Hey guys, I'm not sure how many chapters there will be but I'm already working on the third one. If you've watched the GameBang where they played Just Dance 4 then you'll understand where I got this from and if not then you're missing out because it's hilarious! Anyway I hope you enjoy it and leave reviews etc. if you like it.

Anthony doesn't ship Iancorn- Chapter 1

Filming Gamebang

"Ian and Lasercorn got the lowest scores so now they'll be doing a romantic duet together!" Jovenshire exclaimed, already in hysterics as he imagined how it would turn out. Everyone else was also in hysterics, well except for one person. Anthony. He sat there in stony silence, shooting daggers with his eyes at Ian and Lasercorn as they got ready to start their dance, clearly not amused. Oblivious to Anthony's glares, Ian and Lasercorn started their dance which produced a lot of childish giggling from Jovenshire. The song that had been chosen was "Time of my life" from Dirty Dancing, which was very ironic in Anthony's case.

"So is this the start of Iancorn?" Mari said as Lasercorn dipped Ian, which produced more laughter from the Smosh games crew.

"Hey Ian," Lasercorn said as they shimmied around each other. "Will you go steady with me?"

"You know it," Ian joked with a smile.

They continued their dance and Lasercorn then twirled Ian around and kissed his hand which caused Ian to squeal in surprise (A/N: he actually kissed Ian's hand xD). Sohinki, Mari and Jovenshire erupted into a fit of laughter at how much the dancing pair was actually enjoying their forfeit, one again completely unaware that Anthony had not joined in with the laughter. He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fists, trying to steady his breathing and control himself before he did anything reckless. It wasn't easy, considering all he could here was Jovenshire fangirling about the whole event.

"I have the most awkward boner right now!" Jovenshire exclaimed, to which Mari half laughed and half groaned in disgust. Sohinki was also disgusted by this.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna move over here..." Sohinki said, slightly creeped out at the fact that Jovenshire was turned on by this. He moved up to sit next to Anthony, away from the squealing fangirl known as Jovenshire. Anthony just tutted and continued his breathing exercises, he just had to stay in control of his emotions or things would fall apart. But then the lift came.

"Oh my god they're gonna have to do a lift!" Mari shouted as Anthony stared in horror at the upcoming moves on the screen. Lasercorn proceeded to lift up Ian, which caused an uproar of laughter and squealing.

"You just grabbed my gouch!" Ian yelled as Lasercorn put him back down, or nearly dropped him anyway. But he was still grinning at the hilarity of the situation which was more than what Anthony could stand. He just couldn't take it anymore. He stood up angrily whilst shouting:

"If you're so good for each other then why don't just get married for fuck's sake!" He stormed out of the room and slammed the door shut, leaving a sense of awkwardness in the room as the song ended and everyone was silent. Ian and Lasercorn gave each other confused looks that said "What the hell just happened?!" whilst Jovenshire cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Well... this video isn't gonna edit itself," Jovenshire said, eager to get away from this awkward situation.

"I'll help you," Sohinki said immediately afterwards, rushing to grab the camera at the front of the room and hurrying out of the door with Jovenshire following close behind.

"Guess I'll see you guys next week," Mari said to Ian and Lasercorn, not quite being able to meet their gaze. Ian and Lasercorn were left standing together in the middle of the room, alone.

"Man, do we know how to clear a room!" Ian joked, attempting to relieve the tension. This only earned a slight chuckle from Lasercorn before he sighed at how this week's GameBang had turned out.

"I think you better go check on Anthony," Lasercorn suggested.

"Why me? You were part of it to!" Ian protested, not wanting to be the one to get his head chewed off by Anthony.

"Because you're his best friend. You know him best and if he's gonna open up to anyone, then it's gonna be you." Lasercorn stated, relieved that he had gotten himself out of the drama. Ian let out a groan of annoyance, knowing that Lasercorn was right yet again.

"Fine I'll go talk to him. But if I don't make it back perfectly intact, I'm holding you responsible!" Ian said before exiting the room. Now where could Anthony have gone? He opened the doors of several different rooms in the corridor before remembering what Anthony liked to do on the rare occasions when he lost control of his anger. Ian ran towards the door that led to the parking lot, and continued running until he got to the huge park that was a few blocks away from SmoshGames HQ. He scanned the park until his eyes came to rest on a man perched at the top of a tall tree. Knew it! He was relieved Anthony was safe and hadn't done anything stupid and ran up to the tree, ready to interrogate Anthony about his actions. Upon hearing the quick footsteps hurrying towards him, Anthony looked down and saw a man with a bowl haircut looking up at him. Why does he have to know me so well?! I didn't want him to find me here!

"Anthony what the hell is wrong with you?!" Ian demanded. "One minute we're filming Gamebang and everyone's laughing and the next minute you decide to have a tantrum and storm out?!"

"Ian, seriously go away!" Anthony shouted back. He was disappointed in his friend, he thought Ian would have at least acted a bit more sympathetic instead of just reprimanding him. Ian realised he was being a bit hard on Anthony when he saw his facial expression and softened his tone of voice.

"I'm sorry it's just...You're normally so calm and I don't even know what happened that made you so angry. When you just suddenly stormed out of the door during the middle of filming, I was just worried about you, you know?" Ian explained apologetically. "Now can you please come down so we can talk properly?"

"No, I like it up here," Anthony responded, still annoyed at Ian for what he had said earlier.

"Well I'm not gonna stand here waiting for you to come down when you're just acting like a stubborn three year old. Let me know when you've grown up by a couple of decades!" Ian said before walking back the way he came. It's no use trying talk to him when he's in this mood.