Ok, now that I'm gonna put effort in my stories, I want to have no bad reviews, so I deleted the other one. I'm starting fresh, so here it goes.

I have seen gods rise, but more than that, I have seen gods fall. They have been felled by their own foolishness, slaughtered by their own kind-me. They refused to accept that it was destiny for death and destruction to rule the universe, that it was our duty to conquer all life, to ascend to the realms that only that fool Chaos Himself could have imagined. Yet they refused it-they abandoned their birthright, in doing so, yielded themselves to me.

Once I called them my brothers. We did not share blood, but we lived together, fought together, evolved together. Yet when I continued our glory, they denounced me, called me a traitor, fought me...and died for it...as they deserved. My own love, Light, the builder of Weapons, the one, the only, I would have died for...she left me to fend for myself. She would not accept me, would not give me her love. She was brainwashed by those fools into abandoning me.

My brothers met me on the battlefield. My army stood behind me, ready to follow me to victory. The star shone in the sky, blazing with the fire that coursed through my body. I charged raised my Spear...and struck down my brothers. One by one, they fell, their own soldiers dropping like cowards. They were doomed, yet they defied me, the fools...what they called bravery, I called stupidity. I was so sure I would have the universe, that I would become that same God that Order and Chaos were...my brothers and I, we called ourselves gods, but they had the weaknesses of any mortal. They regrouped, attacked together, without the honor of a true warrior, overcame me.

I was banished to a world that I did not know, away from the future that awaited me. They disappeared, to where I did not know, nor did I care. For millenia I lived in exile, with no one to turn to...even my love had betrayed me. It taught me that machines needed only to love one thing-power, what they craved. I wanted power, I was so close to it...and yet so far. My luck turned when I was freed by that fool Thanatos. He calls himself a tyrant, yet he is but my servant, my slave...he is my Messenger to the mortal worlds. He is the Lord of Death-I am the God of Death.

Now, after so many years, I stand before the mortal worlds, a particular one called the Underland. These...insects...vile, insects that call themselves humans...they think they are so advanced. Yet, they only wage war with swords and shields...as well as a slightly more durable version of skin they don themsleves, called armor.

They are destructive to many other beings in the pathetic Underland, but I am apathetic to this destruction. But I crave death to happen all around me. None of these creatures has any right to live out such a wretched, pitiable existence. My anger is exerted when I think of their failure...and only one option crosses my mind.

The death of all beings in the Underland.