The Girl's Fury

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Hiccup's POV

It was a dragon ambush. It was another attack. Gobber told me to stay in the shop, that wasn't going to happen. I grabbed my dragon shooter and ran out of the shop. I found a quiet spot and looked for something to shoot at. Finally, amidst the bluish- black of the night sky, I saw a pure black outline of a dragon. I aimed and fired. I heard a screech and saw the dragon go soaring over to the forest. I was so happy, I wanted to run to the village and tell everyone. Then a Monstrous Nightmare appeared behind me. I ran screaming into the village. Let's just say that it's a good thing that Vikings are great builders. I ran hoping I would run into Astrid or Xyla, because both were really good at fighting dragons. Thank Thor that my dad, Chief Stoick the Vast, saved me. Afterward, he started chastising me for wrecking the village, and I said that I hit a Night Fury. Of course, no one believed me. The next day I decided to go look for the dragon by myself.

Xyla's POV

I was flying in the air. It was a great night and thank Thor no one could see me. I was flying with another Night Fury (Author's Note: who will later on be called Toothless), and having the rime of my life. I loved being in dragon form; it was so exhilarating. My night was going really well so far. No one saw me leave, and I was having a great time. Until a, I don't even know what it's called, came flying at the other Night Fury. It hit the dragon and went flying into the forest, with the dragon in tow. I dived after the dragon and looked to the left just in time to see Hiccup destroy a lot of the village. Good job, Hiccup. The other Night Fury was going too fast and I couldn't catch up. I had to get down to the ground anyway because it was starting to get light.

I dove to my hiding spot and transformed into my human form. When I was human I had jet black, long hair, bright green eyes, I was kinda tall, and I was very skinny. I ran back to my house, I lived alone because my parents died a few years ago. After I was sure that I could sneak away from the tribe unnoticed, I ran into the forest. Hopefully I could find the Night Fury before someone else did. I ran into the forest after searching for a while I finally found the dragon. T first it tensed up and growled at me. It finally relaxed after it smelled my dragon essence. I was about to untie the ropes tying it up, when I heard footsteps behind me. I jumped behind a bush, and as I did one of black spikes on my skirt fell off. Which was awful because I was the only person in the tribe with black spikes. Hiccup approached the dragon slowly. He grabbed a knife and was about to kill it, when he dropped it and started cutting the ropes. After it was free, the Night Fury attacked Hiccup. I could tell Hiccup was about to be killed so I growled a little to warn the dragon to back off. It did then tried to fly away.

Hiccup was freaked out, so I came out and said, "Hey Hiccup."

"Oh, Xyla, what's up?" he said.

"I was just walking,"

"Did you see-?"

"See what?"

"Nothing. Let's go back to the village." he said.

I would have to come find the dragon later. We walked back to the village and we parted ways. I walked to my house and was about to walk in, when Snotlout walked up and said, "Hey Xyla, where were you last night?"

"Like you care." I snapped.

"I do." he said and I arched a brow.

"Hiccup said he caught a Night Fury."

"That's why you made this lame attempt to flirt?" I asked.



I walked away, and he chased after me.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"None of your business."

"Come on, Xyla."

I dashed away and trust me being the fastest girl in the tribe pays off at moments like this. After checking about 500 times to see if Snotlout was following me, I started searching for the Night Fury.

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