A Change for the Better

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Krillin opened his eyes and looked around for 18. She had fallen asleep in his arms the night before. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, was it all just a dream? He looked over at his calendar and saw the day with "Gohan's birthday" written on it, was crossed out. ~It must have been real, but where is 18? Did she run away!!??~

He jumped out of bed and threw his house robe on. He looked in her room first , and when he saw she wasn't there, he ran downstairs. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw her in the kitchen. ~Oh, she's just cooking........WHAT?!~

"YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT, HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU TO OPERATE PROPERLY!!!" 18 hit the stove with a frying pan, then threw out some food that was burned beyond recognition. While she was standing at the sink trying desperately to scrap the burnt food off of a pan, Krillin walked up behind her and put his arms around her.

"AH! YOU OLD PERV! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU."She turned around and faced Krillin, "Oh, heh heh..Hey Krillin, sorry I didn't know it was you."

"Oh good, I was getting worried." He joked.

"Oh shut up." She went back to scrubbing the pan, "I'm just a little jumpy that's all."

"Oh? Why? What are you so afraid of?"

She stopped and faced him, "I.I don't know.what are you accusing me of? I never said I was afraid of anything."

Krillin looked at her oddly, "Are you ok?"

"Yes fine!"

"Ok.Well why don't you let me take care of breakfast." He took out another pan and set it on the stove and began moving around the kitchen preparing the meal. 18 just stood there and watched him. After a while he finished and set the plates on the table, and they sat down and ate. The two of them ate in silence. Well Krillin was eating a little, 18 was just poking at her eggs. 18 looked up to see Krillin glancing at her, and she smiled. Then she pushed her chair back and stood up and walked over to Krillin's side. She got down on both of her knees so that she was almost at eye level with him, but a little shorter. She grabbed one of his hands, "Krillin you have made these last few days, the best of my life. I know I didn't act like it till last night, and I'm sorry for that. You have filled the emptiness that I have felt for so long and you mean more to me than anyone ever has. Well, that probably doesn't mean much coming from me, I don't really care for many people. But I just wanted to tell you that I always want to be here for you. Well I guess." she sat silent for a moment and looked as though she was deep in thought. "I.I want to be more than just. well I know we haven't been together that long, but I feel that we are meant to be tog."

Krillin put his finger up to her lips and smiled. He got out of his chair and got down on one knee, "18 I know what you mean. And yes it does mean a lot to me. I also know that you have tried very hard to recover you're humanity, which means a lot to me as well. And I think I know what you're trying to say." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. "18 will you marry me?" He opened the box and inside was a simple gold ring, "I know it's a bit plain, but if I get more money in the next tournament I'll buy you a." 18 kissed him before he could finish. "I don't care If it's plain, it doesn't matter." She kissed him again. Krillin looked at her and smirked "Ok then I guess that's a yes." He took the ring and put it on her finger. 18 smiled, then realized something, "How did you know what size to get. and when did you get it for that matter."

Krillin blushed "Uh.don't worry about that."


Krillin kissed her for a long time and she forgot to ask him again.


"And do you." the priest shifted his glasses "#18?" 18 gave him a look.

"Ah yes #18, do you take Krillin to be" The priest continued.

*sniff* Bulma looked over at Vegeta. "Vegeta are you crying?!"

"NO!" Vegeta rubbed his eyes, "Allergies."

"Oh, yeah, must be them damn allergies." Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Silence woma-"

"Shhh" Chichi insisted as she tried to keep a newborn Goten from fidgeting too much. "It's Gohan's turn." Gohan handed Krillin a ring, which he put on 18's finger.

"Chichi he's not saying anything, he's just giving Krillin the ring." Bulma hissed back at her.



Chichi turned her gaze "Piccolo are you crying?"

Piccolo wiped his eyes with a tissue, "That's my boy, all grown up and being a ring bearer."

Bulma made a face, "He's worse then Chichi."

"You may kiss the bride." The priest said as he closed his book. 18 bent down and kissed Krillin deeply.


"Not you too." Bulma said with an annoyed tone as she turned to Yamcha. "It's just."


"She's sooo hot, and I think I could of *sniff*had a chance."

Chichi smacked him in the back of the head, "Are you guys gonna act like men or what?"

Gohan walked back over to his mother, "Hey guys." He loosened his bow tie. "Oh my baby I'm so proud of you." Chichi smiled.

Suddenly Gohan caught a bouquet of flowers and looked back towards 18 who turned back to face the crowd. Chichi's eyes widened. "MY BABY'S GONNA GET MARRIED." She yelled as she jumped up out of her chair. Everyone stared at her, though she didn't seem to notice. 18 however just laughed which made Krillin smile. She felt so happy and full of life. She turned back to Krillin and winked. Krillin arched a brow then smirked. "I love you." "And I love you 18." The two of them ran out of the small chapel and flew up into the air towards the sunset.

"OH MY BABY'S GOING TO GET MARRIED!" Chichi hugged a bewildered looking Gohan and began to cry.

Bulma rubbed the side of her head, "And we thought it was the pregnancy."

Piccolo joined in and hugged Gohan as well. Bulma just shook her head and stood up and walked out holding Trunks and dragging Vegeta.

"Well you're going to have to deal with her Vegeta."

Vegeta just snorted. "Oh? You really think she's changed?"

"Oh wake up Vegeta she's been changing for almost a year. They're in love. Love can change people drastically."

"Yeah." Vegeta's expression softened and he put an arm around her, "Love changes people."

Bulma smiled and leaned closer to him until they got into the car and drove off.

~The End~

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