A/N (12/08/12): Uploaded this two chapter oneshot from my old collection of oneshots. Decided it could have it's own story space. So the title pretty much says it all, it's kind of funny actually. This is obviously based on Shippuden when they are older...andddd not really sure when this could happen but whatever, it's a fanfiction xD. Sasuke is obviously OOC, but it's the alcohol...bwahahaha. Okies enjoy!

Original: 1/19/07

Update: 12/08/12

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SasukexSakura Oneshot


By: darkdreamerx

"I really don't think you should do that Sasuke-kun." Sakura was watching him with worry against her usual soft features

He paid no mind and brought a cup to his lips. "Hn." It tipped with the hand and he swallowed the contents greedily.

"Sasuke-kun! That's your 7th cup! Really. Quit it!" And before he could even look at her, she snatched the bottle of Sake away from him. "I don't want you to get sick."

"Sakuraa!" His speech was over slurred. "Give it baaaaack!" He miserably reached for it, but she grabbed his chin, forcing him to focus on her face. Or, at least try to. And he had a difficult time.

"Sasuke-kun. Listen to me! You've had enough, now let's get you to bed—" She swallowed her words because Sasuke moved; arms linked loosely around her torso and at that moment she'd dropped her hand, he found it comfortable to rest his head against her chest. He pulled her closer and closer.

"Sakura...you're so warmmmm..." He brought his head up slightly to kiss her neck. Nobody was watching—they were alone in his kitchen.

"Sas—uke!" The girl gasped as his lips touched her burning skin, hungrily covering it with wet kisses. His soft tongue trailed down her neck until he pulled back suddenly and poured more of his weight against her, threatening to tip them both off the chair she was occupying. Sakura being in a state of shock, failed to asses the situation well. As a result of her fault, she fell backward to the hard floor with Sasuke following suit, landing between her curves and leaving them both in a very compromising position.

Surprisingly, it was Sasuke who recovered first. "S-Sakuraa...my-my headd...you...I—I need...you...to..." He lifted his face from her stomach as he hazily met her widened eyes. He opened his mouth to say more, but allowed his tongue to lick his alcohol-covered lips instead.

"S-Sas-Sasuke-kun...you...what do you mean?" Emerald widened further when his face neared hers, forehead against forehead.

"...need...I neeeed...you to..." he paused, a smirk appearing on his features. It was lopsided. "...to kiss me..." The kunoichi swallowed hard.


"Kiss mee." A hand cupped his scorched cheek.

"S-Sasuke-kun...are...are you alright...? M-Maybe you should...you-you know...lay down..." Their noses were touching in an instant and her cheeks burned against the skin.

"Fineeee. If—if you don't want to kissss me...then...I'll...you..." Sakura immediately opened her mouth to voice her confusion as to what he said. Then she noticed something odd that made her head swell. Words do not taste like alcohol. And words do not feel like anything but air. And words most certainly did not kiss you. Then it hit her. She was going to have Sasuke drunk for a very, very, long time.

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