"love is many things- none of them are logical"

-William Goldman "the princess bride"

Beatrice watched the Dauntless jump off the train, screaming with adrenaline, she wondered what it would be like to be Dauntless, to jump of trains and buildings every day.

To be free.

No Beatrice, no jealousy, jealousy is selfish.

She had been thinking like that ever since she met the factionless man "Four" he had said "see you soon"

She hadn't.

It had been four months since she met him, she found herself carrying an extra sandwich every day for him just in case she saw him. She had also found herself getting more and more selfish.

Why did she even care so much anyway, he pinned her against a wall and threatened to beat the crap out of her, really she should be happy she hadn't seen him, help avoid serious injury.

Still, the weight of the extra sandwich in her sack thought otherwise.

Beatrice liked the smell of wet pavement, it was raining and she found herself walking slower breathing in the gritty smell of rainwater and pavement.

Or it could be because she was passing the area where she met Four.

No, she was definitely walking slower so she could inhale the scent of wet pavement.


She passed the exact spot where she met Four, and looked around discreetly for the tall silhouette of the factionless man.

He wasn't there.

She stood there for around five seconds, as if he was magically going to sense she was there and appear out of nowhere.

If he actually wanted to see her.

She shouldn't expect things from people, that was selfish.

A voice tore her from her thoughts, she aware that she had been standing in the same spot for much longer than five seconds.

"Waiting for someone?" The voice called out

She recognised the unique deep timbre of that voice, the musical sound hitting her ears.

She whipped around.



"That's me." He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Why don't you come spend some time with me? It's almost lunch anyway."

Beatrice tried to ignore the shameless flirting; he was just trying to provoke her.

Yet, the shameless flirting made her heart race.

"Only if you don't pin me to a wall and threaten to beat the crap out of me." She said, more confident than she felt.

He chuckled "scared much?"

"Nope, just trying to avoid a trip to the hospital."

"Shouldn't you agree to my invitation straight away? You're Abnegation."

"Yeah, well I was never really cut out for my faction." Beatrice said, instantly covering her mouth with her hand, she had just revealed one of her biggest secrets to an almost stranger in passing conversation!

"Oh, I already knew that." He replied, letting it slide.

What's that supposed to mean?

Beatrice decided to ignore the last part of the conversion.

"So…Tris, you coming?"

Beatrice whipped her head around, she surveyed her surroundings, as far as she could tell, they were alone. Who is he even talking to?

"Who are you even talking to?" she asked, her voice laced with confusion.

"I'm talking to the pavement." He said bluntly, Beatrice didn't miss the roll of his eyes.

"Oh, right… Tris, Beatrice, I get it." She said, deciding she liked the name Tris better, even if it sounded more Dauntless than Abnegation.

He gave her half smile. "What are you talking about? I said I was talking to the pavement."

Be-Tris couldn't stop the chuckle that escaped her mouth.

"You think you're so clever." Beatrice said. "Note my use of the word "think""

"Hey, you're just as bad as me" Four said, his hand reached out to touch something, she watched his and in wonder, what was he going to do?

He touched her shoulder.

. .

She filched and took a step back, blinking at him.

He sighed. "Sometimes… I forget you're a stiff." He said, shaking his head "just come with me."

Cautiously, Tris (who liked the way the name Tris rolled of her tongue) followed four to the corner where she first met him, it wasn't ideal, but the roof of the building jutted out over the corner, shielding them from the wind and rain.

Besides, Tris could smell the wet pavement from here.

Tris liked the smell of wet pavement.

Four whipped around to look at her.

"So do I." he said

"So do you what?" Tris replied.

"Like the smell of wet pavement."

Did she really say that out loud?

Oh god.

Four and Tris sat down on the wet pavement, they both inhaled the scent at the same time.

"You got any food in that sack of yours?" four asked

"Well, yeah, I have an extra sandwich, I hope you like chicken." Tris replied, reaching into her sack for the extra sandwich she carried around just for a moment like this,

"Yeah, chicken is good." Four said looking slightly uncomfortable in having to ask for food "why do you have an extra sandwich anyway? Expecting someone?"

"Abnegation always carry extra food." Tris said, trying to avoid a wonderfully awkward admission.

"Yeah, but not sandwiches," Four persisted.

"Do you want food of not? Just drop it." Tris snapped

Four held his hands up in mock surrender, Tris reluctantly handed him a sandwich that was meant for him anyway and took her own.

"Thank you." He said

Thanking people before eating food. An abnegation trait.

Four was more complicated than she originally thought.


They finished most of Tris' food, leaving only a few bags of apples for other factionless people.

"My lunch hour is almost over, I better go," Tris said.

"That's cool. What do you do again?" Four asked, rubbing his hands together for warmth, the weather had taken a turn for the worse.

Tris gave him a lopsided smile.

"Supplying food to the factionless."

Four grinned, he seldom grinned, this was a rare occurrence, and his whole face (including the deep blue eyes" lit up.

He looked even handsomer when he smiled.

Nope. Shake the unhealthy thoughts away, Tris.

"You're good at your job." Said Four

"I like to think so," Tris said as she gathered her stuff up to go.

"Goodbye Four."

"Goodbye… Dauntless."

Again with the Dauntless? She decided not to question him on it as she walked away.

For the first time in ages, she felt truly happy.

As she walked away, Tris breathed in the smell of wet pavement.

Tris liked the smell of wet pavement.