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Cue Fury and agent Coulson reactions nooow:


Fury stared at the kid. Coulson didn't look any better with his mouth open. Maybe it was some kind of occupation, he said he had fought in a war, he could be a soldier and the war band was called Wizards. Christ, the Americans had the Navy Seals, if they weren't so good at their job that would have been a stupid-ass name.

"Like a Merlin and Gandalf type of wizard?" Coulson asked and Fury begged the kid to say no.

"Well, yes. Or at least I'm nowhere as good a wizard as Merlin and I don't know who Gandalf is but I use magic." The can of worms! The kid just poured it out on the table like it was nothing.

"Can everyone in your world use magic?" The kid shook his head.

"No, only people that have a magical core can use magic. And of course some magical creatures can too, but their magic is different from humans."

"So the wand is really a wand?" Fury found his voice again. Oh, he would almost give his eye patch for Stark to jump out and tell him this is all an elaborate hoax because they didn't let him in on the work with the Tesseract.

"Yes, though they aren't really mine, per say. This one." He held up the hawthorn one. "Is my school nemesis' wand. I took it from him during the war. And this one." The other, longer wand that looked much older. "Was my professor's wand and helped me win the war. My own is broken though." The kid looked really sad now; if he was standing he would have been looking at his toes. "I put it in my pouch but I didn't have it with me when I woke up." Then he seemed to think of something. "You don't happen to still have my clothes do you? It could still be attached to my jeans!" Could those eyes get any bigger? Weird-ass color too.

"Your clothes have met their fortunate demise." Sad eyes again. "But we found two bags on your person, they were empty though." The kid almost jumped out of his chair, a large grin plastered over his face.

"Can I have those back, please." Fury looked over to agent Coulson who immediately raised his hand to his ear and activated his earpiece. When the order was said and done, Fury looked back at the kid.

"So, magic. What can you do with that?" The kid should really learn how to control his poker face because it was terrible, he could see the wheels turning.

"Well, I guess the question should be what can't you do with it." The kid seemed to think for a second. "I guess I can show you the directions in magic though some you'd just have to imagine because either I don't have what's needed like care of magical creatures or I'm pants at it. Potions happen to be both those cases." Coulson smiled. The kid grabbed the hawthorn wand and hesitated. Then he stood up and pointed his wand at the other side of the room.

"Expecto Patronum!" Pale blue light shout out of the wand towards the corner where it turned into mist. Out of it rose an animal, a great stag that slowly trotted towards Potter. "This a type of charm, the Patronum charm. It calls forth a guardian, I suppose, to protect against the foulest of dark creatures." The stag puffed its muzzle against the boy's hand. Then he snorted. "It can also be used to send messages." With a flick of his hand the stag disappeared. "Charm is something all wizards and witches learn at school. It is one of the cornerstones in magic. What is basically does is add to things and people. Like this." The kid pointed his wand at Coulson and Fury was grabbing for his gun.


Harry knew he couldn't tell SHIELD everything, he didn't want to but he did have to show them something. He really hoped that the scientists worked out how to get him home soon. Though he guessed it wouldn't be a priority but if he could prove himself useful they might want to keep him happy by working on getting him home. It was a pretty bad plan but he guessed he could always leave if they turned out to be horrible. So he called forth his patronum and felt a bit more at ease when Prongs came forth. When explaining magical theory to the muggles he decided to, well, live up to the marauder name. "Colovaria." Red light hit Agent Coulson head and he had now pink curly hair. Harry smiled, and then he saw that Fury had pulled his weapon. "Oh, sorry… I couldn't resist, and I must say that colour suits you agent Coulson." Fury whipped around to Coulson and to Harry's great surprise barked out a laugh. Agent Coulson looked perplexed and tried to see what was different with him.

"Allow me Agent Coulson." And he transfigured one of the papers the agent had used to take notes into a handheld mirror. Viewing the mirror with a baffled expression he picked it up and looked.

"Well Mr Potter, the colour does not really go with my suit. But I guess I can work with it."

"Mr Potter, as amusing as this was, do not do that against one of my men again." Harry nodded. He could see where Fury was coming from; Harry was an unknown with powers he didn't know anything about. A leader should take care of his people.

"I understand."

Harry then continued to tell the muggles about magic and even showed some more spells. He stopped when two agents walked into the room. A woman was carrying two bags, Harry could see it was his mokeskin pouch and to his surprise Hermione's beaded purse. The other agent was carrying a tray of food and surprisingly he placed it in front of him. He looked across the table and saw Fury shrug.

"Doctor's orders. You need to eat more or the good doctor has my permission to strap you to a bed and force feed you." Harry snorted.

"I'll eat, I really love food just can't eat on the run when there is no food." Agent Coulson looked concerned.

"Where you in a war or on the run, Mr Potter? Also, you can transform anything why not food?" Harry was already shuffling food into his mouth; he hadn't eaten, well, since before he died. After he had swallowed he answered.

"Both, our side was losing, nowhere was safe anymore. My friends and I were on a mission as much as on the run for close to year. And you can conjure up food, but it doesn't last. If you transfigure let's say a cake from a rock and then eat it, when the cake then returns back to its stone-self you would have eaten a rock. I am not good at the process but the cake goes to different parts of the body and suddenly you have rock there instead." Agent Coulson nodded.

"What more is it you can't conjure?" Harry thought of what Hermione had told him.

"You can't make gold, at all, I think it's a way to keep people honest. Love, love is really hard to conjure. There are love potions but they are not really about love, more lust I think. And immortality, it is possible but the price is really high it's not worth it." Blast it, no thinking of Voldemort. He's dead and gone.

"Well then Mr Potter, I will leave you to it, I do have some paperwork to finish." Fury stood and left the room with his leather jacket billowing behind him. It was like seeing Snape again. Having finished eating and noting that Agent Coulson hadn't left yet, he looked at him.

"I would like to talk about what is going to happen now." Harry nodded. "The doctors have raised some concerns about your health that frankly worries me. You are underweight, you just recently recovered some serious injury, your heartbeat is irregular and you've just been to war." Oh, that was quite a bit. Well, he did die so Harry thought he was doing quite alright for a newly risen.

"What I am trying to say is that I would like you to talk with one of our psychologist here at base to see where we are. If no red flags are raised I see no problem with you working for us if that should interests you. You can of course stay here as long as you wish or if you like to live somewhere else that can be arranged."

"That's fine Agent Coulson." Harry looked down at his clothes. "Is it possible for me to get something else to wear? I don't think light blue is my colour." Agent Coulson smiled.

"You can call me Phil, Mr Potter and I'll see to it that you'll have clothes. Though it will probably be a SHIELD uniform, I don't know if we have civilian men's wear in your size. Let's go and see Dr Mehra." Agent Coulson, Phil, stood, gathered his papers and walked towards the door. Harry, a little baffled of the change in demeanour of the other man hesitated before grabbing his bags and making himself over to the door.

"Um, Harry, you can call me Harry, if you like."

"Alright Harry, we're here now." They hadn't even walked that far, apparently Dr Mehra's office was only three doors down. Phil knocked twice before entering. When Harry entered the room he saw a middle aged plump Indian woman in a grey suit sitting by a desk. She smiled when she saw them and stood.

"You must be Mr Potter, I am Dr Esha Mehra, and it's a pleasure to finally meet you." She held out her hand and Harry shook it.

"Now that you've met, I see to that you have clothes, Harry." With a wave goodbye Phil left and closed the door. Dr Mehra looked him over and gave him an honest motherly smiley.

"Now Mr Potter, is it alright if I call you Harry?" Harry nodded and she gestured to him to sit down on one of the winged chairs that were conveniently almost facing each other. When Harry did she sat down as well.

"You must be awfully confused coming here from another world so what we are going to do here today is just talk. You don't have to worry about saying anything wrong and I won't tell anyone else about the things we discuss in this room. Also, there are no cameras in here either." Cameras? Did that mean there were cameras everywhere else?

"I thought you worked for Fury, shouldn't you report to him?" She smiled happily.

"Yes, I report to him, but only the thing you allow me to tell him. If you don't want me to tell him anything, I won't. That is what we call doctor-patient confidentiality."

"Oh, um, right." Harry could feel he's cheeks reddening. Dr Mehra came to his rescue.

"How about we start out simple. Tell me about your family." That's simple, he doesn't have any.

"Um, my parents are dead. They died when I was little; I grew up at my aunt and uncle's." The doctor nodded and wrote something down.

"Would you say you had a happy childhood?" Well, they didn't kill him.

"Yes, it was fine." She looked at him and Harry had the feeling she didn't believe him but he refused to squirm.

"How about friends?" Harry smiled at the image of Ron and Hermione waving at him.

"Yes, I have two best friends that have been there for me, Ron and Hermione. I have a few newer as well, Ginny, that's Ron's sister, Neville and Luna. They are really great, the lot of them." He really hoped everyone survived.

"Have you always known you were a wizard?" He had to give the doctor credit, she said wizard with a straight face.

"No, when I was eleven. Got a letter, though my uncle wasn't too happy about it."

"What did your uncle do then? He's not a wizard?" Harry fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

"Well, he went a bit mad, but it was straightened out. And no, neither my uncle, aunt nor cousin has a magical core." Dr Mehra wrote vigorously.

"Tell me about school." And Harry did; he talked about magic, classes, teachers, pranks the twins pulled, Quidditch and his friends. He didn't say anything about the adventures he had or that he was famous. When he left he was done an agent knocked on the door and delivered food for Harry. He nibbled on one sandwich, feeling a bit stuffed.

"Harry, I noticed that you talked about school like you started at age 11, I was under the impression that children in Britain started school at six." Oh, how Slytherin of her and he fell for it.

"Well, it was normal. I went to school, learned things and went home, not very interesting."

"Did you go to school with your cousin? Is he the same age as you? How about friends that are not magical? Did you play any sports?" She knew something or she wouldn't persist about talking about the Dursleys.

"My cousin, Dudley, is the same age as me, we went to school together but weren't close. I didn't have any friends before Hogwarts. And no sports." Dr Mehra sighed.

"Harry, when you came here you were injured but the doctors also found old injures that you've must receive before you went to Hogwarts. You didn't play a sport and you are not that clumsy because you can walk just fine." Bloody fucking shite.

"I don't want to talk about it." The doctor nodded and wrote a little more.

"That is fine Harry. I think I have a good grasp on your background now. I would like to talk about your involvement in the war but I think I will leave that to next session. Do you feel like you'd want to share any of this to Director Fury or Agent Coulson?" Harry shook his head.

"Then I think you will find Agent Coulson waiting for you outside." Harry stood and left the room feeling more anxious then he had since he left the hospital wing. Phil was indeed waiting for him outside. He led him to a room where he was given a dark blue uniform and told he could shower if he wanted to, and he did, terribly. After the refreshing shower he put on the clothes and they weren't too big for him which made him grateful. He looked himself over in the mirror, he was still pale, green eyed, his hair was messy and his glasses were different, frameless and unnoticeable. But he was a lot thinner than he remembered and the uniform did nothing to hide it either. No wonder they were trying to stuff him like a Christmas turkey. Sighing and flattening his hair over his scar stepped out to see Phil looking intently on a similar black device the agent on the plane had used.

"Ah, Harry. I've just looked through the recommendations Dr Mehra mailed me." Harry hoped she had kept her word about not telling them. "She would like to see you again; perhaps as early as next week and also would like me to place you somewhere you won't be alone." So a babysitter then.

"And I know just the person for you to live with."


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