Chapter 47

For this chapter, Johanna is still alive

(Emma and Neal walked away from Belle and his father, they were on the edge of the wood at the back of the property, just talking)

Neal: So, what did you get for your birthday?

Emma: This cool bracelet from Ruby and Granny, a personalised mug from Henry and a new cell phone from my parents, as well as a bunch of other stuff.

Neal: Cool, hey I heard about that town wide costume party your mom's planning ...

Emma: Yeah, she says she's doing it, because people are feeling homesick.

Neal: I'm not one of 'em, I've spent my whole life escaping the memories of that place.

Emma: I know, but will you still go, you know, for Henry?

Neal: For Henry.

Emma: He's looking forward to it you know, he's got Mary Margaret making him a costume just like the sort of clothes David used to wear in the Enchanted Forest, sword belt and all.

Neal: He really looks up to him, doesn't he?

Emma: I think it's probably because they spent so much time together when me and Mary Margaret were trapped over there.

Neal: Listen, umm, maybe in a few days Henry could stay over at mine, me and him could have like a movie night or something.

Emma: He'd like that

Snow: Emma, come over here.

Emma: I gotta go

Neal: Okay, and Emma.

Emma: Yeah

Neal: Happy Birthday.

Emma: Thanks

(Emma then walks away and goes over to her mom)

Emma: What's up?

Snow: There's someone I'd like you to meet, this is Johanna, she was my mother's personal maid, but she and I were also quite close when I was a little girl. Johanna, this is my daughter, Emma.

Emma: Hi

Johanna: Hello to you to your highness.

Emma: That's the first time that's happened.

Johanna: What's happened?

Emma: That someone has called me your highness.

Snow: Well, Emma honey, you are a princess.

Emma: Yeah, over there, here, I'm just Emma Swan.

Johanna: I do apologise, I shall call you Emma, if that makes you more comfortable?

Emma: It does yeah, thanks.

Snow: All right missy, why don't we go mingle?

Emma: Sure

(Moments later Emma and Snow are walking through the crowd, when they meet the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior)

Snow: Oh hi Blue, how are you?

Blue: I am well, thank you for asking Snow, how are you?

Snow: I'm great

Blue: Good, anyway, Emma, happy birthday, this is from me.

(Blue then hands Emma a small box, which she opens to see a charm that seems to glitter and glow)

Blue: I heard Red say she was getting you a charm bracelet, so I fashioned this for you, it's a talisman, it helps to control magic, I thought it could help you

Emma: Thank you, mom, help me put it on

(Snow then pauses for a second, stunned that Emma called her mom)

Snow: Sure thing.

(Snow then attaches the new charm to Emma's bracelet)

Snow: Come on, let's go open the buffet, I think people are getting a little hungry.

Emma: Henry's one of them, I saw him lingering over by the food table a few minutes ago

Snow: Come on, oh and Blue, I hope you enjoy the party, see ya later.

Blue: Goodbye

Emma: Bye

(Emma and Snow then walk away)

End of Chapter