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Summary: Jack and Jamie are two highschool Juniors attending Burgess City High. Jamie 16, Jack 17. It's the wonderfully angsty story of their coming of age, of love, lust, drama, and the need to find where they belong. Finding where they rest with each other. Slash Jackie love fest~

So this is the...Prologue...yeah, it's how they meet in this universe. ENJOY AND REVIEW PLEASE! NO BETA SO SORRY BOUT ANY GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! I TRIED TO FIX THEM ALL BUT YOU KNOW...only human.

Ten year old Jamie Benett stood on the new neighbors porch, his parents by his side, his head bowed over a book, caramel hair covering his eyes, his nose just barely visible over the lip of the tome, his mind totally focused on the words in front of him. He wasn't anti-social, though he might appear that way to some, he didn't have a problem talking to others, he was actually a very animated person once you got to know him, but people didn't. They didn't want to know him, didn't want to talk to him, to be around him, he'd been branded the outcast, the nerd, the weird obsessive kid with his outlandish beliefs about the supernatural and paranormal.

He didn't mind though, at least that's what he told himself, it gave him more time for his studies, his books, his fantasies…everything important to a kid right?

Jamie turned to the next page of his book, the paper crinkling slightly with the movement, and readjusted it in his arms with a light huff, his breath fogging in front of him while his mother rang the doorbell. She then turned to her husband and began fussing over their daughters winter coat, making sure it was just so, and pasting a fake smile on her lips as they waited in the cold. Jamie turned another page.

"Jamie, put that book away, you don't want to appear rude." She said without looking at him, her smile never leaving her face, her voice set to a happy and loving tone.

Jamie just grunted in response. What was the point? The likelihood that any of the neighbor's kids would talk to him were slim, the chances that they'd stay around after he talked back were even slimmer and the odds that they'd become his friends?…Now that was virtually non existent. So why close his book? Why try when he'd just end up opening it up again after a minute.

"Jamie," His mother repeated when she realized her son wasn't listening to her, her voice still in that playfully happy tone, "I said close the boo-"

The door swung open and she let out a yelp of surprise. Before them stood a tall muscular teen, his piercing green eyes staring critically down at them, leaning against the doorframe like he owned the place...which technically he did…or at least his parents did.

" 'Ello," The Teen said, his voice a tad suspicious, in a slight Australian accent, "What'cha doin here?"

"U-uhm," Jamie's mom stuttered for a moment, her façade temporarily broken by the sight in front of her, the nearly six foot boy's bulk was doing nothing to make him appear less intimidating, "We-we're-"

"We're the Benett's," Her Husband said for her, speaking up for the first time, hoisting his daughter higher in his arms, "You're next door neighbors, we-"

"We just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood," His mother finished, finally regaining her composure, her smile back on her face, "I'm Victoria, though you can call me Vicky if you like, and this is my husband John, our daughter Sophie, and our son Jamie." She said gesturing to each of them in turn.

The teen regarded each of them thoughtfully as they were introduced to him, shaking John's hand, noting the man's soft smile, one that was real unlike his wife's forced fake one, absentmindedly playing with Sophie's hands when she reached out to him, the whispered word Bunny, that fell from her lipsburning into his mind.

Jamie glanced up at him, eyes flickering from the book in his soft olive hands to him and back again almost instantly, an innocent curiosity overcoming his features, a look not unlike the one the teen wore now, though without the critical edge, a question lying in his gaze, probably something like why he had a full head of dark gray hair so young. You could tell the kid was smart, the boy's eyes screamed his intelligence, wit, and fiery need to know more just because he could. He had a feeling this boy would be a good counterpart for his impulsive younger brother, and a good friend…well if young Jamie could tolerate his brother's antics.

Mrs. Benett cleared her throat and took a breath, moving a stray brown hair behind her ear, and asked, "And you are?"

"Ethan…Ethan Aster Bunnymund Frost," He replied turning to look at her again.

Jamie's head shot up when he heard Ethan's name, eyes wide with wonder, and asked, "Bunnymund…like the Easter bunny?"

Ethan looked back down at him, surprised the kid actually knew where his name came from, "Yeah."

Jamie grinned and closed his book (which Ethan noted was about mythological creatures of the Midwest) a frantic energy radiating out of him, "Cool!"

Ethan shook his head his lips twitching up into a small smile. Yep, he'd get along with his brother just fine.

"Did you know that the Easter Bunny lived in a grassy palace full of eggs and dye rivers and flowers that make stuff glossy and giant wooden egg wardens?!" Jamie exclaimed ecstatically.

Ethan grinned back, "Yeah, though I heard that the wardens where actually made of stone, not wood, and he's apparently pretty handy with a boomerang too."

Jamie beamed, hanging on every word he said like it was sacred, "Really?"

"Yeah really…well…come on in, my mom will skin me if I don't offer you guys something hot to drink." He moved back inside and gestured for them to follow, Jamie more than willing to oblige.

"Mom! Dad! The neighbor's are here!" Ethan yelled into the confines of the house before turning back to his guests, "Have a seat, I'll go get some refreshments."

"Okay, thank you," Jamie's mother said, taking off her coat and sitting down on one of the plush red couches in the room.

Ethan walked out of the room and Jamie looked around, his gaze taking in every detail he could, the dark cherry wood coffee table, the other plush chairs embezzled with florid designs, the brick fire place that gave a soft homey ambience to the room, the chestnut flooring and stone walls interspersed with wooden pillars and shelves making it seem almost other worldly. It was amazing.

"Whoa," He breathed.

"Pretty impressive isn't it?" a voice said in his ear, a cold chill running down his back as it did so.

Jamie nodded, "Ye-AH!"

He atepped back and slipped. Somehow a patch of ice had miraculously appeared…right behind him…inside a house…cause that's totally normal. Jamie winced and rubbed his behind tenderly, before glaring up at the boy in front of him…who was currently laughing at him like his fall was the best thing since the coming of christ.


"Thanks for helping me up, jerkwad," Jamie huffed out, offended by the other boy's actions.

"Jamie!" His mom scolded, "Be nice and apologize, that's not how you talk to people."

"But he-"

"No buts."

Jamie groaned and turned back to the boy, who'd been watching with an amused expression on his face, trying to hide his snickering but failing miserably.

"I'm sorry," Jamie grumbled out, refusing to look the other boy in the eye, deciding to instead attempt to bore holes into his feet like staring at them hard enough would make them catch fire.

"It's cool," The kid said, grinning, his voice a little shaky from laughing, and picked up Jamie's book which had fallen by his feet, dusting it off lightly with his hand.

He glanced at the title, another mischievous smile stretching his lips, and walked over to Jamie, holding the book out to him, "Here. I'm Jack by the way."

"Thanks," He said taking the book from him, "Jamie."

"Nice to meetcha Jameson James Jamie Jayman the third," Jack said flashing him another grin.

Jamie felt his mouth twitch with the start of a smile, yippee, the jerk had made a funny.

"Just Jamie," He replied, the traitor smile tugging harder at his lips.

Jack moved closer and tapped him on the nose, chuckling to himself, "Okay," He winked and took a step back, "I'm glad I got you to smile, you look a lot better with one on."

Jamie blinked in surprise and looked up at the boy, really looked at him, breath catching in his throat. He was his age, maybe a year older…and startlingly beautiful. Jack was absolutely stunning. All of his features screamed soft and delicate, his messy seemingly windblown snow white hair framed his elegant face, his lips thin, tainted a faint frostbitten blue, stuck in a virtually perpetual half smile, his pale ivory skin that seemed almost transparent, his slender almost anorexic physique…yet he still radiated the strength and hardness of masculinity, with the strong set of his jaw, the hardness of his calves, the firmness that could be seen through his entire body, his nose, the cold almost deadly aura that surrounded him, and…his eyes, his wonderfully blue eyes, eyes the purest blue imaginable, eyes that shown with mirth and mischief, eyes that made his cold presence seem warm, trustworthy, comforting even.

He was like the winter.





He was Jack Frost.

Jamie gulped, and felt his cheeks grow warm at the compliment, clutching his book closer to his chest, "T-thanks."

Jack grinned and asked, "What were you reading about?"

"Jack Frost."

He laughed, "No kidding?"

Jamie just nodded.

Jack made a face, "Come on, follow me, Ethan's taking to long, let's see what he's doing." He grabbed Jamie's wrist and he resisted the urge to flinch at his touch. He was cold, almost like ice.

Jack smiled sadly at him, and let go, "Sorry…I-I run colder than most."

Jamie cleared his throat, feeling the need to comfort the boy, "It's okay…I can sometimes run hotter than most, if that's any help…"

Jack laughed, "That's called a fever Jamie."

"Hey, I know that!" Jamie said falling prey to Jack's infectious smile and grinning back, "I was just saying…cause…blah never mind."

Jack said nothing more and put a finger to his lips, tiptoeing lightly, a wicked grin on his face as they approached the kitchen. Ethan stood in the middle of it, whistling some tune, headphones in his ears, mixing three cups of what smelled like hot chocolate. Jack's wicked smile grew wider still and he reached into his pocket, slowly drawing a snowball from it…how it was still compact and not melting all over the floor was beyond Jamie, and took aim.

Jamie's eyes widened, "Jack!" He whispered harshly, "What are you doing?!"

"Shh, just watch." He replied, eyes focused on his target, tongue sticking out slightly.

"Ready," Jack whispered, "Aim….FIRE!"

He threw the snowball just as Ethan turned with the tray of drinks in his hand, landing it squarely on his face. Ethan let out a muffled yelp and stumbled back, slipping on another mystery sheet of ice (really was there a crack in this house somewhere? How'd ice keep appearing on the floor?), throwing the tray of drinks behind him in the process, and landing with a loud crash.

Ethan wiped the snow off his face, looking dazedly around the room for a moment before his eyes settled on the two boys in the doorway, "Jack!"

Jack grinned and grabbed Jamie's wrist again, "Come on! He's mad now. The Easter Kangaroo's gonna be after us."

Jamie stumbled after him, almost slipping up the stairs to the second level of the house, hanging on to Jack like his life depended on it. The kid was fast, like devilishly so. Jack paused, looked left then right, then dove into the room closest to him, dragging Jamie in with him, only then letting him go.

"What'd you do that for?!" Jamie exclaimed, "He's going to kill us!"

Jack looked at him for a moment with a really do you have to ask look on his face, "Cause it was funny," He grinned, "You have to admit it was funny."

Jamie stopped his tirade, his mouth opening and closing for a moment with no sound, before he started laughing, "O-o-okay, so it was hilarious, and awesome, but s-still-" He managed between breaths stopping when he noticed there was another person in the room.

"Who's that?"



"His name's Sandy."

Jamie just looked at him, "You're kidding."

"Yes, yes I am," Jack grinned at him, "His real name is Samuel, but we all call him Sandy, he's my younger brother."

"Hi," Jamie said to him, "Why didn't you tell us you were in here?"

Sandy looked up at Jack, his eyes telling him to answer for him.

"Sam, can't talk, he's mute." Jack said ruffling his brother's sand colored hair, making it stick up everywhere, "Don't tell Aster we were in here okay?"

Sandy nodded and pointed at the door, his way of saying get out.

Jack raised his hands in surrender and reached behind him for the doorknob, opening it and dragging Jamie out again, only to bump right into Ethan.

"There you two are," Ethan glared down at them, "Come on our parents want us in the living room, you too Sandy."

Sandy nodded and walked calmly out the door, while Ethan grabbed Jack and Jamie by their shirt collars and hoisted them into his arms like they weighed nothing. The dude was strong to say the least.


Jamie sat next to his dad, Sophie crawling over to sit with Ethan, pulling at his hair and whispering Bunny, every two seconds. Jamie didn't even try to figure that one out, his sister was just weird, blonde and spacey. He'd been introduced to the other three members of the family, the mother Mrs. Frost, who apparently everyone called Tooth, was a children's dentist and currently working downtown for a small independent practice, she had long flowing red hair highlighted with purple and green and wore an emerald green dress that made her hair look like it was on fire, the father, Norman Frost, was the one who made all the furniture in the house and owned a toy shop not far from where his wife worked on Main Street, he had a Russian accent that was as thick as his white beard and blue eyes like Jack's but no where near as pretty. Finally there was little Titania, who like her mother had red hair, but lacked the highlights and had deep violet eyes. Rare color right?

All in all they where an average family, Jack and Sandy would be attending the same school as Jamie(much to his satisfaction), Ethan would be going to the high school next door(he'd found out he was fifteen and a sophomore), and little Titania would be in the daycare with Sophie. And now with all that known to him, and the parents now idly chit chatting with each other, he was…bored.

Jamie let out a sigh and opened his book, about to continue reading about the winter spirit Jack Frost, when Jack tapped him on the shoulder, "Let's get out of here."

Jamie nodded, surprised that the white haired boy still was talking to him and followed him out the front door, Jack just pulling the hood of his blue hoody over his head.

Once outside Jack stretched and sighed, breathing in the winter air deeply, "Ah, that's much better, I was getting really bored in there."

"Aren't you cold?" Jamie asked, zipping up his winter coat and pulling his gloves on.

"Nope, I'd totally run around out here naked if I was allowed."

Jamie laughed, "You're joking."

Jack grinned, "Nope."

The two walked aimlessly for awhile, Jack telling him about all the places he'd been, Australia, Russia, England, Greece, all the fun adventures he'd had, and pranks he'd pulled, and Jamie would tell him all about the myths he knew, his searches for the paranormal, the things that other kids would shy away from him for.

But Jack didn't.

He just grinned and listened, adding his own two cents in every once and awhile, making him feel…well…normal, wanted.

And he felt his fondness for the happy go lucky albino grow with every passing second.

Eventually they stopped at the neighborhood park, Jack swinging lazily back and forth on a swing, Jamie sitting in the snow next to him reading from his book, shouting out little tidbits of information he found interesting or weird or cool or goofy to him. They fell into a companionable silence, not in the least awkward, it felt like the two had been friends for ages.

Jamie looked up when he heard voices that weren't Jack. It was Cupcake and her gang of "friends". Jamie groaned and tried to make himself invisible, but knew that nothing was going to happen.

"Hello Jamie," Cupcake said menacingly, to him as she walked over, completely ignoring the white haired boy on the swing, "What'cha reading?"

Jamie didn't respond, maybe if he didn't her idiot brain would think he'd walked away.

"Aw come on Jamie don't be like that," She snatched the book from his hand.

"Hey!" Jamie exclaimed jumping up and trying to grab it back.

"'Mythical Creatures of the MidWest Volume One'" She read the title aloud.

Jamie had to resist the urge to say he was surprised she could even read those words, that would only get him pummeled into the snow

"Cool book, I think I'll keep it."

Jamie said nothing but Jack cleared his throat. The group turned to look at him, Cupcake just registering his existence. Jack looked down at them an amused smile on his lips and jumped off the swing, landing lightly in front of her, Jamie noted he wasn't wearing shoes.

"Now now, tutu princess, I really think you aught to give Jamie back his book, it's not very nice to take things that arent yours you know," Jack said, playfully bowing to her as if she were royalty. Only Jamie noticed him grab some snow to make a snowball,"Can't we all just get along?"

Jack shot up and threw a snowball at Cupcakes face. Jamie stood shell shocked, thoughts of omg she's going to kill us running through his mind. The snow fell off her face and silence ensued, no one could believe the albino kid had done that. Didn't he know who Cupcake was? She was the baddest thing on the playground, you didn't mess with her, you did what she told you.

She blinked and Jamie's book fell to the ground, the tension rising steadily. Then the scariest thing happened.

She smiled.

"SNOWBALL FIGHT!" She yelled grinning like an idiot and chucking some snow at Jack.

Jamie's jaw dropped, "…Did she just say…?"

Jack grinned at him, "Yep, now come on, we got a fort to make!"

Jamie nodded and grabbed his book, ducking as a snowball wizzed past his face. The park erupted into chaos, more kid's joining in, shaky alliances forming, war breaking out. Snowballs flew everywhere, kids fell left and right, the air almost hazy with the flurry around them. In the end only two factions remained, Cupcake's Unicorn Brigade, and Jack and Jamie's, Frost Monkeys. Jack stood behind their fort dishing out snowballs at an almost inhuman speed, Sandy (who had decided to join them halfway through the game), pressed back to back with Jamie, both of them with two snowballs in each hand. Sweat fell down his face, and he glanced critically at the circle of children around them, evil victorious smiles on their faces.

"There's no where to go Jamie, give up now and we may let you live," Cupcake said threateningly.

"Never!" Jamie cried out, Sandy nodding in agreement, "To the death! I shall not fall until the last snowball is gone!"

"Fine suit yourself," Cupcake turned to her lackies, "FIRE!"

The group threw their snowballs at them, Sandy ducking under the flurry, launching two snowballs with deadly precision at two of Cupcake's friends, Antonio and Jessica falling to his aim.

Jamie felt Sandy duck and moved to follow but it was too late, he was struck in the back of the head and he stumbled forward, blindly throwing his four snowballs in the direction of his enemies, two of them managing to connect with them. At least he took someone out with him.

That left three, Cupcake, Jackson, and Lydia, each grinning wickedly, each with a snowball in hand. They felt victory, it was close, Sandy had no more ammo, he was cornered. It was over.

But it wasn't.

The three had forgotten a certain white haired albino.

Jack Frost.

"Haha!" He whooped hanging upside down from the tree above them, arms full of snowballs, legs hanging on to the branch with an iron grip and he smiled down at them, "We win."

Then he dropped them all on their heads.

Jamie whooped in victory from his spot on the ground and grinned up at Jack who flipped out of the tree, landing on his feet with ease.

He reached out a hand to help him up.

"Thanks," Jamie said as he brushed the snow off his coat and pants, then he looked at Jack and grinned widely at him.

"That. Was. AWESOME! The way you just popped out of that tree and was all like 'We win' was just like epic! Did you see their faces?! It was so classic and amazing and superb and," Jamie sighed, "We totally have to do that again."

Jack grinned, "Definitely."

Sandy stomped on the snow and the two boys turned to look at him. He tapped his wrist and nudged his head in the direction of home. It was time to go.

Jack sighed, "Well, I guess it's time to go, Sandy's getting antsy, see you tomorrow?"

Jamie nodded ecstatically, "For sure."

Jack smiled, "Great, see ya' then."

Then the two brother's walked away. Jamie just stood there basking in the warm afterglow of finally getting a friend.


Jack hummed quietly to himself as he unlocked the door to his house, Sandy following in after him. He hadn't expected himself to actually like the neighbor's kid, Jamie as much as he did. It was actually kind of frightening, the overwhelming need to protect the kid, guard him, be his friend…and he didn't know why. Jack closed the door behind Sandy and pulled his hood off his face, calling a slight wind and floating gently to the living room, Sandy following suit on his cloud of dream sand. Ah that was much better. He really didn't like walking all that much but hey, that was the downside to living with mortals, you always had to watch what you do, what you say, watch you're emotions, never stray to far from your center, lest your powers run wild.

It was hard not to, and Jack knew he was going to get an earful from his dad Norman…or rather North as he was really called in the Guardian world, when he finally talked to him, for his pranks, the little ice slips, and the snowball incident. He'd really tried to resist the temptation to use his powers, but it was just soooooo fun, the things he could do with them. The pranks he could pull. He didn't think Jamie suspected anything, no matter how smart the kid was or how much he believed in Santa, or the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny, or the Sandman…or even Jack Frost, he'd never believe that they were living right next door.

Jack floated into the living room and was caught by the hood of his sweater by his father.

"There you are! Sandy has to get ready to release the dreams, what would we have done if he was late?!"

Jack scoffed, "We weren't going to be late, we were just having some fun."

"A magically induced snowball fight is not 'fun' Jack, that's abuse of your gifts," His mother said walking into the room, her wings fluttering quickly behind her.

"Hey! They were picking on Jamie…I couldn't just sit there and let that happen."

"There are other ways to deal with conflict Jack, mortal methods, methods that don't involve magic, or ice."

Jack huffed at that, "So you'd rather me have punched the girl?"

"No Jack that-"

"Then what would you have had me do? Huh?" He said starting to get angry.

"Talk it out, make peace with compromise, tha-"

"That method never works mom. Especially with testosterone high pre pubescent girls in tutu's."

His mother sighed and turned to her husband, he eyes telling him to take over.

"Jack," He said opting to speak in Russian instead of his broken English. Oh no it was serious, "You are the reason we moved from Australia, your antics where blowing out cover. You must learn to follow the rules, you must gain discipline, you cant fall prey to your emotions…especially if you want to ever become a-"

"A Guardian? Like all of you?" He gestured to his family, answering his father in Russian as well, "And lose my nights and day's to helping little children's dreams come true? No thanks. Besides, we should all just accept it, I'm never going to be a guardian, the Man on the Moon is never going to choose me, I mean all of you, even little Titania, have gone through your test, found your center's gotten you're title's except for me. And all of you got it before the age of five. I'm eleven now! Eleven! I should've gotten it by now…whatever, you all have fun, I'm going to bed."

"Jack! Wait!" His mom called out to him but he ignored her, a blast of cold air in his wake, thoughts of a certain weird caramel haired neighbor in his head.

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