ChiChi slowly opened her eyes to the sound of birds singing. Still tightly wrapped in Goku's arms she struggled to get free. After getting cleaned up she stepped outside to watch the sun rise. "Ahh.. What a beautiful day." "Sure is," Came the voice of Goku. Standing on her tips toes ChiChi wrapped her arms around her husbands neck and lightly kissed him.



"Promise me you'll never leave me, please keep my little boy safe and come home," ChiChi said as she buried her face in his chest. A moment of silence followed, he did not want to make a promise he might not be able to keep. He only pulled her closer to him, enjoying every last minute he got to spend with his wife. " Good morning dad, morning mom," Gohan cheerfully said as he joined the embrace. They both looked down at him with smiles on their face. "Good morning son," his mother replied as Goku ruffled his hair. "Go freshen up, breakfast will be ready soon." "Okay! I'm starving," he said as he ran off into the house.

Turning back to her husband she told him also to freshen up.

Cooking for her family was a part of everyday life. She couldn't imagine what would happen if the two had tried to cook for themselves.. Actually she could, there was this one time were she woke up to the two of them with a tray full of breakfast. The food, eh, it was okay but boy wasn't she livid when she walked into the kitchen. Needles to say they spent their day cleaning up the mess they made.

Food was laid out on the table when the boys walked into the kitchen. With no manners at all the two of them rushed to the table and mowed down on their breakfast. Like garbage disposals in minutes what took an hour to cook was gone. When everything was cleaned up Goku walked over to ChiChi to give her a kiss, smirking she quickly stepped away as he kissed the air. Leaning on the counter ChiChi doubled over with laughter as her husband looked at her dumbfounded. She explained she wouldn't kiss him until he wiped the food off his face. Before you knew it they were holding on to each to keep from falling over with laughter.

Later on that evening Goku and Gohan decided to go fishing. Walking through the woods Goku couldn't help but smile at his son. Gohan looked up and noticed his dad looking at him. He decided not to say anything as he took his stuff off and jumped into the water. To lost in his own thoughts Goku didn't realize he walked off the edge and into the river. As he came back up laughing he expected to see Gohan as well. But when he looked up he saw nothing but the river running on for miles and miles. Panic crept up in Goku's chest, frantically he dove under water just in time to find the unthinkable...