Just a strange idea in my mind while struggling against a writer's block and taking a break from writing 'Break Time'. Assume that Guile is Magus, but not amnesiac as I disregard the CT DS ending.

DISCLAIMER: Chrono Cross doesn't belong to me.


While lying on the ground, I felt the frigidity of the marble floor. Despite the coldness, I knew that beads of sweat were trickling down my temple.

Everything was fairly dark. I wouldn't be able to see anything, if there hadn't been a dim purple glow from the flooring, helping my failing vision.

Raising my head a bit, I saw Lynx yanking Kid's braid while pushing a dagger to her throat.

"Heh, I'll finish you off!" Lynx said.

Those words boosted my will to fight back. I reached out my right hand in an attempt to retrieve my staff. The rod seemed to be merely half a meter away, but I stopped abruptly and groaned as I heard a crack. At that moment, I felt a warm, salty taste in my mouth. And so I coughed and stained the marble floor with crimson hue.

Breathless and hopeless. Closing my eyes, I blamed myself for the woes. Why had I been so slow to react earlier? Why hadn't I thought that Lynx had been deceiving Kid by switching his body with Serge's?

Pathetic and worthless. For one moment I felt like I'd rather die. Despite being able to endure the Mystics' brutal tutelage for many years, I still didn't have the power. There was nothing I could do after Lynx had blasted me with a sphere of dark energy. I had been but a foolish weakling whom the beast man had defeated effortlessly... But no! Whining would not do any good! I had to get up and fight!

My heart throbbed quickly as if there were no tomorrow. Clenching my jaw, I crawled slowly to where my staff was lying. But after I had taken one step to the front, my hands faltered. With that, the marble floor came close to my sight once more.

Gasping for air while squirming on the ground with trembling limbs, I could see Kid standing beside me. No, it wasn't. Voluminous blue hair and adorned in purple robes; this wasn't Kid. But I recognized her. She was my sister indeed, a person who had been known to send her clone daughter, Kid, to the world.

While floating on the air, she said to me, "Farewell, my dear…"

At this moment, I tried to get up to no avail.

"No, don't…" I moaned, spitting blood to the floor.

The girl said nothing. She simply looked at me, tears filling her green eyes. Her figure gradually became wispy like a spirit.

"Don't g-go…" I stammered.

She had disappeared. Now, further in front of me, Kid was lying on a pool of blood, motionless with eyes closed. At this moment I remembered that blue-haired girl. I saw the girl hugging the younger me, who was merely half of her height. Her smile… Her loving heart… Her warm embrace… I could never pay them! I could not even protect Kid! I was pathetic!

For once again I reached out my hands in hopes to retrieve my staff, but I felt my muscles rebelling against me. Immense pain jolted and wracked my broken body, preventing me from getting any further. Slowly, the stench of rusty iron filled my senses. Everything I saw before me blurred and became soaked in a deep, dark redness… I could see nothing now. Kid had gone, and so had I.