Raf glanced up curiously as the Prime strode back through the brilliantly glowing groundbridge. Nobody knew what he had been doing in the Arctic, and they all wanted to find out. Normally he was a lot less secretive than this.

Optimus left the goundbridge vortex, and came straight over to Raf. He knelt down carefully, and for the first time the boy saw the the Autobot was holding a rather large snowball.

"The snowball I promised you, Rafael," Optimus said, gaze kind and gentle. He placed it on the floor, where it stood almost as tall as Raf himself.

"I... Thank you, Optimus. You really didn't need to do that for me, you know!" the boy said, startled.

Optimus smiled slightly. "Promises should not be broken lightly, no matter how small they may seem. I hope that you will enjoy the snow."

Ratchet snorted rather loudly. "Really, Optimus. Now I'll have snow in all this very sensitive and important computer equipment, and then where will we be?"

"I am sure Rafael will be careful, old friend," replied the Prime mildly, but in a way that settled the matter very firmly.

Raf hurried over to Optimus and hugged his hand happily. "I'll be careful."

The children proceeded to have a massive snowball fight, with left the Autobot base rather soggy. They were careful to avoid harming anything Ratchet needed, and so even the old medic didn't complain much.

Of course after the third stray snowball hit him, he promised to groundbridge them to Alaska next time they wanted to play with snow.


It always bothered me how Optimus never gave Raf that snowball he promised him. I don't know if this story has already been done, but if it hasn't then I guess it was about time for someone to write this. I hope you liked it.