Darth Vader stared coldly at Kenobi, a smirk playing at the edge of his lips. The foolish Jedi had no idea what he'd gotten himself into—had no idea how powerful he was. Even now, after what seemed like hours of fighting, he hadn't surrendered to Vader, even though it was obvious his strength was failing. He's always been like that, Vader thought as he easily parried another of Kenobi's blows, Stubborn as a bantha.

Their sabers crashed and sizzled, two brilliant blue beams of deadly, beautiful energy clashing to see which was superior. Vader found it amusing that he was using the very same moves and techniques Kenobi himself had taught him. Ironic—Kenobi had fought so hard to have Anakin become a Jedi, and now Vader would destroy him for it. Pathetic. Those weak minded fools should have realized what he was capable of the minute he set foot in their blasted temple.

Kenobi sliced down toward him viciously, nearly catching him off guard. Vader responded just as ferociously, placing a neat kick to his ribs. He was rewarded by a sharp flinch and a wheezing breath, although he was slightly disappointed to find his former Master still fighting. What would it take to kill this one already? Though Vader had to admit, he was still quite a sight. Even with tiny black spots burned on his tunics from the sparks of fire flinging up towards them, his hair rumpled and out of place, and sweaty from their battle, Kenobi was still rather handsome…

Kriff! Vader swore silently. He had thought he'd gotten over the long-suffering crush of his Master ages ago. He isn't worth it. He is a weak, stupid, idiotically adorable…STOP IT!

Vader lashed out, thrusting his hand forward and curling his fingers around Kenobi's neck. He smirked as Kenobi gasped and dropped his lightsaber, trying frantically to claw Vader's hand off his throat. Vader crushed his hand tighter, wanting to see the light leave those blue-grey eyes, choking him just as he had done to Padme moments earlier—

No! Don't think about her. She betrayed you; you and your child! She's a traitor! His fingers constricted further.

Obi-Wan thrashed his head wildly while grasping at Anakin's hand, trying to wrench his fingers off of him. Black spots danced in front of his eyes. Anakin split into two, then four; his lungs burned, craving the air he was so harshly denied. He couldn't die now, not when he still had to fix this, fix his mistake, not when Padme and her child still needed his help—not by Anakin's hand. Obi-Wan raised his eyes to Anakin's, hoping he would find mercy in the blue depths he knew so well. But there was nothing. No trace of compassion there, no kindness lingered in the—Force, help him—cruel golden gaze he was met with.

There was nothing left of the Anakin he knew.

"Ahh…An—Anak-kin!" Obi-Wan choked out with the last bit of breath he should have conserved. He prayed to the Force Anakin would hear him, and for a moment, it seemed to work. Anakin's eyes flashed blue; a look of startled confusion crossed his face as his grip loosened just a bit and he took a tiny step back. Obi-Wan took full advantage of it and started to pull Anakin's hand away from his throat, gasping for air. But Anakin realized what was happening; his eyes returned to the sickly yellow color as he slammed Obi-Wan's head against a control panel with all the pent up rage he had kept locked deep inside himself.

Vader snickered at the pitiful look Kenobi gave him—it was almost like he expected sympathy from him. How charming. The foolish Jedi actually thought he had a chance against him? Pathetic.

Obi-Wan collapsed on the ground when Anakin let him go. He was too weak to move, even as he sucked in lungfuls of hot, ashy air that felt so cool against his sore throat. His vision became blurry as Anakin placed a booted foot on his chest, keeping him from moving—not that he could anyway. Still, he struggled under Anakin's heavy weight—he couldn't give up, no matter how discouraged he felt.

I've failed you, Anakin, Obi-Wan sent through their still-active bond, I'm so sorry.

Anakin leaned down close, so close that Obi-Wan could see his reflection in those golden, merciless orbs. "You should be," he sneered as Obi-Wan's world faded into the darkness.

A smug grin played around the edge of Vader's mouth. Finally, finally, after so many years of knowing he was the superior to his simple minded Master who did nothing but hold him back, he had now on top. The pupil was now the Master. And it felt so right.

Vader glanced down at the unconscious Kenobi and lit his lightsaber. It would be so easy; one simple slash to the throat or stomach and he would be rid of the only obstruction to his plans. He raised his lightsaber—and hesitated. Obi-Wan's head lolled to the side as he stared down at the fallen Jedi. He found he couldn't do it. Vader growled, furious that even though he'd won the battle against Kenobi, he couldn't even properly do away with him. His saber was mere inches from Kenobi's chest—but something told him not to do it. Maybe it was just that he though this death would be far too painless. Or perhaps it was because he was about to kill the man who'd raised him for most of his life. Or possibly, he may have still had feelings for his former Master….

No, that was not an option. Obi-Wan was too cold and emotionless to ever feel anything akin to love. Padme was the only one to have ever really held his heart…Padme!

Vader quickly looked out the tall transparisteel viewport to see the Naboo cruiser heading into orbit. Threepio must have been piloting the ship. For a moment, Vader thought of heading after them—she was his wife, for Sith's sake. Wasn't he supposed to do something?

No. She had betrayed him, and his love for her died that day. Let her die along with their child, if she must. He was a Sith lord; he didn't need petty affections anymore.

Then I should just kill him already. Vader mused as he stared thoughtfully down at Kenobi, It would be far easier than letting him live. I can't very well let him go. Who knows what trouble he would cause for the Empire?

But I can't just leave him.

An idea struck him. Vader pulled out a set of binder cuffs and snapped them onto Kenobi's wrists before slinging him over his shoulder. It was rather ironic—only mere days ago he'd been in a similar situation, with far different motives. An amused smile flickered over his lips as Vader headed up the ramp of his ship, loaded Kenobi in the cargo hold and then started the engines. Vader punched in the coordinates, vaguely wondering if he had just made a mistake.

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