You guys get a Lost and Found update next Friday. I didn't update last night because I had a dance thing. And I didn't update today because I wrote this.

Today, 32 years ago, we lost a great man. Not just a singer, not just a hippie, not just a genius. A man. A man who knew, deep down, that he was human and was one of us. A man who has managed to live on, and although he may of been gunned down, his battle survives in every one of us. From beyond the grave, John Lennon still inspires. He still gives hope. He reminds us of what we need to fight for. Not for victory; for peace.

A man who started from nowhere, a man from a troubled family. A very flawed human being. And, later in life, he accepted those flaws. He used his flaws to make him stronger. And that is something we should all aspire to do.

A man who was brave, a man who cut himself open and revealed his soul to millions of people. Some people didn't like what they saw; most people did. And those millions passed his soul onto the next generation. And that generation passed it on to their children. Us. We are John Lennon's next incarnation, millions he has formed through his music, and through his life. We stand tall, remembering his ideals.

Today, millions mourn the death of an inspiration. Ten people mourn the death of the man, the man we all think we know. But I doubt we do. We weren't the people he turned to in the middle of the night, when he missed his mother. When it all was too much. That honor belongs to a very select few. Paul McCartney. Yoko Ono. George Harrison. Ringo Starr. There are others we don't know. But they know. And today they feel the pain more sharply than any of us.

So today, when we are in our Pepperland, or our Penny Lane, or our Yellow Submarine, remember. Remember the man, the human behind all the inspiration. The man Paul knew. The man Cynthia knew. The man Yoko knew.

Remember the loss. Remember how much more we could have gained, had John been given more time.

Remember his ideals. Remember to forgive. Remember that war is over, if we want it.

Take a moment today and remember. Just remember.