Goku and ChiChi's Memory's

Thunder and lightning lite up the sky, rain fell as if the clouds exploded. This weather had been going for days now but that didn't stop Son Goku from his training. In just a few days the Cell Games would begin. Terrified for her loved ones ChiChi did the best she could do to stay strong. Sitting in the rocking chair watching her husband she thought back to all the great times they have had together


"ChiChi don't you think its time to name the little guy?" The Ox King said as he twiddled his thumbs.

"Actually dad I've already come up with a name."

" Oh, I didn't know you guys picked a names already..."

" His name will be Einstein," ChiChi said proudly.

" No way, your not serious," Ox King and Goku said in unison.

" Yup sure a-" ChiChi was cut off by a nameless boys cries.

" I think he doesn't like the name that much sweetie,"

Infuriated, ChiChi yelled "Oh really dad! Well I supposed you have some good Ideas then!"

Rubbing his neck he smiles and takes out a scroll, "Well actually I stayed up last night and made a list, ahhh.. hmm, lets see I got Oxford, little Ox, Big Ox, there's Ox in a box.."

This only caused the child to wail even more. . . It seemed hours passed as they all sat in the little room, brave enough to break the ice Goku firmly stood up.

" Hey guys, I think I'm going to go fishing.."

" Fishing!" An aggravated ChiChi yelled. " You want to go fishing when your son has no name!" " Well ChiChi... I ahh.." "Didn't that Gohan teach you any manners at all?1" . . . " Well no ChiChi" "Ughh! Goku can't you think of one name?"

" One name," Goku said as he starred her straight in the eyes.

" Yes,"

"Well sure but can we eat first I'm starving!"

"GOKU! I swear that Gohan if I ever met him!"

"Chichi stop, listen to this." her father stated as he said the name Gohan. As soon as those words came out of his mouth the young one started to laugh excitedly. " I think he likes this name ChiChi," She didn't respond, all she could think of is her husband as he picked up the little guy and played with him. His name would be Gohan she knew that for sure, watching her husband and father that day she could not stay mad at Goku any longer knowing his heart was filled with love and joy.


ChiChi opened her eyes to be startled by a young mans stare. Slowly she stood up and walked over to him. Never letting her leave his sight he wrapped his arms around her and murmured in her ear, " What were you thinking about?"

Not caring she was getting soaked she looked up at him with a smile on her face and said, " Everything." Followed by silence the two of them just stood there wrapped in each others embrace. ChiChi let go and headed to the bathroom, walking out she handed her loved one a towel. The two walked to their sons room to tuck him in.

" Gohan its time for bed." Called a women who was full of anxiety and stress but appeared calm on the outside. Knowing exactly what his mom was going through Gohan smiled at his mom and said, "Don't worry mom, we'll beat him," ChiChi could only sadly look at her son as she kissed him good night.

"Night son get some sleep," Goku said as he dried his hair.

"Night dad see you tomorrow," and with that his eyelids softly closed into a peaceful sleep.

Walking out of the room and into their own the two changed up and slipped into bed. Nudging herself into his strong arms she inhaled his sweet sent. Feeling at ease and safe she finally found sleep. Goku never let go of his wife that night knowing what she was going through and preparing himself for the few days ahead.