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It's Lexie Dreyer's introduction chapter. This chapter is very important because she is a very important character in this fic and Lexie's dad is Gale Reagrove from Rave Master instead of that sorry excuse Ivan Dreyer.

Yajima Restaurant

"Hey old man, how are you?" Naruto casually waved his hands while addressing the senior council member and former Fairy Tail wizard as he leisurely entered in the kitchen area. Naruto was wearing a black pant, a burnt orange long sleeved shirt with a red tie and dark orange sneakers.

Yajima and Naruto shared a very healthy friendship despite the 4 generation gaps between their ages. Yajima had generously helped Naruto when he first came in the great city of the Era. Yajima was a wise man with a friendly nature despite being a senile old man in Naruto's words. Naruto considered Yajima a friend and not to mention the delicious Raman his Restaurant served, it was just scrumptious.

"Uh, I am fine Naruto, how are you today?" Yajima waved back while stirring a frying pan.

"Where is my commission?" Naruto smirked as he sat on the special sit reserved for only him.

"What are you talking about youngling? As far as I know you own me 1 million jewels for all that ridiculous amounts of Raman you devoured, and speaking of that, when are you going to pay me back the 2 million jewels I lent you?" Yajima said while hopping around with frying pan, doing some sort of mojo dance.

"Now, now, don't be so stingy old man. I paid you more than enough by just gracing this place with my glorious presence. Just look around, beautiful ladies everywhere. Your Restaurant looks like a garden with all these beautiful flowers decorating it. And why do you think they are here? Yes, they are here because of me! They are here to see their dream boy, Naruto Namikaze!" Naruto boosted while doing some ridiculous pose.

"Hmm… You are certainly different than I expected."

"Hmm… Well, what can I say my awesomeness is just too awesome for you to comprehend, so my hard earned money, please."

"Hmm… Lets have a deal boy," Yajima said while eying Naruto.

"I am all ears," Naruto replied as he urged Yajima to say those beautiful words. Free Raman! Free Raman!, Naruto chanted inside his head.

"You can come and eat as much Ramen as you want to, and in exchange you will bring all those ladies here as usual," Yajima said with a lecherous grin when he saw a gorgeous brunette walking up to Naruto's clone through the see through glass. Naruto hardly managed to stop his tears of joy and decided to distract himself by concentrating on the extra sway of the gorgeous brunette's hips as she walked up to his clone whom she presumed as real Naruto.

"We have a deal old man, but you seriously need to build a private room for me. I would love to work on that ass for a few hours," Naruto hissed huskily when he saw the same brunette girl bending in front of his clone, her mini skirt rode up and clung to her plump booty like the second skin. Both Yajima and Naruto suppressed a groan at the delicious sight presented by the young vixen.

"Naruto does you really have to act like a noble prince in front everyone? I think you are fine just the way you are," Yajima whispered as he saw Naruto's clone helping the young girl with whatever she was doing, then clone slipped his coat over brunette's shoulder and led her out of the restaurant.

"Damn! I am feeling the urge to murder my own clone. Is that even possible!?" Naruto cursed while totally ignoring Yajima's question.

Yajima sighed. He had no problem with young mage. Naruto was a good kid with a few kinks here and there like every normal young man, but there was something dark, sinister and depressing about him. Naruto's aura was always calm, calculative and he rarely let his guard down. It took Yajima days before he made his way into Naruto's heart through little help of Raman and it was another mystery he would like to solve. How can this blonde monster devour more Raman than his entire body mass for god's sake!?

"Why don't you come out? I felt your presence ages ago miss," Naruto articulated calmly while taking another sip of his coffee.

For a few seconds nothing happened. Yajima seemed confused, but then suddenly a shadow emerged out from one of the corners and Yajima's eyes lit up as he instantly recognized the person.

"Ah! Lexie-chan, how are you? Your stealth technique has gotten much better, I couldn't feel you at all," Yajima praised the young blonde girl. She was a tall girl with an athletic build. She was wearing black long boots, a black tight mini skirt with a few chains loosely hanging around her firm ass, a short white loose tank top with 'BAD GIRL' written in blood red color over the area covering her still budding B-cup breasts, her flat midriff was bared and her shoulder and bikini strap was visible on the left side.

She had thunderbolt shaped earrings, a golden bracelet and thunderbolt shaped pendant on her. She didn't have any makeup other than pink lipstick and black eye shadow to enhance the natural beauty of her piercing blue eyes.

Her forehead was covered by her short shoulder length blonde hairs. Her hairs were longer on the left side and were covering her ear while on the right side her hairs were a little shorter and her ear was visible.

Naruto raised an eyebrow when he saw a scar on her right eye. It wasn't deep but it stood out on her pale white skin. There was something feral about that sexy scowl on her beautiful face. Oh yes, the young girl was a piece of art and the defiant, rebellious look made her even more desirable.

A rebellious tomboy with head strong attitude, Naruto deduced as he saw the girl intensely staring or rather glaring at him.

Naruto smirked. She was different. It seemed like she hated his guts. Hate at first sight maybe?, Not that Naruto cared, anyway. Naruto just loved the challenges.

Naruto liked what he saw, oh, he loved it! The girl was an exceptional mage he could tell, her magical reserves were off the charts for someone so young and he always had a thing for feisty, beautiful women, they appeared more endearing and more delicious when they squirm under him with flushed faces.

"It's nice to see you too Yaji-jiji, it seems like you found another perverted old man to accompany you," Lexie teased with a smirk, and her smirk widened when she saw the surprised look on Naruto's face.

"Huhuhu… Yes indeed Lexie-chan, oh my, you are a young lady now! Last time I saw you were a bossy mean girl with messy blonde hairs, but now look at you, all grown up. A staggering beauty indeed. Boys must be flaunting around you in hopes of impressing you. I bet even the mighty Makarov must be having troubles beating all your suitors away," Yajima praised lightheartedly. He wasn't expecting to see his best friend's granddaughter to swiftly transform into such a desirable young lady in a mere 6 months.

Lexie cringed, it was true, the great Lexie Dreyer, who used to scare away the boys with just one look was now having trouble in fending off her admirers, and it was all Ul's faults! Why on the earth land she decided to give her a makeover was beyond her.

Lexie was happy the way she was. She used to wear baggy clothes, her hairs were long and messy. They covered most of her delicate features and bang! All the boys were terrified of her. She had such a great life, bulling Natsu, Gray, Elfman and beating both Erza and Mirajane without breaking a sweat. It was perfect until Ul Milkovich barged into her guild, her life, her house and changed everything.

Ul practically kidnapped Lexie from her bedroom and applied all those hideous cosmetic creams, manicure, pedicure, trimming and god knows how many tortures hours she spent in that hell hole known as the beauty parlor.

Lexie once beautiful (In Lexie's opinion) messy hairs were now silky soft and Ul threatened to freeze Lexie into an icicle if Lexie didn't wear the clothes she brought for her, and then Ul forced Lexie to use all those smelly body care products. (In Lexie's opinion)

Ul even gave Lexie 'the talk' and Lexie couldn't do a thing as the older woman was a hundred times stronger than her. Lexie once more cringed at those memories and began to fidget as she tried to cover as much skin as she could with her short cloths.

Naruto had to suppress a groan when Lexie nervously licked her bottom lip with her pink tongue. Lexie was a delicious sight indeed. Naruto was staring at her intensely, her twitching eyebrow, her menacing scowl appeared rather cute to Naruto. Lexie was lovely and her shy demeanor was like a cherry on the top of the cake. To Naruto Lexie was truly an enchanting and exquisite sight.

She's hot, but damn my ethics! She is too innocent for me to corrupt without feeling guilty, Naruto cursed his principles.

Lexie felt the pressure of Naruto's intense gaze upon her, his icy blue eyes were fixated on her. They were watching her every movement intently. Lexie felt nervous under Naruto's intense gaze.

Maybe he didn't like me? I am not the most beautiful girl in the town after all and he had millions of girls chasing after him, literally, Lexie thought, but then scolded herself for having such traitorous thoughts and blushed prettily when she realized that she actually wanted to make an impression.

I am not some fangirl! I don't care what this pervert thinks of me, but seriously, this is the guy who saved Ul's life and killed ostensibly the strongest dragon in existence!? But then again, he was able to locate me while Yaji-jiji didn't feel a thing. He must be pretty strong and very well aware of his surroundings to be able to pinpoint my position so easily. But he looks more like one of those supermodels rather than almighty Wizard Saint. No, he is hotter than those superficial models…' Lexie thought while eying Naruto and blushed profoundly, again as Lexie realized that she staring at Naruto rather intensely.

Lexie shook her head again to clear her mind and get rid of all the traitorous thoughts. Damn you Ul! Lexie mentally cursed the perverted blue headed woman.

Ul just barged in Lexie's life like she owed it. Ul acted like Lexie's mother or rather like a mother figure Lexie never had and as much as Lexie denied, she was very grateful to the Ice-mage for helping her despite her earlier cold demeanor towards the Ice mage. So, basically Lexie was also grateful to Naruto as Naruto was the one who saved Ul and her apprentices' lives.

But how is that even possible? Daliora was slain 3 years ago and he is 19 now, well, according to wizard weekly at least. Then he must be of the same age as I am now when he defeated Daliora. But how is it even possible for someone so young to defeat a demon stronger than Ul; a Wizard Saint? How powerful this guy really is? And how far behind I really am? Maybe father was right about me; I am too weak. I might never ever come close to the nii-san's level, Lexie thought depressingly. Lexie clenched her hand tightly to suppress the anger, pain, grief and tears. Lexie's father had left her for dead in the woods years ago, and she would've been dead if her master didn't come across her battered form.

Naruto was intrigued. He had to admit, this girl, no, this young lady was interesting or one might even say confusing. For a moment Lexie seemed self conscious when Naruto shamelessly ogled her ripped body, but then she suddenly black out in her own world.

Naruto was startled when he saw or rather felt the infinite numbers of the emotions given off by Lexie. There was sorrow, longing, betrayal, hurt, rage, solitude, resolve, defiance and at the end desperation, like she was not sure anymore, yet, she wasn't ready to lose the hope. Naruto didn't know why, but the solemn, far away and melancholy expression on Lexie's gorgeous face somehow stirred something deep inside his heart. The very heart Naruto locked away all those years ago.

Naruto felt a connection with Lexie. Somehow Naruto felt that Lexie was the person who he could relate to. Lexie was an enigma of her own. Lexie had her own pain, secrets and she also had a deceiving mask of her own, fabricated in order to preserve her sanity in the deceitful and malevolent world, just like him. Lexie was lonely, Naruto could tell, thus, Lexie acted like the way she did.

Naruto was startled by his own trails of thoughts and his sudden conclusion. Naruto felt Lexie's pain and her sorrow. Naruto could feel Lexie's despair and her anguish. Naruto could clearly see the scared, lonely and vulnerable little girl hidden behind her twisted personality and her fabricated mask of anger.

Naruto knew that Lexie could be just faking it all, but somehow he knew she wasn't. Naruto felt a bond between them. Naruto could feel that they were more similar than he would ever admit, thus, Naruto felt compelled to help Lexie.

Naruto suddenly walked up to Lexie, breaking the dark trails of thoughts she was having. Lexie curiously looked up to inquire the reason of sudden intrusion of her personal space. Naruto was tall even Lexie had to fully stretch her neck up in order to see Naruto's face, despite standing at an impressive 177cm herself. Lexie's eyes landed on Naruto's masculine and angular face.

Naruto was smiling charmingly. His features were soft but not feminine. Naruto was manly, his high cheek bones, his angular face and tan complexion gave Naruto a unique and strong sexual appeal, and now Lexie knew why all those girls were crazy about Naruto. Lexie blushed when she realized that she was staring, but her pride wouldn't allow her to divert her gaze.

Naruto grinned at defiant expression. Seems like little princess is back in the game. It will be fun to tease her just like Kurenei-chan, Naruto inwardly smirked evilly at the thought. Tormenting Kurenei had been Naruto's favorite time pass just next to fucking Hana's tight fuckable asshole. Naruto swiftly grasped Lexie's right hand and leisurely started to rub his thumb on the soft skin of her palm.

"It's so nice to meet you Lexie-chan," Naruto whispered softly as he brought Lexie's palm to his lips and kissed back of her palm softly, trailing his smooth lips ghosting over her delicate skin.

Lexie had to suppress a shudder of pleasure. Okay, this guy is the official pervert no. 1 in my book, but damn he was hot as hell! Even a girl like Lexie, who wasn't very conscious about opposite sex could feel the effects of Naruto's entrancing presence. Naruto truly was the very definition of a desirable and enthralling male specimen.

Lexie quickly snatched her hand back like it was burned and rubbed it on her short skirt with an expression which varies between disgust and embarrassment. Naruto chuckled at her rather cute and tomboyish expression, though Naruto's soft chuckled bloomed into a full heartfelt laughter when he felt Lexie's heated glare (Cute pout in Naruto's opinion) on him and if looks could kill Naruto would be nothing but piles of ashes on the floor.

Lexie blushed harder when she heard Naruto snicker harder at flushed state. Lexie scowled, trying to look as intimidating as she could and screamed, "What are you laughing at, huh?"

Lexie tried to sound like some kind of mafia boss, and the way she puffed her chest was endearing, instead of being intimidating. She needs to work on her intimidation techniques. I don't think she even knows what kind of disastrous power her breasts… err… I mean her technique posses.

Lexie seemed rather hot with her budding bosoms pushed together, making them look bigger than they actually were. Lexie appeared rather succulent and Naruto could almost imagine Lexie stomping ground in frustration at his indifference attitude towards her threatening poses. It was only Lexie's self discipline that was preventing her from attacking Naruto.

"Nothing, cutie pie, I was merely laughing at the twisted sense of humor fate seems to posses. Just a moment ago I was mourning and weeping in sorrow for getting dumped by my girlfriend, but now our destiny has brought us together, maybe it is written on stars, this is our destiny," Naruto muttered rhetorically, his hands tightly clasped together.

"You were staring at that girl's ass, and you don't even have a girlfriend," deadpanned Lexie.

"Small details, I had a one night stand and the fair maiden just left without even saying goodbye, so it can be considered as a break up. As I was saying… err… I mean mourning for the loss of her hot body," Naruto said, then paused when he realized just what he had uttered.



"…" Was Lexie's smart reply.

"Well lets forget about that, you aren't getting the big picture here. Past is meant to be forgotten, and as I was saying, this meeting was fated and we mortals shouldn't interfere with fate's big plan, so what you're doing tonight? I know a fine place where we can have some fun," Naruto whispered coolly in Lexie's ear while completely ignoring both his previous scandalous comment and Yajima's murderous glare as he moved closer till he was practically flushed against Lexie's soft body.

When did he move!, thought startled blonde Dreyer girl and blushed prettily at their close proximity. Lexie could feel Naruto's breath over her ear and quickly pushed away in embarrassment.

"Pervert!" Lexie screamed, and shoved him, though Lexie couldn't help admiring his chiseled and hard built muscles. His chest is so very firm. Lexie's blush intensified when the graphic images of two naked, tangled bodies flashed in her traitorous, dirty and hormonal mind. And all the blame goes to Ul Milkovich for being too graphic in with her description of birds and bees.

"Aw, so shy and bashful! Lexie-chin is so cute!" Naruto exclaimed in teasing singsong voice and gave Lexie a cheeky smile, making the younger girl flush even more.

"I-I ain't shy or anything you per-pervert!" Lexie screamed.

"Hahaha… okay-2, I apologize, but you are too cute to not tease. Hehe… I am Naruto Namikaze, and it is a pleasure to meet you Lexie-chan," Naruto verbalized smoothly, a dashing smile tucked in the corner of his lip as he bowed gentlemanly and introduced himself to the young girl.

Lexie scowled in an attempt to fight off the blush creeping on her cheeks, but decided to introduce herself as she respected Naruto, at least for his strength, "Lexie Dreyer, and I have not given permission to use my first name yet."

"Oh! My bad, so what should I call you? Dreyer-chan, Dreyer-san or maybe respectable granddaughter?" Naruto asked jokingly, but quickly shut off his mouth when he saw the darkened expression on Lexie's face. She seems rather enraged maybe I went too far?

"Lexie-san would do it," Lexie whispered harshly and went past Naruto to give the parcel she was supposed to deliver.

"Here, Gramps asked me to deliver this, now I will be going," Lexie muttered and immediately disappeared from the room in the form of lightening.

Naruto whistled at the display of the high level skill before staring at Yajima expectantly. Yajima sighed as he debated whether to tell Naruto or not before finally speaking, "Lexie is little rebellious, not that I blame her after all the shit she went through. Her bastard of a father brought her great grief. He always made her feel incompetent. She was always overshadowed by her twin brother's extraordinary talent and a few years ago, she was abandoned by her father, left to die because she was too weak in his eyes. But why I am telling you? I don't think you, who has such ridiculous amount of power can understand her pain and sorrow."

Naruto went silent for a few moments and lowered his face. His long bangs shadowed his handsome face and gave him a dark and hollow appearance.

"Believe me Yajima-sama, I can relate, I know the feeling of betrayal and helplessness when something like that happens. I know how hard it is to fend off the inner demon better than you or anyone can ever imagine," Naruto interjected solemnly, his eyes glazed as past memories haunted him; a pair of red eyes, nine beautiful long tails, his mothers screams and angelic white wings.

Yajima seemed flabbergasted by the revelation, even in his wildest dream Yajima never dreamt Naruto of all the people to understand Lexie's pain, but here he was standing in front of the Savior of Humanity and feeling the full impact of all the painful and dark emotions the young mage had suppressed under his ostentatious mask.

Despite Yajima's best efforts, Yajima was unable to pierce through Naruto defenses, all Yajima saw was another cover; a jolly perverted young boy, but this time Yajima was sure that he saw the glimpse of true Naruto, his true personality and it scared Yajima.

"I have some private business to take care of, I will see you later," Naruto said monotonously and disappeared with his space-time magic without giving Yajima any time to respond.

Shopping Street

Lexie was stomping through shopping street, leaving many boys dazed, but they all quickly parted way for Lexie when they saw her pissed off expression and the vertical scar on her right eye, it wasn't hideous, it actually enhanced her sex appeal, it was her badge as a warrior and at top of that, Lexie didn't give a flying fuck about what boys thought about her.

Suddenly, Lexie rammed her face into a brick wall which magically appeared on her path. But when Lexie looked up while tending her bruised nose, Lexie discovered it wasn't a brick wall. It was Naruto's firm rock hard chest, she had rammed into.

"Ouch! What the hell!?" Lexie yelled while nursing her nose. Lexie looked up and saw Naruto grinning down at her amiably and Lexie's first reaction was a quick lightening jab to Naruto's jaw, but blonde male proved to be too fast for Lexie to follow as he ducked beneath her lightening-clad fist and grabbed Lexie by shoulder and disappeared in a golden flash along with her.

In Forest

Lexie quickly jumped back, but it was too late, they already were in the forest. Naruto had teleported both of them in the dense forest in a single moment. Lexie carefully eyed Naruto, trying to determine his intention. Naruto didn't seem like the type to force himself on women, but Lexie kept her guard up just in case.

"Relax, it's not like I am going to molest you," Naruto muttered sarcastically, and it surprised Lexie as Naruto hit the bull's eye on the first try. To Lexie Naruto seemed little different than before, he wasn't teasing her, he was being sarcastic and casual which Lexie thought was impossible for a fake person like Naruto.

"Despite how tempting it seems," Naruto teased while a perverted grin appeared on his face.

Okay, he is the lowest scum in the world and it is official.

Lexie blushed and glared, sparks of electricity flying around her enraged form, literally. The blonde hero? Nah, Naruto wasn't a hero. Naruto was too devilish to be something so boring. Naruto laughed devilishly at Lexie's expense.

"Hahahaha… you look so cute… hahhaha," Naruto kept laughing merrily while Lexie felt relaxed in Naruto's presence. Naruto wasn't being an ass. His chuckles were good natured instead of being perverted or mocking and Lexie found herself unable to stay mad at Naruto, but that didn't mean that she wasn't irritated by Naruto's annoying chortles.

"Okay, I get it, it was funny, but can you please tell me the reason of dragging me all ways to the Brinnjal Forest? It wasn't just to harass me, I hope?" Lexie asked in irritation.

"Maybe it was?" Naruto suggested, and Lexie expression again darkened. Lexie menacingly glared at him and Naruto finally raised his hands in submission when he saw the enraged expression on Lexie's gorgeous face.

"Okay, okay, don't get so mad, I was just kidding. The real reason I brought you all the way here is very simple, to see where you stand," Naruto announced cockily.

Lexie looked at Naruto like he was an idiot. "I am standing on mother earth, thank you, and it was very nice to meet you. I hope we never meet again," Lexie muttered fervidly before she stormed off.

"I meant your magical prowess Lexie-chan. I am feeling very generous today, so I decided to give you some pointers, but I first need to have an idea about your current level, capabilities and weakness, so if you don't mind," Naruto said while appearing in front of Lexie and gestured her to attack.

Lexie stared at Naruto, confused by the sudden golden proposal. Lexie wasn't expecting the savior of masses to suddenly appear in front of her and offering to give her pointers, but then Lexie realized. Yajima-jiji must have told him about my past! He just pities me!

Lexie gritted her teeth in rage. One thing Lexie hated more than her dad was the pity. Lexie didn't need pity, she was stronger than that. Lexie could manage on her own, like she always did. Lexie didn't need charity even from the so called hero of the masses.

"You can shove it up in your ass! I don't need your sympathy or pity! I am fine the way I am, just buzz off!" Lexie screeched, unable to contain her ire and hatred. Naruto went salient for a few seconds after Lexie's outburst and Lexie felt her heart sinking as she could get in a lot of trouble for speaking this rudely to the hero of the earth land.

"I thought you were smarter than this, but I guess I was wrong. You are just a little whiny bitch. I can see why your father abandoned you," Naruto spatted resentfully.

Lexie's eyes widened when she heard Naruto's hurtful and disdainful words, and she exploded.

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