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Koen sat in the corner of his trans-planetary shuttle, speaking into an ECHO device.

"To whoever finds this, you'll have the pleasure of knowing how I ended up on this dump of a planet. Let me start from the very start," He said.

"My name is Koen, I am 18 years old, and I live... no, lived on the planet of Eden-6. You see, the corrupt idiots that we call the police threw me off the planet for... sorta... killing someone. Somebody... important, apparently. But, still, who does that?! Who throws an 18 year old off a planet? They could have killed me right there but noooo, they're sending me to some border planet called Pandora. I've heard of this place before, it's all everyone's been talking about these last few weeks, I don't know why though. Apparently it's a dry, dusty pisshole full of psychotic bandits. People come to this planet to look for treasure and stuff, but most don't last a day, so I guess I'd be lucky to find a sane person here."

"Before they locked me in this damn shuttle, I grabbed the three things that never leave my sigh: my trusty Maliwan crossbow, my quiver of elemental arrows, and my backpack. An officer took one look at what I was bringing and he told me I was going to need it where I was going."

He was running out of things to say, so he ended the recording there. He pressed stop on the device and tossed it across the shuttle, let out a long sigh and looked up at the roof.

"I can't believe this is happening."

Koen clambered out his shuttle and into bright sunlight. The heat hit him instantly as he stepped out. He wasn't exactly wearing the right clothes. He wore dark combat trousers, a t-shirt, a wrecked green hoodie, a white bandana that went around his shoulders, and black sneakers. He took a quick look around, he appeared to be in a small desert. There were hills of sand and mountains around the place.

"Shit," He muttered.

He decided to stick around where his shuttle had landed, it provided good shelter. He needed a better vantage point to get a better look at his surroundings, so he left his backpack, crossbow and arrows on the ground and began to climb a tall, nearby rock. The heat made it hard work, but he was in good shape and soon reached the top. He stood up on top of the rock and looked around, putting his hand over his forehead to block the sun. He saw some weird dog-looking animals running around. Probably best to avoid them, he thought to himself.

All of a sudden, he heard rapid gunfire break out behind him. It was far away, but not far enough. Squinting, he could make out six figures in the distance. He slid down the rock and ran to back to his shelter, towards the gunfire and the figures. He picked up his crossbow and quiver as he ran, swinging the quiver on to his back and quickly loading an explosive arrow into the crossbow. He pulled up his hood and continued running.

As he ran, the gunfire became louder and louder. He reached a small sand hill, it sounded like the shots were coming from just over the other side of it. He bent low and walked slowly to the top of the hill and lay on top. He could only see 4 people now, 3 men stood close together, shooting at a small hooded figure, who was firing back. Koen could barely see anything but silhouettes against the dazzling sun. The bullets that did hit the hooded figure just caused a small electric arc to appear on impact, doing no visible damage, yet she jolted with each bullet that hit her. 2 dead bodies lay next to the 3 men. One of the men took a bullet to the face and slumped to the ground. As he hit the ground, there was a bright, white flash and suddenly there was a hulking robot hovering next to the hooded figure, armed with an array of various spikes and giant claws for hands. The figure had its left arm raised, a shadow against the sunlight. A bright orange laser shot out of a small box which, Koen assumed, counted for the robot's head. The laser hit one of the two remaining men and he instantly burst into flames, he flailed around on the ground for a few seconds before dying. The last man turned to run, but was shot in the head before he could take the first step.

"Haha! Nice one DT!" said a feminine voice. The voice sounded like that of a teenage girl's. Then Koen noticed something else about the girl: she had a mechanical arm, her left arm, the same one she had used to summon the robot. He couldn't believe it, a fully working metal arm.

Then, the girl and the robot turned and looked at Koen, the hood still obscuring most of her face.

"Oh, fuck that," Koen panicked as he stood up to run.

He took off as fast as he could. He heard a loud whirring noise follow him, and something smacked into him hard, knocking him to the ground. His crossbow flew out of his hand and landed next to him. He rolled on to his back and looked up into the barrel of a revolver, held by the girl, her deadly robot by her side. She pulled her hood down to reveal a red head of hair, with two ponytails jutting out of either side. She had wide, green eyes and a small plaster across her right cheek. Damn she's hot, Koen thought to himself, she would be even hotter if she wasn't trying to kill me!

"Well, well, well, what do we have here," She smiled down at him.

Koen glanced towards his crossbow, which was just out of his reach.

"Don't even think about it," she said sternly, "I'll kill you before you can even touch it."

Koen looked at her metallic arm and thought. He wasn't scared of her, it was the robot he had to worry about. He saw how the girl had controlled the robot with the robotic arm and he wondered if he could damage it in some way, would the robot disappear? He decided to take a chance. The girl stood over him, the gun still aimed at his head.

As quick as lightning, he threw his arm back and grabbed the first arrow he could from his quiver. He then thrust the arrow forward towards the girl's mechanical arm. The second the tip of the arrow touched the arm, there was a small electric explosion, he had picked the right arrow it seems, and the girl stumbled backwards. Koen looked quickly at where the robot was a few seconds ago and he didn't see it, so he figured it was safe. While the girl was stunned, he quickly leg sweeped her and was standing up before she hit the ground. Her revolver flew out of her grasp. He picked up his crossbow and aimed at the girl's face. Koen stood on her metal arm to keep her pinned to the ground. The look of confidence on her face from a few moments ago was replaced by a look of genuine fear. Small electric sparks appeared all around her, it looked like the electrical explosion had disabled the shield.

"Make one move," Koen said menacingly, "And I'll blow your brains out."

"Woah, woah, please don't kill me!" she squealed. Koen kept his crossbow ready, he wasn't taking any chances. He didn't plan on killing her, but he couldn't just let her go.

"Uh, I-I can get you off this planet!" she tried. That got Koen's attention.

"Oh yeah?" he asked, still keeping an aggressive face and tone of voice. "How?"

"There's a-a Hyperion launch facility very far away from here, I was on my way there, but it's dangerous to travel alone!" she panicked.

Koen considered his options, then slowly lowered his crossbow. He slung it over his back, next to his quiver, and put his hand out to help the girl up.

"Don't make me regret this," He warned and gave her a quick smile.

He pulled her to her feet as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks for... y'know... not killing me," She grinned, delighted just to be alive. "The name's Gaige by the way."

"Koen," He said, looking up at the sky. It was dusk. "It's getting dark I think, I came here in a trans-planetary shuttle and it's still over there," he gestured with his thumb, "I've been using it as shelter. Wanna stay with me for a while?"

"Sure!" she beamed, and they began the short walk back to the shuttle together. Koen took a long look at her. She wore a sleeveless denim jacket with a hood and a red t-shirt with a skull on it underneath. She also wore a red skirt with ripped, black and white striped leggings and blue sneakers. Her whole appearance reminded Koen of a school girl, which she probably was.

"So Koen, why'd you end up here?" Gaige asked.

Koen was tired and didn't feel like answering questions, so he replied with: "I'll tell you later."

"Kay then, but will you at least tell me where you got that badass crossbow?" she continued.

"It was my Dad's, had it with me for years now and I still haven't found anything it can't kill," Koen replied. "You wanna explain that robot that nearly killed me? Or maybe the metal arm? Wait, I didn't damage it too badly did I?"

"No, you just short-circuited the battery. If you did damage it badly, I would kill you right now," She said with a smile and a happy tone of voice, before breaking into a cute, snorting laugh.

Koen couldn't help but smile, she was funny, and he was happy to have someone that would accompany him on the journey ahead. Although, as they walked back towards the shuttle, Koen couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't killed her the first chance he got. He had killed people before, why did he hesitate then?