The Girl's Fury-

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Chapter 2-

Xyla's POV

After searching for at least an hour, I found Night Fury scales littered all over the dirt. I walked around a few big rocks and saw the dragon in a valley. It was injured, and it couldn't fly. I jumped down into the valley and the dragon tensed. It realized that it was me and relaxed it position. I bent down and looked it in the eyes. I stood their for a while and didn't stop until I heard footsteps 10 feet away. Before I knew it, I flipped and transformed. I was standing in front of the injured Night Fury in my Night Fury form. Hiccup looked shocked that he just saw that. I don't blame him; I would be shocked too. I transformed back and yelled, "Hiccup, wait! Come back!" as he was running away. I ran after him and easily caught up. "Hiccup, stop. Please. Don't tell anyone. Just promise me that you won't tell."

"I-I promise." he stammered as he ran back in the direction of the other Night Fury. Oh, Hiccup. Why did you have to see?

Hiccup's POV

I just saw one of the only people that would talk to me turn into a Night Fury! Oh Odin, help me.

I yelled, "I promise." to Xyla then ran away. I ran back to the other dragon. The other dragon obviously didn't like me. And I saw that part of its tail was missing. I always tried to be nice to it and it didn't work. Until the day I went to where the dragon (which I named Toothless) was and saw Xyla sitting on a rock next to Toothless. Toothless liked her, so what was I doing wrong? "Hiccup," she whispered. "come here."

I walked over to her, still unsure whether or not to trust her. "Hold out your hand." she said. "Now close your eyes and turn away."

I did as she said and was really confused until I felt a scaly object under my hand. I opened my eyes to see my hand on Toothless's nose (if that's what you would call it). Xyla got Toothless to let me have any contact with him. She smiled. Xyla and I used to be almost friends, then not friends, and now we were friends. Not almost friends, but 100% friends.

I had started dragon training a few days ago. I had been a total failure in the past sessions, but today was different. Xyla had showed me how to make a dragon pass out, and a bunch of other techniques that would make me look really good.

I had a session today along with Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Fishlegs, Snoutlout, Astrid, and Xyla. She was amazing at dragon training, so was Astrid, but I could tell that Xyla hated it. Today we were fighting a Hideous Zippleback. One head blows out gas, while the other ignites it. We had to splash water on the correct head. Which was extremely difficult.

It came down to me being the last with water, Xyla would've too but she pretended to trip and spill the water. The Zippleback was right in front of me and tried to throw the water, but it didn't even come close to hitting the dragon. I looked over to Xyla who encouraged me to force the dragon back. I made sure it stayed there by throwing an eel in just incase. Xyla winced when she saw the eel. I turned around and everyone just gawked at me. I was starting to see why Xyla was helping me. She knew that I wanted my dad to be proud of me. Who thought that my best friends would be dragons?

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