This fanfic is for my friend! Hope you like it:) I don't own James Bond or any characters.

"Bond has retired...but I'm happy to welcome our new agent Mr. McGee" Miss Moneypenny announced sad at first but smiling at the idea of a new agent. She stepped down from the stage as an applause echoed through the room.

A gentlemen stepped onto the stage. A top hat covering his head but you could see the dark, glossy hair poking out slightly, a monocle balancing on his cheek. A moustache covered his lip and his lip curved as he smiled showing snow white teeth. He smiled confidently as he stuffed a clock and chain into his waist coat pocket and walked towards the audience of staff. He smiled and winked as a few women blushed madly.

"Thank you for welcoming me so well. I'm sure I'll be able to ke-" He was interrupted as the room's door slammed open and a guard fell onto it. A creature gripping onto the guard as it ripped the guards flesh open and shoved it's face into it. Zombies...A hoard of them ran in, scanning the room for fresh meat and the crowd of staff were good enough. People screamed, climbing onto the stage as agents were being eaten alive in front of them.

"OH FOR GOD'S SAKE!" Mr. McGee pulled out double barrelled guns slamming the hammer back. He jumped off the stage pulling the triggers, watching as the zombies fell at his feet. The bullet cases covered the floor as smoke steamed out of the guns. He put them away tutting as he dabbed at a blood stain on his suit. A gurgle erupted from a body, McGee stopped turning to see who it was. An agent lay his eyes rolling back. McGee sighed walking over and crouching at the agent's body. "Are you alright? Agent?"

"I think I can make it...Agent Martin" He coughed up some blood. McGee told him not to move and checked his body for his wound. A gaping bite mark presented itself on Agent Martin's arm, the blood around it turning black and the skin rotting already.

"He isn't going to make it..."McGee muttered to himself before returning to Agent Martin and crouching once more.

"Now Agent Martin...I'm happy to say you did great" He got up as Martin smiled and within a second had plunged a sword through the agent's chest. The agents smile fell and his eyes closed as the gurgling stopped. McGee wiped the blood from his sword upon the agent before sheathing it in a cane scabbard. He walked towards the stage as everyone got off and patted him on the back. Some gave him glares as they just witnessed a friend die. McGee approached the mic again and cleared his throat.

"As I was saying before being interrupted... I'm sure I'll be able to keep up with the quality of work Agent Bond produced and I'm happy to be working with such a lovely staff of people... Any questions?"

Miss Moneypenny raised her hand and stood. "Ermm...what just happened?"

"I finished my speech, you must pay attention Miss Moneypenny!"

"I meant with the zombies and Agent Martin..."

"I used to work in a company which dealed with problems like zombies and such other nonsense, so it's second nature to me...Agent Martin is what our company would call a rabid puppy, he was bitten but not killed. Which meant he was becoming a zombie too and I know my actions were rash but he would of suffered painfully and to be honest it was vital I did that. Otherwise they would be a zombie which looked like our loyal and faithful Agent Martin but was actually a flesh eating numpty."

McGee stalked off the stage and disappeared through the door before anyone could reply.

"He's a keeper" a voice erupted from within the crowd.