Teenage Bank Heist: A Not So Happy Ever After Ending

by Jasmine Allen

Story Inspiration: My s story inspiration came about one night when I was watching the Lifetime Movie Network. On the night of November 11, 2012, I watched a movie called "Teenage Bank Heist" and thought it was one of those really deep movies that ended badly for the villains, because morally whatever they do is always wrong and we all know that they deserve to be behind bars for the crimes they commit. Just in brief, the teenagers robbed the bank because one of the girl's father was kidnapped and was threatened to be killed if she didn't do as the kidnapper told her to do, which was rob a bank. Of course she decided to get a couple of other people in on the scheme with her, because her mind wasn't enough to pull off the crime. In the event of scheming, there were two good bank robbers and one really evil bank robber who was super greedy and shady who had planned from the beginning to get rid of the good bank robbers and keep all the money for her and her older boyfriend. In the end the girl's father was rescued, the bank robbers were killed, and the detective who was in on the investigation of the entire heist chose to have a heart and pinned the entire heist on the kidnapper's as being the robbers of the bank. Thought the story seems to end well and work on the good teenagers favor, the bad teenager and her boyfriend were eventually killed in defense by the good teenager who was trying to rescue her father. So not only were there three dead bodies (kidnappers), there are also two dead teenagers (bad kidnapper & her boyfriend). It was obvious that the girl would go to the extremes to rescue her father, even if it meant robbing a bank and furthermore, killing people. She was a stone cold criminal and so this is where I decide to continue my story with maybe a not so happy ending for her…I'll try to be realistic…..to be continued…..

What About the others?: As the girl and her father return to the police station they tell there tragic story of how the girl had to wait patiently for her father's return, while the detective worked on the case of playing off the kidnappers as also being the robbers, the father continued to play victim as his daughter joined in on the act. Meanwhile, while back at the scene of the crime where the two other teenagers were shot and killed dead, the cops had found the teenager who rescued her father, prints on the door knob in the house questioning her position as a victim. It is quite obvious that the two dead bodies were murdered and she had forgotten to set it up as a domestic violence situation, which probably would've been more effective rather leaving them there without a story behind it all. Needless to say other detectives on the case got involved and busted all of them out and the girl served a few years in a Juvenile Justice center, the detective well, lets just say she won't be detecting for a while.