A sword swapped against a thick tree, cutting it in half. It fell down along with others already on the ground. Shura stomped her feet, still frustrated and moved to her next target. She's been like this for the past hour and the little white dog was getting tired of watching her. It yawned and trotted over to the human as she gulped down another can of beer and crushed it in her palm.

"Damn spotted crybaby! Try to help the guy out and he brush me off for that stupid Baldly!" She complained to herself. The dog tilt its head,

"Destroying my forest won't change anything, Shura~" It said, looking up at her with lazy eyes. Shura tsked, "It helps." she said and through the can at the white dog. It ducked and transformed back to the purple demon. Mephisto adjusted his top hat, "It was quite a performance, wouldn't you say, my dear?" Shura sneered at him, "So you were there. Why the hell would you allow that to happen! You're suppose to look after those boys!" she turned at him, tempting to swing her sword at him. Mephisto shrugged, "Just because I'm looking after them doesn't mean I'm their father. You know I hate kids and Shiro knew this too. Do you expect me to hold those boys' hands like he did?"

Shura groan and massage her throbbing temple, "Damn, we are not good with kids, are we?" she grumbled. Mephisto smirked and walked over to her and massage her bare shoulders, "Yes. You would make a horrible mother. I like that." he played with her ponytail, Shura waved him off, "Don't flatter me now. I'm still piss at you for not lifting a finger, but I'm more pissed at Baldly for laying a finger on Yukio!"

"Or more~" Mephisto giggled and Shura shot him a disgusted look. She put her hand on her hip, "You know where Rin is? If I can't beat the sense into Yukio, maybe he can." Mephisto smirked, "As we speak, our young friend is searching all over the city for his younger twin. Ah~ Their brotherly love for each other brings a tear to your eyes, doesn't it?" he pretended to choked up. Shura rolled her eyes at his silly antics and summon away her sword. She walked passed him and Mephisto followed, switching the topic to the latest episodes of his favorite animes while Shura didn't even pretended to listen.

Back at the Okumura's dorm, Shiemi and Rin sighed at the dining table. Ukobach had brood them some tea to calm their nerves. Shiemi thanked it sweetly and took a sip calmly, but her mind is riddled with worry. Rin didn't even notice the cup of tea in front of him, despite Ukobach nudging it up to him. Shiemi shook her hand at it and the creature whined a little before jumping off the table and going back to the kitchen. Rin stayed quiet, resting his hands on his head and stared at the table. He let out a frustrated growl and stood up, startling Shiemi, "I'm going back out there and look for him some more!" he announced. Shiemi put on her determined faced and nodded, "Me too!" she also announced but Rin stopped her on her traces. "Wait, Shiemi. Maybe one of us should stay here in case Yukio comes back home." he suggested. In reality, he just didn't want Shiemi running around in the dark even with her Greenman familiar protecting her. Shiemi opened her mouth to argue but shut it, realizing Rin could be right.

"Okay, just be careful out there, Rin." she smiled softly at him. Rin managed a grin at her and walked up to the door and opened it in time to almost bump into Renzou. Renzou blinked and greeted Rin, behind him were Konekomaru, Izumo, and Ryuji. Rin quickly avoided eye contact with him and looked at the others, "What are you guys doing here?" Renzou grinned, "Duh, we came to help in the search for Yukio. Shiemi had texted us a little earlier." Rin looked back at Shiemi who shrugged and smiled nervously. Izumo frowned, "What did you do to Yukio to make him runaway?" she accused. Rin looked offended but didn't argue. He shook his head, "I just want to find him and make it up to him somehow. Will you guys help me?"

Renzou and Konekomaru smiled, "Of course!" the shorter monk chirped happily and Izumo nodded and smiled a little. Ryuji only nodded but avoided eye contact with Rin too. Renzou noticed this but didn't address it as the five Exwires split up and searched for Yukio.

It was almost midnight when it started raining, Rin slumped down in an ally, cursing everything on the planet. Stupid Yukio for running away! Why can't he be like a normal brother and just beat the snot out of Rin when he acted stupid? Rin hit his head against the brick wall over and over, just wanting Yukio safe and sound in their room again.

"Just standing there's not gonna bring him back, stupid." A gruffly voice said over the rain. Rin notice the rain had stopped dripping over him and looked up to find himself under an umbrella next to Ryuji. The taller teen nodded towards the exist and Rin followed next to him down the empty, dark street. Besides the occasional calling of Yukio's name, the two Exwires stayed in awkward silence. Rin kept glancing at Ryuji wondering what the other was thinking, 'I bet he wished he stayed home.' Rin thought. When the rain got heavier, they ran into a nearby fast food place and sat in the back. Rin silently watched out the window as Ryuji stared at him doing so. Finally the rougher looking teen broke the silence,

"What was the last thing he said to you before you noticed he had disappeared?" he asked. Rin shrugged and stayed silent. Ryuji frowned but tried again, "Well, did you guys get in a fight and one of you stormed out or what?" Rin only shrugged and stared at the table.

Ryuji, feed up, slammed his fist on the table, scaring the other a little, "Dammit, this is not the time to be in one of your moods, Rin! Your brother might be out there in danger!" Rin frowned and yelled back, "Don't you think I thought of that! If Yukio told me where he went, I would have looked there by now! I just don't know where he is!" Ryuji didn't back down, "If you really cared about him, you'd tell me what happened between you two so I can have a better idea on where to look! Me and everyone else are trying to help you and your still acting like a little kid!" Rin stood up and glared, "Shut up!" he shouted. Ryuji stood up to and glared back, "Make me!" The two teens was locked in a death glare match while bystanders wisely exist the building for when it got ugly. Ryuji was about to throw the first punch when Rin's face cracked and his eyes swelled up with tears. Ryuji is bewildered as the other broke the stare and ran out the restaurant. Ryuji, snapping out of it, ran after him.

"Rin! Rin!" The taller teen called, ignoring the rain soaking his body. He looked around, afraid he had to search for two Okumura brothers when he spotted Rin under a light lamp-post across the street. Ryuji sighed in relief and crossed over very quickly to the older twin. Rin was sobbing and leaned against the lamp-post as Ryuji approached him gently. He watch the teen break down before him and regretted being so harsh on the brother. He couldn't imagine the pain Rin was going through now. He reached over to touched Rin's shoulder before he wiped back around towards him so fast, Ryuji had to back up and brace him self to get chewed out. Instead, Rin sobbed out, "He set me up to be raped!" and cried harder.

Ryuji stood there shock. He couldn't have heard that right. He couldn't have. "E-excuse me?" he asked. Rin looked back up at him and weakly punched him on the shoulder, "I said that bastard had me raped!" he admitted again. Ryuji gapped and really didn't know what else to do but quickly held on to Rin as the boy cried and told him everything.

An hour later, the group met back at the Okumura's dorm and had to put the search on hold until tomorrow. Everyone rushed home except Ryuji who was resentful at first, but Rin assured him he'll be fine. Ryuji didn't believe him but he had to give the boy some space for now. The rain had stopped by now as the trio of boys walked back to their dorms, Renzou noticed how quiet Ryuji had been lately. "What's wrong, Bon? I haven't seen you pick a fight with Rin yet. Finally best friends with him?" he teased and braced him self to be punched in the arm. Nothing. Ryuji ignored him and walked a head of him towards the academy. Renzou was dumbstruck and Konekomaru is confused, "Bon, what's wrong? Is everything okay?" he asked. Ryuji stopped and said, "No. You guys can go ahead and continue on with the search tomorrow. I'm done looking for that four-eyed bastard." he spat and stormed inside the building. Renzou and Konekomaru was even more confused and shock by Ryuji's behavior. Neither had ever heard the model student talk ill about Yukio, ever. Rin, of course, but never Yukio. Something was defentily wrong.

When they made it to their room, Ryuji had already stripped off his wet clothes and changing into his PJs. Renzou stepped up to him, "Bon, what's really going on? Why don't you want to look for Yukio anymore?" he urged as Ryuji sat down on his bed and tsked. He looked back up at them and sighed, "He's a rotten brother is all I can say. I totally misjudged him." Konekomaru stepped up too, "Why? What did he do?" he asked. Ryuji looked at both of his childhood friends and sighed, deciding he could trust them.

"Rin was gang-raped a couple of days ago." he said. Konekomaru covered his mouth to keep him from gasping too loud and Renzou stared at Ryuji in horror. Ryuji nodded, "Rin told me everything. How Yukio set him up for one of Mephisto's spells and the man had stripped and humiliated him in front of an entire classroom. Than allowed four guys to rape him! What kind of principle does that?!" he stood up and paced in anger. Renzou mouth twitched and he looked away, Konekomaru was at a lost of words and had to sit down on Ryuji's bed. The three boys stayed silent for a few minutes until Konekomaru spoke up first, "We should report this to the police!" he suggested. Renzou shook his head, "And tell them what? 'Our principle used magic to have our friend be raped'! They'll just think we're making up stories and who knows what else that crazy dude will do to us if he found out we tried to have him arrested?" Konekomaru silently agreed and looked back Ryuji, "What do you think we should do?" The older teen didn't really know. It was such a personal matter between the two brothers and that principle and for Rin to just blurt out and tell him everything, was too much. He was still uncertain about his feelings on the fact that they had slept together two weeks ago and now this? Ryuji sighed, "I don't know. Let's just be there for Rin when he needs us."

The next morning, Rin gain back his courage and went back to school. From the moment he entered the school, he expected to be ridiculed or find graffiti all over his locker. Nothing, not a single peep or any gossip about him fell on to the student body. He was dumbstruck, of course, but not wanting to jinks it, went on with his business. By the second quarter Rin was walking from the bathroom when he spotted the four group of boys who violated him in the hallway. Anger and anguish suddenly washed all over him and Rin ran towards the group, determined to beat the shit out every one of them when he suddenly stumbled and fell flat on his face. Rin groan and looked around when he realized he wasn't in the school hallway anymore. Instead, he was suddenly in Mephisto's office where the grown demon was putting together a figurine model, "Don't start trouble now, Rin." he said dully as he dipped blue paint inside the eyes. Rin jumped up and snarled, "What the fuck, clown? Those bastards deserved every ass whooping I got waiting for them, along with you!" he shouted. Mephisto waved him off, "No they don't. I erased their memories of that morning along with everyone else in that classroom. So technically, you would be beating up innocent students, and that would violent your parole."

Rin opened and closed his mouth that he looked like a gaping fish. On the one hand, none of the students remember what they did so they can't pick on him about it, but on the other he still remembers and can't pretend like it never happened! Rin stared Mephisto down but it didn't bother the older man at all, "How's the search going for Yukio?" he asked, switching the topic. Rin suddenly remembered that, "Mephisto!" he slammed both hands on top of the desk, knocking over every figurine on the table. Mephisto gasped and frowned at Rin's rough behavior around his precious collection, "Watch what you're doing!" he snapped, trying to gather the mini statues up, but Rin wouldn't let him. The teen knocked the figures out of Mephisto's hands and grabbed his tie and pulled him closer, "Where's Yukio?" he demanded coldly, baring his fangs. Mephisto can practically see the blue flames burning in his eyes. He huffed and teleported out of Rin's grip. He appeared behind him and straighten up his tie, "Don't be so hasty, Rin. You really need to mind you manners around your elders." Rin wasn't budging though, "Answer me, and not in one of your stupid riddles, either!"

Mephisto scoffed, as if the boy ever figure out his riddles before. However he decided to cut the boy a break because he really wanted to get back to his figurines. "Yukio had taken residence with the Paladin, Mr. Angel." Rin slowly straighten up, "Angel? Why?" Mephisto smirked, "Why are you so hasty in looking for your brother after what he done to you?" he questioned back. Rin looked at the ground and tightened his mouth, Mephisto grinned and pushed on. "After all, none of that would have even happened if he wasn't jealous of his big brother." he chimed along, circling around Rin like a he was prey. "Why, back at Gehenna, if any of our brothers were to wrong me in any way, I would make sure to repay them back in the most horrible way possible." he crackled. On top of Mephisto's hat, a green hamster, who was listening to the conversation, shivered at the memories. Rin shook his head, "No. I...Your just trying to turn us against one another!" he accused, back away from Mephisto. The taller male chuckled, "My boy, you have so much potential in every way. It's a shame their held back to the shackles of Assiah."

Rin frowned and looked away. He should hate Yukio for what he did, he knows that. He should hate him for a lot of things but vice versa, Yukio should hate him too. They were too different to even be considered brothers, much less twins, so why were they so close? That was something even Rin couldn't explain, really. All he knew was that Yukio always thought of his best intentions, even when he disagreed with him and Rin should do the same by starting to act like the older brother instead of letting Yukio handle all the burdens. He left the office quietly and headed back to class, thinking on how to get to the current Paladin's place.

The past three days were a blur to Yukio. Every morning he would wake up in Arthur's guest bedroom, wander around the large mansion looking for any human contact, ate the meals that would appear on his bed when it was a certain time, grade a few papers, read whatever book was available, and sleep. It was the same routine so far and Yukio hadn't seen a string of blonde hair from Arthur yet. He wondered if this was even the man's place, but was reminded that it indeed was when he walked past the many large painted portraits of the arrogant man. The following day, Yukio laid on his back, bored out of his mind and left to wonder if Rin is worried about him. Maybe. Or maybe not if he figured out that it was him that set him up. Yukio groan at his own self for being so stupid. He wanted to run to Rin and tell him that Arthur had tricked him into it, but all that will make him look like a gullible idiot and a lousy brother.

'Rin, when we met again, please forgive me.' He prayed. He can still see Rin's humiliated face as he was publicly exposed in front of all those horrible students. Yukio gritted his teeth at the thought of all those people seeing his older brother in all his glory and then had the nerve to touch him! Touch HIS big brother! A familiar feeling crept up around Yukio's body, making him feel a bit warmer. He's hands gripped the sheets under him as he thought that it wasn't just those students, but those filthy prostitutes too. Yukio growled at the idea of Rin giving his virginity to those real whores, and it didn't stop there! Oh no, Rin got greedy and went after Shiemi and Ryuji too. Yukio never recalled Rin ever getting greedy with him! After all those years spent together, Rin never looked at him the way he must have look at his many bedmates. That look. He seen it once, but it wasn't directed towards him, but at some slutty dressed girl at the market. That look both scared and fascinated Yukio to no end and immedently grew jealous of the slut, or anyone that caught that kind of attention from his brother. Rin had looked so hungry, so needy, so desperate for her that Yukio was sure he would have pounced on her given the chance. This happened even BEFORE he went into heat.

Yukio can imagine how that look must have been now, with his hormones on the roof and wanting to hump every person that walked by. A stirring was happening inside his pants as Yukio continued to imagine his brother, hovering over on all fours, sweating and panting like a desperate lion, smiling cooly with his fangs showing and his eyes clouded with lust. He imagined Rin losing all moral codes and just fuck the living shit out of anyone lucky enough to catch his eye. Oh God, did he imagine what a lover Rin must be. From what he heard coming from Shiemi and Ryuji, his brother must be a good fuck! He's body was getting even hotter as his left hand crept down to the bulge poking out of his pants. He was only dressed in a blue T-shirt and some jeans that were laid out for him this morning. Yukio rubbed the bulge a little more before giving in and pulling his pants and underwear off and kicked them to the ground. He slid his hand to his cock and played with the tip. He imagined Rin's tongue running down a body, licking and tasting his lover before biting and leaving love marks all around. He's hand started pumping when he imagined Rin pinning his lover down with one strong hand while the other rubbed his already hard, throbbing dick. Rin licked his lips as his hips hunched up and he sunked himself inside his lover, becoming one with them! Rin started thrusting and Yukio pumped faster, his other hand playing with his balls as he quietly called out Rin's name repeatedly. He got louder when he imagined himself underneath Rin, taking in his brother's fat cock and encouraging Rin to do whatever he wanted to his body. "It's only for you! I'm only for you, Rin!" he said huskily as he felt himself coming closer to his climax. Rin grinned and pulled him into a deep tongued kiss and Yukio moaned louder. "No one else, Rin! Nobody else but you can touch meeeee~!" he shouted as his hips jerked up when he reached his peak.

Yukio slumped back down, his body was sweating and his dick dripped with his seed. As taboo as it was, Yukio loved Rin beyond brotherly affections and promised himself if it were to ever happen, he would only give himself to Rin. Yukio imagined no one else for years when he masturbated because if he tried, they would only turn to Rin. That's why pleasuring himself had become so dangerous that Yukio trained himself to restrain those urges. However, with all the mess he let happen, he forgot about he's strict teachings and let himself go. No one was ever in the mansion so far, and the building was so huge, he didn't fear about anyone overhearing him. Yes, this moment, Yukio could let his real self show as the horny younger brother lusting after his older brother for a forbidden relationship.

The tired teen sat up and stretched before standing up and walking to the bathroom down the hall. He tried washing away all the sinful thoughts and touch from his body but he knew no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't love Rin properly as a brother.