gave him the right to play with others feelings for his own sick amusement? Lexie abandoned all her rational thoughts and attacked Naruto with everything she had.

Naruto saw her rushing at him at high speeds and he sighed in disappointment. She is way too emotional, Naruto thought as he raised his hand to catch her incoming fist, but much to his surprise, she pulled back her fist at the last moment before trying to head-butting him. Naruto shrugged in an aloof manner as he tried to flick her on forehead, but he wasn't expecting her to open her mouth and shoot out a destructive beam of lightening at point blank range.

"Roar of the Lightning Dragon" Lexie screamed mentally. She was thrown back by the power of her own spell when a huge explosion shook the place. She blinked a few times to get her bearings right as she was still a little dazed by the Shockwaves of her own spell. She glanced where the so-called Hero of the masses once stood.

Lexie's view was still obstructed by the huge amount of smoke and dirt particles covering the area where the humongous explosion took place. She overloaded the spell with much more energy than she originally intended, but in her rage she lost control of her magic. Though, soon her scowl melted down as she frantically looked around in worry when she didn't feel any kind of magical signature around her.

Come on! Come out already. I hope I didn't kill him or something right? Lexie thought, little worried as she wasn't actually trying to kill the guy. She may have gone a little overboard with her last attack, but she didn't intend to kill the blonde bastard even though he deserved too.

Lexie was about to go and search for the critically injured Namikaze-teme, but stopped dead on her track when she heard sounds of giggling coming out from the smoke and finally her eyes landed on the tall form of giggling Namikaze. Naruto was standing on the same spot, he was also reading an orange book which Lexie immediately recognized as the perverted book her grandpa secretly read whenever he thought that she wasn't around.

Now that Lexie noticed it, she realized that the blonde Namikaze hadn't moved once during the whole battle, well more like an ordeal for her and nap time for Naruto. Lexie's eyes widened further when she saw the faint outline of the rune barrier floating around Naruto, forming an almost invisible barrier around him.

"You should read this edition Lexie-kun, this is centered on a girl with father issues just like you. She even has a young and talented brother who harasses her both mentally and physically, but in the end she manages to get her father using her feminine charms," Naruto provoked with a humorous chuckle.

Lexie bit her lips as some tears bubbled in her eyes as she tried to not let Naruto's words hurt her, but her inability to stop him was frustrating and his constant taunting was too much to bear. So, she decided to run. She just couldn't take it anymore!

Lexie wasn't some slut nor did she have that kind of twisted sick father issues, but she felt helpless. She knew that she couldn't hurt Naruto no matter how hard she tried. She almost used 40% of her total magical reserves on that last spell, but blonde monster just shrugged it off like it was nothing more than a bug bite.

Had he even felt it? Lexie quickly vanished in a burst of lightening, but much to her horror, she appeared in front of Naruto instead. Naruto just smirked at her and took a few strands of Lexie's hairs in his hand and began to play with them.

"Daddy is home," Naruto whispered huskily in Lexie's ear as his lips moved down towards the nape of her neck. Lexie immediately jerked back and created distance between them, but Naruto was right in front of her, again.

This time Naruto placed his hand on Lexie's waist and pulled her in his arms. Lexie began to struggle, frightened by the strange ability of creepy blonde man whilst Naruto kept invading her personal space.

"Stop, stop, stop, PLEASE STOP!" Lexie cried in fright as she again experienced the same feeling of helplessness after so many years. Naruto ceased his assault when he saw tears streaking down her cheeks. Naruto felt bad, but he knew that he had to do it or Lexie wouldn't ever get over her past.

"Why? Why should I stop? I thought you were going to defeat me and prove that how you aren't a pitiful and helpless, or are you accepting that your father was right about you?" Naruto questioned, his eyebrow raised in an inquisitive manner.

Lexie quickly used the opportunity to create some distance between them and glared at Naruto but didn't attempt to attack him. Naruto smirked evilly when he saw her seething in anger. He knew if a stare could kill he would be a dead man by now.

"Now that's what I call a smart, submissive bitch, if you had done the same for your father, then maybe he wouldn't have left you…' Naruto trailed off and cursed himself when he saw more tears forming in Lexie's eyes which she stubbornly refused to shed.

"Please let me go…" Lexie whispered hollowly, her pride was already shattered. All her hard work for was for nothing, her father was right about her. Her existence was nothing more than a hindrance in the way of her prodigious brother's growth. Her brother wouldn't have yielded in front of this sadistic bastard, unlike her he was a male, naturally superior to her in terms of skills, strength and guts.

"You are really pathetic, you know? Giving up so easily after acting so feisty or that is your trick to get men?" Naruto taunted, and Lexie's eyes hardened. She gritted her teeth and bit her lip hard in order to suppress her rage as Naruto continued, "Maybe it is your fate to get abandoned by everyone. But you can't blame anyone except yourself for being so pitiful and weak. Your hollow existence is nothing but repulsive, but you know what? I don't care about that. You have a very nice body and that's all matters to me. I am feeling very generous today, so I will give a chance to apologize to me and become my woman."

There was a limit of what Lexie could take. Naruto called her very existence pitiable, crushed her self-esteem, described her desire for affection in such immoral sense, called her a weak manipulative whining bitch, but enough was enough. Lexie didn't care even if Naruto raped or killed her. He has the balls to ask me to become his slut! Lexie was anything but a slut. She might not be happy about the downsides of being born as a woman but she was damn proud of herself, her gender included. At least women didn't start wars for pitiful reasons such as pride, greed, power and women, like men did throughout the history. Lexie was proud that she was a woman not some uncultured smelling hairless ape called MEN! Ur was the prime example of how powerful a woman could become and Lexie would be damned if she let this bastard made fun of everything what her mother figure stood for.

Lexie hardened her resolve once more before launching a barrage of kicks, punches, elbows, knee strikes whilst Naruto simply used his index fingers to parry all her attacks. After getting bored by her pitiful attacks newly appointed Wizard Saint decided to retaliate and jammed his index in her gut.

"Ahhh!" Lexie cried in pain as she fell on her knees and began to hyperventilate due to her hopeless situation as the fear of getting raped and defiled by Naruto crept inside her heart.

Naruto sighed when he saw Lexie trembling in fear. Maybe I went too far, Naruto thought worriedly. He didn't mean to frighten the girl so much that she would have a panic attack. Naruto only intended to help her to release all the pent anger and frustration she had stored inside, though it seemed that his method were too brutal.

She seems rather inexperienced in the sexual department. The very thought of getting raped and then killed off must be very frightening for her delicate innocent heart. I can be really sadistic when I want to be, Naruto mused, and wrecked his mind in hopes of coming up with any brilliant idea which would help him to reassure the young frightened girl.

"Dammit! Dammit! I am so pitiful! Stop shaking, dammit!" Lexie screamed in frustration and dug her long fingernails in her thighs, drawing blood in the process and her trembling stopped and she quickly jabbed Naruto on the jaw.

Naruto let Lexie hit him square on the jaw. Naruto was astonished by Lexie's will. He was right about Lexie. She was going to become someone important and powerful. All of Naruto doubts about her began to vanish as he stared at her defiant expression in admiration.

So fierce, so wild, defiant till the end. As fiery as my mother, Naruto thought whilst smiling nostalgically as he remembered his beautiful mother, his most precious person.

Lexie saw Naruto smiling, but for some reason his smile didn't give her any creeps instead she felt herself blushing profoundly. He is too damn hot to be such sadistic bastard! Lexie vigorously shook her head when she caught the direction of her thoughts as she reminded herself that this vile man was her new sworn enemy and cursed her raging hormones for betraying her.

Naruto noticed the intense blush and smirked. "Falling for me already?" Naruto teased with a smug smirk. Lightening mage narrowed her icy blue eyes and reared back her punch before swing it wildly in hopes of breaking his nose, but he quickly caught her small fist in his much larger hand.

Naruto regarded the young woman in amusement as she fumed in fury and struggled against his hold. He was about to comment how useless it was, but lost the ability to pronounce anything coherent as his whole center of the world shifted to his groin when Lexie firmly grounded her knee against his junior.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…" Naruto shrieked like a frightened little school girl, pain evident in his voice as he jumped around in pain whilst clutching his throbbing member, but for the first time in his life his penis was throbbing in pain instead of the pleasure.

"Don't do that baby, it won't be as much fun with just one ball," Naruto somehow managed to utter between painful gasps whilst Lexie stared down at him with hatred in her eyes.

How can he joke around after saying all those things? Am I just a plaything for him? Just a little pitiful girl to play dirty joke on, Lexie thought darkly as she swung her fist with all her might but with adrenaline leaving her system she felt flustered, weak and disoriented. Lexie was tired both mentally and physically. Her vision was blurry, her reserves were non-existent and every muscle of her body was aching terribly. Lexie just wanted to sleep, but kept throwing punches after punches on his muscular chest, determined to prove him wrong.

"Hey, stop it," Naruto said softly, but Lexie kept throwing punches and ignored his soft command.

"Hey, stop or you will hurt yourself," Naruto said in a firmer tone as he caught Lexie's hands so she wouldn't accidentally breaks her wrist or knuckle.

"Let go of me!" Lexie screamed and began to struggle against Naruto's hold, but it proved futile as Naruto pulled her in his chest.

"Let me go. Let me go. Let me hic-hic go you damn hic," Lexie kept protesting, but in the end gave in and clutched his shirt tightly. Naruto began to make soothing circles on her back as she shook uncontrollably and cried her eyes out.

"You stained my favorite robe," Naruto said jokingly as he knew that he still had much more explaining to do and her falling asleep in his arm wouldn't earn him any points with her. Lexie was pretty much out of it, anyway.

Lexie quickly jerked back, a look of disgust on her face as she hastily adjusted her dress and took a fighting stance or tried to but fell forward instead and much like last time she again fell into the warm embrace of Naruto's strong arms.

"You touch me and I swear I will kill you!" Lexie threatened, menace evident in her voice, but Naruto easily saw through her tough girl act. Lexie was a nervous wreck, her whole body was aching. She couldn't move a single muscle. In other words Lexie was vulnerable as new born baby, and she hated the feeling of vulnerability.

Naruto sighed in exasperation. Am I really that untrustworthy? Do I seem like a molester or something? Oh! It must be because I let my hand loose on an innocent and pure girl with no sexually experience. Naruto sighed again and mentally kicked himself for scaring Lexie that much.

"Look, I didn't mean to hurt you or something. I am sorry for before, okay?" Naruto sincerely apologized or tried to, but it came out little stiffer and crudely than he intended to.

"You are sorry. You are SORRY!? Who do you think you are!? You defeated a dragon, saved some people and now you think you have the right to stomp all over the feelings of anyone for your own sick amusement!" Lexie shouted and cursed Naruto loudly whilst he supported her limping body. Lexie was swaying like a drunkard, but Naruto managed to keep a firm hold on the emotionally distraught girl whilst she kept cursing him.

"I did it to help you. You needed to get all those feelings out or you won't be able to keep going without going insane," Naruto whispered in soothing voice as he tried to subdue the enraged girl.

"Who gave you rights to do that? I didn't ask you to help me, did I? But thank you so much for reminding me about my failures. Thank you very much for making me realize that my whole existence is nothing more than a big disappointment. Thank you for showing me that no matter what I do, I wouldn't be able to ever match my prodigious brother's strength and I will always remain a failure!" Lexie was practically screaming by now and Naruto was grateful that they were alone.

"I meant well," Naruto tried to defend himself, but he knew that he went little overboard, okay, he acted like a total jerk but he just couldn't stand that pitiful expression. Lexie reminded him so much of his past self, well he wasn't weak, but he had his own daddy issues to deal with.

"Yes, I can clearly see how well you meant! You practically called me an incestuous whore, dammit!" Lexie yelled and began to gasp in exhaustion. Naruto tried to rub her back, but she somehow managed to slap his hand away and glared at him with pure hatred.

"Don't show me pity! I never needed it, I don't need it now and I won't need it in the future either. I am perfectly fine. I can manage all by myself without the support of anyone. I will become strong on my own just like he told me to and then he will come begging for me to join him and his pitiful guild, but then I will kick his sorry ass!" Lexie screamed whilst panting in exhaustion.

"Is it really that hard to accept help? Are you blinded by your hatred so much that you just can't accept someone's help? There is a big difference between sympathy and pity? You shouldn't push everyone away. Sympathy may seem like a sugar coated form of pity, but it's not. I think we all need someone to help us, to push us forward, someone to support us. It may seem irritating, but at some point of our lives, we all need someone to show us kindness and love," Naruto whispered, a melancholy expression adorning his face. His eyes glazed as he stared far back in the past.

Lexie was taken back by the surreal tone and his aloof expression, but quickly regained her composure, and shouted back in response, "Like hell you know anything about pain. Huh! I bet you don't even know a damn thing about hardships, human miseries and insecurities. Your parents must be very proud of you for accomplishing so much at such a young age. You talk about hard work, like you ever had to work hard for anything. You must be pampered by everyone around you, getting praised for your achievements like from the whole Fiore is doing now. So, don't compare myself with someone like you! I didn't get everything on a silver platter like you did. I had to work my damn ass off to get where I am, just to be shown by that prodigy will always prevail over the hard work," Lexie sobbed out in a muffled voice, though her eyes instantly widened in fright when she felt a massive amount of magical energy given off by the blonde Wizard Saint.

Naruto quickly realized that he was suffocating the poor girl with his overwhelming magical pressure and immediately disciplined his energy. Naruto glanced into Lexie's fear stricken eyes and sighed umpteenth time.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have lost my temper like that, but your words brought some bad memories back. Huh, no wonder you want to kill me," Naruto said in amusement and gave Lexie a charming smile.

Lexie didn't mean to intrude and she didn't actually care, well not much but she wanted to know what kind of experience might've triggered such emotional outburst.

"What happened to you?" Lexie asked without even realizing, a curious expression adorning her beautiful face instead of rage.

Naruto seemed startled by sudden query, but quickly composed himself as he debated whether to tell Lexie about his past or not. His past wasn't an easy topic to talk about. His past holds many keys to the future of both his parents, and the world. Should I trust her? It was a strange question indeed. Normally Naruto didn't trust anyone except himself, but somehow he felt a connection with blue eyed beauty and felt himself trusting her. His mother was always lecturing him about making real friends anyway.

Lexie was surprised that she wanted to know more about Naruto's past. For all Lexie knew Naruto could be deceiving her to get in her pants, but somehow she knew he wouldn't lie. Naruto's saddened expression and his anxious body language were clearly indicating that he was nervous.

Why I care? It's not like I believe him or something, but still I want to know what he has to say in his defense after saying all those horrible things to me. Lexie anxiously waited for Naruto to say something as his face went through many different expressions; pain, happiness, conflict, understanding and peace. Naruto sighed deeply and gazed intensely into her eyes.

Lexie could feel the weight of his gaze, it was piercing through her very soul and she found herself unable to move. Lexie was in some kind of trance and her heart skipped a beat when Naruto smiled kindly at her. She felt herself blushing furiously, her face burned up due excessive blood flow in her cheeks.

"I never told anyone about my past before, but somehow I feel that I can trust you. So, I am going to tell you some things about me, not everything, but more than any else would ever know," Naruto faintly whispered, though Lexie could feel the sincerity in his softly spoken words.

"Why? Why do you trust me? I can tell anyone about your past to get back at you?" Lexie asked in a challenging tone as she stared deep in Naruto's sad azure pools, and this time it was Naruto who shifted uncomfortably under her intense gaze.

"I know you won't. You're too proud to do something so low to get back at me. You would train your whole life in order to defeat me rather than using such underhanded tactic and deep down, you also know that I meant well even if my methods were brutal. You already feel much better than you did in the past several years, no?" Naruto questioned cockily.

Lexie felt like hitting Naruto. She didn't feel good, right? He only reminded her of her failures and weakness. What's he rambling about? Is he really that stupid? Though I feel much lighter… NO! What the hell I am thinking? He didn't help me, Lexie kept repeating the mantra over and over again whilst Naruto smiled in amusement as Lexie furiously shook her head.

She is pretty cute, Naruto thought in amusement as Lexie finally calmed down, though she blushed again when she saw him staring at her in amusement. I never act like this, so why now? This kind of behavior is unacceptable. I am not some crazy hormonal fan girl. I am Lexie Dreyer, dammit!

Suddenly, Naruto got serious with no trace of amusement or playfulness on his handsome face. Lexie also caught on with serious mood as she waited him to speak. The whole atmosphere seemed tensed as blonde man's eyes clouded with intense emotions.

Lexie anxiously waited for Naruto to get comfortable and paid him her undivided attention, and he finally spoke, "It is true that I was always very powerful and smart, but I didn't get here just because of my natural talent. I worked my ass off to get where I am and my life wasn't as sweet as you think it was." Lexie nodded in acknowledgement. She knew that she was being biased when she said that Naruto never had to work. No matter how much talent an individual had, no one could reach at such high level without working their ass off.

"My father left me and my mother when I was 5. My mother fell ill due to the pain and shock of his departure. She was always crying in the dark when she thought that I was asleep. Always waiting for his arrival, but he never came back, instead his enemies began attacking us in order to kill me and capture my Mama. I can't tell you more now, but all my life I was haunted, always running away from one of my father's many enemies. I was desperately trying to hold on to my most precious person; my Mom, but even she left at the end," Naruto took a deep breath whilst Lexie stared at her distressed fellow blonde in disbelief.

"After her death I decided to fight back. I had it enough! I slaughtered my foes no matter who it was. I changed my whole personality in order to gain power and strength, but unlike you I did it my way. I didn't become a loner like you. I knew that I need help in order to excel, so I manipulated people in helping me and discarded them afterwards, but soon I realized that I am all alone and at that moment I realized the importance of companions," Naruto whispered with a nostalgic smile on his face whilst Lexie began to wonder whether she made a mistake by ignoring her grandfather's advice. Naruto could tell what Lexie was thinking, and barely managed to suppress himself from snorting. "Don't get me wrong. I don't believe in the stupid theory of your grandpa about getting the strength by fighting for family and all that crap. You can't win by partying whole day no matter how much you love your family. If everyone can become powerful by just fighting for their family and doing nothing in order to get strong, this very world would come to an end. There are both light and darkness in this world. Neither one can't beat another; they are equal," Naruto explained whilst completely disregarded the Fairy Tail's beliefs.

"In my opinion true strength comes from desire. Desire can be of many types, like desire to protect your family and friend, but no matter what, you have to train in order to get stronger. You won't suddenly gain power out of nowhere just because you're fighting for your family," Naruto sneered at the very thought and Lexie nodded in understanding. She thought the same thing and it was the main reason of her dispute with her grandpa as he would let any no name grunt to join the guild.

"Another important element is the resolve. One must be tenacious enough to withstand against even the strongest of storms, unflinching and ferocious just like you," Naruto praised and winked at Lexie, making her blush in embarrassment. Lexie bashfully looked the other way, but she was deeply touched by Naruto's praise, and she was very happy that someone as strong as Naruto thought so highly of her.

"But the most important is greed. One can conquer even the heavens by being greedier and greedier, by having the desire to have everything! I want everything; women, money, love, mansion just everything. I don't want to be a peasant; I want to be a king. So, my desires must be of a King and a King decides his own path not the other way around. So, what you say Lexie Reagrove Dreyer? What do you want to become? A peasant always following your father's command like a mindless doll or a Queen? You want to decide your own path or would rather follow the path of loneliness and bitterness your stupid father showed you? Choose wisely, this is the once in a lifetime opportunity. If you decide to follow me then you will live the life of a King. The path will be full of thrones and training won't be easy; it will be hellish, but I am sure you'll pull through. Lexie grasp the future with your own hands!" Naruto's commanding voice, inspiring words and his blinding presence were overwhelming. Lexie was captivated by Naruto's charisma and first time in her life, everything seemed so clear, so vibrant and so real.

Lexie smiled and extended her hand to take hold of his outstretched one and grabbed hold of her new and brighter future.

"Don't get me wrong. I am not becoming your follower, I am just going to use you for my own benefits and then I will discard you before a blink of an eye," Lexie said cockily.

Naruto smirked, and whispered huskily in Lexie's ears, "It will be my pleasure to be used by you, my fair maiden."

Naruto's seductive and suggestive tone sent chills deep down in her spine and she began to sputter out nonsense as she blushed furiously, again. Lexie tried to discard the dirty and steamy images of a blonde slave doing kinky things with her out of her mind, but her innocent mind got overloaded with perverted images and she finally collapsed with steam blowing out of her ears.

"It will be fun spending time with you Lexie-chan," Naruto whispered softly in her hairs and picked the out cold girl in bridal style before disappearing in a golden flash.

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