Chapter 1

It's been three weeks.

Three weeks and still no change in his condition. And each day, Fitz's condition received less attention from the media, less urgency and heartbreak from the American people. As people began to move on and focus on supporting President Langston, Olivia realized that people have given up hope.

Where was their staying power?

What happened to sticking next to someone no matter what, until there was nothing left to hold on to? It was 3 o'clock in the morning and Liv was still standing vigil by Fitz's side. Mellie visited daily for about an hour to keep up appearances but even she had begun to move on with her life as well. But for Liv, it was far different. Life didn't just go on, it stayed still. It stopped completely and it would not start up again until he opened his eyes and she heard his voice.

"I regret not telling you how much I love you," Liv whispered, curled up at Fitz's side on the hospital bed, one hand curled in his unresponsive one. "You always declared your feelings for me so freely, but I was more reluctant with my affections. But I promise you that if you wake up for me, I will tell you everyday how much you mean to me. How much I value you." she paused, looking up at his face.

"I would give up the whole world if I could see you smile again," she finished quietly.

Liv started to drift off but was startled awake. She didn't know what had woken her until she felt it again.


Liv looked down at Fitz's hand and saw that it was curling against hers. She jumped up and looked at his face.

"Fitz?" she choked out, too afraid to hope.

His eyes started to open, then close again. Liv ran and yelled for the doctor as she felt time start back up again.

The doctor rushed in and placed the stethoscope against Fitz's chest, listening to his heartbeat and his lungs. Taking out a pen light, he flicked the light against Fitz's eyes as they opened again.

"Mr. President?" he asked, "Mr. President, can you hear me? My name is Dr. Michael Stanley. You're at First Memorial Hospital," he said.

Fitz began to blink more rapidly and his eyes opened fully as he looked around. He tried to speak as he focused on the doctor, but couldn't get any words out. The doctor ordered the nurse to quickly grab some ice chips for the president and she went out immediately.

Liv's heart was pounding hard in her chest but she didn't dare breathe. 'He's awake,' she thought happily. She moved to his side and lightly touched his hand. He quickly turned his hand over to hold hers and Liv sent up a silent prayer of thanks.

The nurse returned quickly and slowly fed Fitz the ice chips. After a few, Fitz was finally able to find his voice, and to Liv, it was the most beautiful sound in the whole world.

"What happened?" Fitz asked the doctor.

"Mr. President, what was the last thing you remember?" Dr. Stanley asked him, taking his vitals.

Fitz's eyes cleared as he asked, "Why are you calling me Mr. President? And where is my wife?"

Olivia slowly let go of Fitz's hand when his words finally sank in. At Liv's movement, Fitz noticed her. And he asked her a question that made her heart shatter all over again.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Mr. Pres—I mean, Mr. Grant…what is the last thing you remember?" the doctor asked, beginning to worry. Does he not remember that he's the president?

Fitz turned his attention back to the doctor after reluctantly moving his gaze away from the beautiful woman next to him. Who was she? And why did he feel like he knew her?

"Mellie and I were going out on our 15th year anniversary dinner, and then…" Fitz paused, trying to remember. "And then…"

There was a long silence as Fitz tried to recall what happened after dinner, but the doctor interrupted his thoughts.

"It's okay, Mr. Grant," he said, trying to calm him. Dr. Stanley didn't want his patient to suffer any stress after waking up from such a deep sleep.

"Don't try to remember, you'll only cause yourself stress. Let the memories come back naturally, and—"

Fitz interrupted him, starting to panic, "But why can't I remember? What happened? And why am I here?" he began to yell.

Olivia started to leave the room as the doctor informed him that Mellie had been notified and was on her way to the hospital that very instant. But before Liv could make her escape, he stopped her again, saying, "Who are you? Do I know you?"

Liv stopped at the door and composed herself before turning around. Yes, he knew her. He knew her every emotion, her every habit and feeling. He knew her better than anyone in the world and Liv needed to get out of that hospital before she broke down completely. She could already feel her eyes burning, tears threatening to spill over.

Liv pasted a fake, cheery smile on her face as she turned around. She looked him in the eye and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Grant. Everything is going to be fine. Mellie is on her way and all will be well, you'll see."

Liv grabbed her jacket and purse and quickly left behind the man who was the mate to her soul. But what did she expect? The man had been shot in the head. And even if he hadn't been, did she expect him to wake up and welcome her with open arms? Did she think he'd forgive her for giving up on them and kiss her and tell her that he'd love her always…no matter how much she tried to push him away?

Liv would allow herself this one night to grieve and then she would get up the next day and do her job because there were people who depended on her, people who relied on her to stay strong and keep it together. But even as she convinced herself that she only needed one night of falling apart, she couldn't help but look back at the hospital once more, and regret what she had lost.

The person she loved most in the world didn't even know her name.

Hey guys! I know I haven't written anything in a while, but episode 8 of this season was so good, I couldn't not write. Hope everyone is well! I know this first chapter had to be a little sad, but it's going to get better! Don't abandon this ship, people. I have an idea where I want this story to go, and I'm excited to get started on it. Happy reading! I'll try to update again either today or tomorrow.