Artemis POV


Me and Percy married 5 years later, with Aphrodite's help. My father turned him immortal. Hunter and Jake, engaged, were also asked to become gods.

Percy was the god of loyalty, sportsmanship, trust, heroes, and leadership. He also had power over the tides. Hunter was the minor goddess of the stars. Jake was the minor god of melodies.

Annabeth hugged him tightly after he became a god. She too, had been asked to become a god, the immortal Architect of Olympus. She denied, saying her love for Diego, her husband, and her children, Belle, Phoebe, and Jakob, was enough.

Nico was apparently, now, the minor god of the shadows.

Hunter and Jake had two children in the course of the next 15 years. Madison and Andrea. During those 15 years, I and Percy gave her two younger siblings, Ericka and Guinevere.

Apollo asked me once if I ever regretted giving up my oath. I looked at Hunter, her red hair glistening as she leaned against Jake. I looked at Ericka, her body in a 10 year old form, brushing her ink black hair out of her chocolate colored eyes, then I looked at Guinevere, much younger in appearance, her green eyes and soft black hair making her the spitting image of her father.

Finally, I looked at Percy, and I knew the answer.

I wouldn't trade this choice for the world.