Once Upon A Time - A Fairytale Ending

and A Storybrooke Beginning

This story starts off being a different ending to Queen of Hearts and then goes on to see Emma and Snow return to Storybrooke. Mulan and Aurora go with them and we see them adjusting to a new life in a new town. Others characters will also be involved.

Chapter 1

(At the side of Lake Nostos Cora and Hook are stood 10 feet away from Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora. Cora is holding Aurora's heart).

Emma: Cora, give Aurora back her heart.

Cora: And why would I want to do that?

Emma: She doesn't deserve to die.

Cora: Does anyone I have done this too?

(A fight ensures during which Cora drops the heart, Emma grabs it and outs it back in Aurora).

Aurora: Thank you

Emma: You're welcome

Cora: Very well played Emma

Emma: I try my best

Cora: Indeed, now watch us open the portal to your precious Storybrooke.

(Cora opens the portal and her and Hook go through)

Snow: Quick, before she can close it from the other side.

Mulan: We must stay here

Aurora: To find Phillip

Emma: Listen to me Aurora, Phillip is dead and if you stay here you will have no chance at a normal life, come with us and you can be whoever you want to be.

Mulan: She makes a valid point Aurora.

Aurora: Okay, I will come with you to your land.

Mulan: As will I

Snow: Jump through then, now.

(They all jump through the portal. At the well in the Storybrooke Forest, Gold, Regina and Henry are at the portal on their side. A hand pokes out of the well and Mulan comes out).

Regina: Who are you?

Mulan: My name is Mulan, please hold on a moment

(Mulan helps Aurora out of the well)

Henry: Aurora!

Aurora: Henry, it is nice to finally meet you outside of that room.

Henry: You too, is my mom there?

(Snow comes out of the well)

Snow: Hey don't forget me mister.

Henry: Grandma!

(Henry runs up to Snow and hugs her)

Emma: (from well) Little help here

(Snow helps Emma out of the well)

Emma: Hey there Henry

Henry: Mom, I've missed you

(He hugs her)

Emma: Missed you too kid

(Snow hugs them both)

Gold: Sorry to interrupt but there is a prince in need of true love's kiss in my shop.

Snow: Indeed there is

Regina: Red is waiting in her car on the road, she was gonna take Henry to Granny's

Snow: Thank you

Regina: You're welcome, Can I just ask, what happened to my mother?

(On the deck of a boat on the Storybrooke sea)

Hook: There it is ...

Cora: ... Storybrooke.

End of Chapter