Chapter 49

The next day Emma woke up with a headache (she'd had too much to drink at her party the night before) so, groggily she got up out of bed and went for a shower before getting changed and heading downstairs where she found Henry and her parents making breakfast.

"Morning mom"

"Morning kid"

"How are you feeling today?" asked Snow.

"I'll let you know after my coffee"

"Here you go" said David/Charming putting a cup of coffee infront of his daughter.

"Thank you"

"It's fine, hey you want some breakfast?"

"In a minute, let me drink this first yeah"

"Hey mom, can we go to the beach later?"

"Maybe, if my headache disappears"

A few hours later, just after lunch Emma was clearing up with her mom while Henry and Charming practiced their sword fighting in the backyard.

"Well at least those two are enjoying themselves"

"They bonded really well when we were in the Enchanted Forest"

"They had to didn't they"

Moments later Henry comes running in followed by Charming.

"So who won?" asked Snow

"Henry did, he thrashed me didn't ya buddy?"

"Yeah I did"

"Well someone who beat their grandpa in a swordfight has earned the right for ice cream"


"Yeah, mom, dad, you wanna come with us?"

"Sure, let me just grab my stuff"

An hour later they are playing soccer on the beach when they meet Neal.

"Hi dad, I beat grandpa in a sword fight so we came out for ice cream"

"Good for you Henry, I just need to talk to your mom for a minute ok?"


"What's up Neal?"

"Belle wants to take Henry shopping for a suit for the wedding tomorrow and I was gonna take him to Granny's afterwards and maybe watch a film, that ok?"

"Sure, I'll drop him off at 10:00"

"Cool, hey Henry, you and I are going out tomorrow"

"To do what?"

"Well Belle wants you to try on a suit for the wedding and then me and you are gonna go to Granny's and then back to mine to watch a film, how does that sound?"

"Granny's and a film is cool, the suit thing not so much"

"That's what I thought you'd say but it's important, so you gotta do it".

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow dad"

"See ya buddy, bye Emma, Snow, Charming"

"Goodbye Neal, it was nice to see you" says Snow.

A few minutes later while Henry and Charming are continuing to play soccer Snow and Emma are walking by the water watching the two of them play.

"So Emma, how's things with you and Neal?"

"I don't know, I mean I enjoyed myself on that date we went on, I just don't know what to do next"

"Well, honey, you have to ask yourself, do you like him?"

"Yeah, I've liked him since I was 18"

"Then maybe the two of you should go out again and get to know each other better, I mean it had been a while since the two of you had last met, right?"

"Right, yeah ok, but shouldn't I really wait for him to ask me out?"

"Not it you want it to happen, men can be a little, what's the word ... laid-back when it comes to their emotions, you'll have to ask him if you want anything"

After a few short moments of thinking Emma replied by saying "Yeah, I'll ask him out tomorrow morning".


"Now what about you and dad, I thought you said you wanted another baby"

"We do, it's just a little harder this time, I don't know whether it's the curse or whether something's wrong..."

"Hey, it'll happen when it happens. You know when I was little I always dreamed of having brothers and sisters, one of each, their names were Sophia and Daniel. We'd play together, you know like chase and stuff and then we had a tree house too, a huge thing in this big old tree in the backyard, though in my dreams of course".

"That's so cute, you know I had this friend in the Enchanted Forest, back when I was on the run, I only knew her for a short while. Her name was Francesca and for a long while she was the only friend I had, she was company"

"What happened?"

"Regina got to her"

"And you're sure she's not here in Storybrooke?"

"Yeah, I looked for her after we got back and couldn't find her. I only hope that she escaped it, who knows maybe I'll find her again one day".

"Maybe, do you ever think about it, going back?"

"Of course, it's my home, it's where I grew up. Do you think about it, going to live over there?"

"Sometimes, but then I think about how I'd handle it, come on, can you really see me in a dress, every day?"

"Of course, I'm your mother, you know when I was pregnant with you I always thought about dressing you in pretty dresses, helping you get ready for your first ball, oh I was gonna do so much with you"

"See when you talk about balls and pretty dresses that kinda makes my skin crawl"

That makes Snow laugh and then she hugs her daughter before saying "You'd have no choice about it, you're next in line, one day you'll be Queen".

"Queen Emma, I like it"

"Thought you might, now come on, we gotta get home, I wanna show you something"

End of Chapter