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Chapter 1

It was a normal day for Erik Selvig. He had gotten up at 5.32 am, drank his second cup of coffee on the bus, said hello to his assistant and finally managed to get the Tesseract to emit weak pulses on command before lunch. It was almost a good day. Nick Fury arrived after Erik had eaten a ham and cheese sandwich and down his 6th cup of coffee. He was pleased with the progress and they planned for larger field-tests for next week. Fury had then left to receive the reports from the guards and Erik opened the cube for larger pulses. The protective gear around the artifact was still holding and the rays were kept contained. So when Eric reached for his 7th cup, he and the rest for the team monitoring were blinded by the bright blue pulse that shattered the glass and knocked them down. Sirens blaring and lights flashing all around him he felt someone grabbing his arm and pulled him to his feet.

"What the fuck is going on! Someone report!" Fury growled right beside him.

"Don't know, the Tesseract reacted exponentionally to the increase in power. I hope the computers were able to record it," Erik answered, hopefully in the computers were still operational.

"Any injuries?" The agents surrounding the cube responded negative and Erik was just about to say no harm done when Amy, his assistant, raised her voice.

"Um… Sir, I have someone unconscious here." She was sitting on the ground besides a knocked down desk and Erik could see a pair of sneakers sticking out. He hurried over together with Fury and saw a young man lying on his side. He couldn't recognize him, but he was seriously injured. A black eye, split lip and a large gash on his left cheek, and that was only his face.

"He's not one of mine" Erik said confused.

"And not one of mine either obviously, just look at what he's wearing." Fury said beside him and Erik looked. The man – a boy really, was wearing something that looked like a black robe and in his right hand a clutched slim stick.

"How did he get in here, you don't think the Tesseract can have anything to do with it?"

….oooooooooooooo00000000000000 ooooooooooo…

Waking up was painful. Bright light invaded his mind making it even painful too think. An annoying beeping sound to his left made him groan. Bloody alarm, should just kill it.

"You're awake." A gruff voice penetrated his murderess thoughts. He opened one eye carefully but could only see a large blurry shape.

"Uncle Vernon?" Harry was confused, last thing he could remember was returning to Hogwarts.

"No, son. I am not your uncle. Now answer some questions for me please." The please seemed very forced. "What is your name, date of birth and nationality?"

"Har…." Wait, they don't know who I am? And nationality? "Where am I?"

"Answers the question, what is your name?" The blur growled.

"Not before you answer mine! And where are my glasses?"


Nick Fury glared at the young man lying in the hospital bed. Facial recognition hadn't given any result and neither his DNA nor fingerprints were in the system. Before him was a ghost, a British one if the accent was real. It annoyed him even more when the kid refused to answer his questions. The way he had stopped himself from answering even with his name, which was not a normal reaction from waking up in a hospital, made Fury suspicious. But not like a spy though, they would have used an alias. He could smell stubborn a mile away so he decided to give in somewhat.

"You're in a hospital, you were hurt badly." The kid frowned at that, seemed confused and slightly annoyed.

"Where is the hospital located?" What happed should be the normal response.

"Near New York." In a flying airship he thought. The kid's reaction was interesting. First wide eyes of surprise and then the scrunched up nose of concentration.

"As in North America?" Maybe he was giving the kid too much credit. He could be slow. But he had broken into a high security SHEILD research facility with a stick. Or teleported here with the help of an infinite power source that SHEILD had no real idea how it worked. Both were horrifyingly real scenarios.

"Yes, now state your name, date of birth and nationality." Some quid pro quo now.

"I want my glasses first." Apparently he was not versed in the art of not annoying the hell out of Nick Fury.

"Listen I need something or I'll think you're not worth my time and get rid of you." That changed the kid's whole demeanor. From hurt patient in hospital bed to cold fighter in a second. He even rose to a sitting position that the doctors had insured him would be impossible for at least a couple days.

"Who are you? And how do you have such authority in a hospital." Not normal at all.

"We seem to be at an impasse. But I'll yield for now. You didn't have any glasses with you when you were brought here but I'll send in someone you can give you a temporary pair." With that he stormed out. And he had been having a good day too.


Harry watched how the blurry man left the room and heard the door shut behind him. Once alone he looked around the room, he could see that it was white and the beeping sound besides him was not an alarm clock but some kind of machine that monitored his heartbeat. That was it. Sighing he looked down at himself. Wires were attached to his chest with tape and led to the machine. Raising his hands he saw he had a needle stuck to the upper side of his left hand. Having never been to the doctors before; he had no idea what it was for. It didn't hurt so he left it in. He wasn't wearing his clothes anymore, instead he was wearing a large blue t-shirt and pulling down the comforter he saw drawstring trousers in the same colour. His mokeskin pouch was missing and he had no idea where Draco's wand was.

Harry leaned back against the pillows. What did he know? First off, he was amongst muggles, that's for sure, since no magical hospital would use machines. And close to New York of all places. How did he get here? Think Harry! Last thing he remembered, they had gotten to Hogwarts, looking for the horcrux there. They… they found it, Ravenclaw's diadem. Crabbe destroyed it. Then… the fight, flashing of spells and screams invaded his mind. People dying. Fred, Remus and Tronks… They are gone, dead. Harry sat there, step by step reliving the battle, every skirmish, every spell he had cast and dodged.


Outside of the room Fury and Agent Coulson watched the surveillance video.

"I don't know what to say about him, sir." Coulson frowned. "Doctors estimate his age to be around mid to late teens, his state of health points to a hard life; both malnutrition and physical wounds left untreated now and as well as a child."

"What of the things we found on him?" Fury asked still watching the boy as he inspected the room.

"Both sticks are made of wood, elder and hawthorn respectively. They are hallow and inside some kind of hair. Though we cannot confirm of what kind without breaking one open." Coulson looked at the screen again, the boy was inspecting his hand apparently never seen an IV-drip before.

"What of the bags?"

"They appear to be empty, sir. His clothes were dirty and torn, soil samples confirmed to be from Scotland, mostly. His accent English not Scottish and most distinguishable marks are his eye color and scaring on his face shaped as a lightning bolt." Fury glanced to his side.

"Eye color?" Coulson smiled.

"That shade of green is not normal; his must be the first ones I've ever seen." Fury nodded and saw the doctor he had called arriving.

"Dr. Tennant, what can you tell me?" The brown haired doctor smiled.

"Well, I must say that the patient is one of the best patients I've ever had. He has an above normal healing rate. But in most of those cases we see vast amount of scarring. With our patient I would predict almost nothing to none."

"Unnatural healing abilities or good?" The doctor looked down at his chart.

"Good, really good but no supernatural healing powers."

"Your first report said of abuse as a child, with his healing rate, how could you determine it?" The doctor looked sadden.

"The amount of old broken bones not properly set does indicate abuse. As well as the malnourishment, of course. The density of the bones is severely underdeveloped pointing to being starved at a young age. As we don't know his age we cannot know if we increased his intake in calcium would have any effect to his height. What we can know is if he ate more now he would leave the risk group right now. The not complete detrition of his organs shows that he was well fed during his teens, maybe even late childhood. That he is now underweight is yet again from the lack of food, not a disease."

The doctor left them and walked into the patient's room.

"So, starving criminal mastermind with a knack of breaking into research facilities or accident with the Tesseract, sir?" Coulson looked at him.

"It would seem that our John Doe is going to stay with us until Dr Selvig has confirmed how he teleported." Fury watched the screen again; the doctor was now fitting the kid with a pair of glasses. With a last growl he stalked off, he had more paperwork to do. Coulson followed suit.


When Harry was able to see again he decided that he had been here long enough. The last thing he remembered now before waking up here was he had defeated Voldemort and won. He had won! Hermione and Ron had pushed through the crowed and given him the best hug he ever received. Just as they were walking back towards the castle Harry had felt a tug, not unlike that of a portkey, though this one was like a hook around his entire midsection. The last thing he saw was his friends' panicked faces and he was surrounded by shining blue light.

Some weird portkey had put him in North America and he was going back, back to his friends and family. Screw the Statute of Secrecy, Harry was going home to be with his family! Crawling out of bed, he had to hold the side of the bed to keep himself from collapsing. When his legs finally stopped wobbling he took off towards the door. Opening it slowly Harry poked out his head. Outside his room had an empty hallway, painted in a soft beige colour. Harry stepped outside but couldn't decide turning left or right.

"To hell with it! Accio Draco's wand," Harry said, using his limited knowledge of wandless magic. A crash was heard down the left corridor, then a yell and the sound of running feet followed. Not knowing if he should hid or run, he pressed himself against the door waiting to the wand to return to him. He spotted Draco's wand turning the corner in a frightful speed, but it wasn't alone, the elder wand was soaring right behind it. Not having time to think about it, he grabbed both wands right before he saw two men dressed in the same dark blue uniform, turning the corner. Harry pointed his wand at the first man.

"Stupefy!" The spell hit him in his chest and he crumbled to the ground without a sound. The other noticing the threat grabbed for his gun and managed to pull it before he was hit by a second stunner. The gun hit the ground with a clang. Not wanting to stay around for more men to come running Harry switched wands, grabbing the elder wand for the first time. Magic singed around him, it was like when he for the first time held his own wand. It felt good, really good. Pushing back the feeling he disapparated without a sound.


"Sir!" Agent Hill said. Fury looked up from his work. "Your John Doe has disappeared, taking out two agents and leaving without raising any alarms." Great, just what he fucking needed.

"Surveillance still operational?" Hill nodded

"Yes, on your screen now." Fury watched how the patient got out of bed, stumbled to the door and looked out into the corridor. When the kid yelled 'accio, draco's wand' he looked at Hill again, pausing the video.

"Accio means summon, call for in Latin, Celery in Neapolitan and Garlic in Tarantino. Draco is dragon in Latin, could mean the serpent, the star constellation or the Devil. Wand… Well, you'll see in a few seconds, sir." Fury started the video again. The sticks they had lifted from the kid came soaring towards him and he picked them both from the air. When the two agents turned the corner, the kid pointed one of the sticks at them and yelled 'stupefy', a bright red lighting hit one agent and the other reacted liked trained. Not that that helped as he was hit with the same light. The kid left the men lying there and disappeared.

"What the fuck did just happened! The agents are they conscious?"

"No Sir, whatever the kid did, they are not responsive, but uninjured." As she nodded to the screen, she said:

"The conductor the kid used, the 'wand', is probably a voice activated stun gun. Stupefy means to dull or to dazzle in Latin. Where ever the kid comes from, the technology is a lot different, most likely superior to our own. That would explain his unnatural healing process, as well as his way to retrieve his weapons." Fury frowned.

"I thought his healing abilities were normal."

"They were until his escape, the doctors have ensured me that it should have been impossible but he must have increased his abilities somehow."

"How are we on tracking him? How much of a head start does he have?"

"About 20 minutes, and if he shows his face anywhere on earth where there is a camera and an internet connection we will have a location within 2 minutes."

"Good, keep me up-" Hill held a hand to her ear piece.

"Sir, we've found him. Location central London, Great Britain." Fury smiled for the first time today, it was awkward and stale.

"Great, who do we have on the ground?"

"Agent Romanova is there undercover with Stark, shall I activate her?" Fury nodded.

"Yes, tell her to take one of the response teams as well."

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