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Bella's POV

"Stop crying," he ordered, wiping away my tears impatiently. "Don't pretend that you didn't enjoy that. You liked it. You know you did. Now, listen closely. I have to go hunting. I want you to go in your house and get yourself ready for me. We're going to have another round or two. Another connection of mine has already brought you truck here, so don't worry about it being left on the side of that highway. If Carlisle comes to visit you, send him away immediately. Your relationship with him is over. He doesn't love you as I do. Don't believe what he or Alice said about you two being mates either. It is a lie. You are mine, Bella. Carlisle was just jealous because he didn't have anyone, and wanted to take you away from me. Well, now the tables have turned. I didn't wait for more than a hundred years to find my true love and end up with no one. I smell so much as a whiff of his scent on you, he will pay. And if I find out that you had disobeyed me, I will have you gang-raped. Then, I will let you go back to Carlisle as you wish, and we shall see how badly he will want you after you tell him what happened. I would be amazed if he didn't think that you were nothing but a selfish little whore that had brought this on herself."

Before I could yell at him, protest, or argue, he kissed me on the lips. He pressed me into him so that I couldn't squirm away. "I will see you in a few hours, Bella. Don't forget what I had told you. I love you, and I'm sorry for hitting and threatening you. I didn't mean to lose my temper."

With that, he unlocked the door. "You can get out now."

I opened and shut it gently. I glanced around. I was standing in my driveway. My truck was there, but Charlie's police cruiser was gone. I wished that it was there when I needed it to be the most. I peeked into my truck's window to see if my backpack had been stolen, but it was still on the floor. I turned away and stumbled over to the house.

A horn beeped behind me. I pivoted to see Edward blowing a kiss at me and waving. Dickhead!

I didn't respond, just opened the front door, trembling with suppressed sobs. I gingerly climbed the stairs one at a time because of the ache between my thighs and butt cheeks and slipped into my almost-dark bedroom.

When I peered into my mirror to inspect the damage I had sustained, I recoiled in horror. The entire left side of my face was bruised. My eye was swollen shut, and my lip was bleeding a little. There were hand-shaped marks on my cheek that ran from my temple to my chin. In addition to that was a golf-ball sized lump on the right side of my forehead where it hit the window. My wrists had rope marks and bruises on them, as well as my arms, stomach, hips, and thighs, which were also laced with dried semen.

Just seeing myself made me cry harder. I sank onto my bed, burying my face in my pillow as I heard the sound of Edward's new car racing away into the distance.

For a while, I just laid there. The silence was so thick that you could cut in with a knife. I did not cry anymore, but tears crept under my eyelids and dropped onto my pillow.

"Stop crying." Edward's voice echoed in my head.

I squeezed my eyes shut and more tears rolled down my face. No. I didn't want to think of him. Not now.

"You liked it. You know you did."

I began to weep quietly. Go away. Please, go away. Leave me alone, I said to my thoughts, which I didn't need to be told was odd.

However, they kept coming. Visions of Edward moaning and groaning on top of me. Of his fist plowing into my eye, my arms, my stomach. Of him telling me that he loved me while he thrusted forcefully in and out of me.

But if he loved me, why did he hurt me, rape me? Did he really believe that doing so would make me choose him over Carlisle? That I would be frightened into getting back together with him? If he did, then he was out of his fucking mind! Going back to him was not an option. I would not allow him to let him stamp all over my heart again.

And speaking of Carlisle, who was Edward to threaten me to keep away from him!? He was my soul mate and one true love. There was absolutely no way that I could do it. What was my life without him, other than meaningless and empty? I had every right to be with him!

"...If I find out that you had disobeyed me, I will have you gang-raped."

Fuck that. I didn't care (well, I did somewhat. I didn't want to be raped twice.) Being gang-raped was nothing compared to being forced to break ties with Carlisle and stay away from him for the rest of my life or existence.

Without thinking about it, I reached for my cell phone and texted Carlisle.

Babe, are you still working?-B

He replied a minute later.

Yes, but my last shift is almost over. Why?-C

I need you to come here-B

Why? What is the matter sweetheart? Did something happen?-C

Tears clouded my vision. Yes-B

Okay, I'll be there in about an hour, but I'll try to come sooner. Do you think that you can wait until then?-C

Yes, I'm not going anywhere-B

Don't. Stay there, please, and I'll come to see you before you know it. I love you, Isabella-C

I love you too, Carlisle. Hurry-B

I will certainly try to-C

Sighing, I laid the phone next to me and covered myself with my blanket. I hoped that he would arrive soon. I just needed Carlisle to hold me in his arms and tell me that everything would be all right.

The minutes lagged by. It was quiet except for the wind blowing outside and the hum of the refrigerator. Eventually, I grew less tense and felt myself becoming drowsy.

However, just as I was about to fall asleep, there was a loud knock on the door. I sat bolt upright, wondering who would visit at this time of night. Then I remembered the party. It was likely to be Jacob, coming to make sure that I was okay. Either him or Charlie. Sometimes, he left his key at home by mistake.

The person knocked again. "Hold on! I'm coming!" I yelled, grabbing a jacket with a hood that would cover the left side of my face. After that, I rushed down the stairs. "I'm coming!"

I pulled the hood over my head before unlocking the door.

Later, I would come to regret that I chose to answer that knock. As soon as the door was halfway open, I was yanked out of it. The person clamped their hand over my mouth, shut the door, and lifted me up.

No! No! Not again! I thought in fear and distress as I was hauled over the porch stairs. I prayed that somebody would see what was going on, but I didn't hear anyone say something or try to stop this.

I was thrown into the back of a truck. I attempted to escape, but a pair of hands grabbed my wrists as the door closed and shoved me onto the floor. Darkness surrounded me and I was unable to see a thing.

I opened my mouth to scream, but I was choked before I could. I yelled anyway, and as loud as possible.

"BE QUIET!" a familiar voice hissed, its owner slapping me on the left side of my face.

I whimpered in pain. "Edward, don't do this," I pleaded, gasping. I knew that it was him, that monster. "I'm begging you. Please don't do this to me. Please!"

He gagged me. "Shut up. You are going to get what's coming to you for defying me. I wasn't that far away, you know. I was close enough so that Alice still wouldn't be able to see you, in case you had any tricks up your sleeve." He snatched me up. "I saw through Carlisle's mind that you sent him a text message. Did I not tell you that he isn't your mate and not to see or speak to him any longer? You didn't listen! You never do!" he whispered, punching my right arm.

I clutched it in my hand. "Pwease lef me gohf. I won't doof if again, I swearf!" I wept. ("Please let me go. I won't do it again, I swear!")

"No. You disobeyed me, and you will suffer the consequences," he remarked.

"Efward, pwease!" I implored. ("Edward, please!")

SMACK! "Didn't I say no? Now, shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Understand?" he growled lowly.

I did, but I continued to plead with him, hoping that I would to get him to change his mind. If he loved me as much as he said he did, then he would listen to me. Unfortunately, Edward didn't. He just kept hitting me and telling me to be quiet.

There was a knock on the wall some time later. "Mr. Cullen, we're almost at the private location. Only another half mile to go," a man declared.

"All right. Thank you," Edward yelled back.

Terror welled up inside of me, knowing what was going to happen when the truck stopped. I didn't want to be raped again. Once was bad enough, but twice was worse. "EFWARD, PWEASE!" I begged once more. "LEF ME GOHF!"

"I gave you my answer! We are not discussing this! The subject is closed!"


WHAM! His fist crashed into my stomach. I wrapped my arms around it and groaned in pain.

The truck slowed to a stand-still. A moment later, the door opened. I tried to hide behind something, but Edward snatched me up.

"LEF ME GOHF! LEF ME GOHF!" I bellowed, struggling against him.

Ignoring me, he looked up. "Do you have your condoms? I don't want you spoiling my prize. I need her to stay healthy," he admonished.

Prize!? I wasn't some fucking animal or an object!

One of the four men who had entered the back of the vehicle nodded. "Yes, sir," he replied. The door was slammed shut. There was another brief moment of darkness before a lamp was lit.

"Good. Make sure that you have your spares, just in case," Edward ordered. He moved his head this way and that as I flailed, attempting to kick and punch him.

"Don't worry, it's all under control, boss. Now let's get started," the second one announced.


I was held down by two of the other men as Edward undressed me. I tried to move, but they were stronger than me.

Once I was naked, my ankles were tied to a steel frame. Edward pinned my wrists to the floor.

"Lef me gohf! Pwease!" I cried to him.

He shook his head. "It is too late for that now. You should have realized that this was going to happen when you texted Carlisle. If you hadn't, you wouldn't be in this predicament. You should have heeded my warning, and now, you shall endure your punishment," he murmured into my ear. Then he bobbed his head to the men. "Jerry, you may go first. Remember the orders I gave you. You have ten minutes."

"NO!" I shouted, trying to break free of Edward's grasp, but it was not possible. I could only sob as Jerry's hands explored my body. "PWEASE NO! STOP!"

"Don't cry, Isabella. A little discipline won't hurt you. Everything will be okay," Edward assured, stroking my arm in what he thought was a comforting manner. However, it just made me feel nauseated.

Oh God, why? Why me?

I heard the sound of pants being unzipped. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from seeing anything that I didn't want to.

Edward shook me. "Keep your eyes open, Isabella. Punishments have to be faced bravely."

Who the hell was he to tell me what to do? My eyes remained closed. Fuck him! He wasn't my father!

Abruptly, my scalp felt as if it were burning. I winced as he forced my eyes open.

"I said to keep them open. Jerry?"

His friend hovered over me. He lined himself up at my entrance before shoving his penis into me. Tears streamed down to my neck as he thrusted in and out of me. The pain was incredible; his dick felt too big for me. I hollered, but Jerry covered my mouth and went on as if nothing happened.

"You are one lucky son of a bitch, Mr. Cullen. This girl's pussy is flawless," he grunted.

"I know. Isabella and I had fun earlier," Edward laughed.

Two minutes later, Jerry flipped me over before slamming his cock into my ass. I yelped in agony.

Edward caressed my cheek. "It's all right, baby. I know it hurts, but he won't be long."

I jerked my face away from him. "Dof toufsh me!" ("Don't touch me!")

"Suit yourself."

Jerry's five minutes were soon (but not soon enough) over. For the next half hour, I continued to get raped by Edward's other friends Brad, Daniel, and Victor. Each of them had their way with me for ten minutes apiece. Brad was the worse. He handled into me too roughly. I wept and called to Alice and screamed the whole time. How was it fair that Edward was capable of blocking his decisions and anyone else's in his zone from her? No one paid me very much attention. They kept cheering on the person who was raping me loudly.

When Victor was done with me, I thought that it was over, but I was wrong. Edward crawled on top of me while Jerry held me down.

"Hello," Edward moaned as he pounded into me over and over. My pussy ached; by the end of the half hour, it felt raw. "Are you delighted to see me again?"


He snickered. "You're just upset. But you will see that I did this for your own good, and you will thank me for it later. You'll see," he crooned, kissing my forehead.

"Yoof haf gof to be shiffing me, yoof bafstarf!" I sobbed. ("You have got to be shitting me, you bastard!")

"There's no need for name calling. Just take this dick." He slammed into me. I grimaced in pain.

After a long time, Edward was finally finished. I turned over and cried into my hands. I felt ashamed, used, dirty, and betrayed. Why did this have to happen to me? How could he do this? Why me? Why me?

Edward laid a hand on my shoulder. "Are you in pain?" he queried.

"Whaf do yoof fink, shifheaf!? Of course I'm if painf! Yoof anf yoorf friends RAPEF me! I HAFE YOOF!" I wailed. ("What do you think, shithead!? Of course I'm in pain. You and your friends RAPED me! I HATE YOU!")

"Okay, baby. I have something that will take it away."

Was he really this fucking apathetic?

I felt something tighten on my upper arm, and then a pinch. "Ow! Whaf arf yoof doing!?" ("What are you doing!?")

"Giving you some pain reliever." The pinching sensation faded a second later. "There we go. All done."

Suddenly, I began to feel exhausted. I shook my head and tried to stay alert. I didn't want them to take advantage of me when I was too tired to defend myself. However, I continued to feel drowsy until I gradually fell asleep.

This was no pain reliever. It was a sedative!

Carlisle's POV

Fifteen minutes earlier

I strolled out of the hospital, relieved that my last day on the job was over. I hurried over to my Mercedes and climbed in. I had stayed longer than I had intended, and Isabella was probably beginning to worry.

The trip to her place only took about five minutes. Once I had parked in the driveway, I walked up the house and knocked on the door. There was no answer; Isabella may have been sleeping. I knocked again, this time much louder.

I was about to do so a third time when I realized how quiet the house was. I didn't hear anyone breathing. Scowling in confusion, I ambled over to the back yard. Her bedroom light was off. I jumped onto the windowsill and peeked inside.

She was not there, although her scent was still fresh. Perhaps she had decided to go to my house to speak to me.

Pursing my lips, I fell to the ground and called her. Oddly enough, her phone rang at the same moment. I frowned once more. Isabella rarely left the house without it. Maybe it was just an accident, though.

With a sigh, I called Alice instead. The phone rang once before she picked up.

"Hi Carlisle," she greeted.

"Hello, Alice," I returned. "Are you at home?"

"Yes, why?" she inquired.

"Is Isabella with you?"

There was a pause. "No, she's not. I can't see her either. Maybe she's with Jacob."

I blinked. "I don't think so..."

"How come?"

"Because I don't smell the scent of a werewolf at all. Besides that, her truck is here, and she left her phone in her room."

Another pause. "Oh. Well, maybe Jacob picked her up to take her to party and she forgot it."

That was likely, but for some strange reason, I had a feeling that something was out of place.

"Well, perhaps. I'm going to get Isabella's phone and then I'll be on my way to the mansion."

"Okay. I'll see you soon and call if anything."

"Thank you. Bye."

"Bye, Dad."

I hung up and went to retrieve Isabella's cell phone. After that, I stepped into my car and drove home. It was possible that she would call me from Jacob's phone, saying that she forgot hers. I could pick her up at the boundary line and return it to her then.

For now, I decided to let her enjoy herself and wait. However, a strange sense of (urgency?) made me want to look for her, so that I could be certain that she was all right.

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