note: hey,this plot bunny came to me after re reading the bit in insurgent where Tobias is under truth serum and admits he would have left dauntless and became factionless if it wasn't for Tris, and its been bugging me ever since, so enjoy!

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Beatrice passes the factionless every day.

That's why she carries extra food in her bag, it was to give to the poor souls sitting on the side of the street, but she had now passed abnegation initiation and on more than one occasion, she had ended up giving the factionless her lunch, she was selfless like that.

She could see three factionless people lying next to the building she was approaching, she fiddled for three bags of apples in her grey satchel.

The first factionless was a child who looked like she had lived through no more than seven summers.

Her sunken face and tear streaked cheeks teased Beatrice.

Come on Beatrice they called

I deserve so much more than just a measly bag of apples.

Don't be selfish Beatrice.

She approached the child, the girl looked up.

"excuse me miss, do you happen to have any food?" the girl asked, her voice was like honey, sweet and rich, but Beatrice could bet that too much would make her sick.

"As a matter of fact, I do." Beatrice said, trying to muster up a smile.

She handed the girl a bag of apples.

The girl looked at her with large honey brown eyes.

"Thank you miss." She said, before taking an apple and nibbling on it.

But the girls face taunted her again.

Come on, do you really think some apples will fill me up? I'll be eating these for the next two weeks. So much for variety.

Beatrice ignored her thoughts.

"You're very welcome." She said.

Selfish, replied the voice in her head.

The next person she encountered was and older man.

"Excuse me miss, do you happen to have any food?"

Those were the lines all the factionless used when they wanted some food, Beatrice was used to it; she had another five bags of apples in her satchel.

She handed one to the man.

"Oh, I've had so many apples in my time, not much else, and these won't really fill me up, I wish I had a real lunch, brown bread… nice chicken breast, maybe some peas." The factionless man said dreamily

Beatrice knew that the factionless man knew that that was the food she had packed for her lunch.

Beatrice felt she was being manipulated, the factionless man, knew exactly where to hit her.

"How lovely." She said through gritted teeth "maybe one day you'll get your dream… well. Enjoy your apples."

She walked away from the man, but not far enough that she hadn't heard him say.

"Fat excuse for abnegation you are."

She held her head high and continued walking.

Beatrice almost walked straight past the third factionless. She hadn't been asked for food, but this happened before, no matter how rarely, Beatrice knew what to do.

She walked back to the man, who looked no older than she was, he had his legs curled into himself and his forearms rested on his knees, his head was down on his forearms, she saw his dark hair which looked like it hadn't been washed in a while, but then again, where would a factionless person go to shower?

Beatrice could tell from the size of his legs and torso that he was very tall, and his arms were long and thick, he could have once been in dauntless.

"Excuse me sir," Beatrice started, when he did not tally, she continued "do you want some food?"

"no." he replied simply, not lifting his head or moving from his position, his voice was strong and deep.

Beatrice was taken aback, no factionless had ever replied "no" before.

"Really…" she said nervously, "I have apples, you could even have a sandwich from my lunch if you want." She said, trying to coax him into talking up her offer.

He laughed, it was a deep musical sound, and still, he did not lift his head up.

"I'm not that desperate," he said.


His head whipped up quickly and swiftly, she gasped, he had the deepest darkest eyes she had seen in her life, he had slight stubble coming in, covering his strong jawline, and he was easily the most handsome man she had ever seen.

But she wouldn't let that faze her.

"Are you sure?"

He stood up, she was right, he was tall, he easily towered over her.

In one swift motion, twisted her arm around her back and pinned her to the wall.

She panicked.

He spoke in a low whisper, but still undeniably harsh.

"I said, I don't want any food, I'm not desperate, none of us are, and I could easily dislocate your shoulder right now if you try to argue."

That confused Beatrice, what did he mean "none of us are"? Of course they were desperate; they were factionless for god's sake.

He twisted her arm a little, she winced in pain.

Her heart thumped in her chest, her hands were wet with sweat, she didn't know this feeling very well, but she knew what it was.


And the only way to get out of this was to conquer it.

Quickly, she elbowed him in the chest, stunning him so he let go of her arm, she suddenly turned around and pinned him to the wall opposite.

She expected him to be angry, but he just raised his eyebrows in amusement,

"Pretty good for a stiff," he remarked, nodding in approval

She said nothing

"I thought stiffs aren't meant to hurt people."

That made her feel a little bad but she didn't loosen her grip.

"Are you sure you don't want any food?" she said, smirking

He shook his head and smiled.

"I like you, what's your name?"

"Beatrice," she replied. Looking at his collarbone, where his shirt sagged just enough for her to see a tattoo of the abnegation sign, which really contradicted itself, only the dauntless had tattoos but why would he have one of the abnegation sign?

"I don't like that name, it's a stiff name, I'm going to call you Tris, I'm four by the way."

"Four?" she scoffed "like the number?"

"Yes do you have a problem?" he challenged.

"As a matter of fact I do, that's a stupid name, do your parents hate you or something?"

His eyes darkened, and his playful smile dropped. Beatrice was suddenly afraid she had done something wrong.

She was suddenly aware how close she was to the factionless man "four" the abnegation don't gossip, but if someone saw her, shed be that talk of the town.

"See you soon four." She said, letting go of him

"See you soon dauntless." He replied as she walked away, a ghost of a smile on his face.

Dauntless? He knew she wasn't dauntless, he even called her stiff, was that just a Freudian slip? Beatrice doubted it, he sounded so sure of himself.

As Beatrice walked away, she wondered if she would really be seeing "four" soon.