Mythical Night

Chapter IX

Mission Team 8

Naruto peeked around a corner and sighed as he straightened out his black suit and white shirt and black tie. He doesn't mind all of the girls hugging or cuddling with him, and they're all eager to please him so he can get them to make out with each other for his enjoyment. However, fun aside they don't seem to know when to just leave him alone because he has work.

He had been speaking to a couple of young women about them renting one of the apartments in his building. He's… well his clones had managed to fix up several of the apartments so far so he had put out a few ads. That's the reason he's in his suit as he wants to look good for meeting his possible tenants.

The two women are both student nurses and since Naruto's apartment block is quite close to the hospital, and the rent isn't bad, and with all of the clean up around Greyland lowering the crime rate they felt safe enough looking, and accepting the two bedroom apartment together.

It had been with the happy friends that the ANBU had found him and told him that he's being summoned by the Hokage, but it's not urgent so he doesn't need to rush. So he finished up his business with the women, had them sign the contract and then left them with the keys before leaving them to it.

However, he had forgotten that the girls had found out who Naru-chan is and when they saw him in his suit with his hair neatly done, and his shades on his face looking smart, sexy, and cool (according to them). They couldn't help but jump him leaving him with some lipstick marks on his face and a few hickies on his neck.

He smirked as he realised he had lost them and quickly rushed out of hiding and made it to the Hokage tower, readjusting his black tinted glasses on his face over his eyes and brushed down more wrinkles in his suit, and brushed away smudges of lipstick off his face as he trekked up the stairs.

Naruto didn't even bother responding to the sectary as she angrily charged at him with a katana before he pulled it from her hands nonchalant before lobbing her out of the window with a quick push to the small of her back. He's surprised she hasn't quit her job yet, but he can only hope as he looked out, surprised she had finally landed on her feet, screaming up at him in anger.

She was just unfortunate that his fans had turned up having heard him say he had to get to the tower, and with anger and rage the sectary didn't know what hit her as she was beaten to a pulp by around forty angry schoolgirls.

Naruto chuckled nervously before opening the office door and walking in, letting the door close behind him. He was surprised to see his team and Team 8 looking over at him as he entered. The Hokage sitting behind his desk didn't even ask what happened to the old bat this time as he knew she had gone out of the window as Naruto was playing with the katana he saw her with earlier.

"What's with the suit moron!?" Kiba demanded laughing at him while Hinata blushed and eyed him up and down hungrily.

"Looking good, unlike you, dipshite!" he retorted laughingly as he flicked the sword to a wall and an ANBU stepped out catching it, a woman with long purple hair and a cat mask before stepping back into the shadows with the sword, which shocked the other students as they realised Naruto knew she was there and threw it to her.

Naruto then buried his hands in his trouser pockets looking bored and for once Sakura briefly thought 'cool' while looking at Naruto and realised what Ino see's in him. She hated feeling like that, but she is only human and can't control what her body feels.

However, Sakura quickly realised what she was thinking and shook that away hoping nobody noticed her blushing like Hinata. She decided she needed to go on the attack before someone realises she is having impure thoughts about another boy, and worse, Naruto.

"Naruto, you're late!" the pink haired banshee roared after only a few moments. "You stupid baka!" she went to hit him. However, when she swung she just crashed painfully into the floor as he moved out of the way with a simple sidestep, not even pulling his hands from his pockets, and still looking bored.

His teammates looked at him in surprise, though Kakashi was quick to glare with Sakura as she got up. She conveniently forgot about what happened last time they saw each other. He wonders whether she could be saved, and just has a mental disorder, and hopes so. He doesn't think she's really bad, but having met her mother. She needs to learn that her mother is a selfish bitch, and everything she says is a load of crap.

"Naruto you baka, how dare you move…!?" she demanded angrily, more enraged than she was when she banged on his apartment door a couple weeks back.

"Hokage-sama," Kakashi interrupted, trying to keep his anger with Naruto in check. "This boy has been nothing but trouble and useless. I'm placing him on report!"

"No you're not," he replied shocking the jonin.

Naruto smirked before shrugging as he snatched Kakashi's little orange book of porn from the surprised man and threw it to Sakura. "You might not be such a stressed out bitch if you read some of that to help you get off!"

It was actually a surprise it had been Kurenai that had laughed. "Sorry," she said as everyone looked to her. "It was quite amusing…" she tried defending herself, though the old man would later agree.

"OK, enough, Sakura!" the old man Hokage interrupted before she could continue being a bitch as Kakashi was quick to take his precious book back before she ruined it. "If you continue on like this I'll put you and your whole team up on probation, understand?"

"Y-yes Hokage-sama, but Naruto started…"

"No, you started it," Shino was quick to interrupt. "Naruto-san is not late as ANBU had to find him. In addition to this, if Naruto-san was busy for some reason, it is only polite to wrap things up; otherwise, he wouldn't be wearing a suit. This meeting was not prearranged so Naruto-san was within his right to conclude business as it was not stated to be urgent. I now believe you should quieten as the Hokage has something to discuss with us."

She just grumbled and looked at Naruto in anger as if it's his fault she got into trouble and nobody noticed the Hyuuga girls' quick glare at her. If they did, they might worry about Sakura's continued safety.

"Yes, quite, thank you, Shino-kun," the aged Hokage agreed with a nod. "It has come to my attention that neither of your teams are doing well…"

He glared and leaked out some killer intent as Kakashi, Sasuke, and Kiba had been about to interrupt. He had little doubt all of them were about to blame their teammates in some form or another, and he didn't care to hear their bull-shit.

"No Kakashi," he said glaring at the man. "I really didn't think much on it until I finally got to read your team reports, after Shino's father came to see me about his concerns with Team Eight with a request that I've been looking into and finally come to a decision. It seems from your reports that Sasuke is the only one doing anything of any use other than yourself, which contradicts other reports.

"However!" he continued loudly to interrupt the smug looking Sakura from praising him. "As you may have realised, I have just read the report from the Wave Country mission that claims that you and Sasuke defeated Zabuza and his apprentice…"

"What the hell…!?" Naruto asked out in shock. He wouldn't have actually thought Kakashi would have the guts to lie like that as he could so easily get found out. "I defeated Haku!" he declared in anger. "The thought of Sasuke taking credit for defeating him…/her is an insult to Haku's memory."

"Don't be such a liar Naru…!" Sakura spat out, but the way she said it was without much conviction. She almost sounded bad for lying herself, and Naruto couldn't help but feel pity for her. She's so far in her own little world of Sasuke having to be great that she just can't help but butt in and lie for him.

"Enough, Sakura!" the Hokage hissed out wondering whether he could give her to a kunoichi with a sadistic thirst for blood to get her trained up in something more useful than cheerleading. "I had also received a letter of thanks from Wave and their version of events differs vastly to yours. In fact, the bridge builder felt it his duty to state his concern with how you in particular treat Naruto, and that Kakashi just seems to find amusement in it!

"If I so much as hear a whisper of you threatening or assaulting another Ninja of Konoha again… I shall have you taken to T and I!" he finished off and the idea of sending her to a vicious kunoichi was sounding better and better, maybe he could split her time between more than one for extra 'training'. It would show her what a real kunoichi should know, and be.

"But Hokage-sama," she said out panicking. "It's only Naruto-baka… my mum has always said that I can…!"

"Then I'll be investigating your bitch of a mother too!" he hissed such venom they all flinched and realised why he's top dog as they felt a spike of his power, and she had finally settled his mind. She'll regret the day she pushed his kindness too far, then someday maybe thank him. "I am taking Naruto off of Team Seven and trading him with Team Eights Kiba," he finally finished off to a few shocked gasps.

"What have I done…!?" Kiba asked in shock. "I'll tell my mum, she won't have this!" he spat out in his eternal arrogance.

"That's surprising how she was all for the idea," he replied glaring at the boy. "I don't like the way you've been acting towards your other teammates, or the way you've been disrespectful to your sensei! So I'm giving you to Team Seven whether you like it or not!"

"But she's just a woman, why should I…?"

"Oh shit Kiba, your mums just their standing on a giant mushroom with legs and eyes… its freaky!" interrupted Naruto with an annoyed growl and pointing to the door.

"Where…?" he asked and he wasn't the only one who looked, but he was the only one who fell to the floor with a bloody nose unconscious. His little white puppy just stood staring at him with a shake of its little puppy head.

"You should look for a smarter pet," he said to the little dog. "Hopefully one that's not a dick," he added as he looked the boy over as he pulled out a marker pen and writing the words 'suck me boys' on his face with an arrow pointing down on his face.

The Hokage groaned and shook his head as he looked up to see said wild looking beautiful woman, mother to the idiot. Though, she isn't ridding on a freaky mutant mushroom, which might have brought some amusement to his day. She just stood there snickering as her son had fallen for that quite a few times now, from the same person. She would have thought he would have figured out that he should STOP looking over there.

"Tsume-san," the old man greeted with a small bow of his head. "I do apologise for starting so soon as I knew you wanted to be here, but…" he gestured Sakura, Kakashi and Kiba. "They were being quite stubborn…"

"Bitches," Naruto answered as the old man couldn't find the right word to finish with. They all just looked to him in surprise and he almost missed Hinata's small dreamy smile. "Sorry, they were being bitches!" he said glaring as Kakashi sneered at him.

"Quite," she answered with a smirk. "I like that… hmm… my daughters only five years older than you…" she suggested with raised eyebrows. "I wouldn't mind having such a… an incredible son-in-law."

Naruto chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Well umm… some have mentioned I have demonic stamina, so err, I don't think she could handle me by herself."

She looked surprised for a moment before she burst out laughing. "I like you, kid; you have some balls on you," she said laughingly when the Hokage cleared his throat to draw back their attention while looking amused. "Oh, right… you were talking before my son was a rude moron and got KO'd with one shot. He can be so easily tricked I have to wonder whether I didn't just find him in a pet store."

"Well, right," he said shaking his head and rolling his eyes. "Kakashi, take your new student and get out of my sight. Oh, and if you don't show any improvements, or should I say if your students don't I shall have you on probation and remove you as Uchiha-sans teacher, do you understand?" he asked treating him like a child.

"Y-yes, sir," he said nervously as he scooped Kiba up.

"Sakura!" he added before they left through the door. She turned to him and gulped. "I believe I have someone who would like to meet you. She likes to get an early start so be here at six thirty AM! If you're late by even a second she will punish you, and I don't care how! Do you understand?"

She gulped as she nodded her head. "Y-yes sir," she said as he just gestured for them to leave and they did closing the door behind them quickly with Kiba's dog rushing out with them.

"Well, Kurenai… I actually have a mission for your team," he said once they were gone. "Tsume-san has requested a mission with us… a C rank accompanying her to the Summit Monastery up North Pass to deal with some unexplained animal attacks. It shouldn't take longer than a few days so you'll be back with time to decide whether you believe your team is capable of taking the chunin exam."

"Yes sir," she agreed nodding surprised her newly made team made no motion of caring about entering the exams. She didn't doubt with the way things are going that they could do well and make her proud.

"It's such a simple thing I figured it would be easy going for a new genin team," Tsume agreed with a smile. "I wouldn't have asked Team Eight with Kiba on it as I know he isn't mature enough to travel with me, so be ready for let's say… two-thirty at the North Gate, so that leaves you just over two hours to get supplied and whatever else you need to do."

"Sweet," Naruto said with a grin. "Maybe on this C rank mission we won't get attacked by A rank nuke-nin…" he said with a sheepish grin as he leaned into towards the old man. "Or any freaky monsters wanting to eat or kill us. I've had enough of that for a while…"

"We can only, hope," the Hokage said with a smile, not worried about security so much as Naruto's new teammates are trustworthy and Kurenai and Tsume know about them anyway. "Well Team Eight, dismissed and don't be late now," he added the last as the students left passed Tsume and Kurenai as they exited the office together.

"How did you swing this?" Kurenai couldn't help but ask after a moment of the door being closed. "I would have thought the council…?"

The Hokage just smirked. "They're not the only people who can sneak about. It was actually simple as I used my power to just switch their teams. I don't know how long it will take them to notice but they can't usurp me on this. Like other 'parties', I've been getting tired of them thinking they're in charge, and I'm no longer above cheating. They're just weakening our village because of their own greed. I shall no longer allow this…"

Naruto left his new team passed the beaten pulp of the sectary fast, he ran, and ran through the streets at top speed. The blast of his movement making the odd skirt or dress float up as he tried to get back home without getting accosted by hot girls wanting to hug him or something when he has to get changed and get ready for the mission.

"Uzumaki-kun…?" he was called as soon as he got to his apartment block by a pretty young blonde woman, one of his two new tenants. "I'm sorry to bother you while you're in a hurry, but we forgot to ask about utilities."

"Oh, right… the small closet by the front door has your metres in it," he said with a grin. "It's fixed billing, but don't worry, if you want just tell me and I'll add in utilities to your rent to make it easier for you. But I'm going to be away for a couple of days, so you can just leave a note through my door and I'll sort it for you when I get home, OK?"

"Yes, thank you, Uzumaki-kun," she said cheerfully as she waved while he ran off upstairs to his floor. "Good luck with… whatever it is you're going to be doing…!" she called after him.

Naruto quickly entered his apartment and after closing the door started stripping out of his suit, folding it neatly and then leaving it on his bed in his room before grabbing his regular ninja gear and getting dressed.

He looked at his watch after he grabbed all of his equipment and realised that he should have taken his time, but then thinking about that, if he did he might have been discovered by his newly acquired fans and then been late. He doesn't want to be a douche like Kakashi and make his team wait around for him.

Shrugging he grabbed his keys and wallet and exited the apartment and snuck out of his building. With the way things are lightening in the crime department around his neighbourhood, he wouldn't be surprised if his fan-girls risked hunting for him here if they find out where he lives.

He was cautious as he walked through town towards North Gate when he was walking by Tenten's place he had plenty of time to stop by and tell her he's off on a mission. So entering he saw the girl behind the counter quickly hiding something as the bell above the door chimed, which he found suspicious as he walked over.

"Hey, Ten-chan, what was that you, hid?" he asked with a smirk as he leant on the counter trying to look under it, but she just nervously move in his way causing his face to push up against her. "Come on Ten-chan, you know I can't be beat like that…" another Naruto said behind as he threw something to the real Naruto as he stood up straight grinning as he caught it.

He looked it over while she blushed and glared at him. It's a large dark purple crossbow, but looking it over, it can probably hold multiple arrows, and yep. He smiled as he fiddled with it a little watching as he pulled the trigger as the arrow 'barrel' moved, which would replace the unloaded arrow with a loaded one and reset the crossbow.

"Wow, somebody has arrow-envy," he said teasingly while she snatched it off him and glare pouted at him in annoyance.

"Don't be stupid Naru-kun," she said rolling her eyes. "Dad made a pair awhile back, and hearing the rumours of this Arrow guy I dug them out and fixed them up. They were quite dirty and they didn't really work right when dad made them, which is why I just dumped them in storage, but I've finally figured out how to get them fully functional!"

"Well, I bow before your humble, awesomeness," he replied with a grin and a cheeky mock bow. "I just popped by to tell you I've finally gotten a new team. I'm now taking Kiba's place on Team Eight… we were traded."

"That's awesome, Naru-kun," she said giving him a hug with a wide grin. "You've finally got teammates that aren't douche's. Though, having Kiba on her team, maybe Sakura will learn how good she had it with you on her team."

He laughed when that reminded him of something. "I think the old man Hokage is giving her some special treatment by introducing her to…" he laughed more as he thought about a few kunoichi that he might 'introduce' her too. "I don't know who, but she's got to be dangerous the way he said it."

Tenten snorted her laugh, rolling her eyes. "Well maybe she'll have learnt her lesson by the time she's done… she's been giving a bad name to kunoichi. I guess she might not be so bad if she gets a better role model than that lazy moron, Kakashi."

"Anyone is a better role model compared to that guy," he replied shrugging. "I don't know what his problem is and I don't much care. If he is going to be a jonin-sensei, he has to treat his students equally. I had to deal with that bastard Sasuke getting everything while I got shit at the academy, so I wouldn't expect it from Kakashi too, especially with our lives on the line!"

"Yeah well, the rest of us had to put up with those academy idiots too," she replied shrugging. "Neji was always getting special treatment from the instructors while the rest of us were looked at like we should be looking up at his 'genius' in awe."

"It's freaking crazy," he answered shaking his head. "My class had several other clan heirs but they were all falling over themselves to suck Sasuke's shit hole clean! Yet, the prick doesn't even appreciate it, and they kept on bowing to him while he shows off everything! He's become so predictable as he keeps spitting out fireballs and sprouting off about how much more powerful he is compared to everyone else…"

She shook her head looking amused. "At least he doesn't piss about with 'your fate is to lose to me' and crap like that every time he opens his stupid mouth. If I have to hear shit like that one more time, I might show him that his fate is to die speared on the end of my spear!" she hissed out as she kicked a long black spear off a shelf, catching it and spinning it around her fingers before standing with it beside her.

"Whoa, cute and scary," he said with a grin. "Anyway, Ten-chan, I have a mission, so won't be around for a couple days. So I have to go before I'm late. I'll see you when I get back, and tell Ino-chan for me, and try to spread word to all of those girls so they stay clear of Greyland."

"Will do," she said with a grin as she gave him a quick searing kiss before he escaped out of the door waving to her.

She shook her head smiling as she placed her spear back onto the shelf.

To Be Continued…