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Ch.11- Through the Pain and Suffering

Raditz and Kakarrot were sparring in the training room, because they needed to get stronger and also by orders of Bulma. They had lost track of time when they began their spar of brotherly rivalry. Kakarrot was about to punch Raditz in his unguarded ribs when they heard a grunt over their scouters on their faces. They instantly froze, punches and kicks coming to a complete stop, in mid strike. Kakarrot took off after hearing another grunt and following it's Ki on the scouter.

"That's Bulma we need to find out what is wrong with her." Kakarrot said as he was halfway to the Ki.

There was three Ki signatures on the scouter and one was Bulma. Kakarrot hoped she was ok, but as he turned the corner he stood there in shock. Raditz caught up with him, three seconds later, and stood there silently as well.

Bulma had the blue and yellow aliens from Sky's old team by the throat. The yellow one was glaring at Bulma while trying to get out of her hold. The blue one was paralyzed from staring into her eyes as she was letting the rage seep through her body.

"So you thought you two could sneak up on me and FINISH OFF what your poor and weak excuse of a leader started? Well let me tell you three major flaws in that plan, but before I tell you I have a question to ask." Bulma said as she started to released them and nodded her head, signaling for the twin princes to help.

Raditz and Kakarrot phased in and held the two aliens, to keep them from attacking Bulma. The aliens gasped in shock and struggled to get free from their prisoners.

"How long has it been since I killed your leader, about half a year ago? So you decided to try and ambush me to kill me off huh?" Bulma asked them with an innocent tone towards the end of her question.

"It's been eight months since you killed our leader, bitch!" the yellow one snapped.

Bulma's face went from playful and cheery to one of irritation and anger. "Well I will tell you your three major flaws in the matter of trying to kill me. One: Your leader was weak and cocky dying because of it, so you have no leader to tell you how to go about ambushing me properly." Bulma then punched them both in the face as she ended her sentence with venom dripping in her voice.

"Two: You forgot that no matter where I am my team is always right around the corner, and they come for me whenever I am in trouble." Bulma said to them.

"You are just hiding behind you lackeys. You could never beat us alone!" The blue one sneered.

"That would bring me to flaw three: You underestimate me. I am far more powerful than your whole team combined! I don't need to hide behind anyone!" Bulma shrieked.

Raditz and Kakarrot let go of the aliens and stepped back. Bulma powered up, and formed two condensed Ki balls on the tips of her index fingers. She kicked them in their stomachs pointed the tiny Ki balls under their chins and smirked.

"Bang." Was all she said and down went the aliens as Bulma walked away as if nothing happened.

Raditz looked as Bulma walked away with Kakarrot following her. He glanced back at the stupid aliens' corpses that were headless. He chuckled she did the same thing to their leader. The two aliens should have just left the blue haired princess alone and they would have still had their lives, but it was to late now to tell them.

Raditz used his Ki and disintegrated the bodies, then walked to his brother and sister. He walked in to Bulma kicking Kakarrot's ass. She had her legs wrapped around his neck, while stretching his arm out and seemed to be bending it back as far as possible. Kakarrot looked like he wanted to give up, but his twin knew he never caved in a fight.

"Bulma let him go before you break his arm. You know he won't give in unless he's dead or unconscious." Raditz told her as she began to let him go.

Bulma let him go and jumped back in a defensive stance grinning. "How about two against one? If you two can get at least a scratch on me I will let you take the fun pat on our next four missions. We got a deal?" Bulma asked.

Kakarrot had got up and got into his stance while Raditz stood next to his brother and got into his stance as well.

"Let's do this." They both said and charged at her.

Bulma knew that Raditz had more power than his twin, while Kakarrot had the speed. If those two would train harder they would be evenly matched in speed and strength. Kakarrot had gotten to her first and tried to kick her in the stomach, but she grabbed his leg and threw him into the wall next to her.

Raditz tried to phase in behind her and out her in a headlock, but she saw that coming and jumped up onto his shoulders. She locked her legs around his neck, and then flipped backwards and threw him with her legs next to him next two his brother.

"I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed that you two are my brothers now." Bulma laughed.

"Shut up Bulma!" Raditz sneered.

"Ok since you actually tried I will let you two take the fun part on the next two missions, but you two need to start working together if you want to be able to defeat a stronger opponent." Bulma said with her hands on her hips and with a smile.

"Ok now come at me, but Kakarrot use Raditz strength. Raditz use Kakarrot's speed to your advantage, and you two could land some decent hits on me." She said getting into a defensive stance. "Go."

Kakarrot and Raditz powered up and flew at her. Kakarrot came up to her first and went to throw a punch. Bulma was about to slide to the left when she felt someone snatch up her arms and put her into a full nelson. She wasn't ready when Kakarrot kneed her in her stomach and she coughed trying to fill her lungs with air. Kakarrot was going to punch her in the face when she grabbed him with her legs and slammed him on his back. She grabbed on of Raditz' middle fingers and pulled it back. When he loosened his grip she grabbed his wrist and flipped him on his back right next to Kakarrot.

Bulma powered up and she jumped across the room putting distance between herself and the twins. When they got up they powered up again and came at her Kakarrot was able to hit her in her back and kicked her in the air. Raditz was waiting for her in slammed his fists into her back sending her back to the ground. She landed and got up on her hands and knees taking in a deep breath before flipping out of the way to avoid a Ki blast.

Bulma was getting tired of them, she powered up, and gathered enough energy and sent a Ki wave to them. They did the same as her, but put their waves together in order to fend themselves off from her. They were locked in an even match when there was a sudden explosion and then they both got knocked down from the air to the floor.

"I told you two if you worked together then you could land some decent punches." Bulma said with a smile while crouching down next to them.

"We need to work on it more though. How about Raditz you up for that after dinner tonight? Oh and Bulma could you teach us how you and Vegeta work so well together at team fighting?" Kakarrot asked with his childish face.

"I can help you two out, but I can't reveal how we do it. I'll show you two some ways to improve your fighting style together." Bulma sat down on the floor and streced her legs out in front of herself to get comfortable.

The twins sat up and looked to her, asking her to continue silently.

"What you two absolutely need to do is learn how you can use your differences and similarities to make an unstoppable force. Vegeta and I use my speed and his strength to make attacks and defensive maneuvers. We use my brains and flexibility to conquer plenty of people. His field knowledge and quick reflexes help us to overcome our enemies. That's not all of our secrets, just a sprinkle of them really." Bulma expressed with a sigh and a slight frown.

"You miss him don't you?" Kakarrot whispered to her, incase of any eavesdropping.

"As much as people wonder why I even got with him in the palace, yes I really do. He was different than any other man I've known and it was simple who I wanted as my mate. I know he doesn't show it, but he really does care about you two. He has his heart in the right place, he just has a weird way of showing emotions. You should know that Raditz dealing with 18." Bulma muttered to them.

"I know what you mean. Sometimes it's like I'm the only one who shows any type of emotion at all. She clams up on me sometimes, but she does care very much about you and Chi-Chi." Raditz laughed a bit remembering when he had tried to get 18 to open up to him before they were mated.

"Chi-Chi worries about people so much, but she never seems to realize that she needs to be taken care of as well. She does for others more than she will do for herself, and it makes me mad sometimes, but that's one of the reasons I love her." Kakarrot admitted to the other two.

Bulma looked at the youngest of the group and smiled to him. "I'll let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell Chi I told you."

"I won't I promise." Kakarrot confirmed sitting up straight.

"She had actually had a crush on you for a long time. She thought that you were the cutest guy on our planet, and wished that you two were soul mates. She puts others before herself because her father was always worrying about her, when she didn't need to be taken care of. So she would just take care of everyone else, and joined the army to prove she didn't need to be taken care of as much as her father thought she did." Bulma confided in them.

Kakarrot looked at her with a small smile and then wondered how her a their older brother's relationship worked. It was pretty obvious how Raditz and 18's relationship worked, and even his and Chi's, but NO ONE knew how theirs worked.

"Bulma how do you and Vegeta work? I mean I know he is sweet and nice behind closed door, but most of the time he's a jerk and can be ignorant too. How do you deal with it?" Raditz voiced his twin's thoughts.

"I really let most of the insults go in one ear and out the other. I learned how to do that working in the third class army because all of the higher ranking soldiers used to insult me and were highly rude. My father used to lecture me about my life choices before I left for the army and would try to guilt trip me into staying with him when I finally told him I had signed up. So I built up a tolerance and it doesn't effect me when he insults me, plus I know it has no meaning when he says them." Bulma granted them with the explanation.

"I never really got along with my father because he would always keep me locked up I fear of loosing me. My mother had died, after I was born, when she was on a mission. She was in the army, but she was as sweet as any Saiyan could be, from what my father and family had told me. So he would keep me all locked up and would coddle me. I got tired of it and rebelled against him. He was devastated when I joined the army and cut off all ties with me, but by then everyone knew I was his daughter." Bulma shrugged and then got up.

"But none of that matters anymore. Come on we have to get ready, eat, and then report to Cooler." Bulma said without any emotions in her eyes and face.

They got ready quickly, ate, and went to Cooler's throne room. When they entered they bowed down and waited for him to notice their presence.

Cooler was standing in front of the thick giant window that was the back wall of his throne room. He looked like he was lost in though, the way he was watching the stars made him seem almost humane. Just as Bulma was about to speak he turned around.

"I was about to send Bora for you three, but as always you seem to know when I need you to come to me." He said with a master and pet expression. "Well anyways let's get back to business. One of the planets that is under my rule is hosting a dinner for me and my family, and I have confirmed that the ruler of that planet has been double crossing me by working with my little brother. The little brat is lucky that father keeps me from killing him."

"Lord Cooler if you don't mind me asking, but what is it that you would like us specifically to do?" Bulma asked.

"Ah yes. Thank you for putting me back on track. I was going off on a tangent, my little brother has me stressed out. Anyways I want you three to assassinate the ruler of the planet and purge it for me. I will send some soldiers to assist in bringing back gold with you. They will be under your command, and if any do not follow orders or they try anything suspicious kill them, no questions asked." Cooler spoke with a serious tone.

"Would you like us to wait for you to kill off the ruler when you come back from the dinner party Lord Cooler?" Bulma questioned.

"No. I want you three to come with me. Bulma since you are a rare beauty, the king of the planet will try and pursue you. I will allow him to and I want you assassinate him in his chambers. After he is killed purge the planet, and bring back as much gold as you can." Cooler commanded them.

Bulma and the princes bowed and Cooler allowed them to leave with the order to dress in their finest formalwear. The twins had gotten ready and were waiting in the lounge area between bedrooms. Bulma had one of the rooms while the princes shared the other room. Bothe rooms had a bathroom attached so that they didn't have to share one. They had gotten the room after there second purge as a reward for not messing anything up.

The two princes were wearing their normal Saiyan battle uniform, but on the left breast of the chest armor was the royal insignia in blood red. Instead of the normal white boots and gloves the tips of the boots were gold and the gloves were gold from the wrist up. The twins were also allowed to wear their royal capes. They felt wrong for wearing the royal outfit without being on Vegeta-Sei, or without their older brother. As the boys were waiting and talking Bulma had walked out of her room. They both felt her presence and looked to her with shock. Vegeta was definitely not going to like her going to a dinner looking like she did without him.

Bulma was wearing a purple tube top that was like a bra more than a shirt. Her skirt reached the floor and was the same color as the top, but it had a cute all the way up to the top of her thigh on her right side. Her hair was loosely curled, and stopping in the middle of her back. She had on light silver eye shadow, clear lip gloss, and silver triple tear drop earrings. On her feet were a pair of glittery silver platform high heels giving her some extra height. On her neck was a thick silver collar necklace that covered her mark cleverly.

"Will you two quit gawking at me! I know I look like a concubine, and if I had it my way I would kill the ruler in front of everyone mercilessly. This is all apart of the plan, and I would want to get it done as soon as possible. So can we leave now!" Bulma ordered in a loud and demanding tone, that had the Kakarrot and Raditz up and moving quickly.

They had went into Cooler's throne room where he was waiting for them.

"Aw, Bulma you look magnificent I knew that outfit would look great on you. I know for a fact that my plan to get the ruler to lust after you will work. Well you two monkeys certainly look the part of a prince, you clean up well. Now let us depart and go to the dinner, and you can rid the galaxy of this vermin." Cooler said and held out his arm for Bulma to take.

Bulma was shocked at how cold the lizards skin was, but Bulma's naturally hot skin took care of the cold she was feeling along her forearm. She wondered if she felt like a hot branding iron to him since her skin temperature was higher than any other race and vastly higher than his own.

They took a small ship to the planet's surface, where the ruler of the planet was waiting. The alien had lime green skin and short black hair on his head. His light brown eyes held a terrified, yet smug look in them. He was a little shorter than Kakarrot, so about the same height as Bulma in her heels. He was fit according to his clothes that clung to his figure.

Cooler walked out of the ship with Bulma on his arm and Raditz and Kakarrot flanking them. Cooler looked to the king of this planet and smirked.

"Hello King Gurio. I haven't seen you in ages. How are you and the Planet Zyon doing?" Cooler asked him in a simple tone.

"Oh we are doing fine Lord Cooler." He said to Cooler with a smile then his eyes caught sight of Bulma. "May I ask who this young beauty is Lord Cooler?"

Bulma could see the lust in his eyes and had to hold back the vomit from coming up.

"This is one of my few female warriors. She is a Saiyan one of the rare beauties that come from the proud monkey race." As soon as Cooler said that she was a Saiyan she unwrapped her tail from around her waist and waved it behind her in a slow and sexy fashion.

"Oh I must say that she id defiantly a rare beauty. Is she of royalty?" King Gurio asked.

"Oh no she was actually one of their top soldiers, but she did live among the royal family since she worked closely with the princes. Prince Kakarrot and Prince Raditz have joined my ranks alongside the female." Cooler said with a stoic expression.

"May I ask your name blue beauty?" King Gurio inquired as he bowed and kissed her hand.

"My name is Bulma, King Gurio." She answered him as she bowed back to him and grabbed onto Cooler's arm again.

"A gorgeous name to fit a lovely woman such as yourself. You are a warrior and worked with the Saiyan Royals. You must be a strong woman, strong and stealthy. I find you intriguing Bulma." He said with lust dripping in his voice. "If Lord Cooler doesn't mind I would love for you to accompany me after the dinner to give you a tour of the palace and planet."

"Yes she can accompany you. Bulma you behave and do as King Gurio wishes, but remember to come back to the ship by midnight." Cooler told her with the underlying tone that suggested she stick with the plan.

"Of course Lord Cooler, I would never disobey you." Bulma turned to the alien King. "I will accompany you after dinner King Gurio."

"Wonderful! Now how about we start dinner? Lord Cooler, King Cold and Lord Frieza are here already, so we can start the feast right away." King Gurio said as they walked into a building with pillars to hold the ceiling in place.

The inside of the building was magnificent to say the least. There was a long table that held many different species of aliens. The room was decorated with oranges, pinks, light blues, purples, reds, and gold. Bulma was amazed by the room that she didn't notice they were already at the table.

She came to then sat down next to Cooler and across from Frieza himself. He was a very short lizard shorter that Vegeta if she thought about it. He looked like his coloring was the exact opposite of Cooler's. She knew that they both were sadistic lizards, but Cooler was much more patient and not as bloodshed filled as his younger brother. Bulma had looked down to situate her skirt so that it at least didn't show anything while she was sitting down, and she looked up to be met with red beady eyes.

"Cooler I see that you have two of the monkey princes, but who is the blue haired monkey?" Frieza asked in his sick feminine voice.

"This is Bulma. She worked with the princes as one of there warriors. She was one of the strongest in their elite army. She was such a rare one that I had to take her for myself. Such a deadly beauty she is. You know like a fresh bloomed flower that has the most wonderful scent, but if you smell right from the flower itself it will poison you and kill you slowly and painfully." Cooler told his brother before he took a sip of his wine.

"So what are their positions in your army brother? One such as herself must be in an important position." Frieza interrogated his brother with a smirk.

"She is my top assassin and the leader of my armored squadron. She can be a ball of pure fire when one of my poor soldiers gets on her bad side. She loves to decapitate them when they cross her wrong, and has killed 25 of my men within six months." Cooler said coolly.

"Has she received any punishment for her actions?" Frieza asked with a smile coming to his lips just thinking about punishing Bulma.

"No, I gave her permission to kill any who try to cause her any harm. She only kills when she feels threatened." Cooler told his brother with a stern tone.

Bulma was getting irritated, because the lizards were holding a conversation about her as if she wasn't even there. She couldn't afford to lose it now there was no way she would come out alive if she tried anything. She had learned how to read Ki on her own without the need for a scouter. She had taught the twins how to do it and told Vegeta how to through their metal link. They had been talking more often, and she wouldn't admit it to him, but he was the only thing keeping her sane in the ship and not going on a killing rampage.

Bulma was beginning to feel claustrophobic even though there was more than enough space in the building. She was feeling sick from being round the lizards and their faithful followers, lucky for her the food was being served.

The dinner had went on without any trace of malice although Cooler and Frieza were getting into a battle of wit and power. Cooler was ready to strangle his younger brother, but he kept his composure. She had come to find out that the spiky pink blob on Frieza's left side was named Dodoria and the tall green reptilian alien, who was on his right, name was Zarbon. They were Frieza's most loyal subjects and also his left and right hands in his army.

Both of them kept their eyes on Bulma while the two galactic tyrants conversed about herself and her abilities. It seemed that they were inspecting Bulma for any hidden talent that seem may have that would lead to their downfall.

She chuckled inside of her head. "If only they all knew how strong I actually am. I may look weak, but I am stronger than most beings."

The dinner came to a close, and it was time for the Saiyans mission to begin. Bulma was swiping invisible dust off of herself, and turned to her brothers.

"Kakarrot and Raditz make sure that our pods and everything is ready for our mission. We will leave three hours after I come back from the tour King Gurio takes me on. Go now, and I will be back before midnight." Bulma ordered them, and they left to start their mission.

"My how does it feel to boss around your race's Princes Bulma?" Zarbon asked with his signature smile.

"I am their team leader so it comes naturally. I was second in command before we began working for Lord Cooler, I was Prince Vegeta's right hand on the special forces team. I have always been in charge of them since I began working with them." Bulma said and then took a sip of her wine.

"So you had special treatment back on your home planet. You must have had a hard time coming into Lord Cooler's ranks." Zarbon said to her.

"Survival of the fittest. Only those strong enough and can adapt to change survive. I will not say that it was easy, but I did work in the lowest class army on Vegeta-Sei. I was leader of a third class squadron, and I was treated harshly because of my rank. I worked hard to get were I am now and I plan to keep working hard in order to stay where I am." Bulma said as she looked Zarbon dead in the eye.

"Well dear, you certainly have the mind set of a warrior." Frieza complimented. "You are a very unique woman, and quite beautiful for a monkey." He then laughed.

Bulma remained quiet for the rest of the night and decided that she would talk to Vegeta when she get back to the ship, but he had a different idea on the matter.

"What are you doing woman?" He asked her.

"I am currently on a mission right now Vegeta and I can't blow my cover." She told him.

"Well what do you have to do for your mission?" He inquired her.

"I have to assassinate the King of Planet Zyon. He is double crossing Cooler by working with Frieza. Cooler wants me to kill him, take as much gold as we can, and then purge the planet." Bulma rolled her eyes and watched as King Cold got up from the table to leave.

"Are you with the lizard now?" Vegeta asked her.

"I am with all of the lizards now." Bulma showed him what she was seeing around her and she heard him grunt in her mind.

"How does Cooler want you to kill the ruler?" Vegeta kept interrogating her.

"He had me dress up in revealing clothes, so that the ruler will lust after me. It worked so after the dinner I have to basically seduce the King and get him to take me to his chambers. Once I am in there I will kill him off." Bulma told her mate her strategy.

"I don't like that plan very much. I don't want his filthy hands on my woman."

"Well that is how it has to be. You can watch as I kill him if you want to?" Bulma said seductively in her mind.

"I think I will enjoy that." Vegeta told her.

"I will keep up the link. Then when I am finished with the mission I will talk to you when I get on the ship and in my quarters. I can't risk anyone knowing of our bond ok?" Bulma asked her mate.

"Alright woman." Vegeta said.

She could still feel their link and it brought her some form of comfort. Frieza and Cooler got up to leave at the same time. Zarbon, Dodoria, and Bulma got up as their masters did.


"Little Brother, until next time."

Before either tyrant could depart King Gurio came up to them.

"Bulma would you like to accompany on a tour around the palace now?" King Gurio asked her.

Bulma looked back to Cooler and her nodded. "I would be honored to King Gurio." Bulma bowed and took the King's arm.

Before she was off she heard Frieza say to Cooler. "She most certainly is a exquisite creature. I am a little jealous of you brother."

The King of Zyon showed Bulma around the palace and now he was showing her around the garden. He brought her to one of his secret places there and was making small moves on her. Bulma caught on to this and used it to her advantage.

Bulma walked up to him, placed her hands on his chest, and let her tail wave back and forth slowly behind her.

"King Gurio can you show me a place that we can have more fun in? I want to know what you do here for fun." Bulma said as she whispered in his ear.

"I think I know exactly where we could have fun my beauty." He said in a sultry tone.

Bulma held back from hurling at the mention of doing anything, with anyone besides her mate. She had to keep herself under control in order to do this flawlessly, she didn't want a repeat of any screw ups.

King Gurio lead her to his personal bed chambers. She had to say that this place was pretty nice. The bed was huge and had silk sheets that were pure black, and dark grey designs on them. The bed had a canopy were you can pulled the curtains closed for privacy. The room's walls were a deep red with gold accenting them.

Bulma heard the door closed and smiled because she could finally kill the sick bastard. She walked slowly to the bed and turned to look at the King. You could see lust and wanting in his eyes so clearly.

Bulma knew that Vegeta could see this and she also knew that he was looking forward to watching him die. She remembered that they had been working on their other bond of seeing everything the other saw as if they were their mate. Bulma told him that she was going to try that instead and he just grunted in response.

She switched over their link and it worked. She smiled and got back to her mission at hand. Bulma walked forward and grabbed a hold of the hem of the King's shirt. He lifted his arms and let her take off his shirt. King Gurio grabbed Bulma by her waist feeling her soft skin. Bulma was repulsed by the touch of him on her skin, but she kept it all in.

She took her tail and softly dragged it down his back causing his skin to prickle where her tail used to be. She turned them around and pushed him back on the bed. He scooted all the way back and watched as Bulma danced a little bit for him.

Bulma swayed her hips side to side, while putting her hands in her hair. She knew what this was doing to the King and smiled in his direction.

"Oh this is going to be a slow and painful death dear King." Bulma thought.

"Make it horrible woman." Vegeta said in her mind.

"I will my prince, just for you." She told him seductively.

Bulma crawled on the bed to him, she was like a lithe wild cat graceful and flexible. The spilt in her skirt made it easy for her to crawl over to him without falling clumsily. She climbed up his body and straddled his waist.

Bulma rubbed her hands down his chest and back up to his neck. She flipped her hair to the side and leaned down to place kisses on his neck. Their skin touched and he gasped from, the heat coming off of her body. Her tail traced lazy circles along his sides and arms.

Bulma kissed along his neck thinking of Vegeta while she was doing to keep herself from throwing up. She then took her sharp canines and lightly scrapped them across his neck. He moaned in her ear and she giggled. She kept it up until she reached his ear.

"Lord Cooler knows you double crossed him." Bulma whispered to him.

King Gurio froze as Bulma's words sunk into his mind.

"W-What do you m-mean? I have never double crossed Lord Cooler." King Gurio stuttered.

Bulma continued her ministrations. "He has proof that you have been doing business with his little brother Frieza. That's why he sent me here to assassinate you." Bulma whispered to him.

King Gurio tried to push Bulma off himself, but she locked his hands in place with her tail. He was about to scream for his guards, yet he couldn't, Bulma put one of her hands over his mouth. She used her other hand to trace circles along his neck, and he began to silently cry.

"Oh don't cry now King Gurio. See Lord Cooler ordered me to kill you, take all of your gold, and purge your planet. See if I were still living on Vegeta-Sei, my mate would have killed you instantly for even looking at me the way you did the whole time during dinner. I don't think you would want to upset him he can be quite cruel. We are actually soul mates, and we can speak to each other telepathically and see what the other is seeing, so he actually saw everything you did and every move you made on me all night." King Gurio's eyes went wide as realization hit him.

"He didn't like that very much. Do you know who my mate is?" Bulma asked him and sat up a bit so she could see his face.

King Gurio shook his head no to answer since she still had her hand over his mouth.

"Prince Vegeta is very possessive of me. Seeing as I am the Future Queen of Vegeta-Sei, and his soul mate. He wanted to kill you quickly when he seen you through my eyes looking at me, with those lust hazed eyes, but I am going to do you a favor. I will kill you slowly and let him watch as the life drains from your eyes." Bulma told him.

Tears began to stream down his face as he knew his death was coming very quickly.

"Lord Cooler doesn't need your planet or resources as of now. My men are currently purging your planet and taking all of your gold as we speak."

King Gurio's tears were coming out harder and fast as he looked at the deadly beauty that was going to take his life painfully.

"Oh no. Now there is no need to cry King Gurio. Think of it this way I am saving you form being killed by Lord Cooler or Frieza himself in the future." Bulma said as she traced her canines across his throat.

King Gurio whimpered as his tears were soaking his sheets and bed. Bulma licked her lips and bit into King Gurio's jugular vein and ripped the skin off of his neck with he teeth. Blood splashed across Bulma's face and body. She couldn't help, but feel an adrenaline rush from seeing all of his life essence everywhere. She tilted her head to the side as his screams went silent, and the life was slowly leaving his eyes.

He choked on his own blood and it splattered Bulma in her face and down her chest. She laughed and loved the feeling of the blood on her skin. Bulma leaned over Gurio and whispered in his ear.

"I'm not done just yet your majesty."

She gathered a bit of her life energy and forced it into the King to keep him alive for a few more minutes. She then placed her hand over his stomach and slowly gather Ki in her hand burning him. His screams remained silent and he couldn't thrash. She kept on like that for a minute and removed her hand from inside is stomach she looked at the broken king and sighed so was bored now. As she placed her hand over his heart he choked again spraying another layer of red blood on her.

"Goodbye King Gurio." Bulma said as she shot a blast through his heart killing him instantly.

"That was real torture. I may just have you torture prisoners of the kingdom for answers since you seem more effective in getting answers." Vegeta spoke in her mind.

"Yeah, but how long will it be before we can rule the planet together Vegeta?" Bulma asked.

"All in do time princess." Vegeta told her back.

"I know. I'm going to finish up here and I will talk to you when I am in my chambers." Bulma told Vegeta and he grunted in reply.

She cut off their mental link and walked out of the chambers where Kakarrot and Raditz were waiting.

"Whoa Bulma! Your covered in blood. What did you do to the guy?" Raditz said with wide eyes.

"I didn't decapitate him if that's what you wanted to know. If you are that curious then look in there and you'll see." Bulma said as she walked down the hall putting her scouter over her ear.

The twins looked in the room to see the carnage Bulma made. They were surprise that the bloodshed was kept in one specific area, the top-middle of the huge bed, where the king's body was. The man had no stomach and his neck was almost gone. There was blood all over the bed around him and the pillows too. They just looked at each other and thought the same thing.

"Never get on her bad side."

Kakarrot was the first to make it to Bulma with Raditz right behind him. Bulma never stopped walking, but she asked them questions.

"What is the status of the mission?"

"We are loading all of the gold into the ship that Cooler sent for us now." Kakarrot reported with a straight face.

"Do we have any soldier casualties?"

"One that Kakarrot killed because he was trying to steal some of the gold for himself." Raditz informed her laughing.

"Well how much longer until we can leave the damn rock?" Bulma asked with irritation.

"About three more minute." Kakarrot said to her.

"Alright well let's get to the ship we should be there by the time all of the gold is loaded onboard." She said and flew to the ship with her brothers behind her.

They made it to the ship just as the last load of gold was put on board. Bulma walked on board the ship with Raditz and Kakarrot flanking her.

"Departure time?" Bulma asked no one in particular.

"One minute and counting ma'am." one soldier next to the control panel informed his temporary leader.

"How long until we make it back to base?" Bulma asked the soldier that had answered her first question.

"Five minutes ma'am. All of the gold is loaded and accounted for." The soldier saluted Bulma and she dismissed him.

"Ugh before I get to take a shower, we have to report into Cooler. Was the any damage that shouldn't have happened?"

"No Bulma everything ran smoothly." Raditz sighed.

"Good." Was all Bulma said before she was off to check everything around the ship.

When the team landed there were plenty of soldiers there to load all of the gold into Cooler's throne room for his approval. Before anyone moved Bulma had stepped off of the ship, and everyone gasped when they seen her appearance, the blood still all over her face and clothes. As she stepped off of the ramp all of the soldiers parted like the red sea when she neared them, afraid of there blood being all over here next.

"What the hell are you all still standing around for? Get your asses moving, I want all of that gold in Lord Cooler's throne room in 5 minutes, or else you will be then next one to die by my hands on this ship!" Bulma yelled at the now scurrying soldiers.

"Yesh Bulma did the King really piss you off that bad?" Raditz asked sarcastically.

"No, I want to get everything over with Cooler, So I can talk to Vegeta tonight." Bulma told him as they arrived before the door s to the throne room.

As the team walked through the doors Kakarrot asked. "I just thought you wanted to get all the blood off of you soon."

"Oh that? It doesn't bother me, because the perverted bastard had it coming." Bulma growled remembering the look in his eyes.

"Oh Bulma you always are so full of life after a mission." Cooler said as he walked from behind his hover throne, and looked at her fully. "I also must say that your new look suits you perfectly. It makes you look even more rare and beautiful."

"Lord Cooler we finished the mission. We had one casualty, one of the foot soldiers was caught by Kakarrot trying to steal some of your gold. Other than that the planet is purged and the main target was annihilated." Bulma told her boss with a stoic face, while standing at attention.

"You three will be rewarded for your missions quick and complete success. Although before you go I have one question to ask Bulma." Cooler said with a curious tone.

"Yes Lord Cooler?" She said still facing the giant lizard tyrant.

"Was Gurio's death slow and painful?" He asked with childlike excitement.

"Yes I tore open his throat letting him bleed out slowly. Then I put some of my energy into him to keep him wake and let him watch as I buried my hand in his stomach while burning him from the inside. I am sorry to inform you Lord Cooler, but since his screams were silent I got bored and killed him with a blast to his heart." Bulma told him while the memories flooded her mind again.

"Oh no Bulma that was better than what I had planned for him. Come back tomorrow after your meal in the mess hall. I have something I need to discuss with you Bulma." Cooler said to her and waved them off as the last of the gold was brought into his throne room.

They walked down the halls and made it to their quarters in a flash. The trio stood there for a moment before Kakarrot turned to Bulma.

"We will come with you tomorrow. I don't have a good feeling about this."

"Yeah, I can't shake the feeling that you will need us." Raditz looked to her with a worried look.

"I don't need you two to come to my rescue I am a big girl. I am not Vega, or your little sister to need to worry over. I can handle myself, just like I have my whole life." Bulma said getting a bit irritated.

She felt like they were questioning her strength, and intellect. She had been just fine before she stepped the royal family came into her life. They had all began babying her, but the only one who seen her as a warrior and fighter was Vegeta, but even he would try and protect her form things she could handle.

"I don't need to be babied. I don't need people to try and help me from things I can do myself!" Bulma yelled getting more angry.

"Look you my not be our little sister, but you are our brother's mate. That makes you more apart of our life and family than living in the palace and being our teammate. We promised your mate that we would protect you from getting hurt and that includes with or without your consent. No one said you can't handle your own, but we think of you as our blood sister so we would die before letting something happen to you." Kakarrot got in Bulma's face, looking into her eyes so that she would realize why they were doing what they were doing.

Bulma had calmed down and she put her head down. She loved these two like blood brothers as well, but she was reminded of her father when they told her that they were coming to protect her. She grabbed Kakarrot's hands off of her shoulders and looked up at him and smirked.

"Fine, you can come with me tomorrow, but you have to stay outside of the door." Bulma said to them earning a giddy smile from Kakarrot.

"I know why you got mad. We didn't realize how much being independent meant to you." Raditz said to her as he put his arms down by his sides.

"S'alright, you two are brothers to me as well. As much as you two get on my last nerve I'm glad to call you idiots brothers." Bulma said as she punched them in their arms.

They both groaned from her punch and she just laughed. They talked for a minute, then Bulma went off for her shower.

She steeped under the water turning it into a crimson river down the drain. She let the heat of the water soak into her skin relaxing her muscles and mind. She began to scrub away the hardened blood and grim when she heard a voice.

"I liked the bloody look on you."

"Ha Ha Vegeta very cute." Bulma said sarcastically in her mind.

"So your mission was a success I take it?" He asked his mate with a concerned expression.

"Yes, it was successful. Kakarrot had to kill off one of the lizards soldiers, but he didn't seem to care."

"One less spineless twit we have to worry about." He snorted in her mind.

Bulma was finished in the shower and hopped out. Being her original color was what she liked best, although she never objected to having blood everywhere. As long as it wasn't hers or anyone she cared for's.

The night went on with Bulma and Vegeta having their normal argumentative conversations until they ended the conversation and she went to sleep.

The next morning went by fast, but to Bulma it seemed to go by slowly. She was walking out of the mess hall and a sinking feeling in her stomach as the twins and herself walked to the lizard's throne room.

They made it to the door and Bulma put up her emotionless mask. She looked into the faces of her brothers and gave a nod and walked inside the dreaded room. The door slide shut behind her and she came to the center of the room facing the back of the hover throne.

It was very quiet in the room and Bulma felt like she was going to throw up because of the feelings rushing into her.

"Bulma do you know why I made the deal with Prince Vegeta to have you and the twin monkeys?" Cooler asked as he got out of his floating chair, and began circling around her, studying her closely.

"You were in need of a special forces team and our record was worthy enough for you to want us on your team." Bulma told him what she knew, but leaving out her other thoughts on the matter.

"Yes, but there is something else that I wanted specifically you for. Do you know what that is?" He kept circling her.

"No Lord Cooler." Bulma told him, but she had the feeling it was for her body.

He stopped in front of her and had a stoic expression on his face. "When I had come off of my fathers ship, the first thing I had noticed was a blue haired, blue eyed being n Saiyan armor. I quickly disregarded you until Queen Nova told you to order the servant to prepare a dinner for my father, and I. I seen that you were a Saiyan yourself with your tail and all, but I also seen this fire in your eyes. Even during the dinner you had this fire that intrigued me."

Cooler then crossed his arms over his chest and took one hand, starting to stroke his chin as if her were in deep thought.

"When I asked for the Princes and also yourself, and Vegeta agreed that same fire burned even brighter. That fire is what made me want you, and it has grown even more since you stepped foot on this ship. I know that you hold a form of resentment towards me for taking you away form your home planet. I would resent myself as well, if the same thing happened to me." He told Bulma with a small fake sad expression, then continued to walk behind her.

"Also recently you have been being a bit rebellious around the ship. You see my dear pet, it all comes down to one thing that I want to do with you."

Cooler whispered in her ear from behind. "I plan on breaking you and extinguishing that fire."

He kicked Bulma in her back and she flew into the giant window with a loud bang. When she stood up Cooler was already there and began to punch her in the stomach, with a hidden fury he had for the whole Saiyan race.

Bulma knew not to cry or make any kind of noise, but her stomach felt like it was going to fall out of her torso. Cooler slapped her to the ground on the other side of the room, earning himself a gasp from her.

"Did I just hear a noise from you my dear pet? I want to hear that noise again." Cooler told her while walking towards her.

Bulma kept her mouth closed as he beat her with his fists and wouldn't allow him to hear her pain. Cooler was getting angry and decided to blast Bulma in the shoulder. He then used the time where she was stunned to kick her to the ground and made Ki rings to hold her in place on the floor.

"Oh Bulma I am going to hear you make some kind of noise for me. Even if that means that you are on the brink of death. You will beg for your life!" Cooler yelled and then blasted her in the stomach.

Bulma's armor hadn't held up from the onslaught of punches he delivered to her earlier. The top of her spandex had a giant hole over he stomach from the blast, the bottoms were torn all over her legs where she had cuts from his tail and being thrown everywhere.

Bulma could tell from Kakarrot and Raditz wanted to help, but she told them when they woke up that if anything happened to her to just have Kakarrot go to the med bay and have the doctor start a Regen tank for her, while Raditz brought her there when Cooler finally let her go.

Cooler took his tail and whipped Bulma across her chest and legs some more. Bulma wanted to curl in on herself, but the Ki rings were preventing her from doing so. The more Bulma moved the more her wrists and ankles were stripped raw by the rings. Cooler laughed and Bulma looked into his eyes with pure hate.

"Oh there is that fire again, just begging to be burnt out!" Cooler said excitedly, as he kicked Bulma in her ribs.

She gritted her teeth and struggled to hold in a whimper, but kept it in her throat. He walked around her once and then knelt down and grabbed her right thigh. He began to burn her thigh with the blast and she held back tears from the pain. Bulma smelled her own flesh burning and held back the bile threatening to raise in her throat. Cooler grabbed her left foot and twisted it to the left.


Tears streamed down Bulma's face as he broke her ankle. She wanted to scream so bad, but she didn't want him to have the pleasure of hearing her.

"Mmm, your tears smell so sweet to me monkey, I want to smell some more." He laughed.

Cooler began to burn Bulma all over her body except for her swollen face. Her legs, chest arms, and stomach were severely burned, but she still had not screamed only had silent tears.

"I guess I will just have to find another thing to do to you until you scream." He told her with annoyance in his voice.

Cooler kicked Bulma in her face and her head snapped in the other direction her jaw was fractured and she knew it. He then walked back to her lower half and placed his foot lightly on her already beyond, burned left thigh.

"Say goodbye to this bone." Cooler said as he pressed down on her leg and broke her femur in half.

Bulma couldn't help but gasp as she tried to curl in a ball for the millionth time. The pain radiating from her left leg was just to much to bare, along with all of her burnt flesh. She had thrown up all of her stomach that was burned by the acid. Her wrists and ankles were completely raw and bleeding. He kicked her on the right side again breaking another on of her ribs.

Cooler grabbed her by the throat and began to burn her with Ki like he did the last time, but this time the Ki was intensified.

"Why won't you scream!?" Cooler screeched at her face.

Cooler put his foot on her sternum and pressed down with fury. Bulma was trying to resist, but she could only stay I the same place and try to take the pain. Her ribs fractured but her sternum wasn't that lucky, it broke. All of the air in Bulma's lungs left her and her body began to convulse. She passed out from the pain, only to be woken up seconds later by a slap to the face.

"Oh you are not allowed to sleep yet monkey." Cooler commanded her.

He stood on her right side and kicked her with all his might in her hip. He almost won and she silently screamed, as she felt her hip crack from the force of the blow.

"All I want to do is hear you scream and you won't give me that pleasure. Cooler said with anger as tears streaked her face and convulsed again as he put pressure on her now broken hip.

The pain was to much for her to bare and she passed out again. Cooler looked at his handy work and frowned, if only he could get her to beg or scream for him. He looked at her again and seen all the blood on the floor and his frown deepened.

"Well we can have you dying on me my little pet. You are on the brink of death after all like I promised." Cooler said as he walked to his throne and sat on it.

He pressed a button on the armrest of the chair.

"Are the twin monkeys out there?" He asked the soldier that guarded the door.

"One of them Lord Cooler."

"Good have him come and take his leader to the med bay." Cooler said and sipped on his wine as Raditz came in and gasped.

Cooler smirked. Bulma was beaten to the point where her body was mangled and bruised. He heard no movement and frowned slightly.

"She is on the brink of death and if she doesn't get into a tank she will die. Are you to stupid of a monkey in order to understand that? Take her to the med bay before she dies or I will end up beating you beyond recognition!" Cooler yelled at the second oldest Saiyan Prince.

Raditz quickly picked Bulma up, and rushed to the med bay. His twin grasped and held himself back from throwing up when he seen Bulma. They put her into a tank and the doctors quickly hooked her up to plenty of wires and monitors. The doctors told them that Bulma was horribly beaten, that all of her injuries were severe, and she would have to stay in the tank for a week. The doctors had to completely heal her whole body from all of the injuries, so they had to put the maximum amount of medicine in her tank, but it would still take a week for her to heal, even with her Saiyan healing ability.

It was the day that she was to be getting out of the tank and she looked like her old self again. Her skin was still flawless, thanks to the tanks medicine, and her bones were healed.

"She is going to be so much stronger when she gets out of there." Kakarrot told his twin through their special metal link.

"Yeah I know, that will be the only good thing that will happen from this. If he keeps on beating her like this she will be able to take him down within the next two years." Raditz replied.

Bulma had one more hour left and then she would be able to get out of the tank. The twins looked to her and she began twitching violently and they became worried.

"Why is she convulsing?" Raditz yelled at the doctors that came over and began to press buttons on the screen that controlled her tank.

"She is dreaming of the beating and she is felling the pain. She has done this seven other times since she has been in there, she has even stopped breathing one time. Lord Cooler almost killed her, and she remembering it in her dream as if it was still happening." The red skinned doctor that had dealt with the first beating she had gotten from Cooler informed her brothers.

The doctor took it upon himself to deal with the Saiyans injuries, and cared for them knowing the hardships that Cooler was putting them through. Cooler began to beat o the twin princes to make up for Bulma while she was still healing. Their injuries were small and nothing compared to Bulma. Even though they had stuff to do around the ship, the duo still came to see their sister at least once every day since she was in there.

"Will she be fine she gets out of there?" Kakarrot asked them clearly worried about her.

"She will have nightmares from the incident, but other than that she will not be physically hurt. She will come out better than before. Now how about you come over here and let me check on that cut on your side." The doctor told him.

Kakarrot got up on the metal examination table and held his right arm up. Yesterday Cooler had whipped him to take out his anger on him for Bulma taking to long in the tanks. It didn't hurt anymore so he guessed that the crème that the doctor put on it helped to speed up the healing.

The doctor unwrapped the bandage from around the youngest prince's torso. As he poked and examined the wound he smiled and scratched his silver hair.

"Alright your good to go. The crème helped to heal the wound faster, so you are completely healed now."

"Good thanks, Sakura." Kakarrot told the doctor using his name.

The trio waited for half an hour before Bulma began to twitch again, but this time slightly. They all looked up at her from there spot against the wall as she stirred. Sakura went to press some buttons on the screen to her tank when Raditz held him back.

"Hold on, let's see what happens first." Raditz whispered as he stared at his sister.

Bulma stirred before she slowly opened her eyes, under the face mask. She looked like she couldn't see anything and moved around some more in the floating water. She was still in a dream, but her eyes were open, and she let go of her Ki suppression. She shook again, but then she passed back out and suppressed her Ki again

Kakarrot's eyes widened and he looked to Raditz who shared the same look as him.

"Did you feel her power?!" Kakarrot asked his twin.

"Yeah she is going to be so strong when she gets out of there. I wonder if the scouters caught that, but she raised it and lowered it so fast, they probably didn't" Raditz answered his twin.

Time passes and Bulma ended up waking up for real this time. She smirked when she seen the princes waiting on her. She felt a pain in the right side of her hip, and she frowned at her doctor.

"You are experiencing some minor pains, but they will subside when you get back to walking around. It is your mind that is trying to comprehend that you are healed now." Sakura's voice sounded inside her tank.

Bulma nodded slowly and just relaxed as her body completed healing itself.

While she was in the tank she kept having the same dream of Cooler beating her, but instead of it being her it was a younger version of herself. She was confused because she couldn't understand why she would see a look-alike instead of herself. Bulma didn't feel like it was an out of body dream. She had this heart breaking feeling as Cooler was beating on her look-alike, and it angered her beyond belief. Before the dream would fade her look-alike would look to her with pleading eyes crying begging Bulma to save her from the lizard.

Then her dream would change to her being on Vegeta-Sei and she was running from Vegeta and a little boy who looked like him, but his hair was different. She couldn't really see what his hair looked like, but she knew he looked like Vegeta. The little boy was laughing and trying to grab Bulma, but she just giggled and would turn running from the duo in another direction. She made it to the garden and stopped when she thought she lost them. They came from the sky and caught her just as the little one was about to say something the dream changed again.

The last part of the dream made her sick and rage filled. Vegeta was fighting with Cooler trying to protect her and he was beaten pretty badly. There was something different about Vegeta that she couldn't place since the dream was in a dark place. She tried to yell at him and tell him to move, but he wouldn't listen. Cooler looked at her and smirked then he lifter his hand and shot a tiny blast in her direction. She closed her eyes bracing herself for the pain, but it never came. She opened her eyes to see Vegeta with a hole in his chest, but it was more towards his shoulder than anything. He was bleeding out and she thought that he was going to die, so she began to cry.

He would reach out and hold her face and then ask. "Are they ok, are they safe?"

She would automatically answer. "They are fine your parents have them."

"Good, give him hell princess." He would tell her and then his eyes would close and she would cry.

Bulma looked to Cooler and rage would fill her. She began to shake and scream in her dreams and clench her jaw and fist tightly as the rage took over her mind and body. She felt this power right in front of herself and thought about how Vegeta wasn't with her anymore how she lost her soul mate. Then damn broke and this power began to fill her, but before it could truly fill her, the dream stopped and her mind went black.

When she got out of the tank she noticed the new armor waiting for her. She picked them up and walked out of the med bay. The twins jogged after her, nodding to the doctor in a way of thanks. They caught up to Bulma when she was half way to their quarters. They looked her over and didn't see any scars on her skin so that made them feel a bit better. While they were walking they noticed that Bulma was wringing her wrist lightly.

"What's the matter B?" Kakarrot asked her.

"Just having a ghost pain in my wrist. It's nothing to worry about, it's just annoying." She told them.

They made it to their quarters and she went into her room and walked into her bathroom in order to shower the liquid meds out of her hair and off her body. When she was finished she got dressed and laid down on her bed. She was beginning to drift off to sleep when she her chest stung from the ghost injuries.

She had to breath calmly and decided to go and train to get her body back in order so it would quit tricking itself.

She was doing simple exercise, before Vegeta decided to talk to her.

"What in the hell has happened to you!? I have been seeing random things from you about eight times for the past week. What is going on?" Vegeta practically yelled at her in her mind.

"I got sick in another planet and had to be put in the tank for a week. What you saw were glimpses of my dreams." She told him stopping her work out just as her body felt like it was back to normal.

"So you aren't sick anymore?" Vegeta asked with a hint of worry in his tone.

"I am fine now. Don't get all soft on me now." Bulma smirked and she heard him grunt in her mind.

She talked with him for the rest of the night lying to him about what really happened to her, and her dreams as well. She was beyond tired even though she was sleep for the past week. Before she would allow herself to go to sleep she trained harshly before she went back to her quarters.

She had the same dream that night and woke up screaming. Raditz and Kakarrot burst into her room with their Ki in their hands ready to kill the intruder. When they seen that no one was in the room with her they looked to their older sister with worry in their eyes.

"What were you creaming for B?" Raditz asked her.

"I keep having this dream and I just don't understand it. It scares me, but it also makes me so mad." She slammed her fists into her bed and frowned.

"Tell us about it and maybe that will help." Kakarrot told her.

Bulma nodded and told them about her dreams and they looked to her shocked. They were as confused as her, but they tried to tell her what they thought it could possibly mean. They ended up in the living room of their quarters and all fell asleep on the floor or couches.

Morning came and they were assigned a mission and the twins were excited to get off of the ship. Bulma was more excited then the duo, but she decided not to show it. Once they were on the planet, after three months in stasis sleep, they completed their mission within a week and without and injuries. Bulma loved her now found strength, but decided not to use it because Cooler could see all of the reading on their scouters.

When the trio met up Bulma shot their scouters off their faces, breaking them, and crushed hers.

"Hey what was that for?" Kakarrot yelled at Bulma.

"I want to test how strong I got, but I can't do that with the scouters working. Cooler would just see the readings and try to kill me in fear of me becoming stronger than him."

"Well what are you waiting for now? Power up let's see how strong you got." Raditz smirked and crossed his arms over his chest.

Bulma walked a couple feet away from the twins and began to power up. She quickly rose over her old power level and kept rising. Rocks were levitating in the air around Bulma her power kept surging, and her dark purple aura surrounded her. She had stopped yelling when she reached her limit and held it there. Bulma smirk when she saw their faces and laughed at them.

"Wow B, you got real strong from that. You probably passed Vegeta." Kakarrot said from his seat on the ground.

"I don't know he is a training freak so he could be at the same level as me still." Bulma said as she went back to her base power and then suppressed it again, but only allowing a little more, because Cooler knew about Saiyan gaining power after being beaten badly.

The crew left the next day only for Bulma to get beaten again. He kept on trying to get her to scream and beg for him to stop. The beating wasn't as bad as last time, but she couldn't walk on her own afterwards. Cooler had decided to only let half way in the tank, before he commanded the doctors bring her to him so he could beat her some more. After he was done he had them bring her back so that she could heal completely then go and do a mission. The beatings varied depending on how mad he was. She had become his personal punching bag. The beatings became routine. If she wasn't being beat she was either in the tanks or in her room healing from them. If neither of those were happening she was able to train with the twins, or she was on a mission with them.

The twins took beatings as well, sometimes they were harsh like hers, although they were beat horribly. Just some minor burns and lots of bruises and a broken rib or two. They could handle those, but they just worried about Bulma while everything happened.

She still had her dreams, but they would calm down and then intensify after beatings. More parts began to add to the dream and some made her smile while others made her mad or sick. Bulma felt like she was going to snap and kill every soldiers within a five feet radius of her most of the time.

But there were only two things they kept her going through the pain and suffering. The first one was that she had the twins to help when she needed it. The last thing was that her prince was waiting for her back on her home planet. That kept her going and staying sane. He was the reason Cooler could extinguish her fire, and she would never let Cooler snuff it out.

Little did he know Bulma and the twins were gaining strength from every near death beating he gave them. For Bulma that was five times a month when she was on the ship.

"Cooler you will never break me!" Bulma screamed in her mind as walked in to the throne room, for one of the worst beatings she has had since they started three months ago.

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