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Chapter 4

Steve Rogers was angry. And he took out said anger on his dishes. He had really thought he was going to die when he crashed that ship but here he was, alive, everyone else was dead instead. He's a hero they said, a true patriot, but all he could see was failure. After the war people should have fought for peace, not lock themselves in a cold war. Suddenly they weren't fighting Nazis but communists instead. Now it was terrorist that had to be dealt with but Steve couldn't muster the energy to pick up his shield for the cause. All he did was look back at what he had lost because he couldn't understand the world now. He had gone from a nation at war to worse; the era of technology. Everyone was moving with purpose and speed and Steve was stuck, out of time and so very lost. Fury had wanted him to lead a group of people as special as himself, the Avengers Initiative, but what was the point, people would still try to kill each other whatever he did. When the doorbell rang he had broken his forth plate for the day. Drying off his hands he went to open the door. He wished he didn't, seeing who it was.

"Captain." Fury greeted, he wasn't alone though, there was a teenager with him. "As Dr. Mehra had recommended, I have brought your roommate, and I do think you'll have a lot in common to talk about. I'll leave you to it." And he turned his heels and left. The kid, who was dressed in the Shield uniform, held out a thin hand.

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter." Not wanting to be impolite he shook it, his hand almost covered the others entirely.

"Steve Rogers. I wasn't really expecting anyone, but if you're okay with a mess then welcome." The kid walked passed him when he stepped aside, and he looked him over again. He was taller then he himself had been before the super soldier serum but not a lot. Thin too, he reminded Steve about some of rescued prisoners he seen from the concentration camps. His hair was cropped short like a soldier, safe for the fringe that almost reached his eyes.

"Where can I put my bag?" The kid turned to look at him from the living room and Steve noticed the black messenger bag he was carrying. Was that all he brought with him?

"There is a spare bedroom down the hall to the right, you can take that one." The kid, Harry, nodded and left to look for it. Steve returned to the kitchen, it still was as messy as he left it. Opening the icebox he was met with a quite a miserable sight. Half a bottle of milk and an onion. Grabbing the bottle, he opened the cap and smelled it. The foul smell alerted him that he had in fact nothing he could offer his new roommate.

"Um, Captain?" Harry stood in the doorway watching him, though his eyes flickered to the mess of unwashed and or broken dishes.

"Steve is fine. Can I call you Harry?" Harry nodded and his eyes were drawn to the pancake that had managed to get stuck in the ceiling when he had tried to flip it. Superior strength wasn't always useful. "I don't have any food, so pizza or Chinese?"

"I haven't tried either, whatever you would like is fine with me." Steve reached for the phone and entered the digits he had memorized. The Chinese restaurant was always faster so he picked that. After he had made the call, and had been promised that the food would arrive within fifteen minutes, he returned to see his new agent-babysitter clean up the mess that was his kitchen. He was putting the dishes in a weird cupboard that probably served a purpose but Steve had no idea what it was. Also he had almost cleaned everything.

"You're very efficient." Harry looked up, green eyes seemed to evaluate him before he answered.

"When you said it was messy, I really didn't expect this. You do know you have a pancake in your ceiling, right?." Steve eyes flickered to the mistake that he couldn't even muster the will to do anything about.

"Yeah… I might not be the best cook around." Harry barked out a laugh.

"It's fine, I'm good at housework so it won't be a problem."

"So… You look very young to be an agent." Harry slammed closed the cupboard and pressed on some of the controls. Steve had no idea what he was doing, but it seemed to work because it started to hum.

"That's because I'm not one, didn't you know that?" The soul penetrating eyes were back. "Aren't you a Shield captain?" Steve eyebrows rose. Shield let a civilian live with him. There has to be something about Harry, some angle Fury was playing.

"No, well, I don't know. Haven't agreed to anything but they want me." Harry sat down by the kitchen table, the room looked like a kitchen again, not like the dumpster it was before.

"Me too, not sure if I want to, but I have an open invitation." Steve sat down across from Harry. It felt weird sitting down with someone, in his own apartment, he had been alone since he woke up and had been given this place to live in.

"I know this must be a bit weird, but since Shield has an interest in you, can you do anything special?" The other hesitated and fiddled with his belt. "I don't mean to pry. How about I tell you a little about myself first?"

Harry nodded carefully and Steve shifted in his seat. This was going to sound insane, it was insane, but he decided to start at the beginning.

"I was born the fourth of July 1922, here in New York City." Harry's eyebrows twitched but he didn't comment. Steve took that as a good sign. "I was studying art at a public college when Nazis invaded Poland and started the Second World War. I was young and had a burning need to help, so I tried to enlist but I was rejected. Several times actually."

"I find that hard to believe," Harry said and crossed his arms as he eyed Steve's obvious muscle tone. Steve scratched his wrist.

"I didn't look like this before, I was short, sickly and had asthma. But then, after I had been rejected for what must have been the 8th time, I met Dr. AbrahamErskine. He saw something in me, not rejecting me because what I looked like on the outside. He was the lead scientist at a secret research facility, and he was looking for soldiers who were different, special. After he had convinced Colonel Philips to let me join, I was injected with the super soldier serum. I turn into the perfect human specimen and I was going to be one of many, but Dr. Abraham was killed and took the formula to his grave. The program was abandoned and after some time I managed to join the front. There I discovered it wasn't a normal war, if you can call any war normal, but there was a scientist there who had managed to get his hands on an ancient artifact which he used to create superior weapons with. I stopped him, but I crashed the plane I was in in the ocean, with the artifact and the bombs headed to New York. I thought I was going to die, but the serum and the cold kept me preserved and alive. Last year I got picked up by Shield and was told I had been asleep for almost 70 years." He sighed and rested his head in his hand. Gathering his nerves he looked up at the kid and he was shocked when his face showed mostly understanding, he had thought he was going to be called a liar.

"So-" He was cut off by the doorbell. He gave Harry a quick smile and rose to pay for the food.


Harry helped himself to the strange food. Hogwarts rarely served anything outside the British cuisine and then it was mostly French. The Dursley's had takeout sometimes but never gave anything to him. Since he was hungry and it looked fine, he took of everything. He was so focused on the food he didn't realise he was being studied. The Captain was hardly eating. Harry blushed.

"Sorry, I was really hungry."

"It's fine, having super strength takes a lot out of me so I usually eat all of this by myself. I guess it's normal, or else the serum would be like magic." Oh, great hint, universe.

"Funny you should say that because when we talked earlier, you mentioned that Shield was interested in my abilities. Well, I can use magic. I'm a wizard from a parallel universe."

Steve blinked and then he laughed.

"Well, that answers the question of why you believed my story. Though I don't see what Fury was on about us having things in common."

"Well, I left my universe May 2nd 1998, so I'm from the past as well."

"Oh, well then. But not as much, so you can probably help me with some of the things around here. Like the cupboard you put the dirty dishes."

"You mean the dishwasher? Right, I can see you need some help. "

Steve chuckled and asked questions of Harry's world which he happily answered as they ate.


"Steve?" The captain looked up from the telly. "I was wondering if I could borrow some clothes from you, I need to go out and buy more and the Shield uniform really stands out." Harry had felt the looks he got just from the short walk from the car to the lobby. Though Fury got his share of looks himself.

"Of course." Steve was already moving to his room. "But they are going to be too large for you."

"I know, I just need a shirt or something. I'll just change the uniform into trousers." Steve came back with a thick plaid shirt.

"With magic?" He looked hopeful.

"With scissors. Transfigured clothes have a way of changing themselves back when you least want them to." And look at him deflate. "I can show you some spells if you like."

The first thing Steve got him to transfigure was a large ugly painting that Steve couldn't bring himself to throw out.

After Harry had made the sofa sing Irish folksongs Steve was satisfied and came with him on the hunt for clothes. Harry, now dress in the trouser part of his uniform, a vest and Steve's shirt. Which was too large, but having worn Dudley's castoffs for all his life he was used to it and rolled up the arms to his elbows.

He grabbed the card he was given from Shield and got on the lift with Steve. Apparently Steve had no idea where one could buy clothes since all his clothes were bought by Shield. Luckily Roy, the doorman who understood Harry's plight of lost luggage hailed a taxi to take them to one of the malls close by. After Steve paid the cabbie and they got off outside an enormous building. It looked new and shiny, even the stones glimmered. Going in Harry could only stare. Marble floors and a high roof covered in glass so he could see the sky. Shops everywhere. Must be hundreds.

"Hello Sirs, welcome to Emporish. Can I help you with something?" A cheery teenaged girl in a black and white uniform that reminded him of the girl magazine he had seen Seamus and Dean had moaned over.

"Er, right. I need to buy clothes. Lost my luggage, you see." She nodded.

"What is your spending limit?"

"Don't think I have one?" He looked over at Steve who nodded, probably had one of those plastic cards as well.

"Well then, I'll ring in the stores I think you should go to." She pulled out a map out of her apron and started to ring in places. "I recommend you going here, ask for Davis, tell him you need a new wardrobe." Harry looked at the map, Steve was looking over his shoulder and he heard a clicking sound. Looking up he saw the girl with the white rectangle device he had been told was a phone.

"Oops, sorry. But you look so cute together, wearing your bf's shirt." Harry had no idea what she was talking about.

"Right. Well, we'll just get going." She waved happily and then went back to her phone.

"Do you have any idea what a bee-eff is?" Steve looked confused and overwhelmed.

"No idea. Are you okay?"

"I don't know. This is so very different from what I left. I just don't know." He sounded frustrated.

"You don't have to stay. I think I can get it from here."

"Can you? How about you go and buy what you need and I'll go to the café that's close to the apartment. It's on the way from here, it's called Bite it." Harry nodded and Steve took off.

"Well then, I'll have to buy some things and then never come back." Bracing himself he walked off to the shop the girl had recommended.

It looked nice, obviously only men's wear.

"Welcome, how can I help you?" A young man dressed in red jeans and a tight black shirt greeted him.

"Hullo. I was told to find a Davis about a new wardrobe." He guessed or he hoped wardrobe was slang for clothes and the furniture.

"Really, an entire wardrobe?" An shaped eyebrow arched, made him think about Gilderoy.

"I lost my luggage?" He said hopefully. Right thing to say since the man grinned at him.

"Well then, I'm Davis and I can tell you need a lot of things." Dragging Harry into the store and began picking clothes for him. Assistants swarmed them carrying everything Davis threw at them. Harry just followed the man, asking if he could see to it he got a few sizes larger in some things because he was going to gain weight. Davis looked him up and down.

"Good, skinny twinks were so 00's." Maybe Harry should write down words he didn't understand to look them up later.

After Harry had tried things on, with Davis deciding what he should pick and giving Harry so many hints of combining different outfits Harry's head was swimming. Davis even got a friend to help him with contacts lenses and new glasses. When paying for everything he pulled out the black plastic card and handed it to an assistant. The other assistants were packing everything in bags.

"Do you wish you purchases to be brought to your car or to your home?" Harry, now wearing some of the new clothes and contacts, looked over at all the bags. He could probably carry them to the toilet and shrink them.

"I'll just take them, thanks." The assistant opened her mouth to argue but an angry look from Davis made her close her mouth with a click.

"Harry, I hope you'll come back soon. I must say you were a joy to dress and if you only had the height I would love to recommend you to some of the photographs I know." Harry thanked him and struggled with the bags out the door. Sneaking into the toilets, also very shiny, he quickly shrank the bags and put them into his front pocket.

He hailed a taxi, and got safely to the café Steve was waiting at. He felt bad letting him wait for so long, but Davis had been very efficient for the amount he had bought.

Walking into the café he could understand why Steve liked it. It had an old-fashioned décor, looking slightly like the Three Broomsticks. The woman greeted him behind the disk. He ordered a cup of tea and spotted Steve sitting in a winged armchair by the window.

"Hey, sorry for the wait." Steve looked up from his book. His eye's widened slightly.

"Wow, you look very different." Harry looked down on his skinny black jeans and the grey t-shirt that worked with Steve's shirt he had kept on. Less to wash, he told Davis, but it was very comfortable as well.

"Ah yes, I had help. I am apparently fashion-blind and need all the help I can get." The woman behind the disk came to their table.

"I see Steve; here I thought you were all alone. Where have you been hiding this lovely gentleman?" She placed Harry's cup of tea on the table and refilled Steve's cup with coffee.

"Rachel, this is Harry. Harry, Rachel is the owner of Bite it." They shook hands.

"My husband and I have been worried about Steve, you see, all the time he's come here he's been alone. I'm glad he has someone." She smiled motherly at him. Steve just smiled, probably had no idea what she meant. This must be how Hermione has felt all this time as Ron and he fumbled around relationships. Rachel thought they were together, as did Roy and the girl in the entrance of the mall.

"Yes, Harry and I live together now." Wow, Steve had no idea what the woman's understanding grin was all about. Not that he planned of telling, it was quite funny.

"Good for you. I think celebrate cupcakes are in order." She walked off and Steve beamed after her.

"She's really nice, don't you think?" Harry smiled over the rim of his cup.


Agent Coulson was in quite the happy mode. Finally he was going to meet his idol, Captain America and all because the stroke of genius of placing the wizard with him, giving Coulson the perfect excuse going there. But when he arrived at the door he heard shouting from the other side of the door and a crash. Acting on instinct he opened the door, one should always see if the door was unlocked before breaking it down, and rushed in. He was not expecting seeing Harry shouting at a computer.

"Bloody muggle technology, why won't you work!" Getting out of his stupor Coulson asked:

"What are you doing?" Harry's head snapped up.

"Phil! When did you get here? And I was trying to make the bloody computer work, but it won't do anything." Coulson moved into the room.

"Have you turned it on?" Harry rolled his eyes and waved around the booklet with instructions Coulson had given him.

"Of course I have, I can read you know. But then I suddenly had to have a mouse, well that wasn't a problem since I'm a wizard but nothing happens when it says move the mouse." Harry held up a stiff white mouse by its tail.

"Why are you holding a dead mouse?!" Harry looked at him and then the mouse.

"It's not dead, just petrified. It was trying to bite me. Does it have to be moving for it to work?" Coulson couldn't help himself but he laughed. Harry frowned at him.

"You are not supposed to use a real mouse." He said before wiping a stray tear from his eye. "I thought I gave you a computer mouse with the computer. It was white, like a rounded box." Harry's mouth shaped as an o and he took out his wand and waved it over the mouse. It shifted quickly back into the standard Shield mouse they ordered from the Chinese in bulk.

"In my defense that looks nothing like a mouse. If my transfigure professor caught someone trying to pass it off as one she'd have their ears. I mean it doesn't even have whiskers." With that he grabbed it and drew it along the surface. "And it still doesn't work." Coulson frowned, maybe magic messed with the technology since it was brand new. Taking it from the boy, he turned it over. He saw the problem immediately.

"You haven't put the Bluetooth on, that's why it doesn't work." Harry leaned over watching Coulson flicking the Bluetooth on.

"That looks not even remotely like a tooth nor is it blue! Seriously who names these things?"

Eventually Harry calmed down and Coulson showed him how to use it, how to search for things and few games he could buy if he felt like it. Harry was very grateful but Coulson couldn't help being a bit disappointed since the Captain wasn't home.

"Is the Captain going to be back any time soon?" The boy looked up from what must be the most boring game he could have found. Large green eyes blinked once and it seemed like he could see the real reason he came by.

"No, he's usually gone for a while, gone to the gym. You're welcome to stay if you want to meet him; I'm going to start with supper soon." Oh how much Coulson wanted to say yes, but he had to get back. He could only fly a long lunch for so long.

"I have to take a rain check. I just have a folder I need him to look through. As quickly as possible if you can manage it."

They said goodbye and Coulson left. When he got to the office Fury asked how Harry and the Captain were. Nothing could get past that man.

"Only Mr. Potter was there and I don't think we're going to have another Tony Stark on our hands." Fury smirked.

"Good, we could actually use one less of Stark now as well."

"What has he done now?"

Oh, agent Coulson. I heart you :)