Mythical Nights


Sleeping Demon

There was a city hidden from the world in the Continent of Elements. Hidden badly considering it was such an economical power to the world, and an epicentre for Fire Countries military might. It wasn't the Capital, but it might as well have been. It was the staging, and primary setting for the country's military. The ninja. The super powered almost magic like beings. They were people who trained and worked to control their use internal spiritual and mental abilities. It was their ki, their chi, or what they mainly referred to as their chakra.

Though, in truth using the words military and ninja was being kind. They were more like mercenaries than anything else most of the time. It earned them and their home city money since they weren't at war, they had to be useful or they would only be a drain on resources. It also helped to increase their homes power and influence through allying themselves with smaller countries and influences that did not have ninja, or only had them in small supply.

However, an event was soon to rise where the world would have to change. It was time a new type of ninja would come to bare. Throughout history great civilisations and cultures had fallen to give way for something new, and some would say better while others would miss the past or even envy it. However, nothing was set forever.

The last six hundred years or so had been a nightmare for the world disguised as a blessing as people with power ruled over the world. It grew corruption throughout, but no matter who stood up to fight oppression, laws grew around it, protecting the corrupt, and the world grew stale and with no laws to protect the people, but rather 'guidelines' that the unjust could ignore when it suited them, hope seemed to dwindle in the hopelessness of the growth into the Era of Ninja – a change people had hoped would bring law to the world, but instead more war and corruption.

The law enforcement was entrusted to the ninja – many of whom were good men and women, but they were stopped by laws protecting the rich and powerful, laws some ninja would try to change, but they were smugly blocked by the greed and ignorance of men and that led to more war and death. The ninja would soon choose to follow their orders to the letter learning to believe that was what was right thing to do and ignoring orders, was treason, and being labelled a traitor was the worst thing that could happen. Some could not, would not stomach the title traitor, even though they betrayed their hearts and morals and people for the greed and power of the worst kind of scum.

The world would soon change because of the pariah of all of the City of Konoha. It was ironic that the most hated child in the city would be such a person to protect the innocent and defenceless, but maybe not as he had been the victim on too many occasions to count because of what he was, Jinchuriki no Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Naruto Uzumaki was a fourteen-year-old boy when his legend in shadows got into high gear. He was a blonde. His hair contained a bright sunny yellow shade to the colour. He was sulking, and bored, and quite honestly at that time he felt like punching someone, but still he refused to fall into the darkness. He refused to give his haters any validity to their claims that he was the fox demon he held prisoner, and most of all he would not be a moody arsehat like Sasuke Uchiha.

The village blamed Naruto for the demon foxes rampage near the city, (thing didn't even do much property damage), and hurt him because they wanted to believe that he was the demon that was sealed deep within his very being. But Naruto was no demon. He was just a child who suffered for what it had done. The people didn't care to see reason. They wanted to see him as the demon because they were small and petty, but he knew inside his heart and soul that he was far above anything like that.

He would be a great ninja and he would be that great ninja on his terms, no one else's. He wouldn't be an obedient fool like them. But then, they were only obedient when it suited them. It was selfish. It was bitter and greedy. They didn't just fail the City of Konoha, but they failed the world. They had meaningless lives, and their dreams and hopes were all centred on what they could get – what they could take.

Naruto could only feel that they deserved to be punished, but no one would. No one could without disobeying the village, and no one, not even the people who were supposed to would help him, not even with the training in combat he needed. Everything he was or had he worked for – alone because nobody cared about his training. They cared more for the training of the 'genius' bloodline students who didn't even want or appreciate their help.

It sometimes made Naruto wonder who decided they were genius. They didn't train nearly as much as he did. If that was the case then maybe with some training, Naruto could have been classed by fools as a genius. But they would hate a genius 'demon', but then only the rich and middle class ever showed their hate for him. Genius was so subjective. He had met these geniuses, and with the exception of a couple they weren't that clever, so maybe they should just call these people, somewhat gifted in ninja-stuff?

Anyway, back on track, when it came to the poor and downtrodden, and all-around normal people; they were perfectly fine with Naruto, and never looked down on him for his burden. They knew how it was to be treated like crap, so they understood the young blonde, and without people like them to show him that the world wasn't only completely full of greed, spite, and needless, pitiless hate he might have ended up turning on them.

He didn't know what to do half of the time, but he tried his best to be better.

Naruto and his ninja team had gotten back from a tiring, but exciting mission protecting a small fishing town in Wave Country, and making sure their bridge to the mainland of The Land of Fire was built so that the monopolising bastard business tycoon could be stopped squeezing the life out of The Land of Waves. Though, Naruto still believed that an assassination would have been quicker and more cost effective for both Konoha and the village in Wave.

However, fortunately, the people of Wave could finally start dealing with Fire Country via land and not the waters. Though, it was ironic that the bastard tycoon was killed anyway, falling foul to his own evil self-serving greed. In other words, he pissed off his own hired thug (an A class missing ninja who wasn't known as the Demon in the Mist for ironies sake).

Naruto sighed as he wandered through the forest surrounding the cities training grounds thinking hard about his pitiful life, wondering what he could ever do to get any respect from the villages' ninja. His cerulean blue eyes were unusually dull, and he was subdued. He never let people see him when he was feeling like crap. He didn't want any of his haters to get any satisfaction out of it.

He was feeling terrible because the world always seemed out to get him, and take what was his to claim, or that was how it felt when his team was like that. They had to grow up. He tried, but it wasn't easy when his teacher was also against him, like most too busy fawning over Sasuke Uchiha who didn't want all of that attention himself anyway, which was several different shades of messed up. Naruto wasn't sure whether he should feel jealous of Sasuke for getting all the attention and respect or pity him.

Sometimes he would secretly feel bad for Sasuke. They had some things in common. They were both orphaned at least. Sasuke also didn't get people, or chose not to. But Sasuke got everything while Naruto got grief. Their sensei only had eyes for the last wielder ('loyal') of the sharingan dojutsu. It was weird with how much attention Kakashi gave Sasuke.

Naruto had been looking forward to his first ever mission and trip outside of Konoha. However, their sensei only had plans on the Uchiha. Kakashi Hatake, their, 'sensei' only taught Naruto and Sakura Haruno (his 3rd and final teammate) one thing, and that seemed like it was only to motivate Sasuke. He taught them how to use chakra to walk up vertical surfaces, which granted was useful, but that was all and he had been their sensei for six months.

Naruto actually saw that the tree-walking exercise as they called it, as little more than a technique that should have been taught in the academy – along with that water walking one Naruto would likely have to figure out for himself. He mentioned that, but just got a blank look from Kakashi, and it looked as if Sasuke might have agreed with him if Kakashi: a jonin-sensei hadn't just brushed it off, dismissing his observation; he got dismissed a lot, especially when he made sense.

Then Naruto had to put up with more of Sakura. She was Sasuke's fangirl, and Naruto was growing tired of bothering her. He had thought it was funny. Pick the loudest, most annoying girl in class and 'crush' on her. He had actually started finding it fun, but then she started getting violent so he got in her way just to get back at her. Sakura wasn't a bad person deep down, but Naruto had met her mother once; the woman wasn't right in the head or something and encouraged Sakura's fangirlism rather than her training, which could get the pink haired girl killed if it continued. Naruto wondered whether he could manipulate her into training, or trick someone into getting her extra lessons from a woman who didn't fawn over men/boys instead of training.

Naruto wished he picked to bother Ino instead. He was sure she would have enjoyed his attention. He knew he was fairly good looking from what he knew of that sort of thing, so maybe they could have been a couple. Ino was much more together mentally that if she had someone else, she would have given up on Sasuke and fangirlism. In truth he got the impression that the cute blonde only bugged Sasuke to spend time with Sakura, as they had split up their friendship to be 'rivals' in 'love', and she might have regretted that as she had grown up some since they started the Academy.

Though, when all the other girls went 'chasing', Ino wasn't the type that wanted to lose, so maybe there was more too that too, and she had no other options open, so didn't care, or Naruto was thinking about it too much.

At least there was the magnificently adorable, Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto liked her. She was his most favourite girl in all of Konoha. She wasn't an Uchiha fangirl. In fact, she was Naruto's fangirl. He had caught her staring dreamily, and following him around sometimes when he let her, sometimes chancing it and hiding from her so he could watch her instead. If she was allowed to stalk him then turn-around was fair-play.

However, she was the princess of the Hyuuga clan, so he couldn't even try to be friends with her, yet at least outside of missions. They would have to get stronger and or sneakier. He had heard about her father. He was a dick. Naruto wouldn't do anything to make her life harder just because he was lonely. Not yet anyway. Maybe when he was strong enough to kick her father's teeth down his throat. That sounded fun; Naruto would love to have Hinata snuggled in his arms, curled up on his lap. He felt a pleasant chill run down his spine thinking about her.

Naruto and team had arrived back home, and Kakashi gave Naruto and Sakura the week off, and took Sasuke for some extra training as per the norm. He wasn't even trying to be subtle about anything. The worst thing was that Sakura didn't even care. She honestly believed that Sasuke deserved better treatment than either of them. Even Sasuke wasn't that big headed and surprisingly refused, glaring at the man, but Kakashi had just told him that he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer the next morning, and Sasuke gave in to shut him up.

Naruto had followed them that morning. Even Kakashi hadn't sensed him. All the 'teacher' - and he couldn't use the word teacher more loosely - wanted was for Sasuke to use his copycat eyes while Kakashi showed him several ninjutsu techniques, and then told him to learn them within the week as if that was teaching him anything. But then maybe that was how Kakashi got the techniques himself so didn't know how to teach them, or anything about them.

Then thinking back on the tree-walking, Naruto was certain that wasn't teaching either. Kakashi explained it with minimal information, and then demonstrated. After that Kakashi walked off reading porn. Naruto was no expert but he was certain that no teacher should be reading porn instead of teaching their students. It should have been more along the lines of teach, teach, teach, and then when the job was well done and you got home: "Reward Porn" - and yes that should be capitalised.

Naruto had figured that since he was back in the city that he would ask his long-term sensei from the academy whether he could give him some lessons, maybe some help with his much-needed chakra control or some taijutsu since school was still out. He was hopeful, even though he was just as doubtful. If the man couldn't leave the pages of "The Big Book of Stupid Rules" for kids who were going to graduate and potentially get themselves killed fighting ninja, why would he for someone who had fluked themselves through an A-rank mission.

Iruka Umino was a man who followed a code that preached fairness. However, it wasn't fair as Naruto knew all too well. Naruto had asked for extra help many times before, but he was told the same thing. It wouldn't be fair to the rest of the class to give him extra help. Naruto didn't get how it would be extra help to assist someone who was struggling, especially in a field so full of potential and probable early death.

Naruto even pointed out that half of the class lived with ninja, or even had large ninja families to get help from, and asked how that could be fair. Iruka had changed the subject. Naruto never bothered asking again after that, but he also realised over time that some kids learnt differently, or at different rates. However, it was only the fast learners that got any extra help, and all of the praise. It could have been different, so much potential lost to inflate the 'gifted' ninja's egos.

They called fast learners' genius, but Naruto wasn't sure he would. Naruto was better than Sasuke at maths. Heck, he was better than Shikamaru Nara at maths. Though, he knew the lazy bum would get there his mind wasn't very fast. Naruto knew he thought on the sly. He could make things up as he went while Shikamaru would fall under the pressure. The lazy guy would have to sit and think a problem over while Naruto could do that fighting.

It always was amazing what you could see when you were stuck on the outside. But he would have to have said that Shikamaru had never been bad to him. He, Hinata, Shino Aburame, and Choji Akimichi were likely the only kids in the academy that hadn't picked on him. That was kind of sad that it was only 4 out of 30 something kids that hadn't been douches.

However, back with asking his Academy teacher, Iruka-sensei whether he could help him train, Iruka gave him some bull-crap about needing Kakashi's permission, which was very unlikely that it was needed, possibly courtesy to ask, but not needed, so Naruto didn't bother asking Kakashi as he knew he would say no, and didn't even acknowledge Iruka when he left. If he had really cared he would have offered Naruto the training and help without needing to be asked.

Naruto swore that someday, whether he was running things or not that he would reform the academy – all academies if academics in the arts of chakra use had become so lame that the kids weren't even taught something as basic and essential to ninja as tree walking. He wouldn't care whether he would have to get strong enough to crush a kage, he would do it for the kids, and to amuse himself by showing the idiots up, and they didn't care that they were setting children up to die. Naruto had read the statistics, and fresh ninja had a ninety-two per cent death rate if they left the city within the first 5 years if they came from a civilian family, which amounted to ninety per cent of all academy students, which was ridiculously high and an unnecessary loss of life.

He thought he should have read those statistics before he was so eager to go out into the field, let alone when his mission became an A-ranked mission, jumping two ranks in the process, which was crazy irresponsible of him, let alone that idiot Kakashi. Though, Naruto didn't regret what he did to save that small country. Apparently, even a standard C-rank missions was dangerous enough for the likes of him and especially Sakura. If it weren't for Naruto, he was sure Sakura wouldn't have returned alive. He wondered whether Kakashi was just hoping that he and Sakura would have died and he could have then taken Sasuke on as his apprentice without Naruto and Sasuke in the way.

Naruto even put in a complaint with the Hokage, but the great and mighty leader of Konoha wouldn't believe that one of his most trusted jonin would be a spineless douche bag. He wasn't surprised that his complaint was laughed away. It was the same when he made a complaint that his school grades were being sabotaged, and that the school wasn't teaching them anything worthwhile. The old leader had even shown Naruto some of his 'work. It wasn't even his hand writing and lots of the work was scrubbed out and the old man still wouldn't believe him.

Now he knew why a large portion of the village hated him, Naruto wondered whether the Hokage did believe him, but let them get away with it to appease certain fools who had their heads so far up each other's money shoots that they could barely breathe through giddy affixation. Naruto made a silent promise to someday actually shove their heads up their own arses and leave them to die horrible and slow deaths.

It was not a true leader that appeased the people like that, because appeasing them time and time again and you became nothing but a man who would harm children for your people's sick ambition and greed. It may not be a solid law, as the Hokage didn't see fit to make it one, but it was normally by moral rule not right to harm children. Naruto would someday make it law throughout Fire Country and beyond.

Naruto had tried to keep up his smokescreen; his lie; his smile. He couldn't hold it together anymore. He had to step into the shadows and let the darkness hide him. He could then throw the knife, swing the sword, or fire the arrow that would end the lives of those who wouldn't only fail his city and its good people, but fail the country and all that the world had to offer.

He had only grown, mostly from observation. He wanted to be able to give Hinata a hug and comfort her; help her become the strong girl he knew she was. He only needed more strength, more skill. He needed to be able to strike from the shadows, slip through the light, and never be seen. The only reason they should know he was there was when he wanted them to; he wanted them to fear his justice.

That was what he wanted to bring to the world. He wanted to bring justice because he had seen so little of that ideology that it was so sad. He knew there were good people in the world that got screwed over, and walked on because they wanted to do what was right, and Naruto knew that it was time someone stood up and said that it was wrong of them.

To be able to slide around in the shadows Naruto knew that he would have to perfect his chakra control, and perhaps separate the Kyuubi's chakra from his during battle. It would give him his own strength and a battery to charge up on if needed.

Naruto slumped tiredly down into the shade of one of the abnormally large trees that grew around the city. He leaned up against the tree and looked at his horrible orange jumpsuit. He had wanted to buy something new in Wave because the people in Konoha (in ninja stores) either ripped him off or wouldn't serve him, and if he henged (transformed using a 'solid' illusion) and the shop owner recognised the stuff he would get accused of stealing. It happened once before and he had gotten a beating and his stuff had been stolen – he remembered the fire that store suffered sometime after that; the store owner cried almost as much as Naruto had when he took his beating. Turned out the guy had been using lone sharks and not paying his bill; Naruto didn't have any pity; it was almost like karma really existed.

He took a deep breath as he looked around at the forest; the flowers; the deep blue sky, and the soft wisps of clouds. It was relaxing to be out in nature. He could hear the birds singing, the snakes in the grass, and the soft breeze as it drifted across his skin. The sun was out and the hustle and bustle of the city was far away in the distance except for a train he could hear not too far away as he wasn't ridiculously far from the tracks.

However, Naruto's eyes got heavy as he just thought of the way the world was, hoping he could do something to change it. He needed to become stronger, and that meant training. He would have to steal from the library to get what he needed, but that was easy as the guards - all of them in Konoha were very crap at their jobs.

Naruto startled himself as he slipped back and seemed to fall through the tree with a splash, but found he was alone in a dark dungeon tunnel with burning lit torches sparse on the dirty brick walls. It had a couple of inches of water on the grimy floor. The hall had a chill blowing through it causing him to shiver, but with a few deep breaths he pulled himself together.

He could see down one way, which led to a dead end, but the other went straight on into the darkness. It wouldn't have taken a genius to work out what was happening, or where he was because he just knew. He was going to meet his prisoner. The Kyuubi was calling for its warden, and like a fool Naruto was going to meet with it, if for nothing more than curiosity because it had so many answers, and he had quite a few questions.

Naruto felt that chill continuing and worsening. The closer he got the worse it got. But he ventured forward. It was nice that his mind at least gave him torches. He wondered whether he was a bit masochistic walking towards the greatest creature on the planet when he remembered it was his mind, and the monster was his prisoner.

His fists clenched and unclenched as he took a few deep breaths. He could almost smell it, but slowly walked towards whatever fate lay out for him. It took him longer than he thought it would before he walked out into a vast chamber with a rusty cube cage at its very centre with an eerie red glow coming from the thick shadows within.

Naruto moved slowly closer. He was surprised the cage was so small. It was surely the size for several humans, not a two-hundred-foot-tall monster fox. He wouldn't believe the Forth Hokage would be that cruel, even to an enemy. The cage was deep and dark, and around the edges glowed with a crimson light that he knew was it. Somehow that glow made him believe that the cage was endless on the inside with infinite darkness.

"Hello Jailer…!"

Naruto was startled as he heard the whimsical soft and certainly female voice purring out a sultry greeting. He stopped. His heartbeat picked up pace as two small hands slid out of the darkness and red glow, her fingers sliding around the bars. Her nails were sharp and pointed, and her arms soft and slender.

It took a moment before she stepped out with nine huge red and black foxtails swishing around behind her with a mind of their own. She was the most stunning creature he has ever seen - well maybe not, he was a little flustered – he couldn't be sure, but she was stunning - he could feel his body reacting as his heart pumped blood down his body.

It was understandable as she was naked and he was a teenage boy. And well, she was a naked teenage fox girl with a beautiful body. She was lightly toned and slender. She was a head shorter than him, even if she was the same age. Her breasts weren't very large but rather nice and perky, and some pencil eraser pink nipples on her milky white skin that were rock hard.

She had a small stomach and frame with long smooth legs, down to small feet, and up round a firm butt. Between her legs was hairless and looked so soft that he would have loved to touch her. He would love to stroke his fingers over her, and had to take several steadying breathes to calm his thoughts and nerves steady.

Her face was round and cute with a small nose. Her skin was totally flawless. She would be remarkably cute if her face didn't have an evil scowl. Her eyes were glowing crimson with slanted pupils. Her hair was blood red but surprisingly short. It was messy over her head in all directions, but looked like that was on purpose with long trails over her adorable fox ears. They were crimson with black tips. The trails of hair ended down over her shoulders, but not quite covering her small breasts, framing her evil little face perfectly.

"Like what you see? You filthy little human!" She might have been looking at him like a piece of meat', but her voice stayed calm and soft. Naruto actually found her voice to be quite pleasant. It was soft and sweet.

He would admit to himself at least that he could cuddle with her day and night and not get bored. He could see beyond the hostility to the sweet creature before him that longed for comfort and a loving partner.

"I… I…" he couldn't help but stutter. He was quick to hide the huge bulge in his trousers with his hands as her eyes had casually looked down there. His face went bright red, but she didn't even show any sign of embarrassment or that she might move back into the shadows to hide her nakedness.

However, the left side of her blood coloured plump lips quirked up into some semblance of a smirk. He could just tell that she enjoyed his attention, and he felt better about the situation because she was okay with it.

"Oh, I'm flattered my pathetically weak jailor gets such a hard dick so quickly by just looking at little old me," she said sing song, and this time she wasn't being as rude as before.

"I'm not weak!" His defiance overcame his nerves. "Someday I'm going to become Hokage or something like that, and everyone will have to respect me! I'll change the world and the greedy pricks will get what's coming to them!"

"No matter how strong you get, those people will always treat you like shit!" she hissed out startling him as she pushed her delicious body up against the bars; her face pushed up to them to look into his eyes better. "There will always be greed, and there will always be men like Gato who will take advantage of the good!"

Naruto didn't reply as he looked down at his feet. He knew she was right, but didn't want to admit that to himself. He had dreamt of becoming Hokage. At first, he wanted to force the city to respect him, but now he wanted to stop the corruption, even if it meant killing them all. That would then protect the weak and innocent from the danger they possessed, and if he had to commit crimes and 'betray' the city, then so be it.

"You think much too small, Jailor," she added to the silence abruptly pushing back from the bars and slinking into the shadows before exiting at another corner, her fingernail tapping the bars with a thoughtful smile, looking at him, amused.

Naruto's head snapped towards her as the clinking of her nails caught his attention. "W-what do you mean…? The Hokage's the most powerful and respected ninja in the city!" he said wondering whether she thought he would actually kill off the Emperor and his family to take their place, and people would obey him.

"Why should you trust that their respect wouldn't really be fear?" she asked, and for once in a very long time, Naruto truly doubted his dream as he knew that the only way at the present that he would get that seat was through fear.

He didn't want to be the top boss if everyone really feared him, or even if it was just the civilian's that feared him; rich and corrupt ones at least. That wasn't how he would want to be remembered as the most feared kage. He wouldn't even want other cities to remember him like that. He would want to be remembered as a hero. He would want people to know him as a man that fought for justice, and what was right.

Kyuubi let out a chuckle that brought him from his thoughts as she continued speaking. "Respect is a two-way street, Jailor… let's say you managed to get their respect… what about all of the crimes they have already committed against you? Can you just let that go? Can you forgive their transgressions when you know deep down that they don't think you're me?! They just want validation to bully you to satisfy their own petty vendetta against me!

"Will they have your respect?" she asked and he almost jumped as those words sunk in making him feel like his blood momentarily froze ice cold. They could never have his respect. How could he give them such an important part of who he was? It made him feel ill to think that he would have to respect them in return. It was a two-way street, but they would have a long way to go to get a moment of his respect, and he doubted they would care to walk that far. He would only respect those who never hurt him while the greedy could die for all he cared.

"One day Jailor-chan you would wake up and realise that most of the people praising your name had once hated you, beat you, and some had even tortured you, yet there they are… they had gotten away with it."

"But that's your fault," he whispered, confused because he didn't actually believe it was her fault as the people had their own minds. "If you hadn't attacked…!" he began, but had to trail to a stop.

She startled him as she burst out laughing. It was insane and full of rage, which was odd as he hadn't heard real evil laughter before, but he was sure she got it down to an art, and secretly it was kind of hot coming from her.

She suddenly stopped after a few more moments, and he fell to his knees under her killing intent. He found it hard to breathe but he had felt so much intent over the years he wouldn't let hers get to him. It took him a moment to stand and she let up her attack almost looking pleased by his reaction; he fought off her power.

"You are so like your mother, arrogant beyond all belief," she hissed out shocking him into just staring, his trouser problem completely gone now, but she rolled those ruby red eyes. "Oh, I forget that senile old man won't tell you anything about your mother, not even her name! Or even your fathers for that matter!" she said with a small smile, this time forlorn. "I had grown to love your mother, and honestly I miss her visits... she was fun, and kind of funny too!"

"B-but the old man doesn't know who they were…" he whispered out now feeling lost and hopeless. He wanted to believe she was just trying to get to him, trying to control him but something inside him said it was the truth. He knew the Hokage enough to know that he would keep the truth from him, and then give him some lame excuse as to why if he was found out.

"Your father did seal me here, so I think the old man would know the truth!" she said and this time he dropped to his knees looking sick and green in the cheeks. "Your mother was my previous prison. She was nice to me, held me, and... Well, among other things. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki of the Infamous Uzumaki Clan of the Land of Whirlpool, but it was… her seal was so different to this… I was practically pinned down, but she loved me anyway, and held me when I was in pain, which was a lot of the time. This seal is stronger though… but I get so much more freedom. I like it more, but watching over you sometimes makes me feel sick the way they treat her son."

Naruto looked up with angry tears welling up in his eyes. "Tell me why, please. I don't understand, why… why, please?"

Her angry eyes softened a little more. "It's because your mothers seal grew weak during childbirth. You never used your own power to seal me, you were too young, but your father used his, but he's not here to keep me. This seals more automatic… it's so much better for you this way, you can learn… become stronger, and even use my power. You can get vengeance on the city daring to defile your families sacrifice!"

His eyes widened in shock as he stood up shaking his head. "I… they might deserve it... they do deserve it... well some of them, but… but that's not me. I'm not like that. I want to be better than them. I'll be Hokage. They can think of me as they want, but I will never be what they think of me. I will be a hero to all, and demon to the corruption, so it all ends."

"You're thinking bigger, but still too small again," she muttered as she started pacing the length of her cage. Her every movement, perfect, graceful, flawless and beautiful, and it was almost hypnotic in a way.

"W-what else is there?" he asked as he wiped his eyes clean as he looked to her. "I've never heard of anything…"

"Why would you want to rule a city when the universe is so huge," she said smugly. "You could rule like a god, king, or emperor, but since you're such a goody two shoes… change everything, change peoples minds… people praise and respect mighty heroes throughout this world and any other you choose to go too. You can always be the hero in the dark that bad people fear. Create yourself as a symbol good people can stand behind, rally behind, and that is so much more than the corrupt could stand, and as yourself… change minds in the light, and break bones in the night – be the hero people need, not what people expect."

"A… a h-hero…?" Naruto asked. He knew what the word meant, and used it a lot, but he didn't understand much beyond that. "B-but heroes are ninja. They save the day, and rescue people and…"

He stopped as she had snorted and interrupted him. "Ninja are murderers, thieves, assassins, soldiers, hired thugs no better than that Gato man's men. It was just that you were hired to protect while they were hired to kill; the reverse could have been true.

"Do you think that Konoha doesn't take jobs to kill innocent people? Do you think that Konoha is the Holy Land of Goodness? Ninja, no matter the village are just super-powered Rent-A-Soldiers unless they're fighting for their lords in a war. They're not heroes, and thinking they are is almost as childish and pathetic as that pink haired bitch's belief that the idiot Uchiha will ever want to cuddle or admit he loves her, or even that he likes her for that matter."

Naruto looked away, and it was painful to swallow. He had been taught many things but not once when he was in the Ninja Academy had anyone given him such a lesson. He knew this lesson deep down, but it was also hard to swallow. It had been all jokes at the academy, making light of a cold reality, and making it seem like they could become Legendary Heroes of Konoha, but Konoha's heroes were another places villains.

He realised that even if he was told all of this; he likely wouldn't have taken it seriously, nobody did; it was almost like he suspected a normal school would be like. Naruto now realised they made light of the truth because right now, the plain truth shoved in his face made him doubt his choices. He could almost feel tears in his eyes but he saw his dreams change, and he liked the changes.

"It's like an ice-cold ocean smashing you repeatedly with all its stormy might!" Kyuubi said gently. "The truth can be hard to swallow and your human instructors were fucking morons. They didn't train any of you like potential soldiers, but just like children playing games. Then they send you out… you of course with a teacher that just cares about the Uchiha.

"It's pathetic of him as your father was his teacher, and was a fair and just man. Sure, I'm pissed at being trapped again, but it could be worse. He and your mother had killed and murdered; he may be a hero here, but in other lands he's remembered as a murdering piece of shit."

"T-then how can I become a hero?" Naruto asked as he took in that his idol was not just his father, but not the hero he had always thought, but just another weapon.

"Heroes are both feared and loved," she said looking mildly amused as she shrugged her delicate looking shoulders. "Loved by those they protect, save and rescue… the innocent. However, those who hurt others, steal or rule unjust, fear them. There could be times where whole countries would call for your head because their ruler fears being dethroned, and there can be times when some pretty little lasses with tight little arses let you fuck all three holes to show you their gratitude."

Kyuubi laughed a little as Naruto burnt bright red in the checks.

"I… I'm not like that! I'm not a pervert!" he half-shouted in embarrassed-anger, even though he secretly liked that idea.

She rolled her blood red eyes. "I guess I'll have to give you the proper talk, not that bullshit that stupid bitch gave you that fucked with your mind fighting your bodies normal growth. It's okay to enjoy playing with yourself, and it's a normal teenage boy or girl thing to do…

"But we'll get back to that later, if you're to get stronger, and become this powerful hero, first, you must understand what I want in return."

"L-like what...? I'm not letting you out…"

"Like you could," she hissed while rolling her eyes again. "The first thing is, you will no longer take anything at face value, and you are no one's tool. If your bosses give you an order that goes against your heroes' code, then say no and then beat them to death, or not, depending on who it was. You would be in your right to refuse a mission, and you can always play them if you really have too.

"Also, this is a corrupt and lawless continent, so you WILL have to kill, and you WILL have to have the enemies of the innocent fearing you. If this is what you want, then you have to turn yourself into a myth… they will know you're strong, but you need to make them believe you are stronger than you are even when you are 'that' strong.

"You are a ninja, and deception is always a must. Also, I've seen it a lot where foolish ninja make their fighting styles all about finesse and elegance. However, what good is that to the opponent who is just too fast, too strong and much too violent, or worse, the killer that you never saw coming? You could kill without them having known you were ever stalking them.

"Don't stand around mocking your opponents as that is petty and disrespectful to both you and them. Strike hard, kill fast, but best yet, don't let them see you. Kill them so fast they won't have realised you were even there until they're meeting their ancestors in hell."

"B-but isn't that like…"

"No, fighting in a war human on human is all the same, because of greed," she replied shrugging. "You want to be a hero here then you have to be the judge, the jury, and the executioner! If you can swing it, NEVER give them a chance to fight… no fighting means you don't get hurt, but when you do have to fight you will be the Unstoppable Force, and the Unmovable Object."

"Then… what do I have to do…" he asked knowing that out of everyone he knew, she was the only one willing and capable of training him. "And do you know jutsu?" he asked curious whether a killer fox-girl cared to learn human techniques.

"I've been on this planet for over a thousand years so I might have picked up a thing or two," she replied with a smug smirk. "As for what I want from you…? This is your mind, and I've grown board of the prison backdrop you Uzumaki's keep giving me by default. Your mothers seal was too tight, but yours allows for change."

"I can change where we are?" he asked in surprise as she nodded. "But… will you tell me more about my parents?" he asked in hope

She groaned, but she expected it. "I'll tell you bits and pieces," she agreed, which made him look happy. "However, you'll work yourself like a monster to earn my knowledge, and if you're lucky, I might let you see a few memories, but that is a tricky… trick… so don't hold out too much hope."

Naruto nodded readily, a little ticked she was blackmailing him, but help was help and maybe during anything she told him he would learn the truth of why his parents had to die. So, he closed his eyes and concentrated on something peaceful, and when his eyes opened Kyuubi-chan's cage had changed but she was still naked, he could see her so much clearer and the blackness and red glow had disappeared.

Her cage was now perfect glass reflecting the bright sunlight as they were in an expansive field of freshly cut grass with endless fields of white, pink, red, blue and many other coloured flowers stretching out to endless depths. Then further an endless lake shining beautifully to one side; it was nothing like Konoha, but it was amazing all the same.

"Hey, I don't mind the flowers, and love the water," Kyuubi startled him as she was angry. "And the glass cage is an improvement, but I can't teach you to fight while stuck in here. It's your mind, I can't go anywhere but, in the mindscape, and even then, I'll be limited!"

He frowned as he thought about letting her out before looking up. He had freed her, but now she was wearing a white leather collar around her neck. She fiddled with it in surprise before looking at him and he shrugged.

"Whatever," she said in annoyance. "Well, I always believe that dawdling will get nothing done so prepare to feel pain. I can keep you here for a cool twelve hours on the outside or so, as long as I don't sense anyone, but in here time moves so much slower, so that could be up to a month.

"You also have the advantage of my awesomeness," she smirked here and he got a good look at her sharp looking canines. "This means I can connect my powers with your body. Although, you won't feel the pain after a few weeks of it your body will grow accustom. I heal you fast enough that it won't harm your body…"

"What won't…?" he interrupted as she hadn't told him yet and he was getting worried.

"Connecting 'dream' you to your bodies muscle memory," she said baffling him. "In here you can grow with chakra, but it's still a dream so under normal circumstances its limited to chakra and knowledge, even learning to fight, but your body's muscles wouldn't have the instinct, and they wouldn't grow no matter how much you trained here.

"However, I have changed that, so you can train physically here and gain in the real world," she said smirking. "So, are you ready…? I've always believed the basics were the most important, so we won't properly move on until you can fight. You're going to be feeling this for the next few weeks when you wake until your real body adapts. It's just cool that you can't sleep here, so there is no escape!"

Naruto gulped and had only a new thought as he looked at her. "Umm… don't you want some clothes…?"

She just shook her head before looking at him and he cried out as she attacked, his clothes torn off in seconds before she hopped back checking him out.

"It's even bigger in person… yum," she said creeping him out as he covered himself. "If you want to live, you can't worry about being naked. You could get attacked in your bed or in the shower. You cannot let such a stupid thing as embarrassment or modesty be your death because that would be embarrassing. Kill the shit and then he can't tell anyone, but you have nothing to be embarrassed about, you should be proud of that.

"If you don't fight back, you'll be hurt so much more," she finished off moving faster than he had seen anyone move before.

He moved his hand as a reflex as her small fist crashed into his stomach. The wind exploded from his lungs as he flew back crashing completely naked through the flowers, plooming them up as he skidded to a painful stop at the end of a gouge of dirt.

This was going to be a rough month long, twelve-hour nap.